Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer


  1. Dentdesabre

    DentdesabreHace 2 horas

    Joker could have been great. If mark hamil was doing the voice

  2. christtian jimenez

    christtian jimenezHace 3 horas

    Arnold Schwarzenegger AKA "THE TERMINATOR" is so COOOOOOOOL.

  3. Tiago83PT

    Tiago83PTHace 5 horas

    Please I want this players on MK. Michael Myers, Matthew Cordell, Hellraiser and Pumpkinhead. Only bad guys.

  4. intheshitter

    intheshitterHace 7 horas

    Is it too late to swap Joker for Pinhead? :(

  5. Jorge Sepúlveda Hernández

    Jorge Sepúlveda HernándezHace 10 horas

    Kombat Pack #2 would Be like: Fujin Sheeva Sareena Ash Williams Batman Rugal Bernstein

  6. Evilgoat56

    Evilgoat56Hace 10 horas

    the Joker looks weird but the laugh is perfect, Spawn looking good and the Terminator does too.

  7. Daniel J Maximoff

    Daniel J MaximoffHace 11 horas

    Noob-Smoke's grandmother is in it.

  8. Flake NaZi

    Flake NaZiHace 11 horas

    Pack 2 DLC for MK!!: Rugal Bernstein (KoF) Fulgore and Jago (Killer Instinct) Wolverine (Marvel) Prototype (Ultraforce)

  9. pythonagm

    pythonagmHace 11 horas

    now we just need robocop.

  10. crash2912

    crash2912Hace 11 horas

    Joker looks like shit

  11. AlejoConejo2209

    AlejoConejo2209Hace 13 horas

    Anyone else find it lame asf that they didn't fight in this trailer like they did on the Injustice 2 trailers???

  12. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezHace 13 horas

    Add steven

  13. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezHace 13 horas

    Add Steven universe

  14. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezHace 13 horas

    Add steven

  15. Jorge Quinones

    Jorge QuinonesHace 13 horas

    For me Nightwolf, t 800,and sindel look badass spawn and Shang tsung are ok joker not so much

  16. J 22544

    J 22544Hace 14 horas

    Petition to have Robocop in the second Kombat Pack for the old time rivalry between The Terminator!

  17. YoungXBardock -

    YoungXBardock -Hace 17 horas

    I'm still waiting for Darth Vader or someone from Star wars to make a entrance

  18. C gamer

    C gamerHace 18 horas

    Can we get a new mode that is a R.P.G and us the cac and give him different items from the game like scorpeon's seat and subzero's ice ball like this comment if it should be a new mode

  19. Jordan Boyd

    Jordan BoydHace 19 horas

    Missed opportunity not to put Pennywise in Mortal Kombat 11. Still, very excited to play as Spawn ripping Joker to shreds!

  20. Diesel

    DieselHace 19 horas

    Loving sindel and joker dont know y jokers getting hate so much ull be able to change his outfits etc

  21. Jeuz Llorenz Colendra Apita

    Jeuz Llorenz Colendra ApitaHace 23 horas

    Include pennywise 😂😂

  22. A_ 7 _F

    A_ 7 _FHace un día

    when the fuck will release terminator trailer?

  23. Andrzej Kucharski

    Andrzej KucharskiHace un día

    Fighter pack 2: Mileena Ferra/torr Triborg Pennywise Robocop Chucky

  24. Acala

    AcalaHace un día

    the joker looks like he was made in WWE 2K19

  25. Grade A Wanker

    Grade A WankerHace un día


  26. Doug Gilmour

    Doug GilmourHace un día

    Kombat Pack II revealed! - Reptile - Smoke - Cyrax - Fulgore - Spinal - Kratos

  27. im nobody

    im nobodyHace un día

    i would love hear johnny say to terminator, american robot

  28. Benjamin Orozco

    Benjamin OrozcoHace un día

    Spawns gonna clap some cheeks😂

  29. George Morgan Webb

    George Morgan WebbHace un día

    I am definitely wanting to see gameplay trailers for the Terminator and Sindel please?


    INFECTEDHace 15 horas

    George Morgan Webb terminators will be between the 20th and the 26th

  31. George Morgan Webb

    George Morgan WebbHace un día

    Unlike Predator, Alien, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Freddy Krueger from Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat (2011), the Terminator is going to be the first non-horror character in MK11.

  32. George Morgan Webb

    George Morgan WebbHace un día

    Keith David will be reprising his role as Spawn in MK11 as he previously voiced him in the animated series.

  33. George Morgan Webb

    George Morgan WebbHace un día

    Joker was previously in MKvs.DCU. But I think this might be a different Joker unlike his original counterpart from DC Comics.

  34. Cheap Coffee

    Cheap CoffeeHace 5 horas

    No.. No, it's the same joker, just with less detail and charisma. Dude looks like a teenager cosplaying in a cheap costume.

  35. George Morgan Webb

    George Morgan WebbHace un día

    I can't believe that MK11 is putting a comic book superhero and supervillain (Spawn from Image Comics and Joker from DC Comics) in the game.

  36. Eddie Ortiz

    Eddie OrtizHace un día

    They made Joker look like a pervert.

  37. Гер Эйн

    Гер ЭйнHace un día

    Yeaah, Spawn is a live.

  38. XanMan the second

    XanMan the secondHace un día

    Terminator trailer when?

  39. strictlyRnB717soul

    strictlyRnB717soulHace un día

    I know I'm out on a limb with this one, but I really REALLY would like to see Blade be a DLC!!

  40. Michał Jaśpiński

    Michał JaśpińskiHace un día

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  41. Jon the Wolf

    Jon the WolfHace un día


  42. Astyn

    AstynHace 2 días

    This is worst joker that i ever seen in my entire life

  43. Cheap Coffee

    Cheap CoffeeHace 5 horas

    Damn true. It's such a shame that all the other characters look SO amazing, but the Joker looks god-awful, like they ran out of money when they got to him.

  44. Zim

    ZimHace 2 días

    i screamed at termonator

  45. The Neutral ZONE

    The Neutral ZONEHace 2 días

    Not sure why they added Joker and Terminator should have used those slots for other MK characters. just my opinion.

  46. Jjlred

    JjlredHace 2 días

    Spawn?! I thought everyone forgot about him, can't wait to start maining him.

  47. Armando Ledesma

    Armando LedesmaHace 2 días

    Should’ve chose John wick

  48. Easton Rise up

    Easton Rise upHace 2 días

    Joker lookin like an SNL reboot

  49. Solo Sergio HD

    Solo Sergio HDHace 2 días

    I Want The Most DLC Character is Kobra Drahmin Pumpkin Head Pennywise Hellboy

  50. Ügiustus Keiserus

    Ügiustus KeiserusHace 2 días

    Hellboy was in their laat game, no way he'll be back here

  51. 300game

    300gameHace 2 días


  52. Mario Prendi

    Mario PrendiHace 2 días

    If Terminator doesn't say "Hasta la vista" during supers and "I'll be back" when he wins, I'm not even buying it.

  53. Man in Tidy Whities

    Man in Tidy WhitiesHace 2 días

    Dimitri Vegas as Sub Zero? I wouldn't be surprised if Shaq is Geras



    Kombat pack 2: Peppa Pig Ben 10 iCarly Donald Trump Rick and Morty Phineas and Ferb

  55. MysteryGuy Y

    MysteryGuy YHace 8 horas

    They would be to OP for this game

  56. Matheus G. S.

    Matheus G. S.Hace 12 horas

    Fuck, I'm laughing so hard!

  57. Tom Myers

    Tom MyersHace 23 horas


  58. Grade A Wanker

    Grade A WankerHace un día


  59. Benjamin Orozco

    Benjamin OrozcoHace un día

    Donald trumps finisher is when he declares you "fake news" and drops a fucking nuke on your head😂

  60. Djinn871

    Djinn871Hace 2 días

    Why did they make Joker look so stupid?

  61. Falloutbo1

    Falloutbo1Hace 2 días

    It's looks better than Dimitri vegas as sub zero 🙄

  62. Michael san roman Jr

    Michael san roman JrHace 2 días

    i want Michael Myers in mortal kombat. Take all those dlc and Shove up your ass.

  63. rogwww2005

    rogwww2005Hace 2 días

    Kombat Pack 2: Sheeva Fujin Mileena Ashley Willians Michael Myers Pennywise

  64. Matheus G. S.

    Matheus G. S.Hace 12 horas

    Instead of Michael Myers, who is mute, I'd put Kurtis Stryker. The guy is a real deal, a regular cop who can beat monsters barehanded, and his lines from MK (2011) (his Story Mode) were the best. Plus, his pal, Kabal, is back, and all the Revenants have returned, minus him and Smoke (another DLC character I'd love to see, especially on his Revenant version).

  65. TheGtxbeast

    TheGtxbeastHace 2 días

    I feel like DOOM guy would fit well into the MK universe and gameplay

  66. TheGtxbeast

    TheGtxbeastHace un día

    @Ügiustus Keiserus I don't expect him to talk, much like Jason and Leatherface. But he might teleport into the map stomping onto a mancubus skull. Or walk up carrying an imp or cyberdemon carcass. But as far as gameplay, of course projectiles are a must and he could use his chainsaw for mixups and combo-breakers. He might be a glass-cannon emphasizing space, projectiles, and footsies

  67. Ügiustus Keiserus

    Ügiustus KeiserusHace 2 días

    What kind of intro dialogue would he have though?

  68. azlanism

    azlanismHace 3 días

    I hope NRS will provide Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix designs as skins for Joker.

  69. Easton Rise up

    Easton Rise upHace 3 días

    Y’all sayin joker trash, I agree but you gotta admit after he smiles it looks a little better.

  70. Easton Rise up

    Easton Rise upHace 2 días

    Falloutbo1 right!

  71. Falloutbo1

    Falloutbo1Hace 2 días

    Plus he looks better than that demitri vegas skin

  72. CoinCast2212499

    CoinCast2212499Hace 3 días

    Can we get Ezio in the next kombat pack because that would be awesome

  73. Lewis Dube

    Lewis DubeHace 3 días

    Mortal Kombat, I've got one fantasy request: If not now then possibly in the future MK games, with DLC ft Takashi (can't remember his name clearly) /Jaqueline's boyfriend, can it be that Undertaker and Kane from WWE be joining the fight? I feel that they are so worthy for being part of the realms as outsiders. If they're crafted right, they can be a super asset to the Realms. Imagine what Bi-han says to the Undertaker, and Scorpion say to Kane... Even the costumes, some from wrestling, others from your making. MK community, I would like to hear your take on this? it's just an idea I thought to share with all.

  74. Effervescent Unicorn

    Effervescent UnicornHace un día

    I doubt they'll use real people to quest star in their game, that may not end well

  75. yungboy brocli

    yungboy brocliHace 3 días

    I bet T-800 is gonna say Hasta La Bista in his fatality 😎

  76. Alexis Aguirre

    Alexis AguirreHace 3 días

    Shouldve added batman who laughs instead