MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer


  1. BeastMaster 69

    BeastMaster 69Hace 8 horas

    Marvel would if made this movie so much better

  2. Ali Dangou

    Ali DangouHace 8 horas

    anyone remember back when Morbius had Buttholes in His Hands

  3. Mister Trumpet

    Mister TrumpetHace 8 horas

    Who let The 11th Doctor join the Marvel Universe?

  4. Raju Tolani

    Raju TolaniHace 8 horas

    Who came here after Desi nerd

  5. Generation Sensitive

    Generation SensitiveHace 8 horas

    Tom hardy as venom jared leto as morbius woody harrelson as carnage. Damn sony really knows how to pick their villains

  6. maqlao

    maqlaoHace 8 horas

    Да ну ее топ 🔥👍

  7. Diego Kiwi

    Diego KiwiHace 9 horas

    Which universe he in though?

  8. Vinod Dadhwal

    Vinod DadhwalHace 9 horas

    What's Up, Doc

  9. Luke Raywood

    Luke RaywoodHace 9 horas

    Jokers grills got very sharp damn

  10. Pawar Harsh

    Pawar HarshHace 9 horas

    I'll watch with my frinds

  11. Andres Velasco

    Andres VelascoHace 9 horas

    Lol! So weird to see Joker and Batman in a Marvel film.

  12. Ritzz RV

    Ritzz RVHace 9 horas

    Music is copied of bollywood horror movie 1920 evil return. 😂😂

  13. MrCole462

    MrCole462Hace 9 horas

    Why tf is there a picture of Tobey Maguire Spider Man but then also MCU Vulture?

  14. Wasim Shaikh

    Wasim ShaikhHace 9 horas

    Its may be a SUPER BATMAN😂😂

  15. vignesh b

    vignesh bHace 9 horas

    Music directer copy from ilayaraja music....

  16. HelloX Games

    HelloX GamesHace 9 horas

    Es la nueva e batman? Jaja

  17. Sumit Singh

    Sumit SinghHace 9 horas

    Can anyone pls tell me anything about the background Piano Music in this trailer!

  18. MegaLouis118

    MegaLouis118Hace 10 horas

    Lowkey looks like it’s gonna be mid as hell

  19. Paul Christian

    Paul ChristianHace 10 horas

    Everyone here talking about Jared Leto' and vulture, forgetting this amazing music score.Literally gave me chills

  20. Om Singh

    Om SinghHace 10 horas

    Who remembered that legendary tone🤩🤩


    EVOLUE彡BHARATHace 10 horas

    The tone....from childhood .

  22. ahmed alhussein

    ahmed alhusseinHace 10 horas

    Did anyone else not notice toby Maguire's spiderman painting or is it just me

  23. Marcos Salas

    Marcos SalasHace 10 horas

    The Joker is batman?

  24. Colin Farrell Fan 23

    Colin Farrell Fan 23Hace 10 horas

    I couldn't tell If that was Jared Leto or Jake Gyllenhaal but I guess it's Suicide Squad Joker.

  25. Super Things

    Super ThingsHace 10 horas

    What is the name of background tune plz tell me

  26. Mack

    MackHace 10 horas

    Sony spider-verse villains are so highly stronger than mcu pete parker. I'm thinking about sinister six, how much they all will beat him to death.

  27. Sai Kumar

    Sai KumarHace 10 horas

    Isn't morbius one of the villains ,enemy of spiderman

  28. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin GarciaHace 10 horas

    Sony Marvel Cinematic Universe And Walt Disney

  29. BOSSTV

    BOSSTVHace 10 horas

    The real batman xd

  30. BOSSTV

    BOSSTVHace 10 horas

    You mean batman?

  31. EvanYT Channel

    EvanYT ChannelHace 10 horas

    What am I hear.. *Tetris music?!?!!?!?!*

  32. subash acharya

    subash acharyaHace 10 horas

    After seeing trailer Ohh...It is confusing time everybody.....

  33. Dhanoop MD

    Dhanoop MDHace 10 horas

    For those who missed, SPIDER-MAN is at 2:10

  34. Beverly Caesar

    Beverly CaesarHace 10 horas

    🎵Toss a coin to the witcher🎵 🎵oh valley of plenty🎵

  35. Athirah Athirah

    Athirah AthirahHace 10 horas

    I like Morbius as Anti-hero. Hope his enemy is crazy like riot.

  36. lovesmypanda

    lovesmypandaHace 11 horas

    Leto went from joker to batman

  37. Amish Raj

    Amish RajHace 11 horas

    The trailer is actually sick

  38. Zaid

    ZaidHace 11 horas

    Peter Parker watch the trailer... Peter Parker takes a bite of his hotdog

  39. Black Knight Studios

    Black Knight StudiosHace 11 horas

    I was a bit skeptical when I first heard there’s gonna be a morbius movie just cuz he’s not that interesting in the comics but it looks like they might actually use this movie to flesh his character out and make him interesting

  40. SpyderwebB

    SpyderwebBHace 11 horas

    I'm so bored that I played fur Elise over this trailer on my piano

  41. MangoTok Reviews

    MangoTok ReviewsHace 11 horas

    This character was first played by Jim Carey in Pet Detective 😂😂 What was the name of that Bat? 😆

  42. Achint Rastogi

    Achint RastogiHace 11 horas

    When will Sony going to stop putting it's nose in MARVEL

  43. rafiqi28 rafiqi

    rafiqi28 rafiqiHace 11 horas

    Harley Quinn: The Joker and I broke up Jared Leto: i was fired actually

  44. rafiqi28 rafiqi

    rafiqi28 rafiqiHace 11 horas

    Harley Quinn: The Joker and I broke up Jared Leto: i was fired actually

  45. rafiqi28 rafiqi

    rafiqi28 rafiqiHace 11 horas

    Harley Quinn: The Joker and I broke up Jared Leto: i was fired actually

  46. rafiqi28 rafiqi

    rafiqi28 rafiqiHace 11 horas

    Harley Quinn: The Joker and I broke up Jared Leto: i was fired actually

  47. Andrés Saravia

    Andrés SaraviaHace 11 horas

    El estudio que te trajo: far from home y venom.... Yeah, thanks for the visual cancer

  48. OTM _ LOS

    OTM _ LOSHace 11 horas

    "One mans trash is another mans treasure"

  49. Andrés Saravia

    Andrés SaraviaHace 11 horas

    For Elisa is the soundtrack???? Whyyyyyyy

  50. Andrés Saravia

    Andrés SaraviaHace 11 horas

    What a bad Joker movie... Don't get it!!! El sangres forever

  51. 432 369

    432 369Hace 11 horas

    Is this the real Batman?

  52. Thor Odinson

    Thor OdinsonHace 11 horas

    Batsy Batsy Batsy

  53. sexy story

    sexy storyHace 11 horas


  54. Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Hace 11 horas

    In Loving Memory Of Stan Lee (12/28/1922-11/12/2018)

  55. Bubsy

    BubsyHace 11 horas

    Ok where's Blade so he can whoop is butt and cook him into a rotisserie chicken

  56. Vinay Bhandari

    Vinay BhandariHace 12 horas

    Can anyone tell me where can I find the background tone..I think I have heard it..somewhere..

  57. Lilith Leigh Lakusta

    Lilith Leigh LakustaHace 12 horas

    From the score of a piano and Oblivion the real Venom why he wheres a suit

  58. Rocky Ross

    Rocky RossHace 12 horas

    This looked more like a trailer than a teaser trailer.

  59. Anurag G

    Anurag GHace 12 horas

    Wait was that FÜR ELISE!?!

  60. PRO AS F**K!

    PRO AS F**K!Hace 12 horas

    Jared 2016: Beat The Bat ! Jared 2020: "If you can't beat it be it"