Moneybagg Yo - Word 4 Word (Official Video)


  1. Abraham Ramirez

    Abraham RamirezHace un día

    Gone forever but that ain’t what he deserved told him hold up his head here go some bread he said “bro I feel dead” that’s word 4 word damn 🖤

  2. alvonta grose

    alvonta groseHace 3 días

    Say you can't deal with me don't give a fuck if you don't still can fuck when I want lmao on god

  3. Trae Woods

    Trae WoodsHace 3 días

    Motivation is Word 4 Word 🎶💯🔥🔥

  4. Luke Dogg Ent

    Luke Dogg EntHace 5 días


  5. pk_1

    pk_1Hace 6 días

    I feel this shit💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  6. Tony427RR

    Tony427RRHace 7 días

    Still Slept On AF 🔥

  7. Dope Boyy

    Dope BoyyHace 7 días

    Y'all wanna know what's soo strange is that why do that try to DELETE THIS SONG👀

  8. Ivl G

    Ivl GHace 7 días

    This song hard asf

  9. ashley call

    ashley callHace 8 días

    I feel for the killer not who got killed 💯

  10. Mopar Tee 5.7L

    Mopar Tee 5.7LHace 9 días

    Every once in a while I gotta remind myself that I'm that nigga

  11. suggie irie

    suggie irieHace 13 días

    🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸thought I was curse,nigga ya lit like wiz.

  12. Everything Blessed

    Everything BlessedHace 13 días

    Man I love this song 🔥🔥

  13. Everything Blessed

    Everything BlessedHace 13 días


  14. OG Kennedy

    OG KennedyHace 14 días

    He’s. Living legend ifgaf what nobody say

  15. Barbara Hines

    Barbara HinesHace 14 días


  16. Yung Støry

    Yung StøryHace 14 días

    Here again whole song facts asf👿🔥

  17. Carolmel ATL Productions

    Carolmel ATL ProductionsHace 15 días

    You know you doing something RIGHT when they HELLA HATE🤣🤣🤣💯💃

  18. Wilk Vision Bey Eric Wilkerson

    Wilk Vision Bey Eric WilkersonHace 16 días

    Smoking a blunt starin in the mirror.. Rn.💯💯

  19. gooney bird

    gooney birdHace 16 días

    How many of you reading this feel the shit he's spittin. Somebody grab the fire extinguishers, FLAMES BRO. FACTS 💯💯 💯💯💯 💯

  20. Hyman Roth

    Hyman RothHace 18 días

    This shyt goooo!!!! 🔥🔥

  21. Brianna RocksYourSocks

    Brianna RocksYourSocksHace 18 días

    Don't get it fucked up when I say that I'm heartless. That do not mean that I'm painless. 💯

  22. Hood Queen LA

    Hood Queen LAHace 19 días


  23. Lulu nshtx

    Lulu nshtxHace 21 un día

    "If yo feet ain't planted u get crossed, thought they saw ghost when I walked up"

  24. V2.Godlyy

    V2.GodlyyHace 23 días

    “True it was bad, but coulda been worse.” Facts!

  25. nick shkarlet

    nick shkarletHace 23 días

    If you made it out them trenches then celebrate 💯

  26. Memphis Smith

    Memphis SmithHace 23 días

    I sholl went through most of this same shi frfr

  27. Jorge Ramirez

    Jorge RamirezHace 25 días

    A new era cat keeping it gully like back in the dayz....#respect.

  28. Sha Born

    Sha BornHace 25 días


  29. Nike Herrera

    Nike HerreraHace 25 días

    "Every once in a while i gotta remind myself that I'm that nigga" Eryday homie

  30. D Worldlife

    D WorldlifeHace 26 días

    Needed this! Real Hood Music!

  31. Paul Garrett

    Paul GarrettHace 27 días

    Spainsh trail bro this is dwill 💯 Derrick bright 111 greatful

  32. K Money

    K MoneyHace 28 días

    “told a couple ppl ion need you” 💯

  33. Volodo Ashu

    Volodo AshuHace 29 días

    If you hating then you’re the couple of people we don’t need

  34. Marquez Marquez

    Marquez MarquezHace un mes

    🖤MoneyBagg Yo.

  35. Javeon Sturdivant

    Javeon SturdivantHace un mes


  36. Javeon Sturdivant

    Javeon SturdivantHace un mes


  37. Bradley Bohus

    Bradley BohusHace un mes

    Yessir Bagg

  38. Kavari Davis

    Kavari DavisHace un mes

    Never seen the struggle we aint equal 🔥🔥🔥

  39. T-Jax 810

    T-Jax 810Hace un mes

    Once a while gotta remind myself I’m still that nigga

  40. Tony Morales

    Tony MoralesHace un mes

    I got some profit off my pain

  41. Yung Støry

    Yung StøryHace un mes

    Here again🗣💯💯

  42. FLAWDA Fred Ent The Label

    FLAWDA Fred Ent The LabelHace un mes


  43. Garland Harbison

    Garland HarbisonHace un mes

    Yo yo yo #BIGFACTS #RGN

  44. Doozy Bell

    Doozy BellHace un mes

    Gone Forever but that ain't what he Deserve... 💯💯

  45. Memphiz G

    Memphiz GHace un mes

    I'm that nigga!

  46. draco gang jizzle

    draco gang jizzleHace un mes

    Watch moneybag and 2 tymes finess fight in

  47. David Mccorvey

    David MccorveyHace un mes

    One of the best songs bagg got

  48. Jason Waller

    Jason WallerHace un mes

    stamp crank

  49. Michael Salvatori

    Michael SalvatoriHace un mes

    Dude is blessed

  50. Nadia Rogers

    Nadia RogersHace un mes

    Don't really talk to the mother of my child but we F every once in awhile 🤦🏾‍♀️

  51. Adama Sene

    Adama SeneHace 7 días

    @Red R he's not a fool. it's not new! A lot of these girls would take the deal!

  52. Red R

    Red RHace un mes

    Nadia Rogers basically what that means is he gives her money in return for di**. Even you should know, you're a woman. Thats the sort of disrespect that this fool is teaching these other fools. When a woman feels she needs to depend on a man to succeed in life, that woman is nothing but a womb and a empty vessel for men to use and abuse. That's called suicide.

  53. kenneth lynch

    kenneth lynchHace un mes

    Wow 👀

  54. Jordan T

    Jordan THace un mes

    Why have I only heard this today 💥💥💥💥

  55. Og Vonniee

    Og VonnieeHace un mes

    DJ: Money here a beat that put u in ur feelings Moneybag : Word 4 Word

  56. Omar Smith

    Omar SmithHace un mes

    Smoking a blunt talking to in the mirror🗣️cause that's the only thing that see me clearer✔️Iike if you felt that

  57. cameron cooley

    cameron cooleyHace un mes


  58. Chanell Prince

    Chanell PrinceHace un mes

    This my song

  59. 210Meca

    210MecaHace un mes

    Free Rane

  60. Litunechi Napoleon

    Litunechi NapoleonHace un mes Litunechi Napoleon Word 4 Word

  61. Sunni Dropp

    Sunni DroppHace un mes

    2:27 😔

  62. Andrew Wilson

    Andrew WilsonHace un mes

    Climbing out of hell to this and stopped helping people in the trenches except one bad ass boss bitch .... she did me wrong fuck it word for word

  63. Yesenia Narcomey

    Yesenia NarcomeyHace un mes

    Ever once in a while I gotta remind myself I'm that nigga