Moneybagg Yo - U Played feat. Lil Baby (Official Music Video)


  1. Jayy Nunez

    Jayy NunezHace 21 un hora

    Tay Keith if u keep it up with these fire beats I'm slashing your tires .

  2. TU Toxic

    TU ToxicHace un día

    Song is fire

  3. Realist Ross

    Realist RossHace un día

    Wanted a diamond 💎 choker i told her her time was over 😂😂😂💯💯💪🏽💪🏽

  4. Raymond James

    Raymond JamesHace un día

    This song is helping me out so much I'm going through some shit right now

  5. Highlife Mitch

    Highlife MitchHace un día

    Subscribe to channel Highlife Mitch we appreciate 💪🏾

  6. Highlife Mitch

    Highlife MitchHace un día

    Subscribe to channel Highlife Mitch we appreciate 💪🏾

  7. Semetria McLeroy

    Semetria McLeroyHace un día

    is you talking about megan

  8. thurl ramsey

    thurl ramseyHace 2 días

    Love when that Tay Keith intro kicks on you know that song gone be 💣

  9. Rackedupri

    RackedupriHace un día

    thurl ramsey

  10. Christian Garrison

    Christian GarrisonHace 2 días

    Moneybagg look like black bart simpson

  11. Rackedupri

    RackedupriHace un día

    Christian Garrison

  12. Michael Parker

    Michael ParkerHace 2 días

    Ari Next - Can’t believe u tried Bitch U Played

  13. Rackedupri

    RackedupriHace un día

    Michael Parker

  14. Kemeria McConico

    Kemeria McConicoHace 2 días

    Lil baby was better

  15. Bonez Thuggin La’Flair

    Bonez Thuggin La’FlairHace 3 días

  16. Lil Book

    Lil BookHace 3 días

  17. iPhoon

    iPhoonHace 3 días

    👀 = iPhoon Ima Artist /Rapper from Queens NY that can actually rap with ah different sound if I had to introduce my first song upon y’all it would be thiz 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🗽🗽🗽🗽 @bh-g 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥🗽🗽🗽🗽 UNDERGROUND Queens Artist

  18. LilSebastian X

    LilSebastian XHace 3 días

    That's a clean ass jacket though

  19. ruby piper

    ruby piperHace 3 días

    it is so easy to get youtube views & likes through *AUTHENTIC v i e w s D O T C O M*

  20. j2323j

    j2323jHace 3 días

    Hook it up then

  21. Jeremiah Taylor

    Jeremiah TaylorHace 4 días

    yo i never seen a gang of inmates make it look so koo to b locked up. real shyt. that shyt wild. i still ain goin tho!!!

  22. j2323j

    j2323jHace 3 días


  23. TV Simmons

    TV SimmonsHace 4 días

    Man where bagg get these bars 🙅🏾‍♂️💯

  24. j2323j

    j2323jHace 3 días

    I swear I was just like he alright. Then he dropped this album this whole thing is dope 👌 🔥🔥 I'm glad he keeps p the good work

  25. NBA KREW

    NBA KREWHace 4 días

    Recording times available

  26. Faye Humphrey

    Faye HumphreyHace 4 días

    Lil pump is better than lil babby

  27. j2323j

    j2323jHace 3 días

    No way

  28. Lukazi Illuminatibaby

    Lukazi IlluminatibabyHace 4 días

    Hard as hell IzUp and Stuc Da

  29. TV Simmons

    TV SimmonsHace 5 días

    Oh let's not forget about youngsta

  30. TV Simmons

    TV SimmonsHace 5 días

    Bagg the coldest Lil baby the coldest Dolph the coldest da baby the coldest... Fuck I don't don't know who is all these fools lit.... Rap game the hottest ever.

  31. Candie Turner

    Candie TurnerHace 5 días


  32. MacQuillie

    MacQuillieHace 5 días

  33. Christopher McGarvey

    Christopher McGarveyHace 5 días

    I feel like I’m about to commit a felony listening to this shit. Too hard!

  34. V1bezz_

    V1bezz_Hace 5 días

    1:11 that shit was lowkey hard bruh

  35. Maurice 1800

    Maurice 1800Hace 6 días

    A hundred some shots now that’s a car wreck 🔥🔥🔥

  36. Junior MontanaMusic

    Junior MontanaMusicHace 6 días

    Like if Moneybag Yo is More Lyrical than Lil Baby' Also Im The Best rapper in my city

  37. Junior MontanaMusic

    Junior MontanaMusicHace 6 días

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    PRATYAY BISWASHace 6 días

    Tor matha ta phatabo!

  39. hector poblet

    hector pobletHace 6 días


  40. Celso Mendoza

    Celso MendozaHace 6 días

    Moneybagg yo goes hard I probably been listening to him for going on a year now

  41. 38 baby

    38 babyHace 6 días

    This hard🔥⌛.

  42. Nadir Sakir

    Nadir SakirHace 6 días

  43. Ravinder Singh

    Ravinder SinghHace 7 días

    Anni dya majak a

  44. H. Nissen

    H. NissenHace 7 días

    How nasty is Baby’s verse! Oooweee I almost fell over 💀

  45. GDQK

    GDQKHace 7 días

    Hate this spinning camera mess😐

  46. Pinky with the bar

    Pinky with the barHace 7 días


  47. PrettyBoyZay

    PrettyBoyZayHace 7 días

    like of you love da song REEE NIGGA

  48. Christin Adair

    Christin AdairHace 7 días


  49. Fetti Fetti

    Fetti FettiHace 7 días

    🎬📷📺 checkout da baby

  50. Indra Taylor

    Indra TaylorHace 7 días


  51. Lee Miller

    Lee MillerHace 7 días

    Bitch u played😂😂

  52. Critic

    CriticHace 8 días

    Feeling a bit dizzy here...

  53. Simon Newman

    Simon NewmanHace 8 días

    Who the fuck is that girl in the white omggg

  54. joshua

    joshuaHace 5 días

    rightt damn im tryna know mane

  55. nbhl11

    nbhl11Hace 6 días

    if u find out lemme know cause holy shit

  56. MafiaCityMusiX

    MafiaCityMusiXHace 8 días Next LA’s Hot artist

  57. j2323j

    j2323jHace 8 días

    Damn I'm late

  58. Breeze Glass

    Breeze GlassHace 8 días

    Both have a crazy flow on this one!

  59. D0nav0n1

    D0nav0n1Hace 8 días

    I just got dizzy like shit

  60. Kudakwashe Brian Madzora

    Kudakwashe Brian MadzoraHace 9 días

    China brought me here

  61. Beezy gang

    Beezy gangHace 9 días

    These 2 artists are versatile turn this blue if u want them to drop another banger🔥🔥🔥 👇🏾

  62. Robert Walton

    Robert WaltonHace 9 días

    1:28 yes it’s the meme about the 2 retarded cousins😂

  63. fng gang

    fng gangHace 9 días

    This beat knocking in the headphones🔥💯

  64. BrathaEx Christ Saves

    BrathaEx Christ SavesHace 9 días

    The concept of this music video is so the word play is off the hookit reminds me of the old music videos that used to be on 106 & Park this is a epic song and good video concept #Free_The_Real

  65. JaeDilla Athintik

    JaeDilla AthintikHace 9 días


  66. Jaques Johnson

    Jaques JohnsonHace 9 días


  67. Monica Bibbs

    Monica BibbsHace 9 días

    When I was in my feelings ... then I pressed play. Now I'm savaged again.

  68. j2323j

    j2323jHace 8 días


  69. Alex Sanchez

    Alex SanchezHace 9 días

    I play this everyday😝😝

  70. XxgamerGtaFan34 XxgamerGtaFan

    XxgamerGtaFan34 XxgamerGtaFanHace 9 días

    Moneybagg yo ft lil baby u played that's my favorite song I ever heard