Moneybagg Yo - Protect Da Brand feat. DaBaby (Official Audio)


  1. Braisley Kiyan

    Braisley KiyanHace 18 horas


  2. Kedus Wondafrash

    Kedus WondafrashHace 18 horas

    The fight for Megan thee stallion

  3. Mike Healon

    Mike HealonHace 21 un hora

    Yea lol I should of been in this slap

  4. 065 JV

    065 JVHace 22 horas

    Put one of y’all ass on the news Na yo mama scared of da cable 😂😂😂

  5. Brandi Lee

    Brandi LeeHace 2 días

    You stanken. Lol haven't herd that I'n a while

  6. atx512htx713

    atx512htx713Hace 3 días

    This song made me fight my mailman

  7. Nerd Nek

    Nerd NekHace 3 días

    My labradoodle heard this song and turned into a pit bull 🤦‍♂️🥶🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤮


    BLACK LOVEHace 4 días

    Let's goo oo 704

  9. Tinka Trap Rice

    Tinka Trap RiceHace 5 días

  10. John Rodriquez

    John RodriquezHace 5 días

    Yung Joc killed this ho

  11. Off Hills

    Off HillsHace 6 días

    This underrated

  12. Lee Miller

    Lee MillerHace 6 días

    Let's gooooo🔥🔥🔥

  13. Nisha The Greatest

    Nisha The GreatestHace 6 días

    shitt the whole thing lit asff

  14. L4lyrics Jones

    L4lyrics JonesHace 6 días

    Everybody needa check out Taiwan Williams choreo to this song...

  15. Kaedyn Gillum

    Kaedyn GillumHace 7 días


  16. Montana Man

    Montana ManHace 7 días

    Waiting on a video to this... I know it’s gone go cray 💪🏾💪🏾

  17. MrKaje72

    MrKaje72Hace 7 días

    So Griselda drops actual music, with real bars...and they get a couple thousand. This man drops some pretty mediocre bars and he averaging a million. Conway, Westside Gunn, and Benny the Butcher oughta feel disrespected.

  18. antoine tucker

    antoine tuckerHace 8 días

    Can we get the vid!!!

  19. Bonkerz Beats

    Bonkerz BeatsHace 8 días

    Dis bitch go dumb

  20. Kada DaMonkey

    Kada DaMonkeyHace 8 días

    Hardest song of 2020

  21. Samaya Jones

    Samaya JonesHace 9 días


  22. Lauren Olivia

    Lauren OliviaHace 9 días

    Moneybagg if u rap other folks lyrics, make sure who said what when

  23. Lauren Olivia

    Lauren OliviaHace 9 días

    I'm just protecting the brand ya know

  24. Jacob Bottoms

    Jacob BottomsHace 9 días

    This is spongebob playing at the Super Bowl good🔥

  25. TR3V

    TR3VHace 10 días

    Wow 666 dislikes.

  26. Dalton Gonzales

    Dalton GonzalesHace 10 días

    Everytime you hear "Okayy" dababy finna murda this beat 🔥💯

  27. vltoxicl

    vltoxiclHace 10 días

    so we ain’t gon talk about how he said “Lil’ ni**as” tote choppers my height (6’3”)” ummm he is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

  28. elica ck

    elica ckHace 11 días


  29. N-I-C-K 38K

    N-I-C-K 38KHace 11 días

    Give a thumbs up if you think this song da shit

  30. Life with javon

    Life with javonHace 11 días

    This bitch FIRE

  31. Brendin Gallamore

    Brendin GallamoreHace 11 días

    This shit hard as fuck Real shit bag 💼 you fyeeee⛽️ Big steppa

  32. BMG KING

    BMG KINGHace 12 días

    This shit go hard da baby snapped 😎😎😎

  33. T- Mondo

    T- MondoHace 12 días

    Da baby snapped but moneybagg went stupid 🔥🔥

  34. ImAgInaryBeatz254

    ImAgInaryBeatz254Hace 13 días


  35. Lil'ith Rose

    Lil'ith RoseHace 13 días

    Hey Baby WhatchU Gon Do? Me- depending on da occasion, and Holiday

  36. Larry Smith

    Larry SmithHace 13 días

    This shit go so stupid on God, money bag stay eating, da baby official too from they sound good together

  37. keisha Allen

    keisha AllenHace 13 días

    This tht fie🔥🔥👅👅

  38. Gracia Carpenter

    Gracia CarpenterHace 14 días


  39. manu061809

    manu061809Hace 14 días

    Kevin Gates type flow

  40. Dee Joyce

    Dee JoyceHace 11 días

    Nahh...they have similar sounding voices but Bagg has his own style. Gates may have been the first rappet you heard of the two....Bagg been in the game just as long as Kevin. But they are good friends....

  41. GGLV Chucho

    GGLV ChuchoHace 14 días

    Spazzzed few! im an upcoming rapper, tune in fore i take off

  42. smurfiamnotabeast

    smurfiamnotabeastHace 14 días

    The chopper hold ninety-nine plus one ... That's a 100 some shots for a opp

  43. Nolubez ben Israel Tribe Zebulon

    Nolubez ben Israel Tribe ZebulonHace 14 días

    Bars so hot my phone heated up

  44. DeductedRhyme Deducted

    DeductedRhyme DeductedHace 16 días

    Does no one hear water droplets in the beat

  45. James Satterfield

    James SatterfieldHace 16 días

    King Tut ain’t have more jerlry than Yo he made paid and defiantly hottest rapper still 2020👌💥☀️

  46. ice berg

    ice bergHace 16 días


  47. Conrad Johnson

    Conrad JohnsonHace 16 días

    Never seen him so we clap at his mans like hands why would you play with the clan

  48. Dee Joyce

    Dee JoyceHace 11 días

    That's a fire line!

  49. Conrad Johnson

    Conrad JohnsonHace 16 días

    This shit too raw on god 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Boris Official

    Boris OfficialHace 17 días

    underrated song.

  51. Kaymente


  52. Loretta Suggs

    Loretta SuggsHace 17 días


  53. Selena Preciado

    Selena PreciadoHace 17 días

    Bagg been fuck shit upp!! stop sleeping on him 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. James Thomas

    James ThomasHace 18 días

    Ain't big stepp'a big speaker ain't that Keven Gates shit yo im not gonna lie I fuck wit money baggs I do only cause some of his shit real slick! But let's be real he saw alot of niggas shit like he say alot of shit I done heard 2 tymes say

  55. Trinton Massengale

    Trinton MassengaleHace 18 días

    I feel like yo gotti should be on this beat too

  56. John B

    John BHace 21 un día


  57. Barbara Hines

    Barbara HinesHace 21 un día


  58. 420biz Mall

    420biz MallHace 22 días

    Gassy exotic flowers bro. Nice watch out. Snapchat. sjems40

  59. jamika burns

    jamika burnsHace 22 días

    🗣 DaBaby and The Money💰 did rape the beat

  60. Anabel Capetillp

    Anabel CapetillpHace 22 días

    Ya'll go follow @jade214_ctx on ig ASAP🙏

  61. Kenyan Boxley

    Kenyan BoxleyHace 23 días

    I wana Hear DaBaby on Wanksta I think he could kill it

  62. Kenyan Boxley

    Kenyan BoxleyHace 23 días

    Mortal Kombat beat

  63. Kenyan Boxley

    Kenyan BoxleyHace 23 días

    hot boy ridin around wit the pump=ASTHMA