Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles


  1. 10,000 subscribers with no videos fish Fishing

    10,000 subscribers with no videos fish FishingHace 21 un minuto

    Giant meat balls and playing with James Charles I think pewdiepie is trying to tell us something

  2. monika plutuseviciute

    monika plutuseviciuteHace 22 minutos

    Is it possible that pewds screamed more than james??!!

  3. Salh Doeea

    Salh DoeeaHace 22 minutos

    How many people wanna see james charles doing marzia makeup 👇👇👇

  4. Cookiezfork :3

    Cookiezfork :3Hace 22 minutos


  5. ChrisYT

    ChrisYTHace 22 minutos

    Is pewdipie gay?

  6. Em García

    Em GarcíaHace 22 minutos

    “Are you the baby?” “I am the baby... ew.” (4:13)


    BOSSMAN21HHace 22 minutos

    Make this this comment have 500 replies

  8. Ninja Ernie

    Ninja ErnieHace 22 minutos

    pewds u forgot to say no homo afterwords broski

  9. A S

    A SHace 22 minutos

    James Charles sounds like my mom when she's yelling at me. EDIT : pewid looks hella thirsty for James a**

  10. its Unafraid

    its UnafraidHace 22 minutos

    Unsubscribe cause you playing with her 😭

  11. master master

    master masterHace 23 minutos

    James Charles is my hero c:

  12. Anonymus Ano

    Anonymus AnoHace 23 minutos

    12:50 svastika on james back

  13. ledzz33

    ledzz33Hace 23 minutos

    Bro can yall help me plz like my recent on ig

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  15. rjjello

    rjjelloHace 24 minutos

    Haaaaaa gaaaaaaaay

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    Welcome! esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-8LNX834ruEY.html

  17. wybitny koleś

    wybitny koleśHace 24 minutos

    Pewdiepie: i am minecraft veteran Also pewdiepie 21:12

  18. its Unafraid

    its UnafraidHace 24 minutos


  19. Sarin Jet

    Sarin JetHace 24 minutos

    sees a james Charles fan pewdiepie: KILL HIM

  20. Bundough's usual activities

    Bundough's usual activitiesHace 25 minutos

    umlost a sub

  21. Alazia

    AlaziaHace 25 minutos

    this is the first time I am proud to say this deserves to be #1 on trending....


    BASS BOOSTEDHace 25 minutos

    Abi yanındaki top mu

  23. Diamond.Cr00ks

    Diamond.Cr00ksHace 25 minutos

    I can’t believe this is happening

  24. Mizz Wicked

    Mizz WickedHace 25 minutos

    Did James pay u to be on ur channel? 😂

  25. People Vids Info

    People Vids InfoHace 25 minutos

    Came on the video, paused the video, and started to read comments.

  26. Muri Rose

    Muri RoseHace 26 minutos


  27. slimesby alyna

    slimesby alynaHace 26 minutos


  28. Lajimmy2707 Lajimmy2707

    Lajimmy2707 Lajimmy2707Hace 26 minutos

    Out of all his videos, this is the one that gets #1 trending in the US (besides ending the subscribe to pewdiepie meme)

  29. Its_ Whoppuh

    Its_ WhoppuhHace 26 minutos

    hi (sorry for bad english)

  30. Hidden Secrets

    Hidden SecretsHace 26 minutos

    >giving publicity to that mentally ill degenerate How could you James Charles?

  31. Anora

    AnoraHace 26 minutos

    I love how Felix refers to James as "James Charles" like he feels obligated to say his whole name 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. pro builder

    pro builderHace 27 minutos

    Next thing u hear is that pewdiepie accuses james charles of trying to turn him gay

  33. Muri Rose

    Muri RoseHace 27 minutos

    Nobody: None: Not a single soul in the universe: Felix: PREPARE TO DIE MOTHERFRICKER

  34. Christian Lake

    Christian LakeHace 27 minutos

    12:32 look at the back of the guys skin lol

  35. Nick Goellner

    Nick GoellnerHace 27 minutos

    When you see a funny comment with a bunch of likes and you say why didn't I think of that

  36. JKV

    JKVHace 27 minutos


  37. Crispy

    CrispyHace 27 minutos

    Any ESreporterr: *Features James Charles in the title* Algorithm: *THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT* .

  38. sweetener yashi

    sweetener yashiHace 27 minutos


  39. Davidweld243 r

    Davidweld243 rHace 27 minutos

    When felix said he's going to get gamed on it sound like he's going to get came on 8.10

  40. Errxr Error

    Errxr ErrorHace 28 minutos

    No one: Not a single soul: Pewdiepie: *plays with James Charles*

  41. Mg:0 Is pro :P

    Mg:0 Is pro :PHace 28 minutos


  42. FearCat

    FearCatHace 28 minutos

    Is it just me or did this seem like clickbait and then-

  43. AnxiousEditing

    AnxiousEditingHace 28 minutos

    James Charles host meme review?

  44. Anthony Ditizio

    Anthony DitizioHace 28 minutos


  45. Mgoldenboyz

    MgoldenboyzHace 28 minutos

    So for pewdiepie to get #1 trending he has to play with a gay youtuber? ESreporter all SJW out.

  46. Brody Yoo

    Brody YooHace 29 minutos

    Number 1 on trending Me: Ok maybe youtube did a mistake. Number 1 on gaming Me: Impossible

  47. Diamond.Cr00ks

    Diamond.Cr00ksHace 29 minutos

    2019: pewdiepie and James Charles playing Minecraft 2020: James Charles putting makeup on pewdiepie 😂

  48. yok artık

    yok artıkHace 29 minutos

    I don't like this man but you're okay

  49. xxGirly_Gamerxx

    xxGirly_GamerxxHace 29 minutos

    12:05 ⚠️RIP HEADPHONE USERS ⚠️

  50. Ace Craige

    Ace CraigeHace 29 minutos

    what the frig?