Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer


  1. simone meme

    simone memeHace 3 horas

    0:50 She passed so much diamond and didn't get any...

  2. Patrick Majetić

    Patrick MajetićHace 6 horas

    I'm waiting



    Cant wait intile it will release

  4. memerboy

    memerboyHace un día

    I pLaY Minecraft Earth evreyday. i PLay minecraft earthe

  5. Pundekz Tube

    Pundekz TubeHace un día

    What will happen if we meet crepper in that game😂

  6. Flores Rose

    Flores RoseHace 2 días

    Lmao u guys know u have to use your phone to just see it xD you can't see nothing without your phone lol thumps down lol

  7. Link

    LinkHace 2 horas

    That's the point, it's a game

  8. SkillED GaminG

    SkillED GaminGHace 3 días

    Mom : why u aren't sleeping Me : you can't sleep now monsters nearby!!!

  9. Plastic Bleach

    Plastic BleachHace 5 días

    Wow can't weight to sea all the 9 yro old children's borrowing chunks from our schools

  10. Sinjin

    SinjinHace 6 días

    😂, It's hilarious the jokes you guys are making about Minecraft elements in actual real-life in the comments, I didn't even stop to think of that.

  11. Vika Nika

    Vika NikaHace 8 días


  12. James Gaming Studios

    James Gaming StudiosHace 8 días

    when you downloaded this in apk *MICROSOFT GETS CRACKED* Just wait for the app to ge released.

  13. Poison

    PoisonHace 10 días

    Time to build Auschwitz

  14. Carlos Perdomo

    Carlos PerdomoHace 10 días

    Esta bello

  15. Nicolas Pereira

    Nicolas PereiraHace 10 días


  16. Isaac B

    Isaac BHace 11 días

    One flaw: she saw diamonds but didn’t go and mine them

  17. José manuel Hernández avalos

    José manuel Hernández avalosHace 11 días

    Ya me imagino muere un niño atropellado por construir nepe en la calle

  18. Trevoras A

    Trevoras AHace 11 días

    so when this coming out?

  19. AstraLestHD channel

    AstraLestHD channelHace 11 días

    I wish I had this so I can Scare my Friends in school

  20. mine master

    mine masterHace 12 días

    Notch: What the hell did they do to my game?!

  21. NøTGoD

    NøTGoDHace 13 días

    Wait, that's ilegal

  22. Dipi Nanansu

    Dipi NanansuHace 13 días

    super game

  23. Canal_ SubCraft

    Canal_ SubCraftHace 13 días

    Best Game For 2019 Vai Minecraft Earth

  24. Akxsis

    AkxsisHace 14 días

    video so clear


    ALLTIMETOPSHace 15 días

    I can just see me saying DAD YOU STOOD ON MY HOUSE!

  26. GatoTops

    GatoTopsHace 15 días

    NAIROBI 0:31

  27. Ribbons Almark

    Ribbons AlmarkHace 15 días

    Sry Razer Phone2 , It can not play (menu BUILDPLATES) T_T. . . (I update ARCore_1.11.19071518 completed.)

  28. معلومات مفيده والعاب جميله

    معلومات مفيده والعاب جميلهHace 16 días


  29. Fadak Alhaiki

    Fadak AlhaikiHace 16 días

    Should’ve called it minecraft go

  30. ERRORxavier

    ERRORxavierHace 16 días

    Why doesn’t Xbox one have more likes than pewdiepie

  31. Fatal Bullet

    Fatal BulletHace 17 días

    Hey I got the skin and you guys said I would be knowingly if I’m gonna be able to play beta and you guys still haven’t replied back

  32. Vegetales chuletas

    Vegetales chuletasHace 17 días

    I can't play this game in my device It's Android 9.0, Xiaomi

  33. Mocking Birb

    Mocking BirbHace 17 días

    Maybe it's because it's not IOS, that happens to me too. Just be patient and you'll get to play it someday.

  34. GD leon

    GD leonHace 18 días

    한국인 손좀

  35. Cesar Lopez

    Cesar LopezHace 18 días

    Yes I can go in creative and fly around spawning creepers

  36. rather heads

    rather headsHace 18 días

    Can you give me minecraft earth

  37. Angrybirdman 01

    Angrybirdman 01Hace 19 días


  38. Realeaxed

    RealeaxedHace 19 días

    *creepers are now bomb threats in school*

  39. JimBeamMeUp

    JimBeamMeUpHace 19 días

    I can already see my beautyful house surrounded by swastikas, dirt dongs and wooden cubes

  40. The Warner BG

    The Warner BGHace 19 días

    0:42 Wait WHAT?! THR ENDERMEN WAITING... NOT TELEPORTING.?!??!?! LOGIC;2829292992 xd

  41. ZINO

    ZINOHace 20 días

    it'll be free??

  42. Patrick Lange

    Patrick LangeHace 20 días

    Great way to get children to go outside

  43. NoName Studios

    NoName StudiosHace 20 días

    Stupid kids will build..... um..... ******* everywhere...

  44. Какой-то лох с ютаба

    Какой-то лох с ютабаHace 20 días

    i f***ing love this

  45. MissCreativeMaker

    MissCreativeMakerHace 20 días

    Oh hell yeah, so we can hit ‘em volcanos up with the Potion Of Fire Resistance.

  46. Race Channel

    Race ChannelHace 21 un día

    but in what smartphone i can have it??

  47. Херобрин мафия [Herobrine78]

    Херобрин мафия [Herobrine78]Hace 21 un día

    Я русский!

  48. LittleKing

    LittleKingHace 21 un día

    Minecraft Go

  49. 0TTERZ

    0TTERZHace 21 un día

    Everybody gangsta until someone summons all Minecraft creepy pastas and the ender dragon into real life

  50. JJDrip Beats

    JJDrip BeatsHace 22 días

    Jesus you guys have some bad jokes

  51. Nightmare Chase Fazbear

    Nightmare Chase FazbearHace 22 días

    It looks awesome! Can I play an early demo for my channel?

  52. adasmit community

    adasmit communityHace 22 días

    Kid: I can't sleep. Mom: Why? Kid: There are monsters nearby.

  53. cronox man

    cronox manHace 22 días


  54. WombatHere

    WombatHereHace 23 días

    Don't be surprised when 5 year olds start bringing TNT to show and tell.

  55. xKasCombo_ MC

    xKasCombo_ MCHace 23 días

    do you need 4g or something?

  56. Meme Lord of Memes

    Meme Lord of MemesHace 23 días

    2009: You CAN die in this game, so try to survive it. 2019: Die in the game, die in real life. (Idk what I am talking about but OK)

  57. retro productions

    retro productionsHace 23 días


  58. nathanthe nutcase

    nathanthe nutcaseHace 23 días

    She looks like 40 year old woman

  59. Dave That Kiddo Llama clan member

    Dave That Kiddo Llama clan memberHace 24 días


  60. luan lyma

    luan lymaHace 24 días

    Esse jogo vai ser uma merda... Guarde minhas palavreas

  61. Samuel Chapman

    Samuel ChapmanHace 24 días

    So it's basically Minecraft go?

  62. blu .jay. jr

    blu .jay. jrHace 24 días

    It’s all fun until ur saying aw man