Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer


  1. TheDank 2

    TheDank 2Hace 12 horas

    Lego has left the chat

  2. Glazed

    GlazedHace 12 horas

    It’s all fun and games til the quiet kid uses /kill

  3. Ironwolf 15

    Ironwolf 15Hace un día

    Kid: "How about I just use the enchantment table and upgrade my pen" *gets full marks for exams*

  4. Cloudz

    CloudzHace 2 días

    why do i love this?

  5. devind 407

    devind 407Hace 2 días


  6. Arnold

    ArnoldHace 2 días


  7. Avsha Derei

    Avsha DereiHace 2 días

    It's called LSD

  8. Ethan

    EthanHace 3 días

    Could you build complex redstone automatic farms?

  9. Joebuzz177

    Joebuzz177Hace 3 días

    *Put red stone at school with the tnt all over the school with his piston ready to switch it*

  10. Ziron of Time

    Ziron of TimeHace 3 días

    Anyone down to build pps at my school

  11. Garoga YT

    Garoga YTHace 3 días


  12. HawkinsGaming H20

    HawkinsGaming H20Hace 4 días

    plz be free

  13. Sven gorisse

    Sven gorisseHace 5 días

    Mom: where were you MinerBOY 260: i just respawnd

  14. Angelica Addie

    Angelica AddieHace 5 días

    Me: RUN!!!!!!!!!!! Sister:why? Me: ITS Nighttime Sister: so ME: THERE ARE MONSTERS NEARBY

  15. fatcabbage

    fatcabbageHace 6 días

    everybody gangsta till the quiet kid brings his bow and arrow to school

  16. McCree Main Without Aim

    McCree Main Without AimHace 6 días


  17. ManuMX_ Gamer

    ManuMX_ GamerHace 6 días

    Finally i can explode my anemies house Thanx minecraft

  18. _rewolucjoner_ _Francuski_

    _rewolucjoner_ _Francuski_Hace 6 días

    wAiT tHiS iSn'T FoRtNiTe

  19. Nate Choe

    Nate ChoeHace 7 días

    Don’t do this, we’ve seen what happened in 2b2t.

  20. Gamera

    GameraHace 7 días

    Everybody gangsta,till villagers start claiming your house

  21. ANTonio51006

    ANTonio51006Hace 7 días

    2009: how to spawn herobrine with shrine (tutorial) 2019: I SAW HEROBRINE IRL NOT CLICKBAIT ALMOST DIED

  22. MKL. hr

    MKL. hrHace 7 días

    Die gey peopls

  23. Keryn Parkin

    Keryn ParkinHace 7 días

    This looks so fun !

  24. Footde Coulde

    Footde CouldeHace 8 días

    i dont understand the point of this

  25. idk wtdabik

    idk wtdabikHace 8 días

    I can already hear the pedophiles

  26. Perrocrafter

    PerrocrafterHace 9 días

    el que haga un gran pito en una ciudad sera el mejor jugador de la i hitoria xd

  27. Ethanific

    EthanificHace 9 días


  28. Jonatan Holmgren

    Jonatan HolmgrenHace 10 días

    how aubot commandblocks?

  29. Zee Hut

    Zee HutHace 11 días


  30. Foamy

    FoamyHace 11 días

    Everybody gangsta till someone's in your backyard ruining your build.

  31. Herobrine

    HerobrineHace 11 días

    Jesus we had Pokemom Go and now we got Minecraft Earth. (But only for IOS) And people in the road look you weird

  32. Legión BRANDON

    Legión BRANDONHace 12 días


  33. Subject #74

    Subject #74Hace 12 días

    1:02 Those kids be lookin' like they saw pu55y for the first time.

  34. Quantum Flames

    Quantum FlamesHace 12 días

    Wait, what? Xbox portable?

  35. BearBerend

    BearBerendHace 12 días

    What's the song?

  36. Regiment Hype

    Regiment HypeHace 13 días

    *BREAKING NEWS* People are activating portals to hell!

  37. Xorloz The Noob

    Xorloz The NoobHace 13 días

    That one hacker tho...

  38. Iffah Nuriffah

    Iffah NuriffahHace 13 días

    _Everybody has to sleep in the same time_

  39. youraverage username

    youraverage usernameHace 13 días

    When did Xbox change their logo to promote homosexuality?

  40. AlexMF321 _YT

    AlexMF321 _YTHace 13 días

    1:15 Song???

  41. Deadhead1215 Gaming

    Deadhead1215 GamingHace 14 días

    Don't attempt... Skateboarding?

  42. Harrison Clarke

    Harrison ClarkeHace 14 días

    Now if you enter the nether you just get sent to hell

  43. Nik Nazriel Hakim

    Nik Nazriel HakimHace 14 días


  44. Nik Nazriel Hakim

    Nik Nazriel HakimHace 14 días

    Mom: why do you still up? Me: I can’t sleep, there are monsters nearby

  45. Nik Nazriel Hakim

    Nik Nazriel HakimHace 14 días

    💥💥BOOM💥💥 Mom: WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ROOM?! Me: *I tried to sleep in the Nether*

  46. kitty cat

    kitty catHace 14 días

    I want smart glasses with this installed so i can always be playing mincecraft

  47. Frostest

    FrostestHace 14 días

    Bruh I’m getting 1 FPS because of this new texture pack

  48. LemonJuiceBenn

    LemonJuiceBennHace 15 días

    When will minecraft earth release?? By the way my dream came true yayayayayayyayayayayayaya

  49. Alesandro Mateo Cortez

    Alesandro Mateo CortezHace 15 días


  50. TheCris Gamplays

    TheCris GamplaysHace 16 días

    Voy aser pitos en el parque

  51. Shell Bank Outdoorsman

    Shell Bank OutdoorsmanHace 16 días

    You mean to tell me that she just rode past those diamonds without mining them?

  52. Top15

    Top15Hace 16 días

    Kid: (walks down street) Stranger: (in his van) "You want some diamonds"

  53. Het DreamTeam

    Het DreamTeamHace 16 días

    Lmao gonna hit the bullies that bullied me in elementary school with sharpness V sword

  54. owen simpson

    owen simpsonHace 16 días

    I love the music

  55. Jau

    JauHace 16 días

    Minecraft Water Coming Soon

  56. FreezFlame456 Xbox GT

    FreezFlame456 Xbox GTHace 16 días

    *BREAKING NEWS* : Lighting Strike Turns Pig into Zombie Pigman

  57. FreezFlame456 Xbox GT

    FreezFlame456 Xbox GTHace 16 días

    Minecraft Earth: exists Hitler: *respawns* Entire world: (0_o) 9 year old: *SPAWNS WITHER* Entire world: *((·)_(·))*

  58. Kat Kania

    Kat KaniaHace 17 días

    Everybody chill until somebody brings an infinty bow to school

  59. SplatoonFan [吹奏楽Fun]

    SplatoonFan [吹奏楽Fun]Hace 17 días

    Yo I registered on the beta and it said it was available for Android actually..

  60. Out of this World Videos!

    Out of this World Videos!Hace 17 días

    *BREAKING NEWS* Man Dies From An Enderman Attack

  61. NotUseHack

    NotUseHackHace 17 días

    _Hytale has left the chat_

  62. ENZOer

    ENZOerHace 18 días

    *Everybody gangsta until someone with infinity bow in school shows up.*

  63. ElectricGaming - Minecraft, Roblox and more!

    ElectricGaming - Minecraft, Roblox and more!Hace 19 días

    Breaking News! Kid planted 999,999,999,999 trees to stop global warming

  64. Edith Langarica

    Edith LangaricaHace 19 días

    I love minecraft

  65. Max Flores

    Max FloresHace 19 días

    Image the hole community building PPs around the hole world.

  66. Drifty Boi

    Drifty BoiHace 19 días

    Anyone realize that ready player one teased this game

  67. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpHace 19 días

    *Would there be 2b2t?*

  68. JackWalters

    JackWaltersHace 19 días

    Me: pulling an all nighter with some friends *phantom swoops in and kills us all*

  69. DeJier MC

    DeJier MCHace 19 días

    Minecraft Earth: only on phone Xbox: are you sure about that?

  70. lenta 28

    lenta 28Hace 19 días


  71. Grant Kidd

    Grant KiddHace 19 días

    I want to download it

  72. Harrison Clarke

    Harrison ClarkeHace 19 días

    Does anyone know the crafting recipe for an AR-15

  73. can my youtube channel reach 420 subscribers

    can my youtube channel reach 420 subscribersHace 14 días

    Flint and still put it under your feet and wait

  74. Artichii

    ArtichiiHace 19 días

    Everybody gangsta till the bullied kid brings his diamond armor

  75. subsets gaming

    subsets gamingHace 19 días

    I can’t wait

  76. Cdonut

    CdonutHace 20 días

    0:50 LeGiT IgNoReS tHe DiAmOnDs

  77. Andrew Speirs

    Andrew SpeirsHace 20 días

    Minecraft earth: *exists* Minecraft PE: am I a joke to you?

  78. Mr Balloonhead

    Mr BalloonheadHace 20 días

    Imagine herobrine creepypastas

  79. Phantomdude

    PhantomdudeHace 20 días

    Game : Only on Ios Xbox : yeah sure lets promote it

  80. MahdiGamingHD

    MahdiGamingHDHace 18 días

    Phantomdude 🤦‍♂️ it’s on android too

  81. Don't subscribe please

    Don't subscribe pleaseHace 20 días

    *BREAKING NEWS* 12 years old kid reported lost while mining

  82. Squwnii :3

    Squwnii :3Hace 20 días

    What with your avatar?

  83. A Penguin with a Gun

    A Penguin with a GunHace 21 un día

    Can People Respawn?

  84. Dj blue15 xd

    Dj blue15 xdHace 21 un día


  85. Jd Iv

    Jd IvHace 21 un día

    ........ Lol

  86. Jd Iv

    Jd IvHace 21 un día


  87. Jd Iv

    Jd IvHace 21 un día


  88. Jd Iv

    Jd IvHace 21 un día


  89. Jd Iv

    Jd IvHace 21 un día


  90. Jd Iv

    Jd IvHace 21 un día

    ...... Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  91. ᎠᎪᏆ ᎾᏁᎬ ᎠᎾᎾfus

    ᎠᎪᏆ ᎾᏁᎬ ᎠᎾᎾfusHace 21 un día

    It’s all fun and games until someone comes to school with the wurst client

  92. Luke Chong

    Luke ChongHace 4 días

    ᎠᎪᏆ ᎾᏁᎬ ᎠᎾᎾfus or someone comes to school with dispensers and tnt

  93. Halil İbrahim akış

    Halil İbrahim akışHace 21 un día

    İyi montaj yapmış sınız millet gerçektende böyle olacak sanıyor ama kullanmaya başlayınca küçük ekrandan tavuğa endermana bakıcaz bari "VR" SİNİ çıkarın daha iyi olur

  94. MisaEloh

    MisaElohHace 21 un día

    WTF with the xbox ESreporter Image

  95. xmisfit666x

    xmisfit666xHace 21 un día

    so minecraft GO lol

  96. Furious27

    Furious27Hace 21 un día

    *_can't wait to play 2b2t on the augmented reality_*

  97. Luigikaboom The Potato

    Luigikaboom The PotatoHace 21 un día

    Everyday we stay further from god

  98. Raresh C.

    Raresh C.Hace 21 un día

    They are advertising drugs now? Interesting....

  99. Lyle

    LyleHace 21 un día

    You do realize people are just going to build swastikas, right?

  100. Prince Totx

    Prince TotxHace 22 días

    It’s all fun and jokes till one crazy kid goes into creative mode

  101. spider man far from home/iron spider Gacha

    spider man far from home/iron spider GachaHace 22 días


  102. VampGamerk YT Moderator

    VampGamerk YT ModeratorHace 22 días

    I think if I die I will respawn

  103. BadlyBeaten Aguacate

    BadlyBeaten AguacateHace 22 días

    i dont get it