Minecraft: 1 DOLLAR TNT VS 1,000,000 DOLLAR RAINBOW TNT!!! Crafting Mini-Game


  1. Aidan Brueggemann

    Aidan BrueggemannHace 53 minutos

    I watched you guys when I was little thanks for still being someone that when I'm out of ESreporterrs to watch I can still watch you

  2. Unknowingly Knowing

    Unknowingly KnowingHace un hora

    Pat and Jen honestly suck at Minecraft honestly

  3. Brittany Simes Channel

    Brittany Simes ChannelHace un hora

    Pat I am a big fan I have been watching u

  4. the best noob 75

    the best noob 75Hace 2 horas

    Unsubbed you cant read It said press f to view recipe

  5. Elmer Cortez

    Elmer CortezHace 4 horas


  6. Mechanical _Brain666

    Mechanical _Brain666Hace 4 horas

    Who else is watching this in 2019 and is crying that they broke up 😭😭things will never been the same pat and jen....💔💔💔

  7. Brandongaming 289

    Brandongaming 289Hace 10 horas

    Hai guys I luv ur vids hope y’all are doing great and can u do a vid on ur spirit animals plzzzzz If u do I will build of statue of you in my museum in Minecraft! Plz do it! Lime and sub if they should😀!

  8. AlternativeTingles

    AlternativeTinglesHace 14 horas


  9. Shelby Critch

    Shelby CritchHace 16 horas

    Pat: I need, 16 creeper juice Me: so good gramer

  10. Cheryl Mckay

    Cheryl MckayHace 18 horas

    I guess I don’t her

  11. Cheryl Mckay

    Cheryl MckayHace 18 horas


  12. Cheryl Mckay

    Cheryl MckayHace 18 horas

    I’m excited about that one day tomorrow and tomorrow I wanna is a time to come home tomorrow morning and then I can pick you up after

  13. Cheryl Mckay

    Cheryl MckayHace 18 horas

    I guess

  14. Cheryl Mckay

    Cheryl MckayHace 18 horas

    Hi there

  15. Spontaneous

    SpontaneousHace 20 horas

    Pat:oscar can you edit this Oscar:no i dont think i will

  16. Sherry Hollifield

    Sherry HollifieldHace 20 horas

    Me looking in the comments to see if anyone said Why didnt u use the shovel and dig the sand under the cactus!

  17. Mary Smith

    Mary SmithHace 22 horas

    You said kwebbelkop have you heard the channel slogoman or jelly

  18. Josh D

    Josh DHace 23 horas

    Oww i can not punch it

  19. MegaPanda225

    MegaPanda225Hace un día

    WhO’s WaTChiNg THis iN 2019?

  20. mandy allerton

    mandy allertonHace un día

    I wove your vids

  21. Michael Pancheri

    Michael PancheriHace un día

    you need shears to get cactuses

  22. General Dread mond

    General Dread mondHace un día

    No I get it you guys need space it's just it ruined my life

  23. Omri Lind

    Omri LindHace un día

    13:33 even number like 50

  24. General Dread mond

    General Dread mondHace un día

    No I dont think I will. You lost a subscriber when "it" happened

  25. DipperDude

    DipperDudeHace 2 días

    Yo was up

  26. Munkiki

    MunkikiHace 2 días

    You can break the cactus with your fist lol

  27. Adrian Burr

    Adrian BurrHace 2 días

    I like that you keep the same intro it reminds me of the old vids

  28. Epic Alf

    Epic AlfHace 2 días

    Can lovecubs make me working phone in minecraft which can watch youtube... lol. I think that is impossible.

  29. Aziah2009

    Aziah2009Hace 2 días

    No it’s not it’s been invented

  30. Will Bermudez

    Will BermudezHace 2 días


  31. Will Bermudez

    Will BermudezHace 2 días


  32. Drlrw723 Kk

    Drlrw723 KkHace 2 días

    Omgc it said the next day


    SLR ECLIPSEHace 2 días

    Wow I remember when you got 160 k and now look at you all grown up The grow up so fast:)

  34. Yur Zepol

    Yur ZepolHace 2 días

    Its glitching!!!!

  35. The Girl squad

    The Girl squadHace 2 días

    that is so sick!

  36. Mr. VideoGame

    Mr. VideoGameHace 2 días

    I don't think they realize they had Resistance and so the Creepers did absolutely no damage to them whatsoever.

  37. TMSXottic

    TMSXotticHace 2 días

    Anyone ekse think that his editing is so much better?

  38. •_Obliterated_ •

    •_Obliterated_ •Hace 2 días

    Why do u put like 9 adds? Put like 3 or 5

  39. Griffin Balter

    Griffin BalterHace 2 días

    Cook it

  40. Lachie FunkyTown

    Lachie FunkyTownHace 2 días

    I hit the little bell

  41. Jackson Long

    Jackson LongHace 2 días

    I had that glitch too

  42. Jackson Long

    Jackson LongHace 2 días

    I wanna play those kind of maps

  43. Expand Urmynd

    Expand UrmyndHace 2 días

    11:30 pats a pin cushion

  44. Tonya Libro

    Tonya LibroHace 2 días

    You guys my favorite minecrafters

  45. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah YeahHace 3 días

    *Same og intro*

  46. Entropy Mauck

    Entropy MauckHace 3 días

    I subbed I love you guys

  47. Mr.X

    Mr.XHace 3 días

    I was here since 500k

  48. Grady Hahn

    Grady HahnHace 3 días

    where is the map download?

  49. AЯLO

    AЯLOHace 3 días

    16 mil subs and you still haven't upgraded your mic

  50. NinjaFlyer1

    NinjaFlyer1Hace 3 días

    PESS F

  51. NinjaFlyer1

    NinjaFlyer1Hace 3 días


  52. Cody Love

    Cody LoveHace 3 días

    it annoyed me that they didn't press f to view the recipe

  53. April Mendenhall

    April MendenhallHace 3 días

    Try ctrl + q to drop more than 1 block

  54. ColdrenPlayz Yt

    ColdrenPlayz YtHace 4 días

    Free give giveaway! 1:00 Have a nice day