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  1. SMG4 // Glitch Productions

    SMG4 // Glitch ProductionsHace un mes

    Thank you all for watching. Season 2 is now in production. If you'd like to support us in making season 2, please consider getting something from the brand new Meta Runner Store 👉 👈 There's a store wide SALE right up until October 20th to celebrate the conclusion of Meta Runner Season 1! Hope you enjoyed the series.

  2. That Hyper Editor

    That Hyper EditorHace 2 días

    Can the merch be available in December 2019?

  3. Predator 10t

    Predator 10tHace 6 días


  4. Captain Kuchiki

    Captain KuchikiHace 6 días

    When you put 5he season 2 I want see more that

  5. Captain Kuchiki

    Captain KuchikiHace 6 días

    I wamt more this where the season 2

  6. Jjk Jjk

    Jjk JjkHace 10 días

    Yay good luck on making season 2 for all of us

  7. Your Name

    Your NameHace 7 horas

    yo um got anymore of dem episodes im runnin out of that good good to keep me goin you know the umm goodshit the twinkly shit

  8. Mighty Kong

    Mighty KongHace 7 horas

    You asswipe god damn bad guys destroy tari friend I’m going to end 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠

  9. zachary brenner

    zachary brennerHace 9 horas

    when is it coming our

  10. Daniel Wong

    Daniel WongHace 10 horas

    When is season 2 coming out?

  11. Mitchel Skulas

    Mitchel SkulasHace 13 horas

    Everyone Else: Oh no, Theo's death was so sad! Me, embracing my inner MatPat: WoUld MeTArUnnErs Be BaNneD FroM SPeeDRuNniG CoNtEstS??????

  12. Sean Cho

    Sean ChoHace 13 horas

    in sophias ipad there is the sticker of the darkest hour from smg4

  13. boss bro

    boss broHace 14 horas

    You better make season 2 and not netflix our ass

  14. Kevin Rivas hernandez

    Kevin Rivas hernandezHace 15 horas

    That was so sad :(

  15. Jurica Mlinarić

    Jurica MlinarićHace 18 horas

    You need to mace more

  16. NoahPlaysGames

    NoahPlaysGamesHace 19 horas

    Do British and Australian people really sound that similar?

  17. Ivan Pirhala

    Ivan PirhalaHace 19 horas

    I think you end this 🤨 if you end this im sad 😕😭

  18. Louis-Marcel Otsamba

    Louis-Marcel OtsambaHace 20 horas

    0:28 i dunno. i feel Belle is seeing Tari as a monster or her arch-nemesis who "killed" her friend Lucinia instead of her rival or a friend

  19. Youtube63 G

    Youtube63 GHace un día

    When is the next next episode coming out and new season

  20. Zack S

    Zack SHace un día

    When is season 2, i want to watch it!!!!

  21. Calvin George

    Calvin GeorgeHace un día

    Make season 2 already

  22. nglish '

    nglish 'Hace un día

    I just noticed this is only season 1... YES THERES MORE

  23. MaxTheMasterGames/Vlogs

    MaxTheMasterGames/VlogsHace un día

    12,400 comments? 600 views? youtube is drunk once agin

  24. benja nuñez :P

    benja nuñez :PHace un día

    You are not to smart

  25. Daven Lambert

    Daven LambertHace un día

    Is the END?

  26. Sam TBW

    Sam TBWHace un día

    WOAH ANYBODY REALISE TARI ISN'T IN THE OUTRO??????????????????????????

  27. Sam TBW

    Sam TBWHace un día

    10:30 Why Do The Subtitles Say Sods Instead Of Sobs? xD

  28. 1273 Ssjb 23

    1273 Ssjb 23Hace un día

    Wait I know what is gonna happen Somebody gonna make a Jojo reference walking to Luck saying “Me and the Bois bout to beat up some bad bois

  29. iRageFully

    iRageFullyHace un día

    Smg4 well season 2 is comeing out

  30. Avery Rayner

    Avery RaynerHace un día

    I feel bad that Theo died but can you please make a episode 11 cuz I love your videos so much and keep on doing the good work making Mario videos will sexynes

  31. Avery Rayner

    Avery RaynerHace un día

    Insanin Mario killed Luigi because he ate too much spaghetti sauce for breakfast and that's why he had too much sugar sexy and he killed the whole entire world and and he was going to be king of the world and the hedgehog action figure it out when you get a chance to look at the movies with my family and then I will send you the details of the world and I will be king of the world and the kids will be here tomorrow night and will be back in the office tomorrow and will get back to you on the phone with my mom and sister are doing well and enjoying your videos and pictures of the house and the kids will be there at games and that's why I said that I like Glitch you have any questions please feel free to contact me if you have time to talk today or tomorrow and I will be there at the same time as the other paper work for me to come over and play with your friend and I are the only person who I know is that man what's up with you today and you can keep on making Mario videos Dat is sexy

  32. stick men studios

    stick men studiosHace un día

    Rip theo

  33. stick men studios

    stick men studiosHace un día

    S2 plz i love the work in the little world of gaming

  34. Luxid_DreAM

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  35. Deterris Brewer

    Deterris BrewerHace 2 días

    Bruh im so sorry i laughed when theo got destroyed he just disappeared


    MATEi BENCHEAHace 2 días


  37. Plank Jr.

    Plank Jr.Hace 2 días

    7:18 wtf black

  38. Babu Babu

    Babu BabuHace 2 días

    Wait, so Lucks is constructing yet *ANOTHER META RUNNER?* Oh, the suspense...

  39. Gabrielle Jennings

    Gabrielle JenningsHace 2 días


  40. Real Felipe

    Real FelipeHace 2 días

    Imagine if tari could take out powers in James just like theo

  41. Nelly fernandez

    Nelly fernandezHace 2 días

    En que día sacan los ep

  42. BrattyRuby687

    BrattyRuby687Hace 2 días

    Who else think that Tari is Lucinia’s clone?

  43. BrattyRuby687

    BrattyRuby687Hace 22 minutos

    Ok, I understand what you are saying now, but did you see the scene after the credits? That says otherwise.

  44. BrattyRuby687

    BrattyRuby687Hace 23 minutos

    Daniel Wong Can you be a little more clear about that please?

  45. Daniel Wong

    Daniel WongHace 10 horas

    No one Tati is lucina

  46. My Channel Gaming

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  47. LootGamer X

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  48. TSM_ VgdeTDM

    TSM_ VgdeTDMHace 2 días

    Please can u make part 11

  49. Mikaru

    MikaruHace 2 días

    This ended on a VERY bad note. Im glad this will have a season 2

  50. Goth Nerd

    Goth NerdHace 2 días

    Ok I've finally got around to adding to these theories that no-one cares about as always spoiler warning for Shed 17 and especially Project G-1. Let's go! I think I know whose in that stasis pod and my clue is as follows. A side effect of biofusion is the creation of a clone, a clone who knows everything the original knows for they are the same mind split between two bodies and what happens to one happens to the other.

  51. Theron Baker

    Theron BakerHace 2 días

    No theo

  52. Tom UwU

    Tom UwUHace 2 días

    I know who’s the black guy it’s the green fish

  53. Nicolas Silva

    Nicolas SilvaHace 2 días

    Esto mesgusto garsias puedes poner un final feliz por favor😭😭😭😭😭

  54. Armando Miro Trimiño

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    No sufras

  55. Armando Miro Trimiño

    Armando Miro TrimiñoHace 2 días

    Noooo masa

  56. pup tbh garza

    pup tbh garzaHace 3 días

    This should go on Netflix

  57. Legobrick 2018

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    ALISON ORTEGAHace 3 días

    I’ve already watched this many times and I still cry 😭 OMG I JUST MADE IT TO THE VERY END!!!😧😦😦😱😱

  59. Andrew The skeleton

    Andrew The skeletonHace 3 días

    This was the saddest ending I have ever seen in my life 1 like equals 1 coconut given to Theo And 1 slap to Lucks Btw great series and can’t wait to see season 2

  60. Vladimir Pleckovic

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  61. That Random Mal0

    That Random Mal0Hace 3 días

    He can't let it be a Cliff hanger! Shoot him... Or something!

  62. matthew olsan

    matthew olsanHace 3 días

    Lux: tascorp is not *that* bad Lux 5 minutes ago: kills Theo. Lux hides lusianas body. Lux is pretty short tempered Lux shooting a god dam gun to sever a person meta runner arm. Do you get the point?

  63. matthew olsan

    matthew olsanHace 3 días

    Did anyone notice the siko sticker on the laptop thing?

  64. Brady Osborne

    Brady OsborneHace 3 días

    Lux: kill Theo Me: officer I can't tell you what happened you must have fell off the roof or something Cop: he was stabbed in the chest Me: ok

  65. toxic boy random games

    toxic boy random gamesHace 3 días

    Luck's you sumaba 😠😠👿👿🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  66. toxic boy random games

    toxic boy random gamesHace 3 días

    Now that's yust sad a am not crayng my eyes are yust waderry

  67. R3D T1NGZ0N

    R3D T1NGZ0NHace 3 días

    Start season 2 pls!!

  68. Killian Scullion

    Killian ScullionHace 3 días

    How's in that big tube at the end very scary voice ay

  69. Alfie Khan

    Alfie KhanHace 3 días

    More plssss it’s so good

  70. Lorenzo Riani

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  71. Collin Nguyen

    Collin NguyenHace 3 días

    I have a terrible theory, What if Lucks was Sofia’s and Lucinia’s father HMMMMMMMMMMMMM