Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills


  1. Michael Torres

    Michael TorresHace 50 minutos

    4:36 shower?

  2. Reese Downing

    Reese DowningHace un hora


  3. Rahab Wanjiru

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  4. trentblender

    trentblenderHace 2 horas

    power out lite

  5. Eva Martin

    Eva MartinHace 6 horas

    Roses are red ruby are too blue likes make me true so hit the like botten 👇🌏🏔🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🔊🔊🔊🔊📣🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  6. captinblackjack

    captinblackjackHace 6 horas

    Butterfly is The mistake

  7. So Wich

    So WichHace 6 horas

    Broom? Or towel?

  8. Natalia Grima

    Natalia GrimaHace 9 horas

    Make this blue if you like azzy👇

  9. Coko The princess

    Coko The princessHace 9 horas

    I wonder if aliens thing-are humans real

  10. Elizabeth Mariam

    Elizabeth MariamHace 10 horas


  11. James Hollis

    James HollisHace 11 horas

    I broke my lage and I need to stay in it for 5 weeks

  12. emma petkova Dragon

    emma petkova DragonHace 12 horas

    Can you make more please

  13. Out side The box

    Out side The boxHace 13 horas

    I love azzy land and I love gloom

  14. ItsAverelle YT

    ItsAverelle YTHace 13 horas

    My neighbor had a cast on for like 6 months and she hasn't been out 😔

  15. cool Aneja Johnson

    cool Aneja JohnsonHace 14 horas

    hit the like button if you solve all the Riddle's

  16. Sania YT

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  17. Llama Brothers

    Llama BrothersHace 15 horas

    Love your video

  18. Hunter Dunnuck

    Hunter DunnuckHace 15 horas

    4:31 I think a broom

  19. klementi gjeloshi

    klementi gjeloshiHace 15 horas

    its me

  20. Briley’s Vlogs

    Briley’s VlogsHace 15 horas

    Roses are red Girls are too I like azzy And you do too

  21. Juno AJ

    Juno AJHace 16 horas

    “How broken is your leg” 1 like 1 piece of the cast guy lol even tho he doesn’t need it don’t actually like it

  22. Ashtyn Mcwatch

    Ashtyn McwatchHace 16 horas

    Cool 💋💋 my name is Sierra 💋💋

  23. Phillip Krause

    Phillip KrauseHace 17 horas

    Maybe the guy in the green shirt has 3 of the shirt?

  24. Reacty Time

    Reacty TimeHace 17 horas

    This is mia 👶 👗 / \ She is zero years old Each like is how old she gets |

  25. Lara Dobby

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  26. Anthony Dunne

    Anthony DunneHace 18 horas

    Power out lit

  27. Danielle Lewis

    Danielle LewisHace 18 horas

    jordi is a pen azzy is a highligter jodi druw a wrad azzy made it briter

  28. Tanisha W

    Tanisha WHace 18 horas

    There is a butterfly

  29. Zoe Hemphill

    Zoe HemphillHace 19 horas

    I was close I said mop

  30. ella smith

    ella smithHace 20 horas

    the friend was the dj

  31. Andrea Olivi

    Andrea OliviHace 21 un hora

    The second riddle THERE IS A BUTTERFLY THERE 🤓

  32. Gee Petrie

    Gee PetrieHace 22 horas


  33. Gachanoob2208 Stevens

    Gachanoob2208 StevensHace 22 horas

    Gloom and cubscouts have done this one before no hate love them all

  34. Michelle Milligan

    Michelle MilliganHace 23 horas

    The thumbnail is Dani Cohn

  35. Ashlyn Crowe

    Ashlyn CroweHace un día

    My brother kept his cast on for almost 1-2 years

  36. Zaiydah Ebanks

    Zaiydah EbanksHace un día

    i HAVE to wake up at 5:30

  37. kylie ursu

    kylie ursuHace un día

    Power outlet,butterfly,passifire,cast boy,tv,rubber duck, dog reading,call before,broom,dave,bank director,they arent breathing,noboby stole it,door 2,a

  38. Clyden

    ClydenHace un día

    the third clue was sooo weird when I saw the date july 16 I said wait a minute IT IS JULY 16 RIGHT NOW

  39. Janelle Dunn

    Janelle DunnHace un día

    Roses are red ketchup is to I got a like wait why is it blue?

  40. lourdito torralba

    lourdito torralbaHace un día

    i have a possible reason that the bank director called the police before he was locked in... But im not sure

  41. Teresa Solde

    Teresa SoldeHace un día

    I know charger cable

  42. Maria Vas

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  43. Am Jenn

    Am JennHace un día

    no a broom

  44. Am Jenn

    Am JennHace un día


  45. M&M Vlogs

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  46. julia cross

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  47. patfinder 00221

    patfinder 00221Hace un día

    Rose's are red violets are blue if you where a common I still would choose you

  48. LiLi LiB

    LiLi LiBHace un día

    The tv on a deserted island

  49. Chantelle Kim

    Chantelle KimHace un día

    kasie is the master

  50. Jaelyn Gonzalez

    Jaelyn GonzalezHace un día

    The gas because says it's dead to humans not alie n👽👽👽👽👽👽👦👧👨👩👴👵👶