Mesita - Somewhere Else


  1. Miko lastra77

    Miko lastra77Hace 4 meses

    Sounds like hot chip

  2. Tristan Athaillah

    Tristan AthaillahHace un año

    the airplane view reminded me of traveling and this song just fit being in an airplane for a long time but those traveling is just nostalgia now

  3. Anna Dantschin

    Anna DantschinHace un año

    Please support this guy man and get him finally signed!

  4. Camille Cong

    Camille CongHace un año

    Please listen to this music on mesita's Channel he deserves so more views

  5. Sharkus

    SharkusHace 2 años


  6. Lord Nermal

    Lord NermalHace 2 años

    Man this is great :)

  7. Kapil Patel

    Kapil PatelHace 2 años

    Add mesita's youtube channel to the description please & people should subscribe to him !

  8. Alfit Andreal

    Alfit AndrealHace 2 años

    This video needs more views ~

  9. Victoria Morales

    Victoria MoralesHace 2 años

    I have a long, long time know this song, I can't believe it is on this channel.

  10. MetaDaniel

    MetaDanielHace 2 años

    LSD will put you in a different seat lol The song is great no matter what!

  11. Vexaic

    VexaicHace 2 años

    Wow.. this is amazing.


    NVMΩΛMRΣTRΘHace 3 años

    Still love this song! Thx for sharing,

  13. oyze

    oyzeHace 3 años


  14. febby husna

    febby husnaHace 3 años


  15. Emanuel Ban

    Emanuel BanHace 3 años


  16. Vania Crysthalia

    Vania CrysthaliaHace 3 años

    so good!🙌🏼👌🏼

  17. Pamela Feller

    Pamela FellerHace 3 años


  18. Stacia Hazboun

    Stacia HazbounHace 3 años

    im in love with this omg!!!

  19. Fanatical_TV

    Fanatical_TVHace 3 años

    Hey, can i use your songs for my timelapse videos ? :)

  20. Chris Andrioli

    Chris AndrioliHace 3 años

    I WILL drive this fucker around and I WILL hand this fucker the aux cord

  21. Ale H

    Ale HHace 3 años

    Amo la musica de mesita, algunas canciones ya no las puedo encontrar en youtube 😥

  22. Sophie

    SophieHace 3 años

    it is so long ago that i listen to this channel, but now i do and im in love again

  23. Gianluca Dai

    Gianluca DaiHace 4 años


  24. Ninoska Pizarro

    Ninoska PizarroHace 4 años

    Fav fav💫💕

  25. José Ángel González

    José Ángel GonzálezHace 4 años

    Great Song!! 😎

  26. Maisie Prescott

    Maisie PrescottHace 4 años

    Why have I only just found this channel?

  27. Maisie Prescott

    Maisie PrescottHace 4 años

    @TKFellowship thanks :) I'm so glad to be here

  28. asdf

    asdfHace 4 años

    +Maisie Prescott welcome to the world of the beautiful music :)

  29. Mie Bluhm Kristoffersen

    Mie Bluhm KristoffersenHace 4 años


  30. Natalia Jankowska

    Natalia JankowskaHace 4 años

    probably gonna use this for my travel video to Cuba

  31. Majestic Casual

    Majestic CasualHace 4 años

    Now in our Majestic Indie playlist! Make sure to stop by:

  32. SevenFoot Pelican

    SevenFoot PelicanHace 4 años

    I swear, it's like all of these images are inspired by the game Grand Theft Auto V... for example, this image reminds me of flying a jet over the coast during a sunset in Los Santos.

  33. SevenFoot Pelican

    SevenFoot PelicanHace 4 años

    @Sienna Lea You're not understanding what I'm saying. All of the MajCas pictures remind me of GTA V's Southern California/Summertime vibe.

  34. 元気ですか

    元気ですかHace 4 años

    @Seven Foot Pelican ahah i like it!

  35. Sienna Lea

    Sienna LeaHace 4 años

    @Seven Foot Pelican it's almost like GTA was inspired by real life

  36. check thy privilege

    check thy privilegeHace 4 años

    好棒o(≧v≦)o~~ waving my body~

  37. George Svan

    George SvanHace 5 años

    This tune is similar a Nujabes

  38. Yung Marg

    Yung MargHace 5 años


  39. Steve Rocha

    Steve RochaHace 5 años


  40. 100

    100Hace 5 años

    I wanna fly far away

  41. Camara

    CamaraHace 5 años

    christ im in heaven his voice

  42. 2ezzy246

    2ezzy246Hace 5 años


  43. Alvina D

    Alvina DHace 5 años

    This song will forever be one of my favorites. Can't get enough of it...


    NVMΩΛMRΣTRΘHace 3 años

    So true

  45. BlairPWNZ

    BlairPWNZHace 5 años

    Y am I just getting into them now?!

  46. WhateverIsTrueASMR

    WhateverIsTrueASMRHace 5 años

    If you guys love this you should listen to "Living/Breathing" by Mesita... its incredible

  47. macaa maca

    macaa macaHace 5 años

    Sounds like Metronomy ;)

  48. hilmy fawwaz

    hilmy fawwazHace 5 años

    gua hilmy fawwaz tinggal di tangerang sekolah gua di baskara mau titip salam buat si doi yg lg di rumah nya.miss you bebh muah:*

  49. hilmy fawwaz

    hilmy fawwazHace 5 años

    asli ini broooo kacos pecah

  50. Samuel Menezes

    Samuel MenezesHace 5 años

    i think it's a a321

  51. Nathan Thomas

    Nathan ThomasHace 6 años

    Have listen to this over 400 times

  52. Nurija Karalik

    Nurija KaralikHace 6 años

    Great song! Spring fav. !

  53. hilmy fawwaz

    hilmy fawwazHace 5 años

    boong lu

  54. Hanna Deij

    Hanna DeijHace 6 años

    sehr gut

  55. liam

    liamHace 3 años


  56. Paulus Deij

    Paulus DeijHace 6 años


  57. Job Deij

    Job DeijHace 6 años


  58. Katharina Fiedler

    Katharina FiedlerHace 6 años

    so awesome.. :)

  59. nmk329

    nmk329Hace 4 años

    +Katharina Fiedler I love you

  60. Griphinn

    GriphinnHace 6 años

    Sounds like Darwin Deez

  61. Edwin Guembes

    Edwin GuembesHace 6 años

    This song definitely reminds me of travel. Ironically, I had a window seat positioned next to the wing of the plane when I first heard this song flying to Los Angeles.

  62. Timothy Curtis

    Timothy CurtisHace 5 años

    that's so ironic

  63. matkica23ifyy

    matkica23ifyyHace 6 años

    killin' it

  64. Lil Elz

    Lil ElzHace 6 años


  65. Foster

    FosterHace 6 años

    literally though, the photo and the music, you're like tumblr's anthem.

  66. Cheeseburger Eliminator

    Cheeseburger EliminatorHace 5 años

    seriously? you tryin' to murder the great vibes of this song?

  67. Alessandro Gonzales

    Alessandro GonzalesHace 6 años

    Lovin this track #favoriteofalbum

  68. Alan Flores

    Alan FloresHace 6 años

    i gotta listen to this when I'm flying

  69. kamyia kehoe

    kamyia kehoeHace 6 años

    This song just sums up life for me. It's beautiful in it's o

  70. James Watters

    James WattersHace 6 años

    i'm really digging this song

  71. Anthony Orozco

    Anthony OrozcoHace 6 años

    If life can be expressed by music. Then this would be my song

  72. Blarksel

    BlarkselHace 6 años

    Beautiful song! Yeah, life's good - and even if it's bad, this kind of music keeps you smile.. :o)

  73. Sophie Brod

    Sophie BrodHace 6 años

    Love it, good rythme, gives a good mood in the morning especially. Xoxo

  74. alex

    alexHace 6 años

    after looking at that picture i wanna make a holiday video with that song