Merkules - Way Down (Official Video)


  1. T h e O d d O n e _ B e a t s

    T h e O d d O n e _ B e a t sHace 5 días

    Merk doin it BIG

  2. Ben Covington

    Ben CovingtonHace 10 días

    Big ups

  3. Hans Martin Reinert

    Hans Martin ReinertHace 10 días

    Merk’d it!!!!!again!!!!!!


    DANBOII AXYBHace 10 días

    My g you emailed me a few years bk an iv bin with you ever since. You're just getting better and better

  5. Rocky Bettas

    Rocky BettasHace 7 días

    Killer English

  6. Jeffrey Crampton

    Jeffrey CramptonHace 11 días

    B.C. GOLD 313

  7. China Jo

    China JoHace 12 días

    Is that me briefly by the driver window ?

  8. Cooper Niedermaier

    Cooper NiedermaierHace 12 días

    u live in red deer alberta

  9. Nate Conner

    Nate ConnerHace 12 días

    This dude is on his way to the mutha fkn top!! #NEWALBUMNOV2019

  10. Zavier Welsh

    Zavier WelshHace 17 días

    Your awsome merk

  11. Zavier Welsh

    Zavier WelshHace 17 días

    Your awsome merk

  12. China Jo

    China JoHace 18 días

    Id try to get the wife to play her favourite song of yours

  13. Kahla Burbidge

    Kahla BurbidgeHace 19 días

    I Love ur songs

  14. Nathan Young

    Nathan YoungHace 19 días

    Merk u an animal 1st or at least second or third most lyrical nigga from Canada..... u got mad child out there lol but ur def legit brother much respect

  15. KELL

    KELLHace 19 días

    Damn the BASS!

  16. Big Mike G

    Big Mike GHace 22 días

    We sLappn here in the Co Merk. On The Way Down. 970....

  17. Maniac Wolf

    Maniac WolfHace 22 días

    If winston churchill was a rapper

  18. il signore che fissa il pagamento

    il signore che fissa il pagamentoHace 23 días


  19. Trinity Thomas

    Trinity ThomasHace 25 días

    Hey! I just met Stu and forgot to get his number, we had a good time at the casino!, Please write me back so I can give his contact info

  20. Mike Q

    Mike QHace 25 días

    Love this canadian rapper hes the shit

  21. Jewel Burr

    Jewel BurrHace 26 días

    Reminds me of Haystak.

  22. Coco Bongo

    Coco BongoHace 26 días

    Cool that he has stayed true to where he came from, keeping it local filming in Van and eating at Kobe beef( a must try in Vancouver ) respect !


    RIVIARA CUSTOMSHace 28 días

    Yo merk the shit be my homie enyday hit me up merk chiko king westside border city windsor bro respect deep down hood bro forreal lol glade to seen us canadians killin it wish i stayed on my road to the true rap game (RESPECT)

  24. Joshua Lynn

    Joshua LynnHace 28 días

    come to az we would love too see in concert

  25. Ford F150

    Ford F150Hace un mes

    Bru you a badass look up to you keep it up

  26. tWg logistics

    tWg logisticsHace un mes

    Yo listen to the song by highly suspect called lydia i figure you could do a remix when your bored

  27. DEDSEC Blik

    DEDSEC BlikHace un mes

    I think u have at least 6 song like that flow!

  28. Miguel Ortiz

    Miguel OrtizHace un mes

    Kick ass

  29. Sara Rushman

    Sara RushmanHace un mes

  30. Tyler Colley

    Tyler ColleyHace un mes

    If you can fit four in it.. its call a pocket

  31. Scourge Plays333

    Scourge Plays333Hace un mes

    Hey patrick

  32. Nate Bandall

    Nate BandallHace un mes

    Is it me who i thought he was black and realy skinny?

  33. Paula Machado

    Paula MachadoHace un mes



    400 MILLION BY MONDAYHace un mes

    Damn im late to the show 2 years ago great job man hopefully youve been on your way up

  35. Nothing for Granted

    Nothing for GrantedHace un mes

    King size blunt.

  36. Gerrie Laamers

    Gerrie LaamersHace un mes

    Good work men

  37. Brooks P

    Brooks PHace un mes

    Merk, you have outdone yourself. Awesome track 🔥.

  38. David K

    David KHace un mes

    Much love from Montreal. Awesome song

  39. Chris Pilgrim

    Chris PilgrimHace un mes

  40. kingjulian gaming

    kingjulian gamingHace un mes

    Dope af!! Kobe's is the restaurant to eat

  41. Robert Nussbaumer

    Robert NussbaumerHace un mes

    and i mean ALL of them

  42. Robert Nussbaumer

    Robert NussbaumerHace un mes

    i think after all these years this might be one of my favorite Merkules songs... and i love them all... they all speak to me in a different way

  43. Agnes Red Crow

    Agnes Red CrowHace un mes

    One love young merk! 💯🤘

  44. 0kamil

    0kamilHace un mes

    A good piece of music. Greetings from Poland.

  45. Baldrick Cunning Baldrick

    Baldrick Cunning BaldrickHace un mes

    Tomorrow morning how is it? How was it? "Mehhh.." I know puta, right!?!?

  46. Baldrick Cunning Baldrick

    Baldrick Cunning BaldrickHace un mes

    I already raped these dude's it was stupid, go oround these then, I shit you not this guy asking us is me if he could date half a dozen girlz. In my pocket. As a matter of survival, soft time? gayyyyy

  47. Noah Vandy

    Noah VandyHace un mes

    What city is this

  48. Kelly Watson

    Kelly WatsonHace un mes

    Vancouver BC Canada

  49. Kyla Mcmillan

    Kyla McmillanHace un mes

    Merk your sick AF. I'm glad my partner got me onto you. He just seen your show in Brissy Australia and done a meet and greet with you. Your so down to earth and chilled. Thanks for bringing out sick music that's back to basics lyrics and true to yourself. 👍🤙

  50. Av Jav

    Av JavHace un mes

    I respect the panda tattoo

  51. Manuel Carra

    Manuel CarraHace un mes

    From Argentina 🙋 niceeeeee

  52. Warren Thompson

    Warren ThompsonHace un mes

    Love this song 💯🙏

  53. YT Recluss

    YT ReclussHace 2 meses

    We just gonna ignore him waking up with a burger

  54. Fishing4life. Fishing4life

    Fishing4life. Fishing4lifeHace 2 meses

    Bro this is fire as fuck man. Keep it up MERK.

  55. Deserai Jarvis

    Deserai JarvisHace 2 meses

    Merk u the realist mf out there since em came on the scene. Seen u in Milwaukee. Best concert ive been 2 since em n d 12 in Milwaukee

  56. Heidi Mcnorton

    Heidi McnortonHace 2 meses

    You killed it

  57. Tez_S

    Tez_SHace 2 meses

    He always gets a ton of views but absolutely no subs

  58. Zach Ordway

    Zach OrdwayHace 2 meses

    Still in my playlist. This song is dope as hell fr.🔥👌🌩

  59. kevin porter

    kevin porterHace 2 meses

    I'm born and raised cgy TC all day merk

  60. kevin porter

    kevin porterHace 2 meses

    Bud that was Japanese village does merk live in cgy now? Tf that's gangsta as fuck.

  61. Kelly Watson

    Kelly WatsonHace un mes

    Kobe Steakhouse in Vancouver

  62. Randy Shumi

    Randy ShumiHace 2 meses

    Eat bummmmmm Justin time

  63. Jamie Hampton

    Jamie HamptonHace 2 meses

    This my shit frfr