Merkules - All Night Long (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


  1. Young Merkules

    Young MerkulesHace 5 meses


  2. Tayten McKinstry

    Tayten McKinstryHace un mes



    2OH4 KONNERYHace un mes

    @StompDown Killa perc

  4. Crayzed Gaming

    Crayzed GamingHace un mes

    When in Houston?

  5. Pink Phenolphtalein

    Pink PhenolphtaleinHace un mes

    Bacardi thanks Charlie

  6. 9 cali 100

    9 cali 100Hace un mes

    See you at the end haha 😆

  7. Christopher Westover

    Christopher WestoverHace 12 horas

    110% this song hits home!

  8. Jared Lopez's

    Jared Lopez'sHace 21 un hora

    Love this song ❤️

  9. Crystal Cooper

    Crystal CooperHace un día

    Very true after you get to that level you just really stop giving a fuck fuck fuck

  10. Richard Brazee

    Richard BrazeeHace un día

    Fire!!! You're on fire brother! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    BAM BAM THE GREATHace un día

    Ayo merk check my music out homie I bet youd like it

  12. Erica Rae

    Erica RaeHace un día


  13. Jason N

    Jason NHace 3 días

    Those 4.5 million views gotta be from me.

  14. BCshooterFMJ PRIME

    BCshooterFMJ PRIMEHace 3 días

    Just so you know bro. I took a ride on the zx14 from van down to LA. In most of the circles I was sneaking into, when I said what city I was from your name came up so many times.

  15. Patrick Mclean

    Patrick McleanHace 3 días

    Much love your a beast. Sydney show front row, To your right, Rocking your aqua Nike jacket. Maddest RESPECT for any artist who can clime to the top of the game... Its one thing to spit fire in private, But to spit in front of people and to put yourself out there is a lot harder than people think. plus stopping to write a verse while your trying to flow, well that gets me every time... I chocked Like em when I got on stage at your concert.. fuck idk how you do it bro. my shyness or stage fright kills me every time.. did you ever have them fears? any tips? MUCH RESPECT BRA YOU DA MAN

  16. Ryan Langley

    Ryan LangleyHace 4 días

    Shit hits the heart !!!

  17. Tyler Halloran

    Tyler HalloranHace 4 días

    Mercules the most badass Canadian... probably still asks those bears leave nicely


    STRAP DADDYHace 5 días

    People that give this dude a thumbs down are just mad😂😂😂😂

  19. vigilant verse UK

    vigilant verse UKHace 6 días

    Merk used to be better. Still got the gift but they always better when more underground.

  20. vigilant verse UK

    vigilant verse UKHace 6 días

    Wtf happen to merk? Not good. Used to be better.

  21. vigilant verse UK

    vigilant verse UKHace 3 días

    @Jason N @Jason N it's all good just seems to be going a bit charty but the man got the gift. Not knocking it just surprised at the transformation and hope he doesn't hit the charts. Amazing artisan no doubt. Big difference since"the bacon bits" and "L.A.S.H. costructive critisism. Artists need that.

  22. Jason N

    Jason NHace 3 días

    The beat, the hook, the verses. What more is needed? He went in on this, did you need him to remix it?

  23. Jobcenter

    JobcenterHace 6 días

    dope beat bro

  24. D HandOfNoxus

    D HandOfNoxusHace 8 días


  25. Shoshone Stover

    Shoshone StoverHace 11 días

    Haystak chorus flow Riff Raff snake homage

  26. Tim Poore

    Tim PooreHace 11 días

    1 mill

  27. Mark Barber

    Mark BarberHace 12 días

    Merky beast!!

  28. William Blakeley

    William BlakeleyHace 14 días

    The God Father.Of Candida .✌

  29. Maxi G

    Maxi GHace 15 días

    There is literally no volume too high for this song. I turn it all the way up on my headphones, and press them into my ears.

  30. Matt Evins

    Matt EvinsHace 16 días

    Bumpin your shit all day and all night homie. 1 up from Delaware

  31. Malle Buchti

    Malle BuchtiHace 16 días

    Merkules, hopsin and tech n9ne best rapper :* German rap sucks ^^

  32. Birdie Kabatay

    Birdie KabatayHace 17 días

    This song hit me 😍😢😘 just describes how im feeling this year.. Renata m. 😘 Love yah merk

  33. Mehraki Music

    Mehraki MusicHace 18 días

    Bro I just took acid which I do like once a year and put on this video and goddamn I needed this video and this song. I feel like if I wasn't tripping rn I wouldn't have made the connection that the video and the song have together, but wow. You seriously captured greatness, passion, emotion, and realness in this. I only hope that I someday can do the same for my fans.

  34. Vanessa Robinson

    Vanessa RobinsonHace 19 días

    I you know the video it's called ski mask way none of my family members was in there

  35. Tiffany Russo

    Tiffany RussoHace 19 días

    Shout out from New Mexico...just not givin a Fuk

  36. Jose A

    Jose AHace 23 días

    Badass song g and my cuz bump this eryday!

  37. De Blazer

    De BlazerHace 25 días

    Daily this guy pulls me t0 everyday struggle's B.I.G Merk making classics f0r the future Blessings t0 all

  38. CrazyShady187

    CrazyShady187Hace 25 días

    We're just a bunch of fuck ups gettin fucked up!

  39. black ops

    black opsHace 25 días

    He deserves more subscribers

  40. Terrence Florea

    Terrence FloreaHace 25 días

    Wouldn't expect any less from Merk. SDK heat all day...... And ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!

  41. Lines

    LinesHace 26 días

    i like the clip of the 81 car Reppin the angels eh good shit

  42. Daniel Grantinetti

    Daniel GrantinettiHace 27 días

    your music keeps me pushing homie ive been listening to you for along time im glad we have real ppl like you making real music dope song is that a leamer ?

  43. Nicholas Pouliot Outdoors

    Nicholas Pouliot OutdoorsHace 29 días

    Winter is gone with the heat 🔥

  44. Misty Boyer

    Misty BoyerHace 29 días

    Hes comeing to grand junction tonight! 😁

  45. 0_Kevin_0

    0_Kevin_0Hace un mes

    Remélem azért van itt néhány magyar is!! 😁😉💪🔥

  46. Greg Ducharme

    Greg DucharmeHace un mes

    Check out my boys from Michigan;

  47. Nick LeDoux

    Nick LeDouxHace un mes

    This is legit song that describes my life. Right on bro!

  48. Kuzon

    KuzonHace 27 días

    bro ur life sounds rit af

  49. Yuriy Latypov

    Yuriy LatypovHace un mes

    good hap, but so many chains so many pathos, early videos was better

  50. NEW Br33d

    NEW Br33dHace un mes

    Debut album out now! Features Twisted Insane, Wrekonize of Strange Music, Kxng Crooked, and more!

  51. NEW Br33d

    NEW Br33dHace un mes

    Debut album out now! Features Twisted Insane, Wrekonize of Strange Music, Kxng Crooked, and more!

  52. Barton B

    Barton BHace un mes

    8 out of 10 of your videos with the most views are remixes. Youd be fucked without sponging off already hit songs. Your wack merk.

  53. Ed OgHaze

    Ed OgHazeHace un mes

    I had so much fun last night first time that merkules come to secramento and i got to experience it much love bro!

  54. cco127

    cco127Hace un mes

    If Merk and Haystack did a set together, i think the universe might implode.

  55. daran bedel

    daran bedelHace un mes

    Haystak is a pussy ass bitch. Merk is not

  56. Tyler P

    Tyler PHace un mes

    Killed Portland bro was great to see you!

  57. Jim Sitman

    Jim SitmanHace un mes

    About Damn time! I been waiting took long Merk.. This is that fire was whizz..mad props homie!

  58. Kevin Burt

    Kevin BurtHace un mes

    Banging tune dude 💪 🇬🇧

  59. Hans Wurst

    Hans WurstHace un mes

    99.99% of modern rap doesnt do shit for me but I love merkules the guy has SOUL and puts meaning in his music. God bless you and much respect from Germany merk.

  60. Aaron Kane

    Aaron KaneHace un mes

    Lord Jamar won't be happy about this

  61. Johnthan Turner

    Johnthan TurnerHace un mes

    2020 and will definitely continue to bang merk everyday

  62. trueblue4l1f3

    trueblue4l1f3Hace un mes

    Heard you first on bass searching for Hopsin. Then heard your recent remix on war and I subscribed. I love discovering new fire lyricists.

  63. Bryan Merz

    Bryan MerzHace un mes

    Damn, this shit just became my new anthem dawg. Shout out to Jersey, what up.

  64. yetty

    yettyHace un mes

    One of the dopest rappers today,hands down!!

  65. Tyler Gayhart

    Tyler GayhartHace un mes

    Hands down best music around these days. Very inspirational if you will.

  66. Travis Bowling

    Travis BowlingHace un mes

    Quickly becoming a constant artist on my daily playlists. Keep it up Merck!!! Straight fire

  67. Tayten McKinstry

    Tayten McKinstryHace un mes

    be you boy🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♀️🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🤡💯💪🤠😆😆😆👺⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽👺👺👺👺👺⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽

  68. Mr. Mosby

    Mr. MosbyHace un mes

    The vibe and beat is mixed beautifully in this one really makes ya wanna spark up a blunt or rip a bong and just lay back and chill

  69. rap shot ck

    rap shot ckHace un mes

    good job Greetings from the Czech Republic you couldn't please help? or advise I'm doing it at home alone ,a lot of the year :-(