Merkules - All Night Long (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


  1. Young Merkules

    Young MerkulesHace 24 días


  2. Jonathan Brown

    Jonathan BrownHace un día

    My birthday Nov. 30th can a broke brotha get a copy? 😆

  3. juss chiillin

    juss chiillinHace 2 días

    What I wanna know is Who, out of All music, is gonna fire shots at Merkules first... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ That'll be Fun day 🤙🏼🙌🏼

  4. Nico D.

    Nico D.Hace 2 días

    einer der es endlich richtig macht

  5. DALTON 123

    DALTON 123Hace 4 días


  6. Mike Youtube

    Mike YoutubeHace 5 horas

    Remix Truth Hurts by Lizzo. Love the beat but can’t sit though it.

  7. Valley East Records

    Valley East RecordsHace 9 horas

    I also never made a song I just promote my homies

  8. Valley East Records

    Valley East RecordsHace 9 horas

    I live that life but I'm still broke so holla bra

  9. Valley East Records

    Valley East RecordsHace 9 horas

    I need to stay stay up (igotta stack my daugh)till I get my pay up pay up I'm never moving slow I wanna go to sleep but I'm suposed wake wake up wake up Cuz I got 2 kids too feed I get paid she buys more make up make up , I can't take this any Moree

  10. Kevin Gilchrest

    Kevin GilchrestHace 9 horas


  11. Britany Hernandez

    Britany HernandezHace 9 horas

    I wanna make a song with merk man I think we would drop a hit

  12. D

    DHace 13 horas

    Hey merk (Cole) this hits me right in right where it hurts. You are my idol and this hits hard for me. If you are willing to collab on a video hit me up I want to MTB for a living and I think your raps hit perfect for it especially this one.. lime if you can see this I'm a MTB video

  13. Luis Gutierrez

    Luis GutierrezHace 16 horas

    Wack true trash

  14. Luis Gutierrez

    Luis GutierrezHace 16 horas


  15. angiesmusicbox

    angiesmusicboxHace 17 horas


  16. Matthew Fowler

    Matthew FowlerHace 23 horas

    Just another weekend keep doing your thing big dog love and respect real fucking music all night long get it hey rick keep rubber knucking it's as candan 100%

  17. jacklyn akers

    jacklyn akersHace un día


  18. Anarchy

    AnarchyHace un día

    Ready to peep that Merk, Hopsin, and Tech N9ne song next Wednesday 🔥🙌🏻

  19. Mynames Tyroneee

    Mynames TyroneeeHace un día

    Near 1 million followers young merc 💪🏻 you truly are a rap legend Only person rapping properly now days 💯💯

  20. john s

    john sHace un día

    So underrated......But Merk keeps killin it!

  21. CanadianEh Eh

    CanadianEh EhHace un día

    Can't wait . I'm Stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Real ID

    Real IDHace un día

    Love your music

  23. tamra henderson

    tamra hendersonHace un día

    shits goes HARDDDDDDDD

  24. Rebecca Webb

    Rebecca WebbHace un día

    Merkules is my #1 favorite. He's the best of the younger generation. You can tell he was raised with the rules. Respect from Texas.

  25. Aaron Higzy

    Aaron HigzyHace un día

    Absolute banger, keep on merking 👊🏻💯

  26. Jesse Roach

    Jesse RoachHace un día

    Haha liking the car with 81 on side brother hellsangels Yaya u connected

  27. patrick swayzie

    patrick swayzieHace un día

    Thank you so much brother for helping to show the world that canadians are tight rappers. Ive seen you in concert 6 times now and cant get enough of it. Oeace bro

  28. Nicole

    NicoleHace un día

    What is there to dislike about this song ... haters

  29. JAW

    JAWHace un día


  30. Canabis Budds

    Canabis BuddsHace un día

    almost like azizi gibsons vid smoking with the gods its lit asf

  31. Rogue Video Productions

    Rogue Video ProductionsHace un día


  32. David Lee Butson

    David Lee ButsonHace un día

    #1 all night long 100%

  33. Bailey Brayman

    Bailey BraymanHace un día

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Big Fan bro keep up the work🙌🏼

  34. moody owl production's

    moody owl production'sHace un día

    One long night with the merkules..__.Hay ooooooohhhhhh

  35. bjbravo21

    bjbravo21Hace 2 días

    This beat is masterpiece of C-Lance

  36. Some One

    Some OneHace 2 días

    Sadly I was out of the loop before your Panda remix. I've been listening to you more than any other artist ever since. And I don't even like rap, lol. For 99% of the remixes I hadn't even heard the originals. But fuck a remix, your original shit makes me care less about the man who's always looking at me funny. Thank you.

  37. George Grinter

    George GrinterHace 2 días

    cant wait to take you drinking in ireland merk


    MESO HANOHace 2 días


  39. Michael Angelo

    Michael AngeloHace 2 días

    Merkules 👈🏆 🔴

  40. Clairice C Anderson

    Clairice C AndersonHace 2 días

    Is that a fucken lemur ! Thats soo lit bud! Xoxox

  41. Aria Febribowo

    Aria FebribowoHace 2 días

    Damn why you so cool man..! 😍

  42. Smoking Hydro

    Smoking HydroHace 2 días

    This shit is HARRRRDDDDD as fuk!!!!!

  43. Maeno

    MaenoHace 2 días

    i love your tracks mate ! keep going

  44. Graz

    GrazHace 2 días

    Merk, by himself, is better than 95% of mainstream rap

  45. tHE nAM3LEsS oNE

    tHE nAM3LEsS oNEHace 2 días

    When Merkules said, “And I never know who the fuck to trust. We’re just a bunch of fuck ups getting fucked up!!” I felt that shit.. 🖤💯🔥

  46. Truck king Racers

    Truck king RacersHace 2 días

    dog I think were related

  47. Clayton J

    Clayton JHace 2 días

    I'm offended you think I can't party like you lol 😂

  48. kowal789

    kowal789Hace 2 días

    Now THIS is a relatable emotional song to me. Truck driver, hate myself and sometimes drive my pickup or bike like a bat out of hell just to let out some stress. Hardly want to be home anymore..

  49. TanteEmmaLaden

    TanteEmmaLadenHace 3 días

    I like you ❤️

  50. philanthropist philosophy

    philanthropist philosophyHace 3 días

    Man I thought drugs and liquor was a amazing song that hit me in the feels. Broo..... fire. Sorry I work alot never get a chance to social media it much

  51. Lukenzy

    LukenzyHace 3 días

    just imagine, driving on a road alone at night with this song... 💦

  52. James Yancey

    James YanceyHace un día

    Sounds like My life


    SMOOTHS1XHace 3 días

    Straight fire! 🔥🔥

  54. Aidan Grayson

    Aidan GraysonHace 3 días

    Leave me alone.....

  55. trampoline. Fliping master

    trampoline. Fliping masterHace 3 días

    I dont think uve seen me yet no u havnt

  56. trampoline. Fliping master

    trampoline. Fliping masterHace 3 días

    Hey uncle i dont no yet

  57. Steve Pierre

    Steve PierreHace 3 días

    Sick beat ! Discovered Merkules not too long ago. Love everything you do but your video production are missing the target I feel. Anyways, keep it up man, yo shit door asf.

  58. Sky Mau5

    Sky Mau5Hace 3 días

    Respect from czech! gg

  59. Ryan Bashaw

    Ryan BashawHace 3 días

    Love this song

  60. Alex Kelley

    Alex KelleyHace 3 días

    I think.the video was good other then the space crap. Him.out buy the fire rapping about life and shit is where it's at

  61. Jasper Bradley

    Jasper BradleyHace 4 días

    Fire! Best song I've heard from you in a while, really looking forward to the album bro. Respect 👊

  62. Vinayak Mukherjee

    Vinayak MukherjeeHace 4 días

    One of the people who I believe will save rap..Keep doing your think Merk. We are counting on you :) mad love from India

  63. Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One

    Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable OneHace 4 días


  64. Sid Toews

    Sid ToewsHace 4 días

    Thanks you represent Canada Big Support from québec i wait you come a show here

  65. De Fowl

    De FowlHace 4 días

    This is dope. Saved it to my music on here. Merkules very good.