Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)


  1. YannaZeGachaAnimeGirl Yaya:3

    YannaZeGachaAnimeGirl Yaya:3Hace 11 horas

    I got in trouble yesterday for watching this,...... at 4 in the morning, ..... I never went to sleep

  2. Kitty Powers

    Kitty PowersHace 11 horas

    48:21 48:27 I find that cute, idk why

  3. haruki _br san

    haruki _br sanHace 11 horas

    God damn it, this is perfect. Oh, my God, my favorite singer is Melanie❤😘

  4. Riley McCraney

    Riley McCraneyHace 11 horas

    that was the most fire thing I've seen all summer

  5. marg .x.

    marg .x.Hace 11 horas

    Melanie/Crybaby you’re fucking amazing!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. XxaestheticPotatosxX

    XxaestheticPotatosxXHace 11 horas


  7. Minh Châu Nguyễn Thị

    Minh Châu Nguyễn ThịHace 11 horas

    This is so awesome ! - The contention - The Music - The ending of the film And Melanie Martinez I love it! 💜💜💜

  8. Miranda Carmona

    Miranda CarmonaHace 11 horas

    So....what happened with kelly? Did she leave or?

  9. ocean -lover

    ocean -loverHace 11 horas

    It was so good I watched it rn it's 12:42 now but I don't care I want MORE I wanna see them get together oml

  10. emily Wray

    emily WrayHace 11 horas

    Ok but and tell was a bop

  11. •Aidroc •

    •Aidroc •Hace 11 horas

    What is your favoris song?

  12. Destinee Anne

    Destinee AnneHace 11 horas

    The cliff hanger at the end

  13. Rachel Dhar

    Rachel DharHace 11 horas

    i have literally watched this entire film everyday after work since 9/6, someone help

  14. allan hale

    allan haleHace 11 horas

    s a c r e d h a i r

  15. Rachel Dhar

    Rachel DharHace 11 horas

    none of my friends are really into melanie soooooooo feel free to add my twitter @dharliciousss so i can finally have someone to share her dope ass music with 😭😭

  16. ocean -lover

    ocean -loverHace 11 horas

    I watched the whole thing :)

  17. •Aidroc •

    •Aidroc •Hace 11 horas

    What is your favoris song?

  18. Potato Girl

    Potato GirlHace 11 horas

    we dont deserve this queen

  19. Not sure if Bighetty

    Not sure if BighettyHace 11 horas

    So. I watched, I laughed, I loved. I really do love Melanie, so much fun.

  20. Caroline Koekemoer

    Caroline KoekemoerHace 11 horas

    Love it❤

  21. jaay em

    jaay emHace 11 horas

    did i just watch the longest thing ive ever watched on yt? yes did i enjoy it? it was the best thing i watched. ever

  22. Potato Girl

    Potato GirlHace 11 horas

    hello im just watching this for the 2792028 time dont mind me keep scrolling 🙂

  23. Chris Marie Chu

    Chris Marie ChuHace 11 horas

    Them wearing fuck off word panties😂😂😂

  24. Andrea Nicole Belenzo

    Andrea Nicole BelenzoHace 11 horas

    Can anyone explain to me the ending?☹️

  25. Some Random Human Being

    Some Random Human BeingHace 11 horas

    40:48 “they say boys like girls with a tiny waist” Me: yep I’m staying single for sure

  26. jazmin chan :3

    jazmin chan :3Hace 11 horas

    Acá está el comentario en español que buscabas :v

  27. fidelia awoudi

    fidelia awoudiHace 11 horas


  28. Moon

    MoonHace 11 horas

    OML that was SUCH A GOOD MOVIE that was nice of her to make it ad free 💜

  29. Makaila M

    Makaila MHace 11 horas


  30. chiiya ochia

    chiiya ochiaHace 11 horas

    54:28 to 55:13 learn to love yourself first i really love the lines here

  31. Senpai Moons :3

    Senpai Moons :3Hace 11 horas

    There were so much cuss--

  32. Bottle Cap

    Bottle CapHace 11 horas

    Accurate representation

  33. Название потом придумаю

    Название потом придумаюHace 11 horas

    Здесь есть русские? или я одна?

  34. AmThoughtz

    AmThoughtzHace 11 horas

    Me and my entire friend group has watched this film 3 times. Still not sick of it. I love this and all the hidden concepts behind each song.

  35. Ava0527 :D

    Ava0527 :DHace 11 horas


  36. JAM Family

    JAM FamilyHace 11 horas

    I like the billing because I got bullied and it got so bad the rip my backpack and push me down stone steps on a hot day got so cut and the principal did nothing and the teacher saw it and didn’t do nothing

  37. AURA HM

    AURA HMHace 11 horas

    Ya quiero 2da parte... Me encantó 😚

  38. Halo

    HaloHace 11 horas

    This movie is kind of like the book called the giver by Lois Lowry

  39. gaby s

    gaby sHace 11 horas

    am i the only one that didn’t get it and was kinda confused the whole time lol

  40. Amanda May Bruto

    Amanda May BrutoHace 11 horas

    I love youuuuuu 💛💛💛

  41. Oliver Vazquez

    Oliver VazquezHace 11 horas

    What if Fire Drill is an easter egg for what happens in the next movie? Post apocalyptic Melanie anyone?

  42. no

    noHace 11 horas

    Why would there be ghosts? Maybe theyre important to the next movie too

  43. Maria 2194

    Maria 2194Hace 11 horas

    Did anyone else count 25 different hair styles or was it just me ?

  44. Vraja b

    Vraja bHace 11 horas

    umm wow, that was crazy, but i loved it

  45. Hyejin Lee♥️

    Hyejin Lee♥️Hace 11 horas

    3:50 Wheels on the bus 12:19 class fight 20:49 the principal 24:36 Show and tell 28:57 nurse office 34:57 Drama club 40:22 strawberry shortcake 46:23 lunch box friends 50:58 Orange juice 56:10 Detention 1:01:39 Teachers pet 1:06:34 Highschool sweethearts 1:17:32 Recess

  46. Nashia Medalion

    Nashia MedalionHace 11 horas

    Can I also add the girl is serving LOOKS the whole movie and body is on point 💗 high school sweetheart’s outfit is 🤤my little bisexual heart couldn’t handle it.

  47. Hoodie Queen

    Hoodie QueenHace 11 horas

    Does anybody else hear the barks in Recess?

  48. Jessica Lopez

    Jessica LopezHace 11 horas

    I am the only one ghat eants to know what Adam thinks about her?

  49. Yee Yee

    Yee YeeHace 11 horas

    I love it but the dialogue was cheesy as fuck.

  50. Sophie Hoffman

    Sophie HoffmanHace 11 horas

    This song is almost as good as Billie eilish

  51. Okae Budee

    Okae BudeeHace 11 horas


  52. ItzMe Nevaeh

    ItzMe NevaehHace 11 horas

    What is this, literally I don’t understand

  53. gloomy

    gloomyHace 11 horas

    melanie im so proud you got to make such an awesome movie with no ads or payment you go girl

  54. Renuga Devi Thangavelu

    Renuga Devi ThangaveluHace 11 horas

    Melanie matenz

  55. Natalee Mielnicka

    Natalee MielnickaHace 11 horas

    Omg love u Melanie!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I watched this like 18 times already that’s how much I loved this!!

  56. Chelsea brooks

    Chelsea brooksHace 11 horas

    I just realized that she has a tattoo 222

  57. kw1206

    kw1206Hace 11 horas

    this shit was the best 1 hour and 30 minutes i watched in my life. it’s so inspirational to not just women but anyone. thank you for this melanie.

  58. Jasmine Curry

    Jasmine CurryHace 11 horas

    wheels on the bus 3:58 class fight 12:18 the principal 20:50 show and tell 24:36 nurse's office 28:56 drama club 34:58 strawberry shortcake 40:23 lunchbox friends 48:22 orange juice 50:58 detention 56:09 teacher's pet 1:01:39 high school sweethearts 1:06:34 recess 1:17:32 YOUR WELCOME

  59. Jasmine Curry

    Jasmine CurryHace 11 horas

    lunch box friends 46:24

  60. re cargosa

    re cargosaHace 11 horas

    Algun hispanohablante?xddd

  61. sophie x uwu

    sophie x uwuHace 11 horas

    who really likes this album, but misses her old music?

  62. maya elsmore

    maya elsmoreHace 11 horas

    anyone else think angelita kinda loos like igirl