Meghan Trainor - Wave (Audio) ft. Mike Sabath


  1. ↠ Dreams ↞

    ↠ Dreams ↞Hace un día

    I love this song!

  2. Kans 12

    Kans 12Hace 2 días

    This deserves to be on the top charts!!!!!!!!WAKE UP PPL

  3. sina chris

    sina chrisHace 2 días

    love this song.

  4. Miguel Romero

    Miguel RomeroHace 4 días

    5 minutes more, please!!!!! ❤

  5. ibeh chijioke

    ibeh chijiokeHace 4 días


  6. Lee

    LeeHace 4 días


  7. Sabrina Strickland

    Sabrina StricklandHace 5 días

    Love the new song!!

  8. LightningGmr

    LightningGmrHace 5 días

    I love the vibe of this one :D great job meghan! Great song :D

  9. pickle juice

    pickle juiceHace 6 días

    1:17 I love this part

  10. Boudoir By Adriana Roque

    Boudoir By Adriana RoqueHace 6 días

    SO GOOD !! added this to our Boudoir playlist for clients.

  11. Bradley Hodgson

    Bradley HodgsonHace 8 días

    I like

  12. Slim Ben Messaoud

    Slim Ben MessaoudHace 9 días


  13. shatori- Sun

    shatori- SunHace 10 días

    Megan trainer sounds SOO different than she use to and yes I’m all about that bass

  14. raticchi

    raticchiHace 11 días

    am i just high or is her hair moving? that one strand of hair. only the part that's under her right cheek

  15. David Velázquez

    David VelázquezHace 11 días

    Flop :(

  16. Eliza Allard

    Eliza AllardHace 12 días


  17. Gabriele Mejeryte

    Gabriele MejeryteHace 13 días

    This song from the beginning to the end its freaking amazing 😍 And the male voice... 🤤🤤 repeat repeat repeat 🔝

  18. Matt Monroe

    Matt MonroeHace 15 días

    I 😍 your songs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍😻😻😻😻

  19. uronox

    uronoxHace 15 días

    With you and wave are BOPS where is the promo??

  20. Kinga Dąbek

    Kinga DąbekHace 16 días


  21. Tea3lila

    Tea3lilaHace 17 días

    This song is a wave of sensation

  22. Katy Embree

    Katy EmbreeHace 17 días

    You go girl

  23. Sharon Ruiz

    Sharon RuizHace 17 días

    hit the button if you like it because i do

  24. iiDucky Duckii

    iiDucky DuckiiHace 17 días

    This song is so good

  25. Sorydun_89

    Sorydun_89Hace 17 días

    Escuché esta canción en la radio del autobús del instituto y me encantó 💕

  26. Layla Mayne

    Layla MayneHace 17 días

    LYSM MEGHAN!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Henry '-'

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  28. Adenilson Ramos

    Adenilson RamosHace 19 días

    alguem br??????????

  29. Siti Fatimah fatimah

    Siti Fatimah fatimahHace 19 días

    I like it😍

  30. Amanda Sparks

    Amanda SparksHace 19 días

    You are the best singer ever

  31. kvyla

    kvylaHace 21 un día

    the beats just get me going, i love everything about this song!

  32. Nontobeko Yaka

    Nontobeko YakaHace 22 días

    Why ain't this song blowing up like it should tho?😢🤔

  33. Simran Singh

    Simran SinghHace 22 días

    Meghan, you look gorgeous in that picture!😍 Love the song btw!💖🎶💋

  34. Slodder

    SlodderHace 22 días

    What happened to views it was increasing so fast last week.

  35. minh thien pham

    minh thien phamHace 23 días

    what??? only 49k.

  36. Cassidy Morales

    Cassidy MoralesHace 23 días

    This is my new favorite song💜

  37. Kudz Lyric

    Kudz LyricHace 24 días

    Nice here to support you...

  38. Zee

    ZeeHace 24 días

    This is so good why is it not trending?

  39. Lesley Angel

    Lesley AngelHace 24 días

    This song is such a bop / Music/Vocals/ just everything

  40. Giselle Garcia

    Giselle GarciaHace 25 días

    MEGATRONZ WE CAN DO THIS 1 million✅ 2 million✅ 3 million✅ 4 million✅ 5 million✅ 6 million✅ 7 million✅ 8 million 9 million 10 million ‼️

  41. Giselle Garcia

    Giselle GarciaHace 20 días

    roblox name jujuhdz7 lmao our fandom name is: Megatronz 😂

  42. roblox name jujuhdz7

    roblox name jujuhdz7Hace 20 días

    Uhhh this isnt nicki minag music are u in wrong video

  43. Carolanne Harvey

    Carolanne HarveyHace 25 días

    Couldn't relate more to a song right now

  44. Lakoya Burley

    Lakoya BurleyHace 25 días

    I love this Song I can't stop playing this Song

  45. Bashayer Almaazmi

    Bashayer AlmaazmiHace 25 días

    This song gives me goosebumps

  46. Verry Perdana

    Verry PerdanaHace 25 días

    Tell me i'm yours

  47. cara22

    cara22Hace 26 días

    ahh this song is so good

  48. gymnast kristen

    gymnast kristenHace 27 días

    Everytime I listen to this song the part at 1:31 - 1:48 reminds me of that song jade and cat did on Victorious😂😂 (the beat is lowkey the same😂)


    SUSILO SUDARSONO CR7Hace 27 días

    I love you megan you are SEMOK😛

  50. Syukron Adzim

    Syukron AdzimHace 27 días

    This is a proof that you're here before 100 million.

  51. Andrés Lladó

    Andrés LladóHace 5 días

    Syukron Adzim this video wont reach 100 million views before 2100 lmao



  53. Aboo Uhuyy

    Aboo UhuyyHace 27 días

    like 👇


    DA POTATOEHace 25 días


  55. Hunter Dalehite

    Hunter DalehiteHace 27 días

    *me listening to this song for the 50th time*

  56. Gamma Uzi

    Gamma UziHace 27 días

    I am relating to the Meghan Trainor sung lyrics on a spiritual level ;(

  57. Karo Tries

    Karo TriesHace 27 días

    Sooo goood

  58. Cerenity Brown

    Cerenity BrownHace 28 días

    7m by 10/15

  59. BennyBoy1999

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  60. Shiba Ino

    Shiba InoHace 28 días

    Omg best beat!!

  61. Luis Soto

    Luis SotoHace 28 días

    as the audio has more views than the video🥺💖😩

  62. Davin Rhule

    Davin RhuleHace 28 días

    Feels like i heard this somewhere before like in a series or something. One thing to sound good but to give that feeling as well...definitely deserves more recognition.

  63. Syazmin Aqil

    Syazmin AqilHace 28 días

    Why this song not trading 1???

  64. Carla G

    Carla GHace 28 días

    I love this song :3 it gives me courage :D!!!!!