Medikal - How Much remix ft. Sarkodie & Omar Sterling [R2Bees] (Official Video)


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    Omar Sterling 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    criss waddle dollar

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    King sark👑👑👑

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    King sark👑👑👑

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    This rap of sark is going to king shatta

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    Eeii this song was 1.5M views yestee oo... what happened ? Now 600k

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    When buy views, see how the views are reducing lol. From 1.5 m to 811 k now 600. Lol... be authentic like sarkodie.

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    😂😂😂😂 eeii MDK u see ur lyf u scam saa now u dey scam us on ESreporter yur views now reduce to 819k wy and how.??😁😁

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    from kenya,medikal u rock u should organize show for ur kenyan fans

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    How mush ur team money hit song

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    Came here cos of Omar...Snr!

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    Medikal makes most hip hop joint aswear. Sarkodie ® 🔥 is just some legend from different planet (god). Omar Sterling damm 🔥🔥

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    Omar_Sterling 🙌

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    medikal i like your music

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    Afeel mdk..u killed it..omar sterling ur a big boy rapper

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    Promote this song in Naija pls

  19. Abdul Kalam

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    Why this this remix has more views than the original song

  20. Vas Wee

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    Omar Sterling kill it

  21. Oxy MC

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    Hundred degrees (11X) 6 foot soldier, Adidas mafia, bad boy composer Me de… I forget say this be the remix Hundred degrees (11X) VERSE 1 (Sarkodie) I’m still keeping it G with it Ghanafoɔ mo dehyeɛ obidiponbidi ɛdeɛn na rapper bi bɛkyerɛ me cos I done did it Obi bɛ occupy me space, are y’all kidding? For y’all niggas who doubt me I’m still here M’atwerɛ me din wɔ rap nwoma no mu so no fear M’aboro beef but wo deserve deɛ a oh yea Competition paa deɛ nobody for go there I can’t believe that I’m still hot Pocket is still fat So many rappers aba but Sarkodie still pop N!ggas want me dead, same way they killed Pac They be tryna put somebody else but still Sark This no be rap, ibi sermon for church service Rappers mo nbra na me nchecke mo work permit Flow tight te sɛ Peace Hyde ne fresh leggings Seisei koraa deɛ m’ago mu nie oh but gadammit I still got it Put some respect on my name n!gga Cos me then you we no be the same n!gga Wo pushie Picanto na me me pushie Range n!gga Starte have a milli before you came n!gga I fell in love with the street life Shutouts to my beautiful daughter and sweet wife Wo nnyɛ qualified to speak, you for keep quiet Ndwom wei koraa me nyaa inspiration no wɔ sea side Now we got the rap game locked down Number one in Africa so what now I’m a king, regardless, f*ck crown The key to my flow, not found Money be the topic, I’m ready for discussion Wo deɛ hwɛ me kasa, ne me swag, ne me fashion All about the money but we started with the passion Obiaa nim dada, I don’t need introduction HOOK (Medikal) How much, how much, how much be your too much money (3X) How much be your too much money (2X) How much, how much, how much be your too much money (3X) How much be your too much money (2X) VERSE 2 (Medikal) Did you see what? I don came in a Rover, left in a Benzo I just be Sowutuom boy wey dey hustle, I swear on my kanto Did you see what? I don came in a Rover, left in a Benzo In my benzo, in my benzo Came with a Rover, and offed in my benzo If you ready I’m with it Somebody tell Vivi I made it Kevin Fianko be counting a milli Shutouts to Paedae and Bidi The love is a billi goat Didn’t know that your girl was a Cedi hoe Everyday she enter my DM, SnapChat stories, you see them Cedi notes Genging and benging Cars mu ahodoɔ Sɛ yɛ blow dough no nyinaa na yɛ daamu koraa a mensuro yɛbɛnya pound foforɔ Afei cheque no me n’sign me draw You no get money your want this Never write Blast like dynamite Got punchlines like terabyte Never like catching flight from Amsterdam to Paris with diskette Flow Delly, am I right? ɛdeɛn na ɛhyɛ wo yi, a wo daadaa sɛ ashawo yi? W’aso dendenden synthe wei Boys sen Peter daa yɛ carry Ah! Afe wei free mason Zylofon demma money some M’ahustle from day nursery Afei na sika na nya orgasm, my money come Medikal: Hundred degrees (5X) VERSE 3 (Paedae) Tema boy I’m so radical Flow so sick I need medical We dey blow cash no be credit card Life so incredible, I left you at the terminal At the age of 19, hit ready to blow I buy house, buy cars, I’m on the road Road sreet buy, we break bread, this is your loaf Wɔfa Yaw, weytin dey happen, make we dey go Life e no be mouth We dey hustle, we dey chop Some go school so them dey office Some dey kwashey, them dey rob Sabi boy I say wossop We dey craze, we dey forkop Used to walk, Tema Chorkor Now we dey cruise with the top off Boy I’m working on my mixtape It’s cool now, boy I worked on my mistakes Gaddafi when it drop, you dictate In this phase, boy I told you to keep fake Sh!t’s great, but still no release date Hurray, Flow so cold, got me wearing chinchilla All this beef, and I’m from Bimbilla We dey blow money fast, we dey call it pain killer I’m from the Tema metropolis The celibacy they can’t fuck with us Savages, 26… 26,000 for damages Paedae da pralem yɛ president Higher than beer and cannabis Do this thing, for the fun of it And see how we live by the residence

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    I have a brojekt


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    If money is a topic you're ready to discuss it it's all dragon we don't know how your house even look

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    Just 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Last Sunday when i Checked, the views were 552k. 4days after its now 1.6m WEIRD

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    jajjajajajjajajajjajajajjajajajjajajajajhajajajajajajjajajaj trash.....

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    Sark the rap king would rap no aye fi a k)p3 nation♥️

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    I felt Omar Sterlings verse over the rest 🌋

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    mumble rappers

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    por que concha esto es tendencias en argentina?

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    0:37 Este hombre no respira señores ✌✌✌✌✌

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    This joint was 800k 3 days ago. Wat happened! Damn!!

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    You are fuckin garbage just stop rapping you sound like a 5 year old kid with a speech impediment that fact that you have any views is amazing let the rappin be left to real rappers not your no talent third world country ass

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    STFU Fucking Devils

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    Soy el unico q vio q esto salio el 19 d octubre y recien hoy se puso em tendencias aca en argentina tendencias n°13

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    1 mil views

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    1.5 Ah wada

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    Aguante argentin la concha de tu madre

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    مترجمتهاش ليه خ

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    Creo que esta canción seria un buen meme

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    هاذم نقوشة@@@@

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    هاذم منين ينحو الدراهم. عجيب.......،

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    Barely a month and 1.5m views, wow.....

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    Tendance dz 😰😰💚

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    FUNNY VIDEOS TVHace 6 días

    Wait the views have been bought😂. I watch this video everyday and I know the views have been bought😂. Eih yesterday it was about 600 views and only today 1.6 M . MDK you no force kraa, abi your mad fan but please we want legit views


    FUNNY VIDEOS TVHace 5 días

    And now the views have reduced to 1.5M 😂 eih MDK

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    Prestame 300 negro.

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    Racist. LOL!




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    Porque tendencia 6 en argentina?

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    Abriend0 ment3s JajajA

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    Habrán pagado mucha guita porque hay unos pares en tendencias

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    +Lucia Bardo lo hablamos en privado diosa? jeje también soy de Argentina

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    Lo mismo me preguntó 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Hrrr when this video hit million😬😬 eiii wy ESreporter dey get auto views😂😂💥💥

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    I think so too. I mean some of the comments doesn't make sense and seems dumb. LOL

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    1.4 million views ☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️ fire in de booth 🤩🤩🤩

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    Why are we created?towhati and how would weend?

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    Woooow!! Desde el minuto 0 , GENTE QUE SABE LO QUE HACE!! 👍🤘😎

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    ลั่น 555555555555

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    Medikal ein opening be SICK!

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    we just found the video of the year📻🎶🎷🎵🎻

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    Medikal you get no size,you got all the rap styles

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    money orgasm mdk sick

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    king sark the highest and know one can challeng him know rapper AND KWESI ARTHUR ALSO THE BEST RAPPER

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    Am here for the president...#Sterling

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    Show some love and respect to your money anyways in the slavery mentality.

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    Ghana To The World

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    This Song Is Something else

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    MDK for real .. my inspiration ....

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    I came here for Omer

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    King sark super

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    Nice one guys..mediKal is creative 🇬🇭🇬🇭🔥🔥

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    nice flow by sark, especially to those who just listen to flow but not content...the title of the track is about money..How much..sarkodie is rapping abt being the best rapper in Ghana and africa.centering all verses on himself and adding a line or two with money word but no impact on d topic..he finishes and the chorus comes much .....stick to the topic..rapper is abt content..

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    2:26 #LMAO! the amount of sand that gushed out of the girl's hair can build a whole mansion!

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    Jamming To The Banger 🔥 0508303093.. @amgmedikal

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    Jamming To The Banger 🔥 0508303093.. @amgmedikal

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    0559144223.#amg#poof#swag#beyondkontrol#how much remix#

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    Mehnn..Sarkodie makes me wanna rap more!!!

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    when i see Medikal the only thing on my mind is FRAUD BOY

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    0279359130................I forget say this be the remix...... Too much mdk

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    I just be sowutuom boy wey dey hustle the Chorus dey kill me 😂. but y'all finished the beats with punches

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    You peeps are an intelligence itself. 🔥 keep the flame. 0545930745

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    Medical never disappoint dope video 0201157337

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    Sark or die

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    The intro koraaaaa be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Our money go reach orgasm soon cos y3 b3 nya pal foforo so we go draw the cheque we no go write am. Her Medikal u tooooo dope

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    Mad mad mad mad# howmuchbeurtoomuchmoney. God bless u mdk and keep ur good works up

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