Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer


  1. Isabel Suarez

    Isabel SuarezHace 2 minutos

    Love this so much

  2. lukaspng

    lukaspngHace 4 minutos

    Thanos car beep bop

  3. Pizzatc 0

    Pizzatc 0Hace 6 minutos

    Some people will move on after this movie But not us Ever

  4. Olivia W.

    Olivia W.Hace 11 minutos

    its way to obvious captain marvel is the one defeating Thanos. (yes imma girl not a feminist i hate that word) I love how shes ot in the trailor tho trying to trick us

  5. Jakan Dixon

    Jakan DixonHace 12 minutos

    Hawkeye is gonna beat thanos based on the fact that he wasn't in infinity war because he was too powerful and would have aimed for the head and killed thanos. And the black and white parts with the only color showing being red is because a hawk is red.

  6. Behizy

    BehizyHace 14 minutos

    I really just don't like Captain Feminist I mean Marvel

  7. Tony Lucky

    Tony LuckyHace 17 minutos

    Daredevil pls !!!!!

  8. Spud

    SpudHace 24 minutos

    Why did they show Tony and Nebula with the others? Why not leave the trailer last showing them floating adrift in space making us wonder if they get back and not spoil it so we all know...."Oh hey.... they are alive later so everything will be ok"

  9. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace 58 segundos

    Spud .... It is possible that Stark will end up adrift in space, just like the trailers show. That scene could happen in any part of the film.

  10. LordStarscream100

    LordStarscream100Hace 13 minutos

    I mean, I don't think anyone was worried they wouldn't make it back. Them being in space is part of the journey, but it's not the end. The fact that they showed Tony and Nebula with the others shows that there are much bigger surprises in store.

  11. Perry Robertson

    Perry RobertsonHace 25 minutos

    Love the theme song 😪

  12. Helpless Doggo

    Helpless DoggoHace 25 minutos

    I am not drinking anything for the whole day until after the movie

  13. GengarVenom

    GengarVenomHace 25 minutos

    Why is Hawkeye Ronin if his family isn't dead?

  14. Ant Man

    Ant ManHace 25 minutos

    Pray for me y’all

  15. Luke Whitten

    Luke WhittenHace 31 un minuto

    Sorry, I'm still rooting for thanos.


    SAMMIN FARUQUE50Hace 33 minutos

    So where is the storm breaker i thought mjolnir was busted ..???

  17. LordStarscream100

    LordStarscream100Hace 8 minutos

    It is Stormbreaker - it also functions as a hammer. One side is a hammer, the other is an axe.

  18. The Pandora Labs.

    The Pandora Labs.Hace 36 minutos

    If Marvel doesn't make another film after the Endgame, Thanos has eliminated them...

  19. Switch Zone

    Switch ZoneHace 36 minutos

    The directors said that the trailer can only show the first 15 mins of the movie so that means this is only the first 15 mins!

  20. Gwen Villaverde

    Gwen VillaverdeHace 38 minutos

    Plsss dear Stan Lee don’t let them diiiieeeeeee since it’s not based off of your comics🥺🥺😢😢

  21. Blue Horse

    Blue HorseHace 39 minutos

    _"Gosh it seems like a thousand years ago."_ _"I fought my way outta that cave."_ _"Became iron Man."_ _"Realized I loved you"_ _"I know I said no suprises, but I was really hoping to pull one last one."_ -*Iron Man* _"The World has changed"_ _"None of us can go back, All we can do is our best_ _And sometimes the best we can do Is to start over"_ -*Peggy Carter* _"I saw all these people die."_ -*Thor* _"I keep telling everyone_ _they should move on._ _"Some do but not us"_ -*Captain America* _"Even if there's a small chance,_ _We owe this to everyone who's not in this room try."_ -*Black widow* _"We will, Whatever_ _it takes"_ -*Captain America* _Ahhhhhhhhh!!!"_ -*Nebula* _"Whatever it takes"_ -*Hawkeye* _"Whatever it takes"_ -*Black widow* _"Whatever it takes"_ -*Iron Man* _"I like this one"_ -*Thor* _"Whatever it takes"_ -*Everyone except Thanos*

  22. Gwen Villaverde

    Gwen VillaverdeHace 39 minutos

    This should’ve been the very first trailer BECUASE this one is much more clearer and awesome I like what they did with it!!!!!😆😆❤️❤️😍😍😍

  23. Shaggy's Sensei

    Shaggy's SenseiHace 41 un minuto

    Some people think endgame was directed by russo brothers But it actually by DOCTOR STRANGE

  24. OuO Messiah

    OuO MessiahHace 42 minutos

    Will captain America die? 1:44

  25. MyName is Jeff

    MyName is JeffHace 42 minutos

    Captain Marvel didn’t flinch at Thor’s Stormbreaker because she knows that Thor doesn’t go for the head.

  26. Ernesto Cortez

    Ernesto CortezHace 44 minutos

    I felt bad for my girlfreind because she was giving me head during infinity war and she didn’t see the battle of titan

  27. n

    nHace 44 minutos

    Man, shut up. It's just another generic superhero movie from MCU/DCEU that always lacks of substance. Why don't people just watch some other movie that are more meaningful, more realistic, more relatable? Some directors like Christopher Nolan would do the job just right. The fan base is cancerous af. Don't have to hype it all up. Btw, iron man said that he was drifting with his space ship in space. So why isn't he floating in zero gravity? Come on man...

  28. Juan Chava

    Juan ChavaHace 46 minutos

    What a horrible trailer.

  29. Paloma Castillo

    Paloma CastilloHace 47 minutos

    this has me in tears because I can't wait for it to come out


    ANTHONY THOMASHace 49 minutos

    I am not eating or drinking anything-mind you, ANYTHING-before I see this.

  31. DJDIfromFLI

    DJDIfromFLIHace 49 minutos

    The greatest trailer of all-time!

  32. Viciousbarbie69

    Viciousbarbie69Hace 50 minutos

    When do the tickets go on sale?

  33. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace 24 minutos

    That's a good question! The pre-sale is way overdue.

  34. Stephan Junior

    Stephan JuniorHace 50 minutos

    They say that article 13 is a good thing. Some agree But not us.

  35. Whitey McBride

    Whitey McBrideHace 54 minutos

    I have the ending....who wants to hear it? Thumbs up if I should type it out!

  36. Constance Williams

    Constance WilliamsHace 55 minutos

    Hell Yeah

  37. Whitey McBride

    Whitey McBrideHace 56 minutos

    Load of ball whackers

  38. Jkontheway !

    Jkontheway !Hace 57 minutos

    Whatever it takes

  39. Alex Kinnane

    Alex KinnaneHace 58 minutos

    I liked the video then unliked it just so I could like it again

  40. Yong Pheng Yee

    Yong Pheng YeeHace 59 minutos

    1:10 some do... Bananas

  41. lana peacock

    lana peacockHace un hora

    This comes out on my B-Day and I’m so excited to watch it

  42. Fortnite Comps

    Fortnite CompsHace un hora

    Black widow will save the day just listen to her trigger finger.

  43. Dragon Games

    Dragon GamesHace un hora

    Can't wait for ant man to go into the thanus

  44. smackrexgaming

    smackrexgamingHace un hora

    Oh my god

  45. Carson Studios

    Carson StudiosHace un hora

    Bro i cannot FREAKING wait for this movie

  46. Mike

    MikeHace un hora

    I won’t go to the bathroom once during this movie. *Whatever it takes*

  47. Larry Underhill

    Larry UnderhillHace un hora

    This is going to be a wierd comment. Not sure how I feel about the Red-White costumes the team is wearing near the end of the trailer. Beyond the aesthetics though, I think from a commander's standpoint, it could be a potential logistical nightmare. From afar, all team members would look the same, which works in an institution like the military where soldiers are designed to work together as a unit, but for a superhero team where each member could have vastly different abilities, a commander could have huge problems in planning battles on-the-fly if they can't tell who is who.

  48. ii Scrub

    ii ScrubHace un hora

    The minute I saw this on TV I knew I'll have to convince my parents.

  49. Braric Ric

    Braric RicHace un hora

    Realize how they left the of all the og people from avengers

  50. Andrew Dudley

    Andrew DudleyHace un hora

    11 years in the making, if anyone else dies I'mma lose it

  51. Alec Pinto1221

    Alec Pinto1221Hace un hora

    I have a feeling Hawkeye is going to kill thanos

  52. Andrew Dudley

    Andrew DudleyHace un hora

    11 years of plot leading up to major changes in 1 month... Some people are ready But not us

  53. Julie Hopkinson

    Julie HopkinsonHace un hora

    "No mercy, no peace. This is war. I did not start this war, but I will finish it!" Avengers: Endgame

  54. Puny Stitch

    Puny StitchHace un hora

    Remember to not drink lots of water before entering the cinema

  55. Анзаур Чатао

    Анзаур ЧатаоHace un hora

    Some people forgot Stan Lee But not us

  56. Eljunior Cen

    Eljunior CenHace un hora

    What ever it takes to stop t series....

  57. SlyCooper949

    SlyCooper949Hace un hora

    Can this trump The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2? I think it just might

  58. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace un hora

    It has a slim chance of beating out The Matrix: Revolutions

  59. Benjamin Mancini

    Benjamin ManciniHace un hora

    Please say the Russo brothers dont mess this movie up

  60. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace un hora

    The Russos did not mess up this film.

  61. Julie Hopkinson

    Julie HopkinsonHace un hora

    These are troubled times. Without leaders, chaos reigns. The imminent destruction of everything we know and love begins. When all seems lost, a few brave souls can save everything we've ever known. There comes a moment when we are called upon to make a difference.

  62. LordStarscream100

    LordStarscream100Hace 6 minutos

    When two worlds collide, only one survives.

  63. SS Lee

    SS LeeHace un hora

    I hope the avengers lose.

  64. Julie Hopkinson

    Julie HopkinsonHace un hora

    I see fire (oh, you know I saw a city burning out); I see fire (feel the heat upon my skin).

  65. Joseph Leyba

    Joseph LeybaHace un hora

    *faints in avenger*

  66. German Cabello

    German CabelloHace un hora

    Lowkey thought that the song "Whatever it Takes" by Imagine Dragons was going to start playing after 1:48 haha

  67. Notebook Paper Animations

    Notebook Paper AnimationsHace un hora

    1 month left

  68. Ghost

    GhostHace un hora

    Some people can wait one more month But not us Not us

  69. Prince Deo Barnaja

    Prince Deo BarnajaHace un hora

    Some people move on, some do. But not us because it's worth fighting for.

  70. Abby Fluck

    Abby FluckHace un hora

    Ever wanna die?

  71. Julie Hopkinson

    Julie HopkinsonHace un hora

    And if the night is burning, I will cover my eyes. For if the dark returns, then my brothers will die. And as the sky's falling down, it crashed into this lonely town. And with that shadow upon the ground, I hear my people screaming out, now I see fire! Inside the mountain, burning the trees, hollowing souls, blood in the breeze.

  72. Lps_ Role play

    Lps_ Role playHace un hora

    I was about to comment is captain marvel really not in this and then it went to the seen when she was in it I am freaking out😂😭😭😀

  73. Joseph Guzman

    Joseph GuzmanHace un hora

    Went to go watch US a horror movie that came out recently and before the movie started they show like upcoming movies that will be released soon or coming soon and the trailer for endgame came on I got more hyped

  74. Julie Hopkinson

    Julie HopkinsonHace un hora

    Desolation comes upon the sky.

  75. Julie Hopkinson

    Julie HopkinsonHace un hora

    Avengers: Infinity War is like the Empire Strikes Back, the Desolation of Smaug, and the Death of Superman while Avengers: Endgame is like Return of the Jedi, the Battle of the Five Armies, and Reign of the Supermen!

  76. Arks Kotch

    Arks KotchHace un hora

    The trailer gives us nothing and I love it!!!!

  77. travelledbones_com

    travelledbones_comHace un hora


  78. NS F

    NS FHace un hora

    Whatever it takes. You walk out that door, you're an Avenger.

  79. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace un hora

    Because the city is FLYING.....

  80. Brandonthegoat 1

    Brandonthegoat 1Hace un hora

    Caps finally gonna get his dance with Peggy carter during endgame

  81. Broccoli Rob

    Broccoli RobHace 2 horas

    Ugh gross get Captain Marvel out of there, eeugh gross

  82. Ryder Barton

    Ryder BartonHace un hora

    Broccoli Rob No, Let them keep her on this Movie for fans, Not for you and your Complaint.

  83. Jean Marcel Knapp dos Santos

    Jean Marcel Knapp dos SantosHace 2 horas

    whatever it takes. so they all are gonna die so the others can live again. I doubt someone will withstand the movie without breaking

  84. AMSempire

    AMSempireHace 2 horas

    yo captain marvel a baddie

  85. Skrr_2

    Skrr_2Hace 2 horas

    Iron man: what takes to end Thanos? Captain Marvel: yes

  86. Clearly Gone

    Clearly GoneHace 2 horas

    No one: Ned: Badass..

  87. Alyssa and some zombies

    Alyssa and some zombiesHace 2 horas

    While watching, gonna start randomly crying, remembering spidermans death

  88. GOOOD 1

    GOOOD 1Hace 2 horas


  89. Alireza

    AlirezaHace 2 horas

    Can someone explain to me why Thanos is evil? He's literally saving the universe, without any personal gain.

  90. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace un hora

    His agenda is 100% personal gain. He's slaughtering trillions to stroke his gigantic ego. He has a God Complex. He murders and tortures at will, and he kills anyone who tries to stop him. How is that not EVIL? He expects the Universe to be "grateful" to him for slaughtering trillions. That is narcissistic EVIL. His home planet of Titan rejected his "solution", which was genocide. He then became obsessed with proving them WRONG and proving himself RIGHT. There is nothing "good" about playing God and slaughtering trillions in the process.

  91. Toxxic Chainsaw

    Toxxic ChainsawHace 2 horas

    Yeah, a gun will kill thanos

  92. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace un hora

    +Toxxic Chainsaw ... We can always interpret that scene as Natasha preparing herself mentally and emotionally for the coming battle. The gun itself doesn't matter. Also, in every Avengers film, Natasha and Barton fought the good fight on different fronts. They hardly ever took on the main villain. They battled the Villain's minions.

  93. Toxxic Chainsaw

    Toxxic ChainsawHace un hora

    Stogie2112 I just find it a tad underwhelming to feature a normal pistol in a superhero film trailer in that fashion

  94. Toxxic Chainsaw

    Toxxic ChainsawHace un hora

    Stogie2112 ik its a movie and they could make it happen but exploding bullets don’t exist

  95. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112Hace un hora

    +Toxxic Chainsaw ... She'll load her pistol with exploding bullets. She doesn't fire them during target practice.

  96. Toxxic Chainsaw

    Toxxic ChainsawHace un hora

    Stogie2112 She was shooting a pistol. Hawkeye has arrows that explode.

  97. Bubbles 97

    Bubbles 97Hace 2 horas

    is anyone else excited to see captain marvel meet cap? bc he’s like the only 1 who she might possibly know from being a war hero in WW2

  98. Jenna Hauser

    Jenna HauserHace 2 horas

    Thanos snapped half the universe, but he didn't mean to take Stan Lee too. Stan Lee, you live on in our hearts forever:)

  99. Ivan Rodriguez

    Ivan RodriguezHace 2 horas

    Like if y'all HYPED

  100. Icewallowcome

    IcewallowcomeHace 2 horas

    Some people forgot Stan Lee But Not Us

  101. CompanyGameCreate

    CompanyGameCreateHace 2 horas

    There are people from Russia who also love to watch trailers in the original voice acting?

  102. Rosun

    RosunHace 2 horas

    Hope Doctor Strange doesn’t spoil the movie

  103. Jesus Huncho

    Jesus HunchoHace 2 horas

    “Whatever it takes” 1/4

  104. Missile Cow

    Missile CowHace 2 horas

    Who’s voice is that? 0:30

  105. mrmastr888

    mrmastr888Hace 2 horas

    It's Peggy Carter. The line is from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when Steve is visiting Peggy on her death bed.

  106. Charles Floyd

    Charles FloydHace 2 horas

    It’s actually 4.8 mill likes because of snap

  107. Sammy Z

    Sammy ZHace 2 horas

    Endgame.. just use shaggy

  108. Evan Lewis

    Evan LewisHace 2 horas


  109. what

    whatHace 2 horas

    The only way to defeat Thanos is for Antman to go inside of Thano's butthole and *E X P A N D*

  110. HFL Misfit

    HFL MisfitHace 2 horas

    Ohh yuhh i caint wait ❄️❄️💙💙💙🥶🥶

  111. Spinozilla

    SpinozillaHace 2 horas

    1:58-2:08 THE BEST

  112. Aditya Rathi

    Aditya RathiHace 2 horas

    Thor will finally get a head.

  113. Kevin Parker

    Kevin ParkerHace 2 horas

    So who are they training and building up to fight?

  114. Bobby lachance jr

    Bobby lachance jrHace 2 horas

    off all the fake scenes in this trailer, please let the Avengers wearing the Quantum Realm suits be real. Pretty please.

  115. LaughToMouth

    LaughToMouthHace 2 horas

    Bobby lachance jr what’s quantum realm?

  116. boss onthemicroscope

    boss onthemicroscopeHace 2 horas

    the avengers:game end

  117. chance henthorn

    chance henthornHace 2 horas

    Does anybody realize how sad the ending of the first gotg is showing the family in the happy people of xandar just to know in Infinity War the whole planet and everybody was destroyed. I think things will be reset hopefully to where Thanos never destroy xandar.