Marvel Studios' Avengers: Damage Control | Story Trailer


  1. boxsct the super cool

    boxsct the super coolHace 10 horas

    The starting music looks like fortnite chapter 2 trailer starting music

  2. Krypto

    KryptoHace 12 horas

    Scorcese can suck it.

  3. John Angel

    John AngelHace un día

    Not being able to afford the original actors to voice it is simply cringe.

  4. Domynik Willis

    Domynik WillisHace un día

    So its not a games its a movie that you can play?

  5. gerry etheridge

    gerry etheridgeHace 3 días

    Marvel is dead to me. Get woke go broke.

  6. Ashley Smith

    Ashley SmithHace 3 días

    It gets lit

  7. Frozty

    FroztyHace 4 días

    *At first I thought this was a movie 😆*

  8. omar alnaboodah

    omar alnaboodahHace 5 días

    Isn’t that ultron ???????

  9. Brian Bennett

    Brian BennettHace 6 días

    what a marverous video it is

  10. Maik Barth

    Maik BarthHace 6 días


  11. Andrea Duncan

    Andrea DuncanHace 6 días


  12. Jesus Ray

    Jesus RayHace 6 días


  13. Kamthe One46

    Kamthe One46Hace 7 días


  14. whogivesashit

    whogivesashitHace 7 días

    Wimpy hulk

  15. Bimal Mishra

    Bimal MishraHace 7 días


  16. K.B. Unlinked

    K.B. UnlinkedHace 8 días

    That game is so awesome , I tried it today and it was so cool

  17. Del Hardy

    Del HardyHace 8 días

    This looks meaningless...😑

  18. Edwin Vergel

    Edwin VergelHace 8 días

    Is a big game for the people

  19. Slim Pickens

    Slim PickensHace 8 días

    Wtf am i watching

  20. ssgaming god

    ssgaming godHace 9 días

    Me thinking it’s a new movie

  21. លលក ធ្នាក់ ខ្មែរ Dove Cambodia

    លលក ធ្នាក់ ខ្មែរ Dove CambodiaHace 9 días

    Like game

  22. ThE RoBy

    ThE RoByHace 9 días

    Would totally play this if I wasn't broke

  23. YouTube Sucks

    YouTube SucksHace 9 días

    I really hope they release this for Oculus Quest at some point or something because this honestly seems so fun and there are no places to do this anywhere in the U.K.

  24. ATHARV Sharma

    ATHARV SharmaHace 9 días

    will it be played as a game in our mobile phones

  25. Faloran A

    Faloran AHace 10 días


  26. Baby Pal TV - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

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  27. parkyourecar

    parkyourecarHace 10 días

    Why don't they just make this a regular PS4/Xbox One/PC game? I'm pretty sure that would be smarter than just making a VR experience

  28. Orangeflava

    OrangeflavaHace 11 días

    Does this experience have sensory moments like smells and temperature heat changes like the star wars secrets of the empire VR experience?

  29. Hamza Tareen

    Hamza TareenHace 11 días

    we need iron man -_-

  30. Fazeen Sagheer

    Fazeen SagheerHace 11 días

    Does anyone know the music used in this

  31. Mosey

    MoseyHace 11 días

    Garbage...reaching for more $$$$ like they need it

  32. Laxman Prasad

    Laxman PrasadHace 12 días

    Sir please make a thanks biography , fan want to see the Thanos details ,why Thanos kill everyone,and why destroyed their planet and more

  33. MartianManFromMars

    MartianManFromMarsHace 12 días

    Is this canon?

  34. Players Unknown Battlegrounds Live Streaming byAnuj

    Players Unknown Battlegrounds Live Streaming byAnujHace 13 días

    I done this experience in first world hotel genting highland

  35. G_ame_R vinay

    G_ame_R vinayHace 13 días

    Is that a game?

  36. Riski Aryanto

    Riski AryantoHace 13 días

    Tony stark, we need you

  37. Mr Rocket

    Mr RocketHace 13 días

    The new suit Spider-Man is wearing is the suit designed for the new themed marvel land coming to Disneyland

  38. Adam Bartosiak

    Adam BartosiakHace 14 días

    VR game trailer in 24 fps? Get out of here

  39. Generation Cube

    Generation CubeHace 15 días

    So it's game, naa I wanted some kind of movie because the thumbnail was realistic af!

  40. Buddy Anagnostakis

    Buddy AnagnostakisHace 15 días

    Goddam that theme, can anyone else hear that good music!? 1:09 It is just awesome and it feels so awesome:)

  41. Chronic Kanee

    Chronic KaneeHace 15 días

    We are seeing that spider man outfit maybe that the new one

  42. Mr Rocket

    Mr RocketHace 13 días

    Chronic Kanee that is also true and I am exited for that because I actually love this new suit

  43. Chronic Kanee

    Chronic KaneeHace 13 días

    Yah but Disney owns mcu we still can see this suit

  44. Mr Rocket

    Mr RocketHace 13 días

    Chronic Kanee it is the suit Spider-Man wears in the new Spider-Man ride in Disneyland

  45. MercyGamer 99

    MercyGamer 99Hace 15 días

    Is that supposed to be a vr game or what??

  46. Rye Salmon

    Rye SalmonHace 16 días

    When I watched this the first time it gave me the same feeling I had when watching the infinity war and endgame trailers

  47. spidermangaming 616

    spidermangaming 616Hace 16 días

    Just got back from playing it... it was amazing

  48. Emily Kaldwin

    Emily KaldwinHace 16 días

    Are they making a theater with VRs? That would be cool.

  49. Itz_Ur_Uncle 06

    Itz_Ur_Uncle 06Hace 16 días

    I just wanted to play as Antman

  50. Itz_Ur_Uncle 06

    Itz_Ur_Uncle 06Hace 16 días

    This looks terrible

  51. Hermansyah Irwan

    Hermansyah IrwanHace 16 días

    is this canon?

  52. juan esteban restrepo

    juan esteban restrepoHace 16 días

    La cosa es, esto es Canon?

  53. Hayes Flipbook And Co.

    Hayes Flipbook And Co.Hace 17 días

    Who else saw the first shot and was like wait.... what is this? ‘,:/

  54. therealelectri

    therealelectriHace 17 días


  55. kyr raul

    kyr raulHace 17 días

    Is a movie or a videogame?

  56. ironlordz 13

    ironlordz 13Hace 17 días

    This looks like a Mobile Game. Thats not a good thing.

  57. The latest HOOt videos

    The latest HOOt videosHace 17 días


  58. toufik Sayyad

    toufik SayyadHace 17 días

    Where is cap

  59. Y D

    Y DHace 18 días

    1:00 PS2 Version of Hulk?lol

  60. Kilian Jorden Jonckx Veloso

    Kilian Jorden Jonckx VelosoHace 18 días

    You really cam feel Tony, Steve and Nat not being alive in this game anymore

  61. yash oe

    yash oeHace 18 días

    RIP eyes

  62. Berd

    BerdHace 19 días

    We've been bamboozled.

  63. Elite remover

    Elite removerHace 19 días

    Is that ultron?