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  1. Ericks Pinto

    Ericks PintoHace 14 minutos

    Eu amo a Mileny Syrus. queria cazar com ela

  2. Sophie Bailey-Evans

    Sophie Bailey-EvansHace 33 minutos

    Ngl this is really suited to her voice and I love the strings and the chorus is well made yikes

  3. Lorakovaty

    LorakovatyHace 37 minutos

    Any Mercedes-Benz wasn't damaged during the video.

  4. Goatsteeat

    GoatsteeatHace 55 minutos

    this is so funny. i have heard this song and i had no idea it was miley cyrus. all music sounds the fucking same

  5. 20cher09

    20cher09Hace un hora

    No Hairless Albinos!!! They Do Not get Anything!!! They look like Walking Dicks!!!

  6. 20cher09

    20cher09Hace un hora

    She won't go along with their Idiot Plan so they are trying to frame her. But Everyone knows what is going on, so they are only making themselves look Stupid!!!

  7. 20cher09

    20cher09Hace un hora

    No French Freeloading Frauds with Gambling Debts posing as Billy Ray Cyrus!!! What a Flake and a Con Artist!!! I'd be embarassed to have you as a Father! You Do Not get Anything!!! Go Back to Old Town Road!!!

  8. Jacob Lange

    Jacob LangeHace un hora

    When your dad is out selling you😂😂

  9. Isabel Duffy

    Isabel DuffyHace 2 horas

    Love this song


    MrVALENTIUSHace 2 horas

    so much satanism in one musical video... such a pity

  11. david cutcher

    david cutcherHace 2 horas

    the worst thing ive ever heard then she tries to make up for the shitty music by acting like a prostitute

  12. david cutcher

    david cutcherHace 2 horas

    this goofy broad sucks

  13. Avakin_ mumu

    Avakin_ mumuHace 3 horas


  14. Алексей Бирко

    Алексей БиркоHace 3 horas


  15. Tower Power

    Tower PowerHace 3 horas

    im a 48yr old guy from blackpool uk and think this is awesome

  16. Martin Hugh

    Martin HughHace 4 horas

    Not bad, Miley, but your 5 minutes are up. There’s a new kid in town. Her name’s “Wrona”. WRONA & Mayk: “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” 😎

  17. Myra Keizer

    Myra KeizerHace 5 horas


  18. Renee Sartori

    Renee SartoriHace 6 horas

    This song matches miley's voice like jolene does to dolly parton. Pitty she is still in the i want to be an artist faze in the film clip. Could have made the song epic.

  19. Sophia Assman

    Sophia AssmanHace 6 horas

    Miley Cryus + Billie Ellish + Halsey = WONDERFUL

  20. Nano

    NanoHace 6 horas

    shes so hot :3

  21. Alì Leo

    Alì LeoHace 6 horas

    LOVE THIS SONG! I made of a cover of it on my channel... it would mean so much to me if you could click here ( and let me know think about it. Thanks

  22. Alì Leo

    Alì LeoHace 6 horas

  23. Alì Leo

    Alì LeoHace 6 horas

  24. Alì Leo

    Alì LeoHace 6 horas

  25. Akeksandar Nenadovic

    Akeksandar NenadovicHace 7 horas

    Miley voice and some kind of ritm with acoustic guitar .. best ever

  26. alex n

    alex nHace 7 horas


  27. Nina Blah

    Nina BlahHace 8 horas

    This is Real and True about The World...Like Badness is happening...:/

  28. martin macher 2005

    martin macher 2005Hace 9 horas

    1:10 o la la

  29. Amanda Louw

    Amanda LouwHace 9 horas

    Why is she a suspect? why so many cop cars

  30. Anshe YT

    Anshe YTHace 9 horas

    Finally found this song. Ithought lady gaga sang this lol.

  31. Tumeke Papatunku

    Tumeke PapatunkuHace 11 horas

    Beautiful 💕

  32. Julie Mooney

    Julie MooneyHace 12 horas


  33. Mira Channel

    Mira ChannelHace 12 horas

    Omg i love this!!😻😻

  34. DKA

    DKAHace 13 horas

    Sitting at work watching this instead of working, I almost got busted by my manager and my heart almost broke in panic...nothing really breaks like a heart.

  35. VæVictis

    VæVictisHace 14 horas

    We’ll leave each other cold as ice

  36. Angelica Lopez

    Angelica LopezHace 15 horas

    A no mms que era ella😂

  37. 20cher09

    20cher09Hace 16 horas

    They Are Not Helping!!! Fair is Fair, they profited off this they should pay!!!

  38. Josillia Lamothe

    Josillia LamotheHace 18 horas

    OuuR Baby Hannah 🌱..👸.Sky The LimiT🌟✌👽💐

  39. Andrew Meinswift

    Andrew MeinswiftHace 19 horas

    I taking Sofia's hand I cannot say for certain Yet I must take her word She crawled into my bed as I slept No now can do that unless she is born of light Knowing deep inside what is noble and right Damn, I wish I was her lover Damn, I try remember what she looked like under cover But if I need rehab I have to let her in She is light and right Knowing truth from fiction Lets roll the dice again satan Cat bites louder the hyenas scowl See yet you retard I'm taking delish Hot red and so fuckable I'm taking all my girls who love me Just for me Not for you I dont give a fuck duck commander I dont like the likes of you Messing up and stinking up my home You fucking dig yet controlled parrot You so fucking dead evil little retard clown

  40. poatrykdas

    poatrykdasHace 20 horas

    never heard this song before but i feel nostalgic listening to it

  41. General Slim

    General SlimHace 21 un hora

    You are my type of girl.

  42. It’s Jonny

    It’s JonnyHace 21 un hora

    Ok kids I think you should leave

  43. Candy candy

    Candy candyHace 22 horas

    Comme dah un peu de sexy .une héroïne elle oui c sur ..mais avec un futur bébé en route? Le côté sexy est à voir .j'adore cette fille ce musique toute ces facettes suprenantes

  44. Ana

    AnaHace 23 horas

    1:10 what the heck was that

  45. 20cher09

    20cher09Hace 23 horas

    Nothing from Nothing still equals Nothing

  46. john wayne gacey

    john wayne gaceyHace un día

    Nothing brakes lyke ah hurrrrt !

  47. Speranza Abate

    Speranza AbateHace un día


  48. Cem Kahveci

    Cem KahveciHace un día

    Oo mercedes benz yeni reklam yapmis 🤣🤣

  49. Rishabh Moudgil

    Rishabh MoudgilHace un día

    Nice ass

  50. BlackPearlP!

    BlackPearlP!Hace un día

    #VVoyages Scarlet night Party memories, love this!!

  51. Taha Erden

    Taha ErdenHace un día

    I can live my entire life in this song...

  52. roOBErt daddy

    roOBErt daddyHace un día

    DualITy does Thank God it's over my z 💘.

  53. caribbean76

    caribbean76Hace un día

    Please, jump to 1:09.

  54. Odaliz Huanca

    Odaliz HuancaHace un día

    adictivo :)

  55. Pihlavapimeetkujat kur kur

    Pihlavapimeetkujat kur kurHace un día


  56. Evgeniy Vitchenko

    Evgeniy VitchenkoHace un día

    Miley Cyrus feat. Mark Ronson

  57. Maisaa S

    Maisaa SHace un día


  58. Camila Teles Bianco

    Camila Teles BiancoHace un día

    This is purest and realistic art

  59. xX-FURKAN_ King-Xx

    xX-FURKAN_ King-XxHace un día

    Mercedes markasinin reklami sanki arabaya bi bok olmuyor

  60. saul felipe aguirre miranda

    saul felipe aguirre mirandaHace un día


  61. Maciej MagicMan

    Maciej MagicManHace un día

    Private Message to Miley: BIG THANKS FOR THIS TUNE Thats so much for me.

  62. Creative Multimedia Production

    Creative Multimedia ProductionHace un día

    Chek Our Mashup with this song! :D

  63. SInisa Stojadinovic

    SInisa StojadinovicHace un día

    really nice porn music... her face give me erection... he ass when she bend over give me permanent erection and now they have to cut my dik of

  64. paul deavall

    paul deavallHace un día

    Nice car as well

  65. Tomblue Tom

    Tomblue TomHace un día

    SHE IS COMING 5/30

  66. Ethan jo

    Ethan joHace un día

    Bille Ray Cyrus achy break heart myle Cyrus nothing breaks like a heart coincidence I think not

  67. Jakeb Claridge

    Jakeb ClaridgeHace un día

    In what part does mike say anything?

  68. Andreas Reisch

    Andreas ReischHace un día

    Lied supergut, Clip gefährlich schlecht: Vorbildwirkung!!

  69. mr guy poombala

    mr guy poombalaHace un día

    I love yo in terms of the song totally getting me and it being soooooooooo awesome😎

  70. Mahyar

    MahyarHace un día

    I'm just here fr 3 seconds, anyone else ?

  71. Sena Cyrus

    Sena CyrusHace un día


  72. Sena Cyrus

    Sena CyrusHace un día

    Q U E E N

  73. Las Chicas Superpoderosas - TravisSkate4Life

    Las Chicas Superpoderosas - TravisSkate4LifeHace un día

    SHE IS COMING 30/05

  74. JulioG Gonzalez

    JulioG GonzalezHace un día

    Pero te hubieras peinado diferente , te hubieras visto mejor que con el cabello lambido hacia atras, la cancion y el video estan muy bien .

  75. Ely Salcedo

    Ely SalcedoHace un día

    Miley is going to release a new song this May 30th, so let's all support it, she deserves it ❤️

  76. Todd Howard

    Todd HowardHace un día

    Shit, what mercedes is that? My mom has a 2006 model but this one has different headlights and interior color.

  77. Dacil Samarin

    Dacil SamarinHace un día

    i love her

  78. Estevão Fernandes

    Estevão FernandesHace un día

    Adorei o 1:09

  79. Özkan Şahin

    Özkan ŞahinHace un día

    Herşey Boşuna yazıldı Miley kalbim hala Kırık haala Paramparça!

  80. gunti456

    gunti456Hace 2 días

    I would have watched that crash test at the end completely..

  81. Sasha Shantel

    Sasha ShantelHace 2 días

    Love this song

  82. Ulugbek Nizamidinov

    Ulugbek NizamidinovHace 2 días


  83. Grazjella Stivala

    Grazjella StivalaHace 2 días

    Stupid video and wtf Miley. U are an asshole and u showed it in this video too. Horny b*tch

  84. Kaique Dias

    Kaique DiasHace 2 días


  85. Kaique Dias

    Kaique DiasHace 2 días

    É Muito Rainha!!!

  86. Kaique Dias

    Kaique DiasHace 2 días

    Love you miley

  87. Nolan Winter

    Nolan WinterHace 2 días

    She's the love child of Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton Lol. She has Dollys whimsical country quality but, with Stevies haunting, earthy tones. Very beautiful.

  88. Jenny Lab

    Jenny LabHace 2 días

    I love this song

  89. Ivy

    IvyHace 2 días

    This song makes me cry. This song makes me happy. I'm confused.

  90. Courtney Paige

    Courtney PaigeHace 2 días

    What's with Miley's spock eyebrows?

  91. Marcus B.

    Marcus B.Hace 2 días

    1:09 thank me later

  92. lucia sanchez

    lucia sanchezHace 2 días

    I love it❤️ saludos desde España 🇪🇸 ole!

  93. thomas cummings

    thomas cummingsHace 2 días

    Reminds me of Fleetwood mac.What does around comes around makes me feel old lol

  94. Candy Cool

    Candy CoolHace 2 días

    The best song

  95. BEN 13

    BEN 13Hace 2 días

    watch my songs edit: thank for 1000 like😉😂😂😂

  96. mister brutalforce123

    mister brutalforce123Hace 2 días

    you can feel the energy filling up the holes inside.

  97. Rogerio Branco

    Rogerio BrancoHace 2 días

    1:10 u welcome 😂😅

  98. June Gonzalez

    June GonzalezHace 2 días

    Nothing. _x

  99. Liana Hillman

    Liana HillmanHace 2 días

    😂 Ooohh god 😂

  100. doraemon terbang

    doraemon terbangHace 2 días

    Indonesia hadir 👍👍👍👍☕