Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Cube the Squid

    Cube the SquidHace 6 horas

    Honestly, Saoirse's accent is beautiful!

  2. Kit Coffey

    Kit CoffeyHace 8 horas

    Is it bad lighting, my meh phone, or is there something with Margot's neck? Be safe, Margot, we love you!

  3. Andrea Jimenez

    Andrea JimenezHace 8 horas

    She’s 12 FOOT 9???!!!!

  4. William Brennan

    William BrennanHace 8 horas

    Reports of Margot Robbie's death have been greatly exaggerated.

  5. Hazael Roa

    Hazael RoaHace 9 horas

    This was pretty boring but theyre so cute

  6. BENMJR -

    BENMJR -Hace 11 horas

    I clicked this for Margot and that’s all.

  7. Bujumbura07

    Bujumbura07Hace 12 horas

    Nice hickey.

  8. Bia Costa

    Bia CostaHace 14 horas

    The way Saoirse pronounced British is just...

  9. Peiyun Pianist

    Peiyun PianistHace 15 horas

    Omg I thought Margot robbie was mid 30's! She is only 1 year older than me holy 😯

  10. Kookie's Bunny Smile

    Kookie's Bunny SmileHace 15 horas

    I don't know why, I literally can't put my finger on it but I just can't seem to warm up to Saoirse Ronan. No hate AT ALL! Like she is a phenomenal actress and I am sure will be a huge name some day but I just can't seem to enjoy her in interviews. I can't seem to connect to her. I've tried but no. Oh well doesn't matter anyway but yeah. The two of em are great.

  11. André Rennó

    André RennóHace 17 horas

    3:21 did anyone get the Anchorman reference?

  12. Shanil291

    Shanil291Hace 18 horas

    0:24 Saoirse's a ventriloquist!

  13. admiralC

    admiralCHace 21 un hora

    starring at the oceans

  14. Allyshia Berger

    Allyshia BergerHace 21 un hora

    Their accents are like buttttter

  15. Matilde Ramos

    Matilde RamosHace 22 horas

    they do look older but i don't think it's necessarily bad

  16. Matilde Ramos

    Matilde RamosHace 22 horas

    the accents on this video are a lot😂 i love it

  17. Matilde Ramos

    Matilde RamosHace 22 horas

    I love Margot's dress

  18. syeda nimrah

    syeda nimrahHace un día

    To much pretty in one place


    SIBIN NAIRHace un día

    I got a crush on Saiorse Ronan 😍😍

  20. n00bspanker

    n00bspankerHace un día

    does margot robbie have a hickey lol

  21. Eden Trent

    Eden TrentHace un día

    I’m really excited for this movie but I kinda wish that Adalaide Kane was Mary queen of Scott’s

  22. Luck tanapah

    Luck tanapahHace un día

    They are very beautiful

  23. Johnny Clash

    Johnny ClashHace un día

    The Irish say it Saoirse... Americans say it Saoirse...

  24. Ariana Berry

    Ariana BerryHace un día


  25. Renegat76

    Renegat76Hace un día

    So much beauty in here T_T

  26. John-Adrian Coker

    John-Adrian CokerHace un día

    Would have been more convincing if they exchanged accents too on the intro, y'all ain't fooling no one

  27. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Ryan FitzpatrickHace un día

    Margot Robbie should've been in transformers and transformed herself into a better actress

  28. typical person who knows nothing

    typical person who knows nothingHace un día

    O flower of Scotland When will we see your like again That fought and died for Your wee bit hill and glen And stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward Tae think again The hills are bare now And autumn leaves lie thick and still O'er land that is lost now Which those so dearly held And stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward Tae think again Those days are passed now And in the past they must remain But we can still rise now And be the nation again That stood against him Proud Edward's army And sent him homeward Tae think again

  29. FightFan

    FightFanHace un día

    Do they know/realize they said each other's names to start this? They must, right? That was planned?

  30. Kri Bu

    Kri BuHace 2 días

    Margot eyes are always so beautiful but next to Saoise they seem duller

  31. Valerie

    ValerieHace 2 días

    I love Saoirse Ronan's accent 😍😍

  32. aaqila daughtervy

    aaqila daughtervyHace 2 días


  33. Laura H

    Laura HHace 2 días

    favorite accents

  34. Graham Harper

    Graham HarperHace 2 días

    Margot is very beautiful and Saoirse is very cute.

  35. Pedro Nagem

    Pedro NagemHace 2 días

    Is that a hickey in Margot Robbie's neck? NOICE

  36. iskelet iskeleorex

    iskelet iskeleorexHace 2 días

    omg omg! :D

  37. JPin

    JPinHace 2 días

    "You know chicken is...", nice trolling skills Robbie, nice ones.

  38. GeneralArmorus

    GeneralArmorusHace 2 días

    Ronan should go vegan, then she can saoirshe the animals

  39. Lacrimosa Requiem

    Lacrimosa RequiemHace 2 días

    I like Margot dress.

  40. june abuton

    june abutonHace 2 días

    Saoirse raoring. Ghad. Rawr.😍

  41. JamesJ Fisk

    JamesJ FiskHace 2 días

    Two of the most popular American that they play Americans so often.

  42. Chenyu

    ChenyuHace 2 días


  43. Shauncie Quinones

    Shauncie QuinonesHace 2 días

    ye just ordered chicken tendas

  44. Nadine Medina

    Nadine MedinaHace 3 días


  45. Keep Calm and Subscribe Me

    Keep Calm and Subscribe MeHace 3 días

    Next time on WIRED: GOOGLE answer the web's most searched questions: 1. Is Google a Celebrity ? 2. Is Google married ? 3. Is Google and ESreporter a couple ? 4. Is ESreporter a moron ? Then why ESreporter Rewind 2018 got many dislike ? Is ESreporter disliking itself ? 5. Why Google never suggest or autocomplete anything about PORNOGRAPHY ?

  46. Norman Prima Sagah

    Norman Prima SagahHace 3 días

    0:52 - The laughs are terribly addictive

  47. Alexandra M

    Alexandra MHace 3 días

    Definitely how the dragon sounds 😂

  48. Tyler Genest

    Tyler GenestHace 3 días

    I had the subtitles on and when Ms. Robbie said "Downton Abbey" the caption read "dawn to copy."

  49. zlivalavida

    zlivalavidaHace 3 días

    perfect for listening practice

  50. Madeline Dallow

    Madeline DallowHace 3 días

    Where’s Margot’s wedding ring

  51. MissRadi0active

    MissRadi0activeHace 3 días

    They are sooo beautiful.

  52. Ashley Tuchin

    Ashley TuchinHace 3 días

    The Transformers question is probably due to confusion between Margot and fellow Australian actress Rachael Taylor, who played the code-breaker girl in the first Transformers movie. Coincidentally, she also got her start in an Aussie soap, called Headland, but is probably best known to American audiences as Trish Walker in Jessica Jones and other Marvel Netflix series'.

  53. Supernatural

    SupernaturalHace 3 días

    I think they where thinking of the actress Rosie something she was in the last one that sam was in and the actress was his onscreen girlfriend.

  54. Elizabeth Gutierez

    Elizabeth GutierezHace 3 días

    Kinda mind blown I’m older than Margot Robbie.... by 5 months

  55. TheReal JohnWick

    TheReal JohnWickHace 3 días


  56. Lázaro Murad

    Lázaro MuradHace 3 días

    Margot looks like she is wearing Tonya Harding's skate outfit

  57. Kimmy Fangirl

    Kimmy FangirlHace 3 días

    About time y’all brought Saoirse here

  58. Mike R.

    Mike R.Hace 3 días

    Hearing her explain the difference in how people pronounce her name is like hearing Vanilla Ice explain the difference between the bass lines in Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby

  59. Kookie's Bunny Smile

    Kookie's Bunny SmileHace 15 horas

    It's just suursha vs seersha. Seersha is the proper way to say it in Irish.

  60. Revis

    RevisHace 15 horas

    +Elisângela Vieira - Yes I think you're right. At first I thought she was just using her dry sense of humor because they're the same... but then I listen to it like five more times and there really is a slight subtle difference.

  61. Elisângela Vieira

    Elisângela VieiraHace 16 horas

    +Revis I noticed a difference. In Irish it's more like "Seeersha" in English/American "Sershaaa". The thing it's in which syllable has an intonation.

  62. Charley Oates

    Charley OatesHace 20 horas

    Robin Daly I think you’ve misunderstood, the original comment is a joke using the comparison that Vanilla Ice’s ‘ice ice baby’ uses such a similar bass line as Queen’s ‘under pressure’ that it was as well have been the same, not the implication that Vanilla Ice wrote ‘under pressure’. This is used to compare with Saoirse explaining the Irish pronunciation and general English pronunciation, which, to most who don’t speak Gaelic/understand how the letters used in her name create a specific sound, sounds the same anyway, must like how ‘ice ice baby’ and ‘under pressure’’s baselines sound basically the same😇

  63. Anna Helin

    Anna HelinHace 3 días

    My dream come true

  64. Kellie Robinson

    Kellie RobinsonHace 4 días

    It's so disrespectful how people don't even try to pronounce Saoirse's name right. The Irish were discriminated against and HATED and treated like dogs when they immigrated to America, and now people don't even respect our language. "They sound the same to me", Saoirse is pronounced Seer-sha but she has had to adjust it to Sur-sha just because people are too lazy and ignorant to pronounce it right. You wouldn't hear anyone pronouncing Margot like Margat 😑

  65. Saheteraba Kutisha

    Saheteraba KutishaHace 2 días

    Kellie Robinson I don’t think she meant any disrespect. Phonetically they do sound the same.

  66. Darren Fred

    Darren FredHace 4 días

    everyone seems at least slightly annoyed doing these things

  67. mbbell23

    mbbell23Hace 4 días

    I could listen to them talk all day

  68. Rebecca Rich

    Rebecca RichHace 4 días

    There’s a ridiculous amount of these that are just roles they didn’t actually have

  69. LORDE 2729

    LORDE 2729Hace 4 días

    coolest name?? Saoirse Ronan .

  70. Eddie Ortega

    Eddie OrtegaHace 4 días

    3:21 That Anchorman reference🤣

  71. rmp5s

    rmp5sHace 4 días

    Who else watched the "how to pronounce Saoirse Ronan" times?

  72. Anderson Benjamim

    Anderson BenjamimHace 4 días

    Saoirse ronan = pearl of steven universe in live action

  73. Liberty Bruce

    Liberty BruceHace 4 días

    oh hey my name means liberty too

  74. Ani Smo

    Ani SmoHace 4 días

    I just realised that Saoirse was the protagonist in "Souls", just when they asked for Twilight 😄🤩🤩 I remembered her eyes glowing 😍

  75. Jim Halpert

    Jim HalpertHace 4 días

    Saiorse Ronan: Saiorse means freedom. Britain: *triggered*

  76. Martin mc keever

    Martin mc keeverHace un hora


  77. Mary Hoang

    Mary HoangHace 14 horas

    Ahahaha 😂

  78. Rhian Milligan

    Rhian MilliganHace 21 un hora

    Jim Halpert tehe

  79. harpa lindal

    harpa lindalHace 4 días

    I’m 12 feet lol

  80. Madison T

    Madison THace 4 días

    Trevor Moran

  81. Major Tom

    Major TomHace 4 días

    To be honest i thought Margot was a MILF above 35, but in stating MILF, she does not look old in a bad way AT ALL.

  82. Vivek Tammana

    Vivek TammanaHace 4 días

    How did margo meet soirse? . . . . When an australian walked into an irish bar

  83. koy

    koyHace 4 días

    Thanks Wuurd. bye! lol

  84. Zandra White

    Zandra WhiteHace 4 días

    her green ring is 20k

  85. regenbogenjohnny

    regenbogenjohnnyHace 4 días

    12.9 feet is about 3.93192 meters

  86. toomuch4em

    toomuch4emHace 4 días

    I forgot how to say "Saoirse" like 5 seconds after she pronounced it lol

  87. shelbyrea 98

    shelbyrea 98Hace 4 días

    12 foot 9??

  88. Alfee Rahaman

    Alfee RahamanHace 5 días

    So beautiful both of them

  89. jake ksi

    jake ksiHace 5 días

    Margot Robbie nude

  90. wind wanderer

    wind wandererHace 5 días

    that Saoirse Ronan's ding ding ding tho.

  91. serenityq26

    serenityq26Hace 5 días

    i forgot how much i used to love saoirse. she keeps doing movies i dont watch so she's faded into obscurity for me.......maybe ill check out this mary queen of scots on dvd

  92. serenityq26

    serenityq26Hace 5 días

    KNEW IT! everyone who acts does neighbors in australia lol

  93. maham meher

    maham meherHace 5 días

    Margot Robbie was in neighbours!?

  94. deks räikkönen

    deks räikkönenHace 5 días

    Beauty comes with wacky, 100% of the times

  95. Hitoshi Igarashi

    Hitoshi IgarashiHace 5 días

    Saoirse Ronan has only one flaw: she stops talking every now and then.

  96. emily M

    emily MHace 5 días

    Lovely bones?

  97. Marco Macedo

    Marco MacedoHace 5 días

    Margot you're wonderful, Ronan you're a mess as your name, can't even pronounced

  98. Terje Solem

    Terje SolemHace 5 días

    Is Saoirse Ronan related to Ronan the accuser?

  99. Adeline

    AdelineHace 5 días

    I really like their accents

  100. Skemooo

    SkemoooHace 5 días

    Margot eyes tells me she is onto some substance.. sad .

  101. Jack Villacorte

    Jack VillacorteHace 5 días

    don't worry Saoirse, I'll be your husband

  102. Dhruv Anand

    Dhruv AnandHace 5 días

    Why saoirse Ronan is not on Instagram🙁

  103. Laurel S

    Laurel SHace 5 días

    Classy babes

  104. cayogator

    cayogatorHace 5 días

    is margo robbie a trans-gender

  105. Saurabh Dalvi

    Saurabh DalviHace 6 días

    12 foot 9 😂 you could get 2 ppl in that height

  106. Mae Standley

    Mae StandleyHace 6 días

    She’s 12foot 9 😂😂

  107. Isa Bella

    Isa BellaHace 6 días

    Margot is very beautiful, but i' m ALWAYS wondering who is dyeing her hair. She can afford someone who has a clue what to do. So why? Also just natural hair colour would look great.

  108. Saoirse Crowe

    Saoirse CroweHace 6 días

    My name is Saoirse aswell

  109. Manu Vásquez

    Manu VásquezHace 6 días

    Saoirse es guapísima y extremadamente talentosa, tengo un crush con ella que no paro de ver una y otra vez cada una de sus películas... Es la mujer más hermosa del universo estero! 😍😍