Margot Robbie & Saoirse Ronan Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Brian Otida

    Brian OtidaHace 14 horas

    So Saoirse Ronan is a meme? Q: How to Saoirse Ronan? Saoirse: Yes.

  2. Vrushabh Bhaskar

    Vrushabh BhaskarHace 2 días

    The peel sound is satisfying.



    These two ladies are my favourite ❤

  4. Qori Akromin

    Qori AkrominHace 2 días

    The amount of beauty in this video is blinding my eye

  5. Earl Joseph Lee

    Earl Joseph LeeHace 2 días

    I thought Saoirse Ronan has an Irish accent

  6. SkyWalker

    SkyWalkerHace 2 días

    I love Saoirse I want to have 10 babies with her.

  7. creativemind0136 Ayaan

    creativemind0136 AyaanHace 2 días

    I actually loved them both, and they put them together😍😍😍 Awesome!👌

  8. Pardon me,

    Pardon me,Hace 3 días

    Margot trying to hide her man shoulders and Saoirse exentuating hers.

  9. wolverineiscool

    wolverineiscoolHace 3 días

    12 foot 9? LOL

  10. Bearded Bear

    Bearded BearHace 4 días

    "Is margot robbie brishish?"

  11. Alice Bz

    Alice BzHace 5 días

    this is the MOST GENTLE Wire Autocomplete interview ever. and Saoirse is hilarious

  12. LouLou

    LouLouHace 6 días

    They spoke so sophisticated and elegant 😊 I love their accent

  13. Manuela W.

    Manuela W.Hace 7 días

    i know saoirse ronan since she played in the movie “in meinem himmel” 😍

  14. Lashaud Pollard

    Lashaud PollardHace 7 días

    Their accents are everything. Thank you Wired 🥰

  15. William Ballou

    William BallouHace 7 días

    Ok that anchorman reference is quality and underappreciated. It needed to be acknowledge.

  16. Sany0

    Sany0Hace 8 días

    Tattoo gun ??? need to read abit more ya aussie gitbag! Its a Tattoo IRON...

  17. UsmanAli Ali

    UsmanAli AliHace 10 días

    is sairose ronan cute and adorable baby yes

  18. Naz Kiwi

    Naz KiwiHace 10 días

    Soarsie’s eyes are so blue

  19. Annik

    AnnikHace 10 días

    Isn't this an episode of blacked?

  20. Adil Pervez

    Adil PervezHace 11 días

    I can't....Saoirse is so cute....

  21. Roger Ward

    Roger WardHace 12 días

    Saoirse just attended a feminist convention in.Ireland today....said she experienced sexism a hand full of times on set....sexism as in she was interrupted 4/5 the convention was attended by 15/16 year old men and anyone here believe that being interrupted a hand full of times is sexism?? If a woman interrupts another woman??? If a woman interrupts a man??? Is the line between sexism and rudeness completely blurred now??? I believe Saoirses comments were dangerous and give young women an interpretation that whenever a man interrupts a woman it's sexism...and that men should walk on eggshells around women

  22. Musicas Cover

    Musicas CoverHace 13 días

    i hate these interviews because they end

  23. Daff Dubi

    Daff DubiHace 13 días

    I could watch Margot say Bye all day...

  24. Mr. Insane Gamer

    Mr. Insane GamerHace 13 días

    I am totally confused about Robbie's attitude in 'Suicide Squad' and in her real life. Great acting.

  25. bay fly

    bay flyHace 14 días

    adorable two

  26. Jai Auers

    Jai AuersHace 14 días

    I don't know how I ended here, but boring is a term that doesn't even describe this vid.

  27. rondo ng

    rondo ngHace 15 días

    Anyone like me love Saoirse Ronan’s side face?

  28. Jeroen Jager

    Jeroen JagerHace 15 días

    I'm older than Margot Robbie, oh my god.

  29. Darkness Silence

    Darkness SilenceHace 15 días

    Saoirse's eyes are really pretty

  30. Scorpio Snake

    Scorpio SnakeHace 16 días

    These two are both Classy and Sassy at the same time .

  31. 陈同学

    陈同学Hace 17 días

    4:57 most beautiful part of this video

  32. pam 1

    pam 1Hace 18 días

    i want them to play a couple

  33. Laurentiu Trifan

    Laurentiu TrifanHace 18 días

    Both of you ... think wrongly ... about your zodiac sign. You, Margot ... think that you are in the Cancer sign ... but you are Gemini. And you, Saoirse ... you think you are Aries ... but you are Pisces. Enjoy this formidable truth ;) Here is the updated list of horoscopes thanks to Ophiuchus. Capricorn: Jan 20 - Feb 16 Aquarius: Feb 16 - March 11 Pisces: March 11 - April 18 Aries: April 18 - May 13 Taurus: May 13 - June 21 Gemini: June 21 - July 20 Cancer: July 20 - August 10 Leo: August 10 - September 16 Virgo: September 16 - October 14 Libra: October 14 - November 23 Scorpio: November 23 - November 29 Ophiuchus: November 29 - December 17 Sagittarius: December 17 - January 20

  34. Orla O'Keeffe

    Orla O'KeeffeHace 19 días

    really, she's twelve foot nine?

  35. Sasha Hodges

    Sasha HodgesHace 19 días

    My name sasha

  36. Adam P

    Adam PHace 19 días

    Margot got a love bite?

  37. oki cools

    oki coolsHace 19 días

    she is american BORN in america hence makes her american of Irish decent so sorry Ireland she's ours har har har

  38. patrick jensen

    patrick jensenHace 20 días

    Could you ask that thing reno phoenix vegas San Diego Sacramento wisconsin Or somewhere between the red and Rio grande

  39. 5thDawg

    5thDawgHace 21 un día

    Margot Robbie 😍 always

  40. Archer Snow

    Archer SnowHace 22 días

    Wow😵 robbie is🔥🔥🔥

  41. lol

    lolHace 23 días

    This was uploaded in my birthday. SO A nice gift.

  42. Strange Boy

    Strange BoyHace 24 días

    White women with European facial features and hair are so unbelivably beautiful. It makes me so sad that they will eventually go extinct as a result of globalization, mass immigration into Europe and race mixing. Look at Heidi Klum's children with Seal. They look nothing like their European mother.

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    Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won't like itHace 24 días

    Top Search *Margot Robbie **-nudes-*

  44. Loo Pop

    Loo PopHace 25 días

    Was anyone else getting the vibe they lowkey hate each other. Yano when two people are being overly nice to each other to hide their disliking of the other person 🤣

  45. Instique

    InstiqueHace 25 días

    *I Thought She Was Emma Mackey* 😱

  46. gracie

    gracieHace 26 días

    her name literally sounded the same when she explained the way americans say it and irish people say it like ???

  47. Adam Chevalier

    Adam ChevalierHace 27 días

    Margot Robbie is younger than me.....

  48. Maya Rajab

    Maya RajabHace 27 días

    I laughed so much in this, they’re so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😍

  49. Maya Rajab

    Maya RajabHace 27 días

    I don’t know why but I can never see Saorise Ronan as an adult, I always see her as like a 19 year old

  50. Rizki Sari

    Rizki SariHace 27 días

    Is that a hickey on Margot Robbie?

  51. Warning !! Adult Content

    Warning !! Adult ContentHace 27 días

    I like margot robbie belly

  52. eralcen

    eralcenHace 27 días

    '__________ Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions' done well.

  53. syntax

    syntaxHace 27 días

    1:27 1:30

  54. how to parkour

    how to parkourHace 27 días

    Hope to god that was a fake tattoo margot had

  55. Mithila Farzana

    Mithila FarzanaHace 28 días

    12 foot 9? Did i hear wrong? Tf 12 foot is really huge.

  56. Arissa Purilawanti

    Arissa PurilawantiHace 29 días


  57. editingpjm

    editingpjmHace 29 días

    im sad that the lovely bones wasnt mentioned :(

  58. lalain mashood

    lalain mashoodHace un mes

    love these women

  59. Noah Jacob

    Noah JacobHace un mes

    Let’s have to accept the reality that its her name if you can’t pronounce it properly its fine so do i 😂😂😂

  60. Makenzie C.

    Makenzie C.Hace un mes

    1:45 she is tall

  61. Emmanuel Eng

    Emmanuel EngHace un mes

    Is no one gonna mention how they introduced themselves with the wrong names?

  62. John Cooney

    John CooneyHace un mes

    Is this what heavens like?

  63. Gamze Demir

    Gamze DemirHace un mes

    margot i love you

  64. Amir Shakil

    Amir ShakilHace un mes

    12ft... Nooooooo

  65. CD Music

    CD MusicHace un mes

    Also, I want them to have a baby and freeze the accent for me to give my kids in the future

  66. CD Music

    CD MusicHace un mes

    introductions wrong... take 2

  67. KGM Morningstar

    KGM MorningstarHace un mes

    Twelve foot 9?????????????????? Is she a friggin pole

  68. Syed Affan

    Syed AffanHace un mes

    If ninja was here everybody would be like "so cringy"

  69. Chockalingam Senthilnathan

    Chockalingam SenthilnathanHace un mes

    Is this heaven

  70. ongbu tingwa

    ongbu tingwaHace un mes

    Did saiorse Ronan said 12 feet 9

  71. Jane Moana

    Jane MoanaHace un mes

    Am I the only one who laugh cried when she said 12 foot 9?

  72. The Chef YT Gaming

    The Chef YT GamingHace un mes

    All the accents turned me on not gonna lie

  73. Nishal Nandwani

    Nishal NandwaniHace un mes

    This helped me stop calling her Sworsee ronan.

  74. bw 1506

    bw 1506Hace un mes

    It’s weird because Margot is really hot but looks about 36

  75. absoftitanium

    absoftitaniumHace un mes

    Both of these women are amazing! Forces of nature! Much loved.

  76. Viviána

    ViviánaHace un mes

    Two of my favourite English accents combined. Dream!

  77. Adam Moore

    Adam MooreHace un mes

    Does Margot Robbie have a hickey?

  78. Jack Liu

    Jack LiuHace un mes

    I used to pronounce her name " Sao Rise" lol

  79. LowFix

    LowFixHace un mes

    So, if Saorse is 'freedom', that explains something about her eyes to the fans of Dune.

  80. Rima Kanaan

    Rima KanaanHace un mes

    "i'm alive" Margot Robbie,2018

  81. Xeany

    XeanyHace un mes

    Saoirse laugh 💖

  82. Bryana

    BryanaHace un mes

    Thanks for not pretending like you can’t say “Wired Autocomplete Interview”

  83. Equestrian Grace

    Equestrian GraceHace un mes

    they sound quite different the two pronunciations of her name, but i'm Irish and used to Irish accents so that might just be me.


    TEDDY AALHace un mes

    Saoirse lovely laughing 0:52

  85. Alec Cross

    Alec CrossHace un mes

    Suicide Swad

  86. silastmanstanding

    silastmanstandingHace un mes

    I mean it's not like my crush on Saoirse wasn't existing before getting to 3:21 but an ANCHORMAN REFERENCE?!? That is the most lovable person on earth right there.

  87. Ashlee Casey

    Ashlee CaseyHace un mes

    Ok their cute lil accents have me shaking

  88. Steerzy 77

    Steerzy 77Hace un mes

    Is margot robbie hot asf? Yes

  89. The Dragons & Phoenixes

    The Dragons & PhoenixesHace un mes

    Speaking in Australian, no, Hugh Jackman isn't Australian. He's English, for his accent and his parents.

  90. The Dragons & Phoenixes

    The Dragons & PhoenixesHace un mes

    +Biggie Smalls Accent, not language.

  91. Biggie Smalls

    Biggie SmallsHace un mes

    Australian isn't a language.

  92. DialogarconlaHistoria

    DialogarconlaHistoriaHace un mes

    Margot 😍

  93. Saoirse Kavanagh

    Saoirse KavanaghHace un mes

    "I was about to say you just ordered chicken tenders." hahaha

  94. meb3131

    meb3131Hace un mes

    I used to like Margot but I don’t anymore after watching this. She’s boring af

  95. Mehmet Koç

    Mehmet KoçHace un mes

    You are harley quinn okay?

  96. Phaire Couchpotato

    Phaire CouchpotatoHace un mes

    It's Lina Mayfleet!

  97. Lord Of Skull

    Lord Of SkullHace un mes

    Margot is hot. 😳Saoirse looks like Golum or smth.🤨😑

  98. Grumbus Bumbus

    Grumbus BumbusHace un mes

    They are trans...formers...see what I’m saying...use your brain you got’re smart.......TRANS...formers....

  99. Walboro

    WalboroHace un mes

    I 100% promise these aren’t the most googled things about Margot Robbie ;-)

  100. Mouad hh

    Mouad hhHace un mes

    imagine having a threesome with these tow.

  101. Amelie Badhen

    Amelie BadhenHace un mes

    did anyone notice margot robbies hickey



    Is Saoirse Ronan they Accuser?