1. Talking Tom the cat

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    When the vid was made sketch uploaded 😕

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    wats da matter with u

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    Can you make pinchy a game on ROBLOX?

  5. Deborah Frost

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    Beckbrojack khvuigcdgui suvhbu

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    That’s some sad story dude

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  8. CarribeanLostGirl

    CarribeanLostGirlHace 11 días

    I remembered! It was Texting Simulator!

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    Im a big fan of denis

  10. Anupreet Marwaha

    Anupreet MarwahaHace 14 días

    I didn't know flee the facility was a horror game I thought it was just a regular escape game 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Cathie Repik

    Cathie RepikHace 15 días

    Make him listen to Crab Rave ;3

  12. Jane SMITH

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    I saw your making sir meows a lot a roblox account video and I have been looking for this everywhere

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    0:07 my ears

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    Lmao he called a bra a tanktop

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    my roblox acout is Eman_365

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    pinchy is a savage

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    Denis : your getting a Roblox account! Pinchy: 💋

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    When girls trie to online date 0:54

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    I screwe'd

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  22. Abigail jayes

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    pinchy looks red on screen but in real he looks orenge

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    Hit or roblox

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    my roblox name is syaasoccerstar

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    i friended you in roblox please friend me

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    You should do a gymnastics challenge with the pals!

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    Individual skin tone is advanced

  29. alaa kf

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    What in the heck is that 1:14 that is the most scary thing I ever seen now I'm having nightmares 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

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    10:27 I guessing this a fail lol :P

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    1:13 so creepy

  32. Jordy Delao

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    Do Mrs. Meowsalot next

  33. san s

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    I remember when sir meows a lot had the spotlight

  34. Fox Girl

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    I love the game your playing

  35. في احد عربي هنا؟؟ كيف الحال؟

    في احد عربي هنا؟؟ كيف الحال؟Hace 28 días


  36. Storm & Blaze TV

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  37. Storm & Blaze TV

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    Pinchy is very loud lol

  38. Lydia Chapman

    Lydia ChapmanHace 28 días

    And btw u played texting sim recently that's what sim it was

  39. Lydia Chapman

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    DENIS PLEASE REACT TO oh yeah yeah

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    Wow yeah ok Hmm.. 10 ! Ok

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    1:12 or 13 Its was SO funny

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    It was texting sim

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    My name is jay I i'm a fan .

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    type in korblox for crab type legs

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    I watch your videos sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch

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    My username is not_leah710

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    Can you please play Roblox on your phone cuz I play Roblox on your my mom phone please play with me I love your videos sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch please!!

  49. Ace and Guys

    Ace and GuysHace 29 días

    Your bored shut up pinchy

  50. pj gaming and more

    pj gaming and moreHace un mes

    When you said what happens to the beast I said he left the game

  51. Sistah Senõr Krabs

    Sistah Senõr KrabsHace un mes

    You can change different parts of the body because there is a little text that says customize on the bottom. BTW, it only works for pc A.K.A ROBLOX website not the app.

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    I subscribed

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    10:17 that’s for boobys

  54. Heidi D

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    i dont do it

  55. Gaming WIth Dave

    Gaming WIth DaveHace un mes

    denis,when you are in skin tone go down,there will be a button and you can change the skin tone

  56. Wolfgang Awesome sauce

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  57. feral gaming

    feral gamingHace un mes

    When you say "I got scammed" in captions it translates To "I got damned"

  58. feral gaming

    feral gamingHace un mes

    MS.dennis has no head

  59. Ava Schmidt

    Ava SchmidtHace un mes

    Good for you Pinchy. 😁😀☺🤗😻🦀

  60. Tori Something

    Tori SomethingHace un mes

    Denis- "This is gonna be harder than I though" *snaps neck*

  61. Gengar galaxy Pug panda!

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    Denis you didn't get scammed you got the t shirt as an extra item

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    325,713th to view! YAY IM EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It’s ok 👌 denis I don’t watch dragon ball z to

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    omg ny my y[z;x] \sa AS Z

  65. Hashir sheikh

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    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh no noooooooooooooo

  66. Sonic films gamer

    Sonic films gamerHace un mes

    0:07 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  67. 100 subscriber Challange with few vidios

    100 subscriber Challange with few vidiosHace un mes

    Denis it was texting sim I watched every vid

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    Ken blackHace un mes

    It’s denis

  69. Hans Gabriel Corotan

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    In the intro when denis said wait a minute we should play roblox and pinchys reaction XD

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    1:15 pinch

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    Pitchy is so funny hahaha!!!

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    Can I play with you

  77. KrisBlox

    KrisBloxHace un mes

    6:08 yes you can. You just press advanced

  78. KrisBlox

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    I love the intro lol

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    wow I can get pinchy! :0

  80. Galaxy Creeper

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    You can edit different body parts! GO to skin tone then press advanced!

  81. Emerald Mine

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    10 k for everyone is from texting simulator

  82. anime girl

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    Dennis you can make your own short

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    I love 🐱

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    Pinchy is RED not ORANGE

  85. LeA PH

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    Denis I think the game who scammed you is the "phone simulator"??

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    One word for this video:LOL

  87. Carmen Cruz

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    Lol 0:44

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    When Pinchy said ice cream I was literally eating ice cream.

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    SEE YA.

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    Tina PowellHace un mes

    Hi Denis why have you not got pinchy on your shoulder anymore p.s. Just thought I would say u r online now time 6:58 username Bencool13601 p.s. I can't make a game on roblox 😀😐. Thx if you read this

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    sofia raissHace un mes

    She Look pretty (XD)

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    Denis I’m so happy because u r so cool. Btw can u make Oblivious HD a ROBLOX account 😋😋😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

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    my dad wont let me login on twweter

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    i LOVE CATS Hi denis i loveeeee yor vidios i liv en olbenia may nem es hana

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    Nancy LingHace un mes

    No you can change the body color body part by body part you just didn't see the word advanced in the body part category in ur avatar plus you have to be on pc

  98. Nancy Ling

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    You didn't get scammed you just didn't know it was a shirt

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    Kitty of the day?

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    (1:14) oh no it's evil pinchy