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    what is the name of this game? also you said you would buy a car also you should of baught everything before you ended the video

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    6:00 who else also says flappers without knowing it.... I do

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    Poblox? No roblox!

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    What is this game. I play roblox too. Please tell me

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    Denis whach Maddox Foust and the logo is withered Bonnie looking at u

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    44 empty store.

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    Homestead is better cus... SLIDING DOOOOOOOOOOOOORS!

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    No horrific housing is it has sliding doors too

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    Whats the tycoon name

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    Tell us the name of the GAME!!!!!

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    Wheres the link in the discreption?

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    Denis im your biggest fan i love your vids i have a suggestion and it's a tycoon and it's called Theme Park Tycoon try it out its fun and cool and you can build your own and design it and let visitors come to your theme park and make it famous.

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    I just got cats and cosplay and is one of my fav apps now!!!

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    Good troll Denis 👏

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    It is my birthday

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    what's the game's name

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    You didn’t end up going to the roller coaster you said you would go to. Waaaaa

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    Sorry love ur vids^^ sorry for the last comment i sent not trying 2pick on u as u may see i am a shy introvert sozzzzzzzz U

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    Not2bemean/hatebut i do not enjoy orange with red. U should try some primary colours eg red and green, blue and orange,purple and yellow

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    I love team sloth

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    Sooooo cute cats

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    d d d d d d de de de de de de den den den den den den deni deni deni deni deni deni Denis denis Denis Denis Denis denis

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    There is a attic in the house

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    Who liked before they even watched the video

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    Wow! This looks old!

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    It's home tycoon

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    whats the game name

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    What Is The Tycoon Called

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    I love cats and I love sir meow a lot :3

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    play my kides game called tycoon builder on roblox

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    What game is it on roblox

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    What is the game denis

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    Oh it's new home tycoon

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    Name of game denis Pleeeaaaase

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    I love ur vids so much

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    What the games name?

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    He said he was iching it lol does he mean scratching

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    Denis im mad at you because you kicked corl out of the pals

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    What is the name of this tycoon

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    Denis I bet you can't beat me in jail break👅

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    You are the best youtubar

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    So you are not going to so us the furnicher

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    me too

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    Of the game

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    What is the name 9f the game

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    um did u forget to color the back wall?

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    Yea that’s what I said

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    👌 a nice classic oak hardwood

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    What is the game

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    Hi Dennis it is me Emerson I love you video's

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    Do the tree house tycoon

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    Robloxlnfection lnc.

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    What is the game called

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    What that mean

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