Magic laughs at the idea of the Lakers trading LeBron | First Take



    THATKIDD IaNHace 17 horas

    Molly so annoying 😂

  2. Clinton J Stepp

    Clinton J SteppHace 23 horas

    Molly is horrible.

  3. TechMyLifeVideo

    TechMyLifeVideoHace un día

    Sorry Molly, you’re not good at this.

  4. job kazi

    job kaziHace un día

    Away from basketball. Magic dressing is just how you match a tie-shirt-suit. I find it funny seeing someone in a black shirt and a black tie!

  5. PL3 _

    PL3 _Hace un día

    Yo kuz what we doing tonight

  6. AustrianCitizen

    AustrianCitizenHace 2 días

    How can you not love Magic

  7. Rudy Roo

    Rudy RooHace 4 días

    Everybody on magic johnsons nuts but forgot he left the lakers organization and the laker players to that looked up to him and trusted in him and he just bounces like that .. no respect for magic

  8. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor BrianHace 5 días

    Magic smile worth millions

  9. ThreeCreators

    ThreeCreatorsHace 6 días

    Yeah honestly the lakers looked very good up until Christmas. Then injuries took over. I truly don’t believe they need anybody else. I see this lakers team healthy and maturing making a great one as far as anyone else can go!

  10. David Moreno

    David MorenoHace 6 días

    If Kawhi made a call to the lakers and said he wants in, but get rid of LBJ would the lakers do it??? 🤷‍♂️

  11. Michro_Phone _Head

    Michro_Phone _HeadHace 6 días

    lmao got me dead 5:45 finger guns

  12. Dappdaddy666

    Dappdaddy666Hace 6 días

    ...I don’t like Molly anyone she’s smelling herself yo✔️...

  13. Dappdaddy666

    Dappdaddy666Hace 6 días

    ...LeBron is the GOAT period 👍🏿💯✔️👑...

  14. Paul Nathan Delubio

    Paul Nathan DelubioHace 7 días

    Molly thinks she knows a lot about basketball as well. STFU!

  15. Dr. V

    Dr. VHace 7 días


  16. RevBman7

    RevBman7Hace 7 días

    Trade him and wake up the league. NBA players are becoming too powerful. The movement was necessary at first, but now these dudes need to get shaken up a bit. Send him to the Pelicans if he wanted AD in LA so bad 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Yahya Naseem

    Yahya NaseemHace 9 días

    If Lebron gets a squad, he might get to 4 rings before curry.

  18. leem loak

    leem loakHace 9 días

    zubot made a mistake

  19. ikon king

    ikon kingHace 9 días

    Nobody: Magic: I love you... That's my man.

  20. A I

    A IHace 13 días

    Game recognize game 😲🤣

  21. Vasisht Vasan

    Vasisht VasanHace 13 días

    You just know you've done something right in life when a guy like Magic Johnson says nice things bout you on National TV.

  22. JensNadus

    JensNadusHace 14 días

    So delusional.. How the mighty have fallen..

  23. Zach Falbe

    Zach FalbeHace 15 días

    They said LeBron losses: He was injured They said he doesnt care about teammates: Mentors all the young guys and is super involved They say he dislikes being coached: Has shown nothing but support for Frank Vogel They say he’s always influencing front office moves: Has been silent and not tried to make the Lakers do anything What more do you want?

  24. zabuhamda

    zabuhamdaHace 15 días

    3:04 what a stupid comment by molly "all the K's"

  25. Regular YouTuber

    Regular YouTuberHace 15 días

    Meanwhile Skip is arguing with Shannon about Pascal Siakam being better that Kawhi Leonard

  26. Shaun Bang

    Shaun BangHace 16 días

    There’s “specka-lation” about KD, there’s specka-lation i quit because I just want weekends

  27. 蕭晢蒝

    蕭晢蒝Hace 16 días

    Didn't get PG13 last year is totally Magic's fault, trading useless Ingram is all he had to do!

  28. 蕭晢蒝

    蕭晢蒝Hace 16 días

    Most of the Lakers fan are Kobe fans,they are just too stupid and blind,yelling about trade Lebron all the time just because of hating Lebron is more important than doing what's right.And keep saying that Ingram Ball Kuzma are going to be stars,that's not gonna happen man,just keep dreaming,pathetic Lakers fan,God .

  29. MeTRoiDs

    MeTRoiDsHace 16 días

    Its gonna be so sad if lebron doesnt get a chip anymore

  30. Peter Smith

    Peter SmithHace 17 días

    NBA finals still talking about lebron

  31. Ben Nelson

    Ben NelsonHace 18 días

    This molly person has no business being in this discussion

  32. Ben Nelson

    Ben NelsonHace 18 días

    They should get rid of him. Nobody wants to play with him anymore..

  33. Al ex

    Al exHace 18 días

    magic is genius

  34. Zorc

    ZorcHace 18 días

    poor molly didn't get her 2nd question.

  35. Doctor MindBenDa

    Doctor MindBenDaHace 19 días

    Dumbass Magic

  36. Pons Ferrata

    Pons FerrataHace 19 días

    fuck Magic!

  37. b1gp1n

    b1gp1nHace 19 días

    Max disgust me bruh he use to be a knicks fan then band wagon as a laker fan Smh

  38. Curtis Kechego

    Curtis KechegoHace 19 días

    Kawhi will NOT go to the damn Lakers!! LMFAO! You are REALLY dumb if you think that! That's the very LAST thing he would do! Think about it.. Like why the fuck would Kawhi want ANYTHING to do with helping LeBron James solidify his Legacy as The Greatest Player in Modern Day Basketball. Kawhi said it himself, That he wants to see his name on those lists of the top 10 Greatest Players Ever! That would hurt Kawhi's spot on those lists if he were to team up with Sell-Out Stars like LeBron Lames and Kevin Durcan't, who leave as soon as the going gets tough and it gets too hard for them to win.. So they go to a team filled with other Super Stars that they know will help them win a Championship! Kawhi isn't about that Pussy SHIT!!! So stop dreaming!!!

  39. jpin0002 jpin0002

    jpin0002 jpin0002Hace 20 días

    Lebron is straight toxic cancer. We didn't forget about his whole career. Fuck lebron. I guarantee they are a better team without him... Trade him for AD and let zion embarrass him.

  40. Griffin Stead

    Griffin SteadHace 20 días

    I don’t have cable

  41. Darrell Morris

    Darrell MorrisHace 20 días

    Kawhi probably isn't leaving the raptors, he'd be my number 1 pick, but Anthony Davis is probably gonna be a laker and kyrie gonna give it another go. I'd go hardest for Davis and klay.

  42. mike67006700

    mike67006700Hace 20 días

    The Lakers were stupid to bring in Lebron and if they were smart they would trade him. And Magic Johnson is no GM.

  43. John Amadi

    John AmadiHace 20 días

    kawhi isnt going anywhere are these guys out of their damn minds

  44. Cody

    CodyHace 20 días

    Get molly off

  45. Jonathan Roche

    Jonathan RocheHace 20 días

    Magic is such a good businessman, my God

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    Incredible WorldHace 21 un día

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  47. 24SparrowJack

    24SparrowJackHace 21 un día

    Lerbon has made the young players better but wanted to get rid of them all to play with AD

  48. Layman Kilgo

    Layman KilgoHace 21 un día

    Molly is rude! disrespectful constantly interupting, very annoying for viewing. and needs to take a step back,to much talking very distracting to the viewers.Many times people can't even make their point,they literally want to tell her she needs to shut up, you can see it on their faces,very unprofessional. This show sucks!

  49. Greg Robertson

    Greg RobertsonHace 21 un día

    What a cowardly way to win, buying it..

  50. Julio B

    Julio BHace 21 un día

    Tell Steven A Smith savant means retarded

  51. Greer Fried

    Greer FriedHace 21 un día

    So am I!


    JEPE WATERSHace 21 un día

    Why is molly even on the show?

  53. Damien Freeman

    Damien FreemanHace 21 un día

    I don't think Lebron will win a championship with the Lakers!!!

  54. Pete A

    Pete AHace 21 un día

    They are all what in the actual fuck lololololololol

  55. Sean Twohig

    Sean TwohigHace 22 días

    LeBron isn’t winning anything he isn’t even a top five player anymore

  56. Captain Cav

    Captain CavHace 22 días

    Molly. Shut. The fuck. Up.

  57. Papa Lannister

    Papa LannisterHace 22 días


  58. Mark the Shark

    Mark the SharkHace 22 días

    Believe the Hype...The Magical Charm of Magic Johnson is Real!! 😂

  59. Carlton Vincent

    Carlton VincentHace 22 días

    Uum...A for some strange reason correct me if I'm wrong, Magic Johnson has a crush on Molly!


    KINFOLKHace 22 días

    6:09 thought she was gonna call Magic the coldest nigga of all time LOL

  61. Ryan Rediger

    Ryan RedigerHace 22 días

    Magic’s charisma is levels are maxed out

  62. skills1ent

    skills1entHace 22 días

    The Lakers are a joke and they should trade Lebron. They will not make the playoffs next year.

  63. Onojae Miller

    Onojae MillerHace 22 días

    Look at this shit..This is legendary .

  64. T Wik

    T WikHace 22 días

    What team did Stephen Ape play on?

  65. Zyad

    ZyadHace 23 días

    I thought max was a knicks fan

  66. xPipoyNani ok

    xPipoyNani okHace 23 días

    trade him to the cavs

  67. Jay Goodman

    Jay GoodmanHace 23 días

    Contract is too much for old past mvp😑He won't play full season ever again😕

  68. Nalesniki33

    Nalesniki33Hace 23 días

    5:07 lmfao look at stephen a after he stops laughing hes thinking "wow what i did there was really cool and urban i think people will like that" omg i cant hes soo white

  69. Erased

    ErasedHace 23 días

    Molly I don’t wanna hear you interrupting.

  70. Darshay Frederick

    Darshay FrederickHace 23 días

    Lakers basically got retiring lebron all hes gonna do is sell more tickets to the idiots that fell for this scheme

  71. Ball is Life

    Ball is LifeHace 23 días

    LeBron is a g man

  72. Señor Vegetalon

    Señor VegetalonHace 23 días

    I’m just here for Magic.

  73. Truly Dindu

    Truly DinduHace 23 días

    Why are y’all so gay over Magic Johnson lol I mean he’s great and all but it’s just an interview

  74. Jonah Garno

    Jonah GarnoHace 23 días

    they better not trade Lebron, Kyrie should come to lakers!

  75. Edward Rosso

    Edward RossoHace 23 días

    Magic is the man. How could the Lakers let this happen? When you see Magic you see Lakers all over. He even said that if they call hin he will be there recruiting. Best of luck MJ...

  76. OsamaBmelo666

    OsamaBmelo666Hace 23 días

    AIDS must be getting to Magics brain. Lakers aint winning Shit !!!!

  77. Joshua Howard

    Joshua HowardHace 23 días

    *People who think LeBron should be traded: “I- I’m kinda retarded” 🤣🤣 #Clipperfan

  78. Marky Mark

    Marky MarkHace 23 días

    NBA better be watching and investigating Lakers talking to recruit players know magic and LeBron in Anthony Davis ears

  79. Marky Mark

    Marky MarkHace 23 días

    Even with LeBron.. most players don't see playing with Lakers as any major advantage..still not gonna get past Golden State or even Houston..and California taxes are craaazzzy high..and the team can't keep it together long with salary cap..

  80. MJ 23-GOAT

    MJ 23-GOATHace 23 días

    Jalen Rose bangin out Molly?.... WTF?

  81. Samvit Ganesh

    Samvit GaneshHace 23 días

    Watch him talk about LeBron and respect the man instead of everyone's dumbass hate. LeBron is a killer leader and an even better Basketball Player

  82. Fotosynthesis858

    Fotosynthesis858Hace 24 días

    "Spec-a-lation" & "Ath-a-lete" aren't actual words

  83. Villa Kay

    Villa KayHace 24 días

    Lonzo is trash. He's a point guard who can't shoot. Why do these guys keep talking about him like he's some sort of prodigy ?

  84. Daily Beauty Massage

    Daily Beauty MassageHace 24 días

    Love it!!(😂😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️

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  86. KingFranz Live

    KingFranz LiveHace 24 días

    Magic genuine as always 😏😏😏

  87. Maven Frankeus

    Maven FrankeusHace 24 días

    "Molly, LeBron has helped all our young players, he has been a great influence". "Bron, I'm out".

  88. Jere Hicks

    Jere HicksHace 24 días

    Molly can get it!!

  89. Steve Kain

    Steve KainHace 24 días

    let Magic talk you idiots

  90. Ninja Channel

    Ninja ChannelHace 24 días

    Molly was like "shutup about Zubac, I got two questions..." And then she was like "I asked for two but go ahead Stephen A." Don't let these dudes who love to hear themselves talk shut you out, girl! lol

  91. joe Lasiter

    joe LasiterHace 24 días

    Lebron makes them better on defense cus they have to guard his guy too. Lmao

  92. Nicholas Wozniak

    Nicholas WozniakHace 24 días

    every time molly speaks my ears bleed

  93. shoewrapper 16

    shoewrapper 16Hace 24 días

    that's bullshit......bron was ready to dump all them fools for AD

  94. joe floe

    joe floeHace 24 días

    Lebron is getting traded for Anthony Davis then they can get another star

  95. Luis Quizon

    Luis QuizonHace 24 días

    molly should be fired men

  96. KayVee

    KayVeeHace 24 días

    Kawhi ain't going no where.. he is a Raptor and even he knows for sure that he will never get the respect and love from any other team like he did here in Toronto

  97. hugolozano46

    hugolozano46Hace 24 días

    Molly shutthefuckup


    MR.SHEPHERDHace 24 días


  99. Oodeezy Deezy

    Oodeezy DeezyHace 24 días

    Jesus that girl is annoying

  100. Dezdoesit

    DezdoesitHace 24 días

    Kyrie and KD on the knicks gon be tuff to beat mannn, Lebron got his work cut out for him next year