Maelyn Jarmon Performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" - The Voice Live Finale 2019


  1. Oppai Master

    Oppai MasterHace 17 horas

    she deserve a prize for her eyes alone

  2. Josiah Nicasio

    Josiah NicasioHace 22 horas

    She is a true angel

  3. Truth Bearer

    Truth BearerHace un día

    Wow, i was astonished listening to her voice. i felt like im worshipping. greetings from philppines.

  4. Oppai Master

    Oppai MasterHace un día

    2:18 here is your winner of the 16th Season of The Voice

  5. Ono T

    Ono THace 2 días

    Time just stands still when she sings.

  6. Keith T

    Keith THace 3 días

    I'm pretty confident that this is the absolute best performance The Voice has ever seen, any season. I just wish people would stop misinterpreting this song - it's NOT christian religious. Pay attention.

  7. Genevieve Kofie

    Genevieve KofieHace 3 días

    Exotic voice blessings our hearts

  8. Richard Prescott

    Richard PrescottHace 3 días

    from 2:34 to 2:38 is different from any singer periodt.

  9. arvin diamante

    arvin diamanteHace 4 días

    Finest talent of all! Applause!!!

  10. Mr Plaidboy

    Mr PlaidboyHace 4 días

    Congrats Maelyn, you'll be performing the National Anthem in Wash DC at the PBS Capitol Fourth 2019 and the world will get to hear you're gifted voice again.

  11. Briana Derusha

    Briana DerushaHace 4 días

    She is so good

  12. travis pressley

    travis pressleyHace 4 días

    my favorite performance ever on the voice.

  13. Jo C

    Jo CHace 4 días


  14. NoJustice5 0NoPeace

    NoJustice5 0NoPeaceHace 5 días

    This (moment) is an important part of life. Congratulations

  15. Lenus Enrique

    Lenus EnriqueHace 5 días

    She's an angel..

  16. Landlady 123

    Landlady 123Hace 6 días

    Yep Winer


    IRAVIND IRAVINDHace 6 días

    Nothing special

  18. Chrissy Dykes

    Chrissy DykesHace 9 días

    I miss when the voice was longer ! They eliminate too fast. And I could’ve listened to Maelyn over and over

  19. Preet Braganza

    Preet BraganzaHace 9 días

    Who got goose bumps while listening

  20. Barbara Barkas

    Barbara BarkasHace 10 días

    I have always loved this song- many artists have recorded Leonard Cohen’s well- but I believe this is my new favorite.

  21. Ship Wrecked

    Ship WreckedHace 10 días

    Three cowboys came and they danced and swayed They sang the night and then lost anyway Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelu uuu uujah

  22. DaForgottenGentleman

    DaForgottenGentlemanHace 11 días

    This was great... But im sorry matthew schuler still did better!

  23. Ubud Taruna Medica Service

    Ubud Taruna Medica ServiceHace 11 días

    waw she was very soulfull singer, very smart

  24. Jonathan Nantel

    Jonathan NantelHace 11 días

    I think she is doing K.D Lang's interpretation of this song, the one she performed for Leonard in person.

  25. Dieselsdog3

    Dieselsdog3Hace 11 días

    I want to hear all 7verses from her.

  26. Mrs Libertas

    Mrs LibertasHace 11 días

    She did Jeff Buckley justice...#RIP

  27. Ahmad Ameer

    Ahmad AmeerHace 12 días

    SHE IS A GOOD VOCALIST ,but she doesn’t know how to stand on the stage

  28. Maria do Carmo Couto

    Maria do Carmo CoutoHace 12 días


  29. Han Than

    Han ThanHace 13 días

    perfect 😭👍🙌

  30. KABSAT Vhershan

    KABSAT VhershanHace 14 días

    Grammy Award Winner: Surprise Audition: The Voice Australia

  31. Vitória Cavalcanti

    Vitória CavalcantiHace 14 días

    It was one of the best performances ever 😍❤️

  32. Stuffed Animal Land

    Stuffed Animal LandHace 14 días

    #MaelynJarman #Season16WinnerTheVoice2019

  33. tilawakoha lamiauy

    tilawakoha lamiauyHace 15 días

    is it just me or did someone noticed some flops on her voice? :) she is just maybe so nervous , who wouldnt ? click if you like my comment :)

  34. Dallas Bartley

    Dallas BartleyHace 15 días

    I just have to keep coming back to listen to this!!❤️❤️❤️

  35. Graziela Silva

    Graziela SilvaHace 15 días

    What a blessom to hear♥

  36. HappyMV

    HappyMVHace 16 días

    Don’t love the song...but she did the song justice. Well done.

  37. lisagbart

    lisagbartHace 17 días

    You're beautiful and you have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. I'm so happy you won. I'm so happy that the nation votes for actual talent on this show. Congratulations you're going to be making beautiful music forever!😍

  38. Stylist A

    Stylist AHace 18 días

    Beauty + sweet voice.... awesome🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  39. UppityTuber

    UppityTuberHace 18 días

    Goosebumps throughout the performance

  40. India Bristol

    India BristolHace 18 días

    It's like Celine Dion, Sarah Mclachlan and Adele cast a spell and the result was the enchantment that is Maelyn's voice. I'm happily bewitched.

  41. Laiqa Hawa

    Laiqa HawaHace 18 días

    Hey maelyn This is amazing

  42. Paul Ranger

    Paul RangerHace 18 días


  43. renee inman

    renee inmanHace 18 días

    Maelyn's performance is completely moving. beautiful

  44. vanilla50

    vanilla50Hace 18 días

    There are no weak elements to her voice, every performance spectacular and original!

  45. jaime schildt

    jaime schildtHace 18 días

    Wish she would sing some Evanescence... my immortal, imaginary, or bring me back to life.

  46. Aizee 808

    Aizee 808Hace 19 días

    u deserve it .. congratulations .. and to john 😊💪

  47. Sarah Krueck

    Sarah KrueckHace 19 días

    I want to play all your songs on repeat! Just thank you for what you do

  48. Katie Kemp

    Katie KempHace 19 días

    USA’s Adele! 🙌🏼

  49. Shelley Cohen Montgomery

    Shelley Cohen MontgomeryHace 19 días

    She deserved to win!

  50. Fullfil desires with hacks & crafts

    Fullfil desires with hacks & craftsHace 20 días

    Blessed born ...!!! You’re the queen No words for you..!!

  51. Dalvin Morales

    Dalvin MoralesHace 20 días

    Amazing!!! She is the winner?

  52. erik lacerda

    erik lacerdaHace 19 días


  53. Craig Slade

    Craig SladeHace 20 días

    I voted for her!

  54. Sandy Barata

    Sandy BarataHace 20 días

    I think I the votes were got John Legend.

  55. Melanie Deysenroth

    Melanie DeysenrothHace 21 un día

    I never thought anyone could come close to k.d.lang singing this song, but Maelyn gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes!

  56. Juanita Muertigue

    Juanita MuertigueHace 21 un día

    Very nice voice.Deserves to win.

  57. That Gurl

    That GurlHace 21 un día

    I really don't like the way she sang it.

  58. Ni Lee

    Ni LeeHace 21 un día

    The only person who deserved to win, not one single performance a fault, she delivered every week, she was my winner from her first performance

  59. Michael Sayad

    Michael SayadHace 21 un día

    I find it ironic how much better The Voice contestants are even the ones who just made it through the blind audition compared to American Idol. Maelyn and Gyth would sing Laine and Alejandro off stage and make a laughing stock of them. Lol.

  60. JivinJane

    JivinJaneHace 21 un día

    Maelynn, from my heart you drew the "Hallelujah". Thank you.

  61. B B

    B BHace 21 un día

    She’s the best singer!!!!

  62. Roger Mercado

    Roger MercadoHace 22 días

    ever since after the crossbattle she was already destine to win, lucky you john legend .

  63. Luca Dol

    Luca DolHace 22 días

    OMG this is really a masterpiece, I can't ...

  64. Diamond

    DiamondHace 22 días

    Leonard Cohen? I though it was Jeff Buckley (at least the version she's singing)

  65. Mary Hart

    Mary HartHace 20 días

    Buckley had a really nice version. Cohen wrote and recorded it. kd lang also recorded a great version.

  66. Ono T

    Ono THace 22 días

    One of a kind

  67. Jeremiah Moore

    Jeremiah MooreHace 22 días

    idk why i wanted her to go higher even tho it was beautiful just the way it is 😭 maybe i’m used to ppl taking it way high when singing this song

  68. Mary Ariahwe

    Mary AriahweHace 22 días

    Her timing and approach to songs is just out if this u girl

  69. Mike H

    Mike HHace 22 días

    amazing gift

  70. Nancy Fox

    Nancy FoxHace 22 días

    Maelyn is beyond stunning. Every song was like going to a concert. Thank you to John Legend who helped her pick songs that suited her style and voice and the wisdom to let her interpret them to maximum affect. I wish he would take her on tour with him and let her open for him. WOW what a night that would be!!

  71. UnFairJordan

    UnFairJordanHace 22 días

    Love the song, love the voice, love everything!

  72. Jim Tatman

    Jim TatmanHace 22 días

    Incredible performance. This lady has a voice that never hits a bad note. But will she ever be heard from after this show is over? Name one "Voice" winner who has gone on to great fame. Zero! A few have made a dent in the Country charts, but other than that?

  73. Mary Hart

    Mary HartHace 20 días

    I know, huh. The woman has an amazing voice. I hope she goes somewhere.

  74. Nathan Granger

    Nathan GrangerHace 22 días

    Maelyn Jarmon, remember that name. She is a coming superstar! Wow!

  75. Denis Lubega

    Denis LubegaHace 23 días

    This girl, grabs the mic and tears start to flow from my eyes ...Iam not a musician but I can tell her vocal range is the most dynamic and sophisticated I've ever witnessed on this show!!! She is simply flawless and the most dominant musician I've ever seen... She gets your song you r done she will perform it better than your original🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  76. Denis Lubega

    Denis LubegaHace 23 días

    This girl is one of the most powerful musicians I've ever seen... She gets a song and she does it 3 times better than the original🤔🤔🤔🤔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  77. Trish F

    Trish FHace 23 días

    omg--speechless. What a talent. I am literally blown away!

  78. Sam Framinds715

    Sam Framinds715Hace 23 días

    WOWWWWWW 👏👏👏

  79. Pr1nce Sam

    Pr1nce SamHace 23 días

    Next gen Florence & The Machines coming through. I call it now!

  80. Diana Joseph

    Diana JosephHace 23 días

    Waaaaw Am so glad she won!! She truly deserve to!!

  81. Billy Terrell

    Billy TerrellHace 23 días

    I'm pretty sure I just heard the voice of an angel! Imagine if she was leading a choir. Amazingly beautiful!! 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  82. Kacie King

    Kacie KingHace 23 días

    Anyone else hear Celine dion ? Beautiful voice

  83. Mary Hart

    Mary HartHace 20 días

    And Sarah MacLaclan, and Barilles, etc. All beautiful voices. Go listen to kd lang's version too.

  84. Zully Marroquin

    Zully MarroquinHace 23 días

    Sublime is a great 😍😍😍😍

  85. Gerson Ryan Sumampong

    Gerson Ryan SumampongHace 23 días

    Her pristine voice, her control. She can make me cry while singing the ABCs. 😭

  86. Jalila's Cuisine

    Jalila's CuisineHace 23 días

    For me the best cover of this song was by the very talented karise eden and now this beautiful lady too Maelyn ❤️

  87. Belinda Butcher

    Belinda ButcherHace 23 días

    You know, many people cant song this song so well...But she did a wonderful has a powerful message...

  88. Matthew Brooks

    Matthew BrooksHace 23 días

    Whats awesome is the word Hallelujah.. See that Jah at the end.. Well.that word Hallelujah means praise Jehovah.. So praise Jah you people. Seek Jehovah, its the best life ever.

  89. Aokumzuk Longchar

    Aokumzuk LongcharHace 23 días

    So pretty

  90. hoang truong

    hoang truongHace 23 días

    Remember that she has a problem with her ears, she is incredible

  91. tavinellz19

    tavinellz19Hace 23 días

    I cried. Plain & simple.

  92. Sabrina Sousa

    Sabrina SousaHace 24 días

    Foi merecido 🙏🙏

  93. lauramartha3

    lauramartha3Hace 24 días

    I stopped watching televised "voice competitions" years ago (because they kept getting worse and worse).....Until a friend told me (I'm a long-time musician, instrumentalist), 'You've got to listen to Maelyn Jarmon...!' When I song her song choices (after the show was over), I thought, there's no way she can be good enough to do some of those iconic standards, but I listened, and was blown away by the first phrase of her 'blind audition' piece ("Fields of Gold" by Sting). And before I listened to "Hallelujah", I was really skeptical (because there are two iconic versions that I thought no one could 'match' in any way, and it's one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs), but I was blown away again by Maelyn Jarmon......because she didn't "over-sing" anything and she had an honest and beautiful and sometimes raw and always vulnerable voice....and it grabbed me....and I can't tell you how many times I've listened online to all of her performances. Wow! (She even made the loud audience quiet in a way that no one else has been able to do for years....she captured their attention because she's an 'artist' and she draws you in when she sings.....) I listened to some of her pre-"Voice" videos (of her singing her own songs) and was so impressed). (And, for once, the voting audience got it 'right'.)

  94. magic2506

    magic2506Hace 24 días

    These talent shows need to give this song a rest. It is a great song but, enough already. And someone tries to always make it sound like an imitation of someone such as in this case....Adele. Good impression!

  95. Jennifer S

    Jennifer SHace 24 días

    Perfect performance

  96. Emm1nuel Asia

    Emm1nuel AsiaHace 24 días

    The only competitor close to her skills was jej tbh

  97. sgart md

    sgart mdHace 24 días

    I got goosebumps watching this... She deserved to win. 👏👏👏

  98. RCDubya

    RCDubyaHace 24 días


  99. Kelly

    KellyHace 24 días


  100. Abraham Solano

    Abraham SolanoHace 24 días

    Her voice makes me wanna sleep it’s just so calm and angelic.

  101. David Malpica

    David MalpicaHace 24 días

    She's the winner, that's it

  102. Barry Sonmor

    Barry SonmorHace 24 días


  103. cactusbrandy

    cactusbrandyHace 24 días

    So so so many people have done covers of this song, but WOW that was something totally different. Chills!!!!!

  104. ehe primp

    ehe primpHace 24 días