[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 독 : Fear


  1. Noor Farhin

    Noor FarhinHace un día

    Dino is handsome boy.

  2. Noor Farhin

    Noor FarhinHace un día

    Tell me wait want? I want love you! Hehehh hwaiting!!

  3. Noor Farhin

    Noor FarhinHace un día

    27,200 love this song so much! Hwaiting guys!! 30M let goooo! Let get it! Oh oh oh yeay yeay oh oh!

  4. rap vernonie

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  5. Chou Tzuyu OncelovesTwice

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    I have to say I’m disappointed in some Wonwoo Stan’s We are supposed to keep the votes even and I come on to vote on the Starmometor and see Wonwoo over 40 votes ahead earlier,I have been voting for both Wonwoo and Vernon and I ask for you to do the same with Vernon,When he gets behind. Please go like Vernon pic on Starmometor twitter and bring his likes the same as Wonwoo

  6. Tu Chini Lu

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  7. Bella Buffalo

    Bella BuffaloHace un día

    This MV deserves more views.

  8. Niky

    NikyHace un día

    Vernon you sexy bitch

  9. Paty Reyes

    Paty ReyesHace un día

    2020 02 18 Happy Birthday VERNON. &. DK LOVE U ;)

  10. Banana Cream

    Banana CreamHace un día

    Ok wth why does this piece of art only have 27miliilon view like wth we literally need the world to open their eyes and realize seventeen is amazing! THEY DESERVE MORE THEN 27 MILLION VIEWS


    VERNA CHWEHace un día


  12. Noor Farhin

    Noor FarhinHace un día

    18/02/2020 [HAPPY BIRTHDAY] Hey! Lee Seokmin and Hansol Vernon Chwe!. My love both of you, I wish you a very happy birthday and joyful year ahead. May God Bless, love and care you'll. Wishing you'll a long, happy and healthy life. Stay healthy together with your family, member and carats. May this day be so happy that smile never fades away from your face. I hope the most special, funny and adorable boys had a wonderful day as they deserve. I'm immensely thankful for all those smiles they give me everyday. I love you guys so much dear. Hope you day is wonderful. Btw My birthday same with you guys. Hope we together healthy, happy, get more love around you, stay positive and always smile dear! Hwaiting together! Happy together!! Enjoy you day guys!! Love you guys so much! Hwaiting! Love you dear! In my heart!

  13. Noor Farhin

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    @Ahnirah Lopez Thank you dear :) ❤ you too. Hwaiting!

  14. Ahnirah Lopez

    Ahnirah LopezHace un día

    Happy Birthday hope u were happy today carat💙💎💫🦋💫🦋💫🦋💫💎💙

  15. Vocamania_629

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  16. huliee e

    huliee eHace un día

    okay but s.coups is hitting different here

  17. hwasa kim

    hwasa kimHace un día

    Hoshi is legit THEE biggest bias wrecker UWU stapppp

  18. Shee R.

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  19. Shee R.

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  20. Jimuel Bredrick

    Jimuel BredrickHace un día

    Calling all 4.52M seventeen channel subscribers and 807K likers of this video, can we stream FEAR daily every 6pm?

  21. • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped Junhao

    • SEVENTEEN • got me so whipped JunhaoHace un día

    Happy birthday Vernon and DK. We love you

  22. Sora Dee

    Sora DeeHace un día

    3m more view so we can unlock the new milestone. Who with me?

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  24. Calayna

    CalaynaHace un día

    Saw them in Dallas and if you watch this in 4k - BRUH THEY LITERALLY LOOK THIS GOOD IN REAL LIFE 😭❤️. Let's get it right tho bare faced no make up casual happy bois are best bois 💎❤️ UwU

  25. Chou Ko

    Chou KoHace un día

    Happy Birthday, Dokyomieee, Vernonieee ❤

  26. double w

    double wHace un día

    stan svt, stan wonwoo

  27. devia sinta

    devia sintaHace un día

    Happy birthday dokyeom and vernon~ We love you. I hope your dream come true

  28. Appreciate Dino everyone!!

    Appreciate Dino everyone!!Hace un día

    Goingseventeen is trending on instiz last night after the latest episode got out and some fans from other fandoms praised the members for their creativity and the show itself for showcasing a fun environment and contents. Some of them think that going seventeen should be aired on live television lol 😂 Happy birthday dk and Vernon!!!

  29. Diana Montoya

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  31. Monica Zeng

    Monica ZengHace 2 días

    CARATs, it’s sunshine and Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday today!. Happy Birthday DK/Dokyeom and Vernon!. You guys always make me feel proud. “Don’t Wanna Cry” makes me cry because of how proud I am of SEVENTEEN. (By the way, “Don’t Wanna Cry” is the song that introduced me to SEVENTEEN). Fact: Did you know that “Don’t Wanna Cry” introduced me to SEVENTEEN?. Well, that’s not the point. You guys are so lovely and talented. Dokyeom, your vocals are so angelical and sweet that I could listen to you all day long. You always look so bright, energetic and happy. You’re so cute, why are so lovely?. ~>_

  32. rap vernonie

    rap vernonieHace 2 días

    155.559 Wow I'm late, Happy 27th AND HAPPY *SEOKSOL* DAY love you 0218 bros

  33. Saijad Sahebali

    Saijad SahebaliHace 2 días

    Sick beat

  34. junhui the disrespect

    junhui the disrespectHace 2 días

    dk and seungkwan did a job on those high notes

  35. Lou Lou

    Lou LouHace 2 días

    27.149.755 :)

  36. Hakook HJJK

    Hakook HJJKHace 2 días

    Feliz cumpleaños DK❤️ México~Corea🌺18-Feb-1997♥️👑

  37. Hakook HJJK

    Hakook HJJKHace 2 días

    Feliz cumpleaños Vernon❤️ México~Corea🌺18-Feb-1998♥️👑

  38. 만능 유튜버 리본이

    만능 유튜버 리본이Hace 2 días

    이젠 뒷모습만 봐도알겠어요ㅠㅠ 넘 잔생겼다...♡

  39. 만능 유튜버 리본이

    만능 유튜버 리본이Hace 2 días

    SVT!!!!잘생겼다 세븐틴!!!

  40. woozi's my producer

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  41. woozi's my producer

    woozi's my producerHace 2 días


  42. Abigail Yang

    Abigail YangHace 2 días

    it's so sad to think so many kpoppers don't want to stan svt bc they have a lot of members :(( you're missing out on that much more fun and joy and talent. join before you regret it anyways,, keep str3@ming :))

  43. Appreciate Dino everyone!!

    Appreciate Dino everyone!!Hace un día

    It's their loss for not stanning seventeen... I just thought what's with that reasoning honestly.. In fact in my case, I find it interesting why seventeen has 13 members that's why I became a fan of them and the rest is just history.

  44. Diana Montoya

    Diana MontoyaHace 2 días

    Frankly, that doesn't make me sad. I know that SVT is a group full of talent, with 13 boys who make their dances and their songs really artistic, if people think that seeing many members is a defect, because they miss it. I think people should analyze the groups in a smarter way, but we already know that people only follow the popular ones, whatever they are.

  45. Ana Maria

    Ana MariaHace 2 días

    for me this is one of the best videos and music of 2019

  46. Shee R.

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  47. Shee R.

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  48. Smile Flower

    Smile FlowerHace 2 días

    Okay is it even possible for me to fall in love with this MV and song every time I watch and I'm here literally everyday :D

  49. Its Nanhaz

    Its NanhazHace 2 días

    Imma just say this but the way wonwoo started the song is just-

  50. Vernon loves Red Velvet

    Vernon loves Red VelvetHace 2 días

    Happy birthday Vernon the handsome, talented rapper and our rare precious jewel💎

  51. 볼펜그림

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  52. 17's Minkyeom

    17's MinkyeomHace 2 días

    Happy 218 day ❤️🎉

  53. 一Violet一

    一Violet一Hace 2 días

    I’m here for SeokSol birthday supporting my boys

  54. ɱᥲrshmᥲᥣᥣoᥕ ama o Todoroki

    ɱᥲrshmᥲᥣᥣoᥕ ama o TodorokiHace 2 días

    Happy Vernon and Dk day 🇧🇷❤

  55. Evi Min

    Evi MinHace 2 días

    Happy Vernon and Dk day! I wish you whatever you'd love,I hope you're both healthy and happy

  56. Moon Yoonhan

    Moon YoonhanHace 2 días

    It's great to always see the comments full of people who decided to check SVT out and found them talented. SVT is gaining popularity and I'm living for it!

  57. Nina Maxwell

    Nina MaxwellHace 2 días

    Happy Birthday Vernon and DK!! ❤ May god give you a healthy self satisfying life ahead. May all your unfulfilled desires come true in your journey. May you be successful in each and every step you take and may you both be always happy ❤ Wishing you both an amazing and joyous day.💕 Make sure to have a blast and keep smiling ♡ Carats Love You And Will Always Keep Supporting You ❤Love You Hansol and Seokmin💕 #HappyVernonDay #HappyDKDay #DK #VERNON #218BroDay P.S So gald I decided to became a carat and support this Outstanding Group Love you all SVT Remember to take care and stay healthy and also rest well💕 :)) Hey fam how's everyone doing? I hope everyone's doing good 1 more month for my exams then I'll be back to stream with y'all Fighting Remember to eat healthy and take care have an amazing week fam take care Hwaiting ❤

  58. Varshaa Hurdoss

    Varshaa HurdossHace 2 días

    2:00 to 2:04 😍😍😍 #happyVernonday

  59. Thisa Vidya

    Thisa VidyaHace 2 días

    Happy Birthday to Dk & Vernon!

  60. Maham Rafique

    Maham RafiqueHace 2 días

    got one question where i can watch "one fine day in japan " with subs and good quality ???

  61. Appreciate Dino everyone!!

    Appreciate Dino everyone!!Hace 2 días

    Here: www.like17subs.com/directory.html -scroll down a little bit and you can already find the subs for OFD in Japan.... They all have subs in almost all seventeen related videos so if you have free time, you can watch them sometime 😊

  62. Xiuminsgf

    XiuminsgfHace 2 días

    2:01 when i died

  63. Ari Park

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  64. 선희

    선희Hace 2 días

    윤정한 이랑 조슈아 비쥬얼 개돌았다 ㅅㅂ 이미 다 씹어먹었다

  65. Jeonghan stan

    Jeonghan stanHace 2 días

    Cant wait for going seventeen episode today!

  66. Appreciate Dino everyone!!

    Appreciate Dino everyone!!Hace 3 días

    *Fancafe* An advertiser got into fancafe and promote some lending money(?) and our sexy boo commented that he'll take care of the post and told carats to not click on the link given. Boo even said that the fancafe's requirements to enter needs to be harder so that people like this couldn't get in. Imagine if this is wv.. Pledis you still have a chance to compromise

  67. Smile Flower

    Smile FlowerHace 2 días

    I know the boys won't like it there... The whole thing is weird like why tf pledis would do that? Why now?!! Idk I just wanna protect them

  68. Appreciate Dino everyone!!

    Appreciate Dino everyone!!Hace 2 días

    @Thisa Vidya lol 😂

  69. Thisa Vidya

    Thisa VidyaHace 2 días

    😂🤣Our SEXY BOO Kicking bu** of spamers. If members get a chance to set fancafe rules we'll have to cram every Gose/IF/Inside SEVENTEEN episode things + no one gonna qualify if JH set the problems(You know he got sexy brain) 😱


    FLUFFY SOONYOUNG!!Hace 3 días