Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu`


  1. Schiz

    SchizHace 20 horas

    Why is everyone hating on this, this is actually not bad

  2. Lightning

    LightningHace 20 horas

    It's just like a guy is talking about something and he played a Metallica CD in the background

  3. Lightning

    LightningHace 20 horas


  4. lordsolkim

    lordsolkimHace 2 días

    Biggest piece of CRAP!!! THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!

  5. Sean Shamblin

    Sean ShamblinHace 2 días

    Who's responsible for this? Was it an experiment to just see if it would sell because of the names? Fuck me.

  6. Sean Shamblin

    Sean ShamblinHace 2 días


  7. Gerónimo Diaz

    Gerónimo DiazHace 2 días

    Reminds me Gainesville GA , don't know why.

  8. TurboFritz2

    TurboFritz2Hace 2 días

    I got the master of puppets vibe in this one - this should be huge.

  9. Luis lima

    Luis limaHace 3 días

    Caramba, isso é muito ruim!!!!

  10. James Satterfield

    James SatterfieldHace 4 días

    Pretty groovy tbh

  11. tyler4tado

    tyler4tadoHace 6 días

    This is a masterpiece. David Bowie was right. This album and Death Grips influenced Blackstar. It's among the most anomalistic and strange and uncompromising avant-garde metal albums to ever exist.

  12. Jason kH

    Jason kHHace 8 días

    I remember this album being worse when it first came out, but it was probably more a matter of being young and easily swayed by the opinions in music publications as gospel. I actually really dig this now.

  13. ashbyd00

    ashbyd00Hace 9 días

    Not an awful listen at all. Sure, you have to be in the mood. But some good riffs, off the walls lyrics, and a bit of head knodding metal never hurt anyone.

  14. Lulu Poopie Stinky Diaper Head

    Lulu Poopie Stinky Diaper HeadHace 9 días

    my name lulu

  15. Brad Gary

    Brad GaryHace 12 días

    Your gay

  16. WWF Attitude

    WWF AttitudeHace 13 días

    This really sucks...

  17. Than The Drummer

    Than The DrummerHace 13 días

    Doctor: You have 1:17:51 not to live Me:

  18. Carlos Eduardo

    Carlos EduardoHace 14 días

    Esse álbum dos muito Johnny Cash

  19. Scott Gregory

    Scott GregoryHace 18 días

    "Iced Honey" has a nice riff to it and would make a decient track if they weren't trying to catch butterflies 😒

  20. KONO DIO DA!

    KONO DIO DA!Hace 19 días

    es un puto chiste este album por eso tiene de categoria comedia XD

  21. Kelly Jackson

    Kelly JacksonHace 20 días

    LOL U

  22. James 12345

    James 12345Hace 23 días

    Most unnecessary album in history

  23. Gyrator Gilles

    Gyrator GillesHace 25 días

    14:41 LOL did you here his little grunt

  24. 00100010 000

    00100010 000Hace 26 días

    Holy shit this sounds so good

  25. Jaidyn Headford

    Jaidyn HeadfordHace 26 días

    I like the the last Chorus too Cheat On Me. 39:15

  26. Jaidyn Headford

    Jaidyn HeadfordHace 26 días

    I actually enjoy this album when i go for walks on certain days. Imo once yous listen too an album more and more you get familiar with it and enjoy it. It's probably not like that with all Albums in the World.

  27. miko1975guitar

    miko1975guitarHace 27 días

    Always believed Lou had a secret hate for Metallica and he trolled them with this rubbish and he did so in the most obvious way possible. They are so pigshit thick and too busy being fanboys they didn’t even see it.

  28. Soul Burned

    Soul BurnedHace 27 días

    This isn't a Metallica album, it was one of Lou Reed's art projects.

  29. Carlos David Jaimes

    Carlos David JaimesHace 29 días

    Best metallica's album *EVER*

  30. Hidetaka Koizumi

    Hidetaka KoizumiHace un mes

    "i will cut my legs and tits of when i think of boris karloff and kinski in the dark of the moon" no idea what you mean lou but that is a great way to start an album

  31. Mr. J4son N3wkid

    Mr. J4son N3wkidHace un mes

    Guys I'm scared. I'm scared af, someone please send help :)

  32. Dr Alfred Carroll

    Dr Alfred CarrollHace un mes

    Is it just me or is this fantastic (in it's own bizarre wonky way)?

  33. Putin

    PutinHace un mes

    Cliff rolling in his grave rn

  34. Putin

    PutinHace un mes

    New metallica fan, been hammering MOP, ride the lining and justice for all. Just heard this and hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaha this has to be a troll

  35. Jamie

    JamieHace un mes

    This sounds like Ram Ranch

  36. AHA

    AHAHace un mes

    23:40 please, don't do it with "disposable heroes"... 😢

  37. Victor Rocha

    Victor RochaHace un mes

    Lwhat Uthe Lfuck is Uthat?

  38. Widget Wodget

    Widget WodgetHace un mes

    As someone who likes The Velvet Underground and not Metallica, I might get this at some point but ehhh it doesnt really work

  39. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last NameHace un mes

    2 bad bands at the valley of their careers

  40. Greg Secrist

    Greg SecristHace un mes

    It's Lou Reed. What did you expect, Master of Puppets? Appreciate it for what it is or move on.

  41. Valter Luiz Silva

    Valter Luiz SilvaHace un mes

    Uma lenda do rock...ajudando a criar outra lenda,magnifico Lou..até no fim foi grandioso,música com alma e conteúdo

  42. Hotsaucedeluxe

    HotsaucedeluxeHace un mes

    Lou Reed stinks

  43. fabian mejia posada

    fabian mejia posadaHace un mes

    lou reed no murio metallica lo mato con ese acompañamiento

  44. Jr

    JrHace un mes

    Get the narration part out and I will listen to it.

  45. TSMG

    TSMGHace un mes

    8:26 Thank me later...

  46. Erik Hansen

    Erik HansenHace un mes

    All of the haters don't realize that Lou has pretty much created at 10 different types of bands since back in the day. Check out Nico! Now they're giving him shit, even though the guys from Metallica love what they have done with him. You dumbfucks who talk shit about him know nothing about music.

  47. Skippy

    SkippyHace 2 meses

    This is absolute SHIT!

  48. Nekusa

    NekusaHace 2 meses

    if "anti climactic" was an album.

  49. Sarah Owens

    Sarah OwensHace 2 meses

    The fact that this soft girl mannequin would probably have hairy armpits if her arms weren't cut off is a statement

  50. Владимир Шахмеликьян

    Владимир ШахмеликьянHace 2 meses


  51. Ricardo Alatorre Gtz. de Velasco

    Ricardo Alatorre Gtz. de VelascoHace 2 meses

    This album is great.

  52. How to win. Facts.

    How to win. Facts.Hace 2 meses

    take 1 whole way thorough

  53. Mate Jebach

    Mate JebachHace 2 meses

    Better than any other Metallica album after Reload.

  54. Zack Martin

    Zack MartinHace 2 meses

    Mate Jebach hardwire.... to self destruct?

  55. walter andres Maggi

    walter andres MaggiHace 2 meses

    the cat is under the table

  56. Cool Gamer

    Cool GamerHace 2 meses

    I played this to Nirvana ... Now it is Limp Bizkit😓😓

  57. Sebastián Manero

    Sebastián ManeroHace 2 meses

    I love this album!!!

  58. XGriff_ins_ Klo

    XGriff_ins_ KloHace 2 meses

    velvet underground, john cale, nico, lou reed, GIANTS for experimantel music. You love them, you like this! It is just a form of musical art!

  59. Jeff553 Studios

    Jeff553 StudiosHace 2 meses

    The first thing I hear makes me barf

  60. Cesar Kuznezov

    Cesar KuznezovHace 2 meses

    Una obra de arte

  61. Red Hot Chili Paper

    Red Hot Chili PaperHace 2 meses

    We all make mistakes in the heat of passion, Jimbo

  62. 50 cent's Financial Advisor

    50 cent's Financial AdvisorHace 2 meses

    this album is the act of drunk calling your ex at a live concert.