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    Made me cry bro


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    Obrigado, amigo!

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    Well, I'm fucked.

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    Great! How do I uninstall?

  7. Macaco Louco

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    Lonely is a choice.

  8. Lion King

    Lion KingHace 15 minutos

    This video described me and the way im dealing with things in my life the last 8 years (mostly)... But i know everyone is hostile with me... i... i can see how evil they are in their eyes and attitude towards me... every day... every time... Could all this just be my imagination?!

  9. Krista Monae

    Krista MonaeHace 15 minutos

    How do you know my life. Who told you? I need answers 😂😂😂💕 loved this video.

  10. Marc Boutilier

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    The animation got better. Also I love the backround music.

  11. ike eki

    ike ekiHace 15 minutos

    alienation is the biggest problem of post-industrialized society. alienation from others, alienation from the products of our labor, etc.

  12. SAF1981

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    Why are there so many people with Terminator faces making comments on ESreporter!?

  13. Crocodile Z

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    I would say that this video just came out at the right time, but truth is that probably any time would be good since this has been an everyday feeling for a long long time...

  14. Lol kek

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    You can try to ignore it. All your other feelings go. Loneliness is the last to go and then you are just a shell of a human being living in a world full of people who feel and all you can do is look on without understanding as to how anyone could hold onto their feelings for so long when all they felt like was unending pain.

  15. Mak Mak

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    Here comes bullshit beggers. You fuck nuts getting $40K every month still crying like nitpits bullpits chicktits.

  16. JoeK

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    That’s why video games and online gaming are awesome. I’m literally using my social skills like 24/7...

  17. The Stiliboy

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    Damn, so true

  18. Dustin Eward

    Dustin EwardHace 15 minutos

    Being alone and loneliness are not the same thing. I spend most if my life in total isolation, and I rather enjoy it. I like me. Lonely is what you feel when, 1) you're alone and, 2) you know yourself to be a bad person. It does no good to socialize with mental defectives, no matter how popular that mental defective may be. That's what leads to social collapse and democide... I rather like being excluded by degenerates...

  19. Shr00m

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    Ah Christ, I didn't come here to be personally attacked.

  20. Chester Rico

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    I'll reach out some other time, my friends don't seem to appreciate drunken texts at 2 AM for whatever reason...

  21. Lily Harutiunian

    Lily HarutiunianHace 15 minutos

    Please do a video talking about procrastination ! People will really want to know more about it since we basically procrastinate on ESreporter and will click the most relatable content to watch. I would appreciate it. 👍🏻

  22. Elijah Phillips

    Elijah PhillipsHace 15 minutos

    cultural revolution. the conservative always dies. gets left in the past. you might be left in the past and hate your friends for moving on to a retarded future. also you have a higher intelligence.. your skeptical of stupid ideas because you naturally know the answer. its called rationalism.. Albert Einstein, Testla, and many more people who have high IQs, they have an isolation trate.. but the profession they take on, they become experts... they natirally pick up the skill far faster than someone trying to learn in.. dont reach out.. youll get your guns take and labeled a terrorist by a fisa court pact.. they will look at your online profile of you like your a terrorist.. think outside the box.. chinas the knew world bank. americas 22 trillion in debt... we are changing our culture to conserve for these changes.. happens a lot through out history and people like secretes are born.. asking why are people such idiots

  23. Andy Wolf

    Andy WolfHace 16 minutos

    not really , we evolve

  24. Sophia Loves

    Sophia LovesHace 16 minutos

    This made me really sad because it reminded me of how fake all my “friends” are 😔 they only care about being popular

  25. Stephanie Itzel

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    Good video!

  26. Ella Kendrick

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    Wow. #1 on trending and it's a video on loneliness. Ironic, anybody?

  27. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken NuggetHace 16 minutos

    I feel suicidal daily. How can I go on knowing I am nothing but a nugget. Knowing I am always a arms reach away from being eaten by some fat slob of a human. 😞

  28. Infectious Frostbite

    Infectious FrostbiteHace 16 minutos

    A lot of people here claim that they're lonely and have no friends, but I'm calling BS. None of you know loneliness like I do, none of you.

  29. manny sandoval

    manny sandovalHace 16 minutos

    This channel always comes out with fire content. Love y’all.

  30. TJO HD

    TJO HDHace 16 minutos

    I’ve moved to another place away from friends and family and where I spent my whole life I can’t drive yet so getting back is hard if I didn’t have work and my parents I’d be completely lonely

  31. Frighten

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    _She's so lucky, she's a star..._

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    Mui bom.

  33. Bits of Pulp

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    No, It's romance, then Netflix, then kids.

  34. Krista Trees

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    Oh boy wake up call am I right

  35. Gigi V.

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    Why was this video literally describing me

  36. Quiet Storm Clasher

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    Aw hell nah, my brain listens to me frick my social needs, I’m eating icecream, and playing mariokart.

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  38. Hank Hill

    Hank HillHace 17 minutos

    This feels like an anti suicide campaign. Can we get some actually good content, instead of trying to make sad lonely freaks feel better. If you watched this video and now you feel like being a sad lonely freak is normal then you are a beta and will die alone.

  39. Diego B. Eller

    Diego B. EllerHace 17 minutos

    I love this channel, it's so inspiring and informative, also the drawnings and the explanation is outstanding. Thank you for your work!

  40. GrumpyCat992

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    Good job on #1 trending!!

  41. Slate Warrior

    Slate WarriorHace 17 minutos

    Most people are trash anyways, they will drain your energy then when you need help, they will just leave you suffering. Don't need that shit in my life. Just choose to hang with like minded people that are not negative or toxic in any way and you will live the happiest life ever.

  42. Brandan Novak (coolme16405)

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    Let us be lonely together.

  43. NvF Mirai

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    Why is this on the recommended again?

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    John Cachopo y Will Fabada

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    Lel my life

  46. Plokko

    PlokkoHace 17 minutos

    The most dangerous aspect in modern times is that lonliness is seen almost as shameful because you're EXPECTED to be happy like "everyone else": we're expected to be popular and social, everyone shares on social media how they're great in life and had a good timeevery day when most of the times is only a lie. I think this facade lead to be more lonley both who compare his life with "social media lies" and sees himself as unfit and also for who's addicted to continuing this masquerade to fool himself to being happy.


    COOOKIESHace 17 minutos

    This is like the only time I watch a #1 trending video

  48. henriqueUME

    henriqueUMEHace 17 minutos

    Legal o video mas acho que tem mais haver com exclusão do que solidão. Você querer se isolar de más amizades é natural, as pessoas se deixa envolver pelas aparências enquanto algumas se envolve pelas atitudes e justamente esse o problema hoje em dia, as pessoas não valoriza mais a pessoa pelo o que ela pensa, acredita e pelas atitudes. A individualidade e o egoismo se tornou tão grande que não importa mais o que o individuo pensa e sim o que o individuo desperta no outro, se desperta desejo ter tudo se não desperta nada a pessoa é "descartável". O ser humano precisa entender o proximo pra conseguir entender o mundo ou viverá apenas na sua bolha de "sonhos"...

  49. deadeaded

    deadeadedHace 18 minutos

    This is the "cigarettes cause cancer" of my generation. We ignore the existence of human nature, and it destroys our mental health. Future generations will look back on things like facebook and say "what were they thinking?"

  50. Geethika Reddy

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    No.1 on trending... So more people are lonely!!!!

  51. Bill Dauterive

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    Well...I cant relate enough to this

  52. Maya _is_quaking

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    you didn’t have to call me out 😔

  53. cameron Gibbs

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    I'm from Australia where are you from

  54. RexTGun

    RexTGunHace 18 minutos

    whenever I get nervous or hesitant about any interaction I just remind myself that there's nothing to lose, absolute worse case scenario things don't go well and I will continue to be alone as would happen either way, but best case scenario I make some new friends and ultimately gain

  55. Karlo Razumović

    Karlo RazumovićHace 18 minutos

    I never actually felt lonely, but damn I can relate to every behavioural pattern. Its wake up time!

  56. Charlie Shaw

    Charlie ShawHace 18 minutos

    Ngl I have of friends and gr8 family but just cus I don’t a boyf makes me feel so lonely sometimes

  57. Th30r3t1ca1 phy51c5

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    By the way, is it weird if I listen to "alone again, naturally" more than 30 times a day....ice age 3 version and normal version?

  58. Cocko The Clown

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    It's true that I don't have friend but, I don't care cause I got the best girlfriend in the World! Her name is RIGHT HAND.

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    1.7K lonely people dislike this video...

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    Well, I've always liked danger🤷‍♀️

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    #1 on trending

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    8 milllllion contracts

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    Yes, I feel lonely :/

  64. SN Project

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    Oh geez, is it possible that most conspiracy theorists are just people suffering from loneliness?

  65. Gary H.

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    watching this made me lonely lmao

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    On my screen I was 8th million sub I've been a sub for a while but I subed to be the 8th million

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    My excuse to not hang out with friends is this video is that ok

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    Thanks Kurzgesagt!

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    Pq esta esto en tendencias, cuando deberia haber otra cosa mejor

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    Really good approach to the topic and thx for provide the sources. Great video!!

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    im lonely im sad

  72. Ananda Gaire

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    During the entire video, I didn't see any animation because I was picturing myself in that place. Thank you for this amazing video.

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    Hahahahahahahahahah im fucked

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    *I'm not lonely... I have my phone*

  75. calCR09

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    This video explains perfectly how I currently feel, it's good to feel understood.. Thanks for the advices!

  76. Nein herman

    Nein hermanHace 19 minutos

    This is the first time I've been afraid of watching one of your videos because it hits so close to home. I'm glad I watched it anyways.

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    Why is this trending

  79. Misty Moments

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    Watch my self love videos for tips to feel better. xoxo misty

  80. thisisanalt

    thisisanaltHace 19 minutos

    Not gonna lie, I am guilty of some of the self destructive 'feedback loop' of loneliness described in this video, but putting that aside I've honestly been alone my entire life, had loner tendencies since I was very young, been betrayed by my closest friends, repeatedly, for trivial reasons to the point where I ended up just slowly drifting social groups, usually being the quiet introspective one who didn't contribute to decisions being made. One of the upsides, if there is such a thing, of constantly self criticising is I ended up not blaming others for my lack of a social life, at some point I realised it was to some extent it was my fault, so I ended up not interpreting social interactions as hostile, because I didn't assume the worst about the person approaching me for whatever reason, but I never opened up to others either, so I managed to avoid the trap of being defensive in social situations but still fell into the traps of rather being anywhere else other than a social situation, even dropping out of parties, leaving wedding receptions early (if I could), and so on. It means I am very functional at nearly every other necessary aspect of life so thats good at least. I am now in a state of long term depression, so long now I have long since considered it normal, but a year ago it got so bad that I eventually bit the bullet, swallowed my pride and went to get help despite my suspicion of psychologists. I am sad to say it did not work out for me, turns out antidepressants are literally the fucking worst if you don't get the right kind the first time around (or in my case have a potential genetic incompatibility with it) and the best course of action is to try multiple kinds one after the other each course recommending an even longer dosage than the last recommendation to see any positive effects emerge and all I got out of it was some part of my brain on the left hand side feeling actually physically number than before (never mind the utterly PLEASANT effects the pills had on me while I was on them). I'm not knocking them if they do work for you, but from personal experience, I am never fucking trying them again, I would rather live with the depression than go through that shit for the rest of my life. Again, don't take my word as being against them if they do work for you, like I said I might just have a rare 'fuck you' mutation with regards to them in general. All that aside, I am surprised the video made NO link between the omnipresence of social media overtaking actual interaction might be contributing to the loneliness, but whatever.

  81. Chloe Lawson

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    I appreciate this video. This topic should be discussed more than it is. The fact this is #1 on trending is proof enough.

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    Happy 8 million!!

  83. Georgie Naylor

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    Even though I go through this a lot I still can’t even be brave enough to Speak to people or say a certain topic to friends I hope their not fake 😞

  84. Sight of Life

    Sight of LifeHace 19 minutos

    I have an idea how about all 7 billion people jump in to the ocean not only will we meet new people but discover more of.

  85. Tythonus

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    I’m mad at how accurate this is

  86. Lol kek

    Lol kekHace 19 minutos

    Alone is the only place I can be comfortable. It use to hurt but in an odd way that pain has become the only comfort I can accept. The only friendship I have is with someone who at times I just feel like wants to use me and we only tolerate each other because there is no one else to talk to. We only met in person a few times while they visited, but other than that I am alone.

  87. Lol kek

    Lol kekHace 18 minutos

    Other friendships just consist of unanswered messages with the occasional okay or hmm but after a while it is easy to leave a one-sided relationship.

  88. Leah Old

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    The fact this is number one on trending shows how much we all suffer from this as a society without showing it

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    8 million woooo

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    Thank you for this!

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    Depression eats me alive watching this.

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    When your lonely asfuq then kurzgegat releases this video

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    So true...

  94. Everyday youtube user

    Everyday youtube userHace 20 minutos

    I am a very lonely person despite growing up in a very socially cohesive culture which hates individuality.

  95. Jason Singh

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    Anyone out there feeling lonely you can do this! I have been there just build those connections

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    Number 1 on trending. Seems like a pretty big epidemic.

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    Daaaamn a lot of lonely people out there... Sorry for your pain. Feel Better :)

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    We are not all alone! If someone that’s feels lonely like you do then your not the only one . Lonely is a rare gift to some

  99. Tay

    TayHace 20 minutos

    To say loneliness will kill me at the same rate as smoking a pack a day is absolutely ridiculous. I've made a point to never do weed or take drugs or anything that my body wasn't meant to receive, and I even exercise sometimes. What the fuck am I supposed to do if i'm lonely? I'm not equal to cigarette smokers. I found that statement offensive and struggle to accept it as scientifically accurate. Natural brain chemicals are different than pollutants in your lungs.

  100. thorjelly

    thorjellyHace 20 minutos

    "I'm lonely, and you're lonely. But, together, we're lonely together." My all time favorite futurama quote.

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    I know I'm not alone... We'll that's what I try to believe plz like one like will make me smile..

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    Even if i have friends, i still feel isolated and useless.

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    The title of this video is the definition of my life.

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    So uh I guess I’m dying really fast

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    Yeah same here