Lil Tjay - One Take (Official Audio)


  1. Kaden Mcguire

    Kaden McguireHace 2 horas

    U not an og u like 11

  2. nvArtyyy

    nvArtyyyHace 3 horas

    “Ion need you I’ll be great”

  3. Phillip Rivas

    Phillip RivasHace 6 horas

    We need a music video ASAP

  4. Elmer Hawk

    Elmer HawkHace 7 horas


  5. lol girl101

    lol girl101Hace 10 horas

    Lil Tjay never disappoints, let’s keep it that way 🔝

  6. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneHace 11 horas

    This nigga snap on g bih🔥🔥

  7. vxlk

    vxlkHace 15 horas

    Runnin yo mouth I'll have ma niggas run in yo house 😭😭

  8. TrulyFatNuts

    TrulyFatNutsHace 17 horas


  9. Alazeiah Rodela

    Alazeiah RodelaHace 19 horas


  10. Clapz.

    Clapz.Hace 19 horas


  11. Juanelle Howard

    Juanelle HowardHace un día


  12. king kacker

    king kackerHace un día


  13. *Guys*Being* Dudes*

    *Guys*Being* Dudes*Hace un día


  14. Austin Ledford

    Austin LedfordHace un día

    Tjay up next! 💯🔥

  15. saske 60 fps

    saske 60 fpsHace un día


  16. Andrew Artificavitch

    Andrew ArtificavitchHace un día

    I’m going straight to da top watch how I open up shop💪

  17. kellogz the goat

    kellogz the goatHace 2 días

    1v1? Epic!! TheKellogz03 :)

  18. Cookies Alone

    Cookies AloneHace 2 días

    I like how I'm the first person to comment that it sounds EXACTLY like "did it again" by lil tecca

  19. xhezyx

    xhezyxHace 2 días

    "They say im the new a boogie relax i aint never try to copy ya swag im just tryna put my hood on the map"🔥🗣💯

  20. Obey_VizioNs YT

    Obey_VizioNs YTHace 2 días

    Favorite album of the year !!!

  21. ►Waster◄

    ►Waster◄Hace 2 días

    goat 2 ?

  22. DomThaDon

    DomThaDonHace 2 días


  23. Kyle Michailoff

    Kyle MichailoffHace 2 días

    Best Lil Tjay song

  24. Shayen Anthony

    Shayen AnthonyHace 2 días

    Has lil Tjay ever made a bad song?

  25. sweartagod -

    sweartagod -Hace 2 días


  26. sweartagod -

    sweartagod -Hace 2 días


  27. Antonio Martins

    Antonio MartinsHace 2 días

    like if lil tjay better than lil uzi vert

  28. Cboy YT

    Cboy YTHace 2 días

    Anyone in Rochester agree that tjay should come here?

  29. John Evan

    John EvanHace 5 horas


  30. Lana Aaamber

    Lana AaamberHace 2 días

    I got potential to ball like im mike ....

  31. Sima Ghulam

    Sima GhulamHace 2 días


  32. Νίκος Ντίλης

    Νίκος ΝτίληςHace 2 días

    drippy song alerttt

  33. T.J Henderson

    T.J HendersonHace 3 días

    I used to listen to this song all the time but it had a completely different beat to it with way more bass and I can’t find it anywhere does anyone know what that version is called

  34. arhams gaming

    arhams gamingHace 3 días

    congrats on you 1 million subs

  35. arhams gaming

    arhams gamingHace 3 días


  36. BloxwithBrothers

    BloxwithBrothersHace 3 días

    Your fucking trash

  37. California Mades

    California MadesHace 3 días


  38. Gisel Medrano

    Gisel MedranoHace 3 días

    I really like his song its true talent

  39. Alondra Macias

    Alondra MaciasHace 3 días

    Shit to hard

  40. Yvng J

    Yvng JHace 3 días

    Favorite song of the album

  41. Tanya Baugh

    Tanya BaughHace 3 días

    People who been listening from day one like 👇🏾

  42. Seth Aubin

    Seth AubinHace 3 días


  43. Pinkroly

    PinkrolyHace 3 días

    It's been so long since I've last seen a original comment that I forgot how original comments are 💀

  44. Youngboy AyeXX

    Youngboy AyeXXHace 3 días

    This song was already released it was called the man

  45. yo spahn

    yo spahnHace 3 días

    Been listening to lil tjay for over a year now

  46. Nutella R6

    Nutella R6Hace 14 horas

    Fortnite kid Go make a montage with his music kid

  47. Kvng AJ

    Kvng AJHace 3 días

    if he dont make a one take vid ima off maself

  48. latanya lawson

    latanya lawsonHace 3 días

    He made it to 1mill

  49. ItsNinja 24

    ItsNinja 24Hace 4 días

    This whole album is fire as fuck cant even lie and whoever reads this 2020 will be the best year ever for you hope you get with your crush and you dont even have too like my comment

  50. Ivy Alicia

    Ivy AliciaHace 4 días

    the respect for a boogie YEZZIR LIL jay the Best RAPPER THERE IS

  51. BeastGamer 15

    BeastGamer 15Hace 4 días

    Plz make more songs like brothers

  52. Tim Jallow

    Tim JallowHace 4 días

    “I got potential to ball like I’m Mike”👌

  53. Aramis Sanchez

    Aramis SanchezHace 4 días

    tjay for life:D

  54. sirs Yard podcast

    sirs Yard podcastHace 4 días

    I don't know it all but I know a bit about a bit

  55. isaiahdoeseverything '

    isaiahdoeseverything 'Hace 4 días

    Niggas running they mouth I have my young niggas run in ya house this shit slaps

  56. Ricardo Lopez

    Ricardo LopezHace 4 días


  57. Jayden Obst

    Jayden ObstHace 5 días

    Great song

  58. The Almighty Rose

    The Almighty RoseHace 5 días

    Wasn’t this song already out? Or was it it leaked cuz this shit sound so familiar

  59. Zaxqi

    ZaxqiHace 5 días


  60. Corey Brown

    Corey BrownHace 5 días

    Follow me @corey2sturdy

  61. James Robertson

    James RobertsonHace 5 días

    This kids energy is on another level.

  62. Mariama Sow

    Mariama SowHace 5 días

    Lil tjay is the best rapper I hope he make it were he want to or make it to the top

  63. AFN Cc

    AFN CcHace 6 días

    Damn N**ga From my hood gone crazy asf