Lele Pons' AMIGOS Somehow Got Worse...


  1. Ben

    BenHace un día

    I laughed more at the gnome joke then the entire friends series.

  2. PlayerN

    PlayerNHace un día

    Brandon Rogers can copy every single joke here and actually make it funny

  3. CarlosJoystick

    CarlosJoystickHace 2 días

    LELE PONS IS VENEZUELAN!? WHAT THE FUCK!? I can see why we deserve these 20 years of socialism.

  4. Raustin TX

    Raustin TXHace 3 días

    Hannah stocking speaking Spanish sounds like little anakin skywalker speaking alien

  5. Emilia Skinner

    Emilia SkinnerHace 4 días

    666k veiw

  6. Imaru Lewis

    Imaru LewisHace 5 días

    Why does the sand robot look like one of the machines from nier: automata?

  7. CupOfIceTea

    CupOfIceTeaHace 6 días

    4:25 ok that made me laugh

  8. Futurezzgaming

    FuturezzgamingHace 7 días

    How to commit war crimes episode 2 Step 1. Obtain a “volunteer” from the enemy forces Step 2. Turn on trashy rip off on ESreporter Step 3. Make the “volunteer” watch the ripoff until he is emotionally nullified and can be manipulated The only downside to this is that there is a 50% chance of the “volunteer” having a psychotic breakdown and dying

  9. Sarah fanpop

    Sarah fanpopHace 8 días

    I watched almost all of their Vines and most of them r funny because they r really relatable to what we do in real life. But for this, I only watch the first episode, to be honest, I was really confused, I couldn't find any relatable content to what we actually do in events with our friends, and I agree this is like a ripped off from "Friends". So sorry, I love them but I should think they really need to work on their writing for this, and avoid using repeats of their personalities. Yes we get it, one is dumb, one has a crush and others I am not really sure what their personalities are. Maybe that's why we don't really get their jokes, since we don't really know what are their personalities for us to recognize. Like Rick and Morty, u can tell that Rick is a genius,an alcoholic and care less about anyone while Morty is more to a less confident teen trying to lived out the adventures together, he stutters. We immediately recognize their personality traits and we can expect to see Rick insulting Morty and even his family, and we also focus on the jokes that he makes other than figuring out what's his character. I am not saying that it's perfect but atleast we can get abit of humor in it. They r great actors and influencer especially in a tech world nowadays but I think if they work more into their content and their character development. I think it would be a success. For now, I think we just stick to the vine videos

  10. NuclearCoffee

    NuclearCoffeeHace 9 días

    Elvis I'm sorry. I tried to watch this whole video but I could not suffer by watching Amigos any longer.

  11. pink rat

    pink ratHace 10 días

    wow that was racist holy shit. what made them think that was a good idea

  12. HasbroGaming R

    HasbroGaming RHace 10 días

    What’s sad is that I go to that beach

  13. W33DB1X

    W33DB1XHace 11 días

    Hailing from a specific heritage is not a personality trait

  14. Ehh

    EhhHace 11 días

    That one gnome joke was funnier then the hole of lele’s “comedy”””’”’””‘career”’”’”’’”’”’”’


    PURPLEY PRESENTHace 11 días

    PURPLEY, PRESENT here leaving a view.

  16. Rick60 Noscope

    Rick60 NoscopeHace 12 días

    You know what the best part is. This shit always gets on trending

  17. Innercity Explorer

    Innercity ExplorerHace 13 días

    A good thing to dress would have been just how culturally insensitive the 2nd episode was. Not just how it wasn't "funny". But aye🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. Vincent

    VincentHace 13 días

    Did i just get gnomed?

  19. Callinater

    CallinaterHace 13 días

    Ah yes! My favourite show of all time: shitty ESreporterr review!

  20. CC

    CCHace 14 días




    Their comedic time is shit.

  22. Aaron Thomas

    Aaron ThomasHace 14 días

    The S in amigos stands for shit, and the f stands for funny, and the a stands for atrocious, and the e stands for epic.

  23. Hannah Eubanks

    Hannah EubanksHace 14 días

    This guy looks like Robin Hood from Shrek

  24. Spring David

    Spring DavidHace 14 días

    "Amigos" is literally "Friends" in Spanish and Portuguese

  25. kztar621

    kztar621Hace 16 días

    Lele Pons is like melanoma, the ugliest form of cancer.

  26. YeetusMemeus

    YeetusMemeusHace 17 días

    They stole the whole seeing that guy's balls from Friends too 😂 I don't remember what episode it was

  27. American Ajumma

    American AjummaHace 19 días

    It’s like that show “it’s so Rachel” from glee

  28. R. Alisha

    R. AlishaHace 19 días

    You think lele tries so hard to make it known she’s latina because when she was younger she was bullied for not being Latina enough?

  29. Gallo 22

    Gallo 22Hace 20 días

    Hannah’s Spanish is the the worse thing I have ever heard 😆 y ears are bleeding

  30. sendawa

    sendawaHace 21 un día

    These episodes are the whole circus

  31. Super M's

    Super M'sHace 22 días

    4:27 lol

  32. R F

    R FHace 24 días

    Guys don't let this distract you from the fact that Lele Pons is latina

  33. BoiledMushroom

    BoiledMushroomHace 25 días

    Ay man my nipples are so fucking hard I can cut ice with these mother fuckers

  34. Jose Soto

    Jose SotoHace 25 días

    At 4:21 hannah screams me gusta el huevo, which means i like eggs but in Venezuela (where lele is from) it'd mean i love dick and I want to believe that is some sort of reference to that but I doubt they're good enough to think about it

  35. Blueee

    BlueeeHace 26 días

    they should use pick up line that work like " does this smell a chloroform ? " ATLEAST IT WOULD BE FUNNY

  36. Kidney Function is not a right, its a privilege

    Kidney Function is not a right, its a privilegeHace 27 días

    shes the worst

  37. Lara Lara

    Lara LaraHace 28 días

    I think they're trying to make Hana the stupid friend who at times is actually smart It's do bad and I hate it

  38. TheAraCriminal

    TheAraCriminalHace un mes

    kidnapped by an *indian* , i am an indian and i find that line damn fricking funny . wtf dude? , how can u even think that? lmao , i comit kipnad now cya

  39. Salome A

    Salome AHace un mes

    I believe it should be very offensive for native-americans (“indians”) that those people are literally making fun of their language and saying something banana. WTF

  40. Salome A

    Salome AHace un mes

    you made me laugh more than any amigos “episode”.

  41. Ghostly

    GhostlyHace un mes

    Honestly I don't acc mind Hannah stocking in these. Her acting is a Little stupid, goofy and not really good in general. But she's playing a weird character that comes off stupid most of the time but strangely seems to be great at everything (pheobe). So it works out for her compared to the rest of them. Lele's brother is by far the worst one out of them all for me. And that says alot cause theyre equally All not good.

  42. The Rebellious Retard

    The Rebellious RetardHace un mes

    It would be funny if ICE showed up on beach day and threw these "comedians" into metal el-cage-o's

  43. Kenpachi Zaraki

    Kenpachi ZarakiHace un mes

    It's winter but they're wearing shorts and see through?

  44. Alisha Joyner

    Alisha JoynerHace un mes

    this is like one of sitcoms on pbs.

  45. Shrek did 911

    Shrek did 911Hace un mes

    Its winter *laugh track*

  46. AdamG1983

    AdamG1983Hace un mes

    No one: Nobody at all: Lele Pons: *I'm A LaTiNa CoMeDy LeGeNd*

  47. liam ferns

    liam fernsHace un mes

    Wacky shenanigans afoot! Woooooooooo these are some crazy amigos!!

  48. Ramdom Commenter

    Ramdom CommenterHace un mes

    The only way this show would be acceptible is if it turned into HCP.

  49. Nighthawk 117

    Nighthawk 117Hace un mes

    you play the Mexican hat dance song over the Spanish flag. I guess Mexico and Spain are the same country now? Kind of like England and the U.S are the same country because they technically speak the same language, despite being on completely different continents.

  50. Rukeyuhade

    RukeyuhadeHace un mes

    It bothers me to see JuanPa in these dumbass Lele Pons videos because he was actually a decent, serious actor in Luis Miguel: La Serie (it’s on netflix)

  51. Julea San

    Julea SanHace un mes

    I've forgot that Lele is Latina so as a brazillian i read the title and was like "waaaaaaaattttttttt???" (Because we have "amigos" in our vocabulary too)

  52. grzedzic

    grzedzicHace un mes

    So you're telling me Hannah Stocking didn't decide on wearing the bikini cause she thinks she looks good?

  53. Benedetta Baroni

    Benedetta BaroniHace un mes

    What is that offensive shit with the “native tribe”

  54. L&M Show

    L&M ShowHace un mes

    Stupido doesn’t even mean stupid.. stupid is tonto/tonta, in this case it would be tonta

  55. Evan A1

    Evan A1Hace un mes

    Huh I tickled myself to force a laugh

  56. Blue Bird

    Blue BirdHace un mes

    Thank you for watching this so that I don't have to.

  57. Constança Páris

    Constança PárisHace un mes

    Why is that girl speaking Spanish?

  58. squints alcantara

    squints alcantaraHace un mes

    if this is for kids, or so we'd think because anyone over the age of 8 is hopeful smart enough to see how sc stupid it is, why is Hannah is such a revealing swimsuit and than show massive underboob in the sand throwing scene? JS

  59. Sandere

    SandereHace un mes

    Next thing is the new name "HOMIES"

  60. Beary Me¿¿

    Beary Me¿¿Hace un mes

    If they hire a writer not only would their content make sense but theyd have to pay someone.also.building and making that robot,are they inviting nerd city to tear them apart