Legal Immigration: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Sebastian Rojas

    Sebastian RojasHace un día

    Why are there more restrictions for legal immigration then gun control

  2. mapki

    mapkiHace un día

    To play the devils advocate (and honestly there's not a lot of people that I hate more than Trump) that girl's English isn't perfect and it's like she's saying "they KEPT them". It makes sense why he would ask where are they now

  3. adhi sekar

    adhi sekarHace un día

    Dear America, Please don't fix your immigration system Yours truly, Bangalore

  4. matthewcong

    matthewcongHace 2 días

    The Republicans want to stop non-whites from settling in the US because they know that decrease their already dwindling power base among xenophobic whites. Pure and simple.

  5. Quentin Shock

    Quentin ShockHace 3 días

    Chain migration? Does he mean when we brought blacks over in Chains

  6. Bubbles !!

    Bubbles !!Hace 4 días

    Woman: they killed my family Trump: oh where are they now Woman: they KILLED them. They are dead Trump: yeah so where are they now Woman: IN THE F*CKING CEMETERY YOU IDIOT

  7. Quentin Shock

    Quentin ShockHace 3 días

    In his defense his tiny brain probably couldn't comprehend her words

  8. Mangarin Emiil

    Mangarin EmiilHace 5 días

    Even tho you're all just immigrants.

  9. Gnomicality

    GnomicalityHace 2 días

    Mangarin Emiil dumbass

  10. Johnny Xanax

    Johnny XanaxHace 6 días

    I went to prep school and college in the States. I don't know if they are still issuing SSN, but they gave me one for college. The only thing is, I need authorization from the INS, or ICE today for employment outside my college, you are allowed to work 20 hours a week. I come from means, so I got my self a nice villa. I got my self a credit card, and now I have a cr edit score of 871. I have a credit limit of $75K. I have a B-1 visa now. I come from a westernized country, I speak and write perfect English, better than many American born citizens. America is the best country on Earth, and it would be a dream for me to at least have a green card. I have access to funds numbering in the 7 figure range. I have aunties and cousins who live there and who are full citizens now. I've been to 30 states. America is a huge country. Not counting Alaska, Hawaii, and island territories. America was founded, or should I say invaded by Europeans who wanted freedom of religion, among other things, but that is the main one. They slaughter millions of native people who have been living here for centuries. In present day America, they now invade other countries, in the name of democracy, and now the government denies them entry?? Even tourist visas are denied minutes into the interview to obtain one. Sure, you could argue that many of those people would not come back. Some of those people could be potential terrorist who are not here to go to Disney World. I understand that. Back to the point. I would love to immigrate to America. I could take my chances and ener the 'lottery", EXCEPT, if you enter it. You cannot enter the country!!!! It's retarded. I could go and overstay since I have enough funds for 2-3 life times. Take out travelers insurance just in case. I went to the hospital once for a fracture, and the hospital bill was $12K, I was there for about 20 hours. Half waiting. It was a minor fracture. Thank God I had the money but I haggled them to give me a 20% discount, which they did. But I just can't overstay, because it's the wrong thing to do. Sure, I have had a few traffic infractions. I dont want to break the law. So, can somebody offer me some suggestion on what I can do to immigrate to this wonderful and beautiful country. Before it literally is no more. I will work for nothing even.

  11. lmno567

    lmno567Hace un día

    I do remember getting some legal immigration advice videos on my recommended section in here after watching this video a while back. That may also be a good place to start.

  12. lmno567

    lmno567Hace un día

    I would have never thought to haggle the price on medical care. I got to try that some time. On that last point, I would try hiring a good attorney that goes into immigration law there and can help out with filing the forms or petitions or whatnot with USCIS (pretty sure that's the name rather than ICE), depending on how you want to adjust your status or go about or however it's called.

  13. Jennifer Griel

    Jennifer GrielHace 6 días

    I’m starting to work that if we have a Third World War, not only will America be part of the “axis powers” of the war, we’ed probably end up as the fucking Nazi Germany. And I for one am not looking forward to diying in a concentration camp.

  14. Quentin Shock

    Quentin ShockHace 2 días

    @Jennifer Griel you know I didn't really think about it that way. All it would take to manipulate the guy is either blackmailing or just play to his ego

  15. Jennifer Griel

    Jennifer GrielHace 3 días

    Quentin Shock see that’s the problem. He’s incompetent. Which means he can be easily manipulated by other smarter neo-nazi’s. The real “Hitler” would just be puppeteering him behind the scenes.

  16. Quentin Shock

    Quentin ShockHace 3 días

    I don't think we'd be quite as bad as the Nazis for one simple reason As bad as it sounds at least Hitler had some kind of intelligence compared to the hollowed-out jack-o'-lantern that sits in the white house right now or should I say sit in Mar-A-Lago playing golf half the year and race-baiting the other half. I think Trump doesn't even know what the fuc of concentration camp is he probably thinks it's some kind of retreat where people study

  17. Kathy Savage

    Kathy SavageHace 8 días

    Lol, there weren’t any federal immigration laws for the first century, huh? Weird...could’ve sworn the Naturalization Act of 1790, which limited immigration to free white men, was a thing. Guess not, though. Funny comedy news man wooobnt lie.

  18. Robert Perez

    Robert PerezHace 8 días

    Look at the immigration system of Canada. The very best

  19. Valerie Curtis

    Valerie CurtisHace 9 días

    Legal Immigration has been reduced beyond reason. We don't accept those looking for asylum; we do, but you have to provide so much documentation that you can't qualify.

  20. Jason McGlade

    Jason McGladeHace 9 días

    How in the fuck can anyone support Trump, when this poor woman who has been through stuff that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, she's won a fucking Nobel Prize and the leader of the free world said "Where are they now?" like he couldn't have given less of a shit??!!

  21. Manoj Manoj

    Manoj ManojHace 10 días

    Where can u find a list of his references

  22. Le Chanoine

    Le ChanoineHace 10 días

    Nobody has a right to enter any country.

  23. Gnomicality

    GnomicalityHace 2 días

    Le Chanoine You're stupid

  24. Lisa Reynoso

    Lisa ReynosoHace 12 días

    I have to disagree with John Oliver. House cats are not all indifferent to human suffering. Some are actually capable of feeling empathy. So I’m going to assume he meant rodent suffering. Okay, carry on!

  25. Astro Wolvez

    Astro WolvezHace 12 días

    "Our country's full" we literally habe entire cities abandoned and if cleaned up and fixed could host thousands of people. And they would gladly start small family businesses there too and large companies seeing an influx of people would bring in their businesses too. Hell I've been saying this with homeless people to. Just fix up these ghost towns and give them a home and a bus system to take them to jobs.

  26. The Viewer

    The ViewerHace 9 días

    They can't do that. The housing market will fight tooth and nail to keep homelessness around. After all, you can't have a housing market if everyone owns a house.

  27. Astro Wolvez

    Astro WolvezHace 12 días

    How can anyone be behind trump when someone tells him to his face that their family were murdered and he proves he shows no empathy and brushes off their story.

  28. MannElite

    MannEliteHace 13 días

    This is bullshit, the united states takes in more legal immigrants than any other country on earth. They do this in addition to offering the most foreign aid to 3rd world countries than any other nation as well.

  29. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 11 días

    @Stephen2462 LOL! Almost a million people are able to do it every year. So I'm not really sure what your point is.

  30. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 11 días

    @BenJamin Croft How many people fail it? How long does it usually take these people to pass? How much money do these people have to spend in the process? You're obviously trying to oversimplify the issue so you can pretend there isn't one.

  31. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 11 días

    @Stephen2462 So if I'm understanding you correctly, you're honestly gonna sit there and say that almost a million people passing a test that's supposedly *"unnecessarily difficult"* doesn't matter?

  32. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 12 días

    @BenJamin Croft Nope, just calling out a lying shill for what he is.

  33. John SM

    John SMHace 14 días

    Man that dumbass trump does not know how simple politics work goddaaaaaaamn fuckin idiot man

  34. mrpoofaroo1

    mrpoofaroo1Hace 15 días

    Trump, then stop making abortion illegal and stop coming on to women yourself. How many abortions did you pay for in the past? What makes you think that Democrats want illegal immigration?? You turn it that way, but,,,whites think some labor jobs are beneath them. CONSERVATIVES, shut up, you are so corrupt. Then let women have pro choice. Hypocrites

  35. mrpoofaroo1

    mrpoofaroo1Hace 6 días

    @BenJamin Croft btw, abortion rights are none of you freakin' business. Stay focused on your own male issues, like taking pills to keep it up. None of my business on what you do or take. Stop getting into any other's business for crying out loud. Your generation or beliefs are over. Get used to our Constitution.

  36. mrpoofaroo1

    mrpoofaroo1Hace 6 días

    @BenJamin Croft what?? Dont defend a moron x'2 meaning Pence. The younger generation won't put up with this crap.

  37. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 11 días

    @Stephen2462 Me: I'm not ignoring JO's point and mrproofaroo1 is the one diverting from the point at hand. You: *"mrproofaroo's post doesn't have anything to do with a point JO made;"* Me: Where in this video does Trump mention abortion? You: *"He didn't"* This conversation is over.

  38. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 12 días

    @BenJamin Croft He didn't. He said "America is full." mrpoofoo was referring to abortion in the context of it being a potential population control tool.

  39. Peppermint

    PeppermintHace 15 días

    The question has never been "do you want legal immigration?", It's "how legal do you want immigration to be?"

  40. bilsbobaggins1

    bilsbobaggins1Hace 15 días

    Yearning to breathe free... Are you saying everyone who comes illegally was not free where they came from? Sounds a lot like seeking asylum, which is easily and instantly done through legal methods. Somebody should tell the mexicans that they don't need to risk their lives, since mexico isn't a free country...

  41. DCJoKeRHS

    DCJoKeRHSHace 16 días

    Now I'm remembering Animal Farm, the movie adaption: "Four legs goooood! Two legs baaaad!" "What about us?" asks the chickens "You have wings! They'll count as legs!" And "All animals are equal" becoming "All animals are equal, but some animals are less equal than others." *and then the donkey leads a charge against the pigs and slaughters them all, freeing the animals at last*

  42. DCJoKeRHS

    DCJoKeRHSHace 15 días

    @Bloodlyshiva That's why I specified it was the Movie I recalled quotes from. It was bloody brilliant, but bloody horrifying.

  43. Bloodlyshiva

    BloodlyshivaHace 15 días

    "and then the donkey leads a charge against the pigs and slaughters them all, freeing the animals at last" That last never happened in the book. That was added. By the CIA, of all things.

  44. Nikki Grossman

    Nikki GrossmanHace 19 días

    Congrats on finally becoming a US Citizen!!

  45. Prasun

    PrasunHace 19 días

    if the native Americans used trumps ideology about immigration, well almost everyone's gotta leave right?! the natives have ancestral birthright to indigenous land while the immigration back then was just being able to travel the sea without dying... 🤷🏻‍♂️

  46. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 11 días

    @Stephen2462 It was over four days ago. LOL!

  47. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 11 días

    @BenJamin Croft Aaand there' the projection. Looks like you've given up on even pretending to have an argument. Guess I'm finished here then.

  48. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 13 días

    @Stephen2462 LOL! The only one who's trying to take things out of context is you. LOL! Stop trying to make something out of nothing. smh...

  49. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 13 días

    @BenJamin Croft Sure there is; your bullshit lies and mistruths. And now you're trying to take things I said out of context. As if I wasn't here for an argument I participated in. That's even more pathetic then your usual tactics. Right back at you.

  50. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 13 días

    @Stephen2462 There's nothing to debunk dipshit. LOL! You said so yourself, *"It was a hypothetical example"* and that *"I was right"* that it had nothing to do with protecting and maintaining the security and integrity of our borders and immigration system. Stop trying to make a mountain out of an ant hill will yeah. smh...

  51. Marilyn Montes

    Marilyn MontesHace 19 días

    I'm hoping you fo an update, with the changes and the struggle legal immigrants now face

  52. seekr 696

    seekr 696Hace 20 días

    weve got cities in multiple states that are offering free land and tax breaks to get more people into the area.. some including $20,000 loans for building your houses. search for "states giving free land" on ewwwtube.

  53. sean callahan

    sean callahanHace 20 días

    Every country has immigration laws. The issue with ours is it is far to complicated. We can't just remove immigration laws and let everyone come in with no system in place, just not a logical or good way to do it. We need to improve the system dramatically. Expedite the process. People want the government to have complete control of healthcare...yet these morons can't even do things far more simple like immigration properly or quickly. The Federal government should have their hands in far less at this point, because they do everything poorly.

  54. Amir Hagit Einav

    Amir Hagit EinavHace 20 días

    0:11 it would be more fitting for you, bed,wed, behead.

  55. Just my BS

    Just my BSHace 21 un día

    We as country need to welcome all , that’s what has made us great? And will keep us great, the world all wanted to come to the USA, but now this great country has been sold out .

  56. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 17 días

    All? Are you sure about that?

  57. Kognitive Dissonanz

    Kognitive DissonanzHace 21 un día

    Why would I want to immigrate to the US anyway? Student loan? Crap Healthcare? Bad working rights and climate? A fucked up justice system? Change my mind.

  58. Alexander Post

    Alexander PostHace 21 un día

    I'm sorry it's not my job to make things easier for random people, jog on.

  59. Dark Blue Sky

    Dark Blue SkyHace 21 un día

    I’m in line for “LEGAL IMMIGRATION”’s been 11 years since my application was approved. Still have 2 more years.

  60. Jasper Thompson

    Jasper ThompsonHace 23 días

    Just imagine the hunger games reaping except the tributes get into the Capitol. Now open your eyes. That is exactly how donald trump thinks American immigration works.

  61. GodspeedHero

    GodspeedHeroHace 23 días

    I challenge any of my fellow Americans to try to move to another country on a permanent residence basis for at least 2 years. It's not an easy process at all, and it's STILL easier than moving to the U.S. nowadays. Show some damn respect to the immigrants who have gone through these processes.

  62. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 21 un día

    @Stephen2462 I'm just providing the facts and speaking the truth.

  63. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 21 un día

    You can ignore Benjamin. He's a bad faith shill using copypastas to push a false political narrative and shield the Trump administration from accountability

  64. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 21 un día

    We do. We just don't show that same kind of respect to immigrants who don't follow the rules, who don't wait their turn and skip ahead everyone else who are following the rules and waiting in line for their turn.

  65. Dan Pettit

    Dan PettitHace 24 días

    That Pat Sajak comment didn't age well, did it?

  66. ryanlibruh

    ryanlibruhHace 24 días

    i'm glad someone actually talked about the difficulties of immigration! my family is trying to immigrate but it'll probably take years because of the system.

  67. Gloom King

    Gloom KingHace 25 días

    I had no idea John was an immigrant.

  68. Onkel Fabs

    Onkel FabsHace 25 días

    Ok so the only possible path to immigrate is getting married.

  69. awesomecat42

    awesomecat42Hace 25 días

    But you see, if they fix the legal immigration system, then they won't be able to use illegal immigration as an excuse to complain about foreign people without seeming (as) racist.

  70. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 13 días

    @Stephen2462 Not an argument.

  71. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 20 días

    @BenJamin Croft Such a pathetic shill XD

  72. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 21 un día

    @Stephen2462 Whatever makes you feel better.

  73. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 21 un día

    @BenJamin Croft Indeed not, just commenting on how obvious your lying is. You've already lost the argument lol.

  74. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 21 un día

    @Stephen2462 Not an argument.

  75. Telma Sofie C

    Telma Sofie CHace 25 días

    im norwegian does that mean i can go 2 america owo (i dont want to but still)

  76. FluffyBadger

    FluffyBadgerHace 26 días

    I guess I am confused he said that Trump has slowed down the process dramatically. If you go to DHS Gov they provide all the statics, in 2017 707,265 persons were nationalized. 16.8% of that being from Mexico. Can someone explain this to me. I must be missing something because if this is the case the statistics from this video are incredibly bad.

  77. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 13 días

    @Stephen2462 If you didn't *"particular care"* then why the hell did you even engage in the first place? WTF OVER!?!? Yeah, you definitely made your "point" loud and clear. So honestly I do agree that there isn't much reason to continue either.

  78. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 16 días

    @FluffyBadger Honestly I don't particularly care either way. But I think I've already made my point, and answered your original question. So I agree there isn't much reason to continue.

  79. BenJamin Croft

    BenJamin CroftHace 16 días

    @FluffyBadger Here's your sign.

  80. FluffyBadger

    FluffyBadgerHace 16 días

    @Stephen2462 I think that is a never ending topic. Either you are for that or against it.

  81. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace 16 días

    @FluffyBadger As a side note, Naturalization is the act of granting an immigrant citizenship, the people applying for it have already been allowed into the country. The statistics you should be looking at are the number of visas, and other short-term methods of gaining legal residency, which generally lead to citizenship. Those have been reduced significantly under the Trump administration.

  82. Centaurist

    CentauristHace 28 días


  83. Mahmoud Alsayed

    Mahmoud AlsayedHace 29 días

    This man is hilarious!

  84. F&K

    F&KHace un mes

    i'm refugee from Bosnia living in US since 97 , my first stop was Germany but they refused to extend my visa because the war has stopped in Bosnia and they simply said go back . Back to what? everything was destroyed and it was definitely not safe because my town was still under Serbian control ( until this day 2020) so how can i go back to the ones who kicked me out in the first place? Germans didn't care especially that one fat fuck nazi who thought that he needs to give us lessons in how the wash machines work. Thank God we heard from refugee authorities that USA is accepting refugees from Bosnia and we can apply, and so we did ! waited two years to get approval , medical check , background check everything check and here i'm Grateful and Humble giving back to community as much as i can. I'm a trucker delivered to every state, America is a beautiful country and majority of Americans are nice i'm talking about Americans without accent the ones who are born here,because there is still some people with hate in their hart who think you can't be an American if you still have the Accent so it becomes discouraging more often lately because some propagate and make it seem as if there is no difference between legal and illegal immigrants anymore.. we stilling jobs , collect welfare, free medical etc . Energy has become very negative amongst the whites blacks and latinos in this country just like pre war Yugoslavia between Bosnians Croats and Serbs so my memories are coming back about warmongering propaganda. Be careful America you got something nice going on here don't destroy it .

  85. chaviatt // darkighte

    chaviatt // darkighteHace un mes

    i do not like that man Ted Cruz I do not like him in the news I do not like what he just said i do not like his boxy head I do not like him wearing glasses i do not like him kissing asses i wish he would not get one vote that man Ted Cruz can lick my scrote

  86. THINKER43

    THINKER43Hace un mes

    Army joke: How do you make a Maltese cross, answer in this video

  87. Travel Tales

    Travel TalesHace un mes

    So embarrassing to see President comparing immigrants with snakes in following speech.. No excuse for such statements

  88. B Y M

    B Y MHace un mes

    1:19 I can literally see the frustration in his face about Ted Cruz. Same John same. ☺️

  89. Clockwork Kirlia

    Clockwork KirliaHace un mes

    As long as they stand on their own two feet? I actually laughed. It's really, really bizarre to be told that I'm not welcome based purely on my disability (which precludes me from standing for very long), specifically by a guy who actually has a say in that. I don't really want to come to America for anything more than a holiday *anyway* , but I'm honestly surprised that the Statue of Liberty isn't drowning her sorrows in a Canadian bar.

  90. Jenny Liebowitz

    Jenny LiebowitzHace un mes

    What’s chain migration?

  91. Youtube University

    Youtube UniversityHace un mes

    That's the family part, basically accusing the actually quite strict family sponsoring of being able to enable mass migrations when it in fact cannot enable mass migrations.

  92. Monika

    MonikaHace un mes

    I firmly belive that Trump does not have one working brain cell...

  93. Bolivian Prince

    Bolivian PrinceHace un mes


  94. Bolivian Prince

    Bolivian PrinceHace un mes


  95. The Viewer

    The ViewerHace un mes

    @Bolivian Prince Alright, where on earth would you put the NATIVE AMERICAN people that can't speak English and don't assimilate into white US culture?

  96. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace un mes

    @Bolivian Prince Now that's rather one sided.

  97. Bolivian Prince

    Bolivian PrinceHace un mes


  98. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace un mes

    That would certainly be more lenient then the current system. XD

  99. Terry Oesch

    Terry OeschHace un mes

    Get the illegal ones and the swamp monsters out

  100. Stephen2462

    Stephen2462Hace un mes

    Agreed, starting with Trump and his wife.

  101. Isawa Tsune

    Isawa TsuneHace un mes

    The problem with "chain immigration" is that is it being abused by "birth tourism," which is oddly not even mentioned in this commentary. Birth tourism involves pregnant women (sometimes with the help of an agent) who go to the US as tourists with the undisclosed purpose of giving birth while they are there. The child then automatically becomes a US citizen, and then the mother gets a residency permit rather easily and other close family members as well (though apparently not fast enough, in the case of the poor kid who was interviewed about his father). The intent of family member visas is good-- to keep families together. The waiting times are inhumane. But something needs to change to avoid abuse. In come cases, children are brought into the world for the sake of the visa.

  102. burger1690

    burger1690Hace un mes

    I can't bring my wife into the UK just because she's my wife, and I'm a British citizen, so I'd say it's a lot easier in the US, and I support legal immigration, to many negatives to illegal to outweigh the good and there's no way to spin it to make me change my mind.

  103. Captain Phoenix

    Captain PhoenixHace un mes

    Trump wishes he had a big fat dick.

  104. Uthman Baksh

    Uthman BakshHace un mes

    I don't know of any rich Norwegians who would want to come here.

  105. Seokjun An

    Seokjun AnHace un mes

    "In one of Trumps more reflective moments..." shows Trump staring longingly at Ivanka. PURE GENIUS.