Leaving Things In Windex For A Month


  1. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical MorningHace 3 meses

    See what happens when we leave each other alone for a day!! instagram.com/tv/Bxc-sYFgTQU/?hl=en

  2. Kate Puleo

    Kate PuleoHace 15 días

    Link I LOVE that shirt!

  3. i_need _good_teammates

    i_need _good_teammatesHace 2 meses

    My bday was on may 14

  4. Emmie Temmie

    Emmie TemmieHace 2 meses

    Do glue

  5. The- potato-warrior

    The- potato-warriorHace 2 meses

    Guy fierri is more man than both of you

  6. Lucymarie Dalton

    Lucymarie DaltonHace 2 meses

    Oh, look, a bird!

  7. Ayato sakamaki-senpai

    Ayato sakamaki-senpaiHace un día

    I love how they are just feeding each other randomly. People, this is the kind of friendship i aspire to have.

  8. James Sutherland

    James SutherlandHace 3 días

    Why is link feeding rhett strawberries?????😳😳😳 Also rhett feeding link fortune cookies?? WTF?

  9. Jesus Castillo

    Jesus CastilloHace 4 días

    Come on man I have a lamb

  10. Ellie Schubert

    Ellie SchubertHace 5 días

    I love the fact that these two can casually just feed each other things randomly.😂😂

  11. Hermann Fegelein

    Hermann FegeleinHace 6 días


  12. Hermann Fegelein

    Hermann FegeleinHace 6 días

    1:56 Not anymore anyways.

  13. Fun by Elle

    Fun by ElleHace 8 días

    Why is Link always feeding Reth strawberries???

  14. BluFox [56]

    BluFox [56]Hace 8 días


  15. Kitty Klaws

    Kitty KlawsHace 9 días

    Oh noes, Rhett is only eating half strawberries again.

  16. Kitty Klaws

    Kitty KlawsHace 9 días


  17. Maria Emily

    Maria EmilyHace 10 días

    Pfff they say windex wasn’t made for drinking but it’s my favourite drink

  18. Logan Tbirdy

    Logan TbirdyHace 10 días

    Does anyone know what that thing is rhet eats at like 7:15 I’ve seen him it a few times what is it also love the channel guys keep up the great work

  19. XxShadowvalkyriexX

    XxShadowvalkyriexXHace 10 días

    The naughty choice descriptions 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Also I love how link is casually feeding Rhett strawberries. Hawt😻

  20. Nick

    NickHace 11 días

    I'm a little concerned and confused on why Link feeds Rhet strawberries.

  21. ladybug72607

    ladybug72607Hace 11 días

    I would wash the underwear first to see if the green is gone

  22. Silly Kitten

    Silly KittenHace 11 días

    Whenever they put foid in each other's mouths, i think that they are trying to get the other person to shut up.

  23. Lee Blalock

    Lee BlalockHace 12 días

    What about.... Vodka

  24. SuavestHades80

    SuavestHades80Hace 12 días

    Least appropriate video yet... My personal fav!

  25. Black and white Gaming

    Black and white GamingHace 12 días


  26. Ashy Aki

    Ashy AkiHace 13 días

    For my Anatomy class we dissected a bunch of stuff. Sheeps brain being on. It dont bother me lol

  27. RoccotheFrog

    RoccotheFrogHace 13 días

    family friendly ppa


    AK WHITEWØLFHace 14 días

    Just saying, the underwear looks like a heavy period

  29. JDcation Studio

    JDcation StudioHace 15 días

    Can you make a pee edition,sorry if I was too harsh owo

  30. Addi

    AddiHace 16 días

    Anybody else miss the good old days with Tokyo memes every other episode

  31. Bella Gigliotti

    Bella GigliottiHace 17 días

    Just think of the answer that makes the most scientific sense and choose the other one

  32. Tay Leigh

    Tay LeighHace 17 días

    The only time in my life where I thought I’d faint was when I watched a knee replacement on ESreporter (mind you I’ve watched autopsies with no problem) When Rhett said that that’s what it looked like, I got woozy 😂

  33. Bailey Porter

    Bailey PorterHace 17 días

    Can we just mention how dangerous it was for him to put the glasses on after them being in windex

  34. Devan Andrew

    Devan AndrewHace 17 días

    why does he randomly feed rhett strawberries 😂

  35. ViolantTaco

    ViolantTacoHace 17 días

    8:14 looks like the sole survivors boxers from fallout 4

  36. Fifty shades of Graih

    Fifty shades of GraihHace 18 días

    Put some windex on it.

  37. Amy Mikaelson

    Amy MikaelsonHace 18 días

    Put a human heart in windex for a month!

  38. Booner

    BoonerHace 18 días

    replace link

  39. Connor Gws

    Connor GwsHace 19 días

    When im always eatching you two my depression disappears. Thx

  40. mr goodbytes

    mr goodbytesHace 20 días

    When he said slim Jim I thought of macho man randy savage

  41. Little Pastell Doll

    Little Pastell DollHace 21 un día

    5:23 Rhett wtf

  42. Dark Wolf

    Dark WolfHace 23 días

    I just love how they feed eachother

  43. Ryan Sheffield

    Ryan SheffieldHace 26 días

    No gloves, no Google's, and poisons. *R O L E. M O D L E S*

  44. rosy may

    rosy mayHace 26 días

    Groutdaddy.biz is a real website.

  45. Shaden Alshaghdali

    Shaden AlshaghdaliHace 27 días

    Link casually gives Rhett food

  46. Drake Higgs

    Drake HiggsHace 27 días

    Stop playing with your grandmas underware

  47. Alexandra Vickery

    Alexandra VickeryHace 28 días

    I know that this is gross but maybe if you leave things in urine or blood 😬😬😬😬

  48. Programs

    ProgramsHace 28 días

    Good mythical month

  49. Riley Graves

    Riley GravesHace un mes

    Animal cruelty isn't a good thing to do so maybe don't use animal brains in your videos

  50. guy fieri

    guy fieriHace un mes


  51. Billy Smart

    Billy SmartHace un mes


  52. Andrea B.

    Andrea B.Hace un mes

    Edgy episode.i like it.

  53. Jacob Goddard

    Jacob GoddardHace un mes

    They should set up timelapses for these

  54. Steven Huetteman

    Steven HuettemanHace un mes

    No one’s vibe screams Slim Jims as much as Rhett’s does

  55. Llama Drama

    Llama DramaHace un mes

    Vegans have left the chat

  56. Last act of kindness

    Last act of kindnessHace un mes

    This was posted on my bday

  57. Elena Selik

    Elena SelikHace un mes

    What happens if you leave something something in vegetable oil for a month

  58. Jeremy Hay

    Jeremy HayHace un mes

    YAY SUMMER THIS WILL BE SO FUN!!! *3 weeks later* I am watching link struggle to eat a fortune cookie at 4:00 am...

  59. Charlotte Van Schelven

    Charlotte Van SchelvenHace un mes

    4:01- 4:05 th gummy bear just slips into Rhett's pocket😂

  60. Ellie Andre

    Ellie AndreHace un mes

    14:02 link confirmed minecraft villager

  61. the powerhouse

    the powerhouseHace un mes

    9:23 would have been the best time for a sponser

  62. Esperanza Guevara

    Esperanza GuevaraHace un mes

    They should leave stuff in apple cider vinegar!

  63. BangShanghai

    BangShanghaiHace un mes

    "This Friday, May 17," IS MY BIRTHDAY THANK YOU LINK

  64. Campervan Richard_88

    Campervan Richard_88Hace un mes

    Anyone remember on Dexter's Lab when his sister DeeDee ate like a whole handful of fortune cookies and had them stuck in her teeth? Haha. The fortune cookie part reminded me of that...


    OH NO ITS JACOBHace un mes

    I think rett is a psychopath😂

  66. Uni K

    Uni KHace un mes

    One of these days a video will be demonistized

  67. I run wit Scissors

    I run wit ScissorsHace un mes

    Did anyone else go strait to searching up knee surgery’s, cause I did

  68. Instagram Siphuncle

    Instagram SiphuncleHace un mes

    You should’ve done taste tests ;)

  69. A B and C Carmine

    A B and C CarmineHace un mes

    Why did link feed rhett strawberries

  70. AlexT Productions

    AlexT ProductionsHace un mes

    The fortune cookie said the truth we are the people they admire and watch from afar

  71. Laurel Krause

    Laurel KrauseHace un mes

    Y'all should do will it otter pop? 😂

  72. Little Taco

    Little TacoHace un mes

    Link looked like Ryan renalds when he turn to side no glasses...😂😂

  73. Daniel Boss

    Daniel BossHace un mes

    1:15is that so?!?!?!?

  74. Sarcasm

    SarcasmHace un mes

    Why does Link always randomly start feeding Rhett strawberries??😂

  75. Talsong Kingslayer

    Talsong KingslayerHace un mes

    And why was Link feeding Rhett strawberries?

  76. Talsong Kingslayer

    Talsong KingslayerHace un mes

    Rhett looked like a demented overlord haha

  77. ZaydenPlayz

    ZaydenPlayzHace un mes

    Yall should do Gatorade

  78. Jim Bisesi

    Jim BisesiHace un mes

    How it’s made: crack cociane

  79. yourbestpotato

    yourbestpotatoHace un mes

    *goes to **groutdaddy.biz* oh

  80. ozzy the goat

    ozzy the goatHace un mes

    "windex is not meant for drinking" *me halfway done chugging down a gallon of windex* "what?"

  81. Haley S

    Haley SHace un mes

    Why do they keep feeding each other

  82. Brailey Logsdon

    Brailey LogsdonHace un mes

    I absolutely love when Link feeds Rhett strawberries in the middle of the episode lol.

  83. Quantos Games

    Quantos GamesHace un mes

    whoop, nashville!!

  84. Base Baritone

    Base BaritoneHace un mes

    If your urine is red you better stop drinking windex, Rhett

  85. Rose Taylor

    Rose TaylorHace un mes

    Feed him all the strawberries 🍓 he is the Strawberry King 🤴🏼