LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp


  1. eden the egg

    eden the eggHace 12 horas

    17:56 "i love crying" lmao i feel you bro

  2. Paris and M&M XPlayz

    Paris and M&M XPlayzHace 13 horas

    whos here for noah 😍😍😍 noah: ▪starts acting like joyce▪ me: i love him.

  3. Leonie Germer

    Leonie GermerHace 14 horas

    I already started crying while the pickle scene🥺😂

  4. Leonie Germer

    Leonie GermerHace 14 horas

    Can anyone say noah i Love him?🥺❤️

  5. john superhist

    john superhistHace 15 horas

    He most be a fan of tom Holland

  6. Mikeyla Rodriguez

    Mikeyla RodriguezHace 15 horas

    13:28 oh gosh i thought Gray hit Noah in the face and i paused the video ans i was like "why"

  7. Awesome Freer-Bacon

    Awesome Freer-BaconHace 17 horas

    when noah said "i love crying" i wheezed

  8. Alison W

    Alison WHace 20 horas

    I was laughing the whole sad scenes lmao

  9. Esmeralda Hodges

    Esmeralda HodgesHace 20 horas

    Bro I’m fangirling that Ethan used my name 😱😱 19:00

  10. Alison W

    Alison WHace 20 horas

    Ethan and Grayson: Noah: okay but Tom holla- Ethan and Grayson: Noah: Tom Holland did- Ethan and Grayson: Noah: yeah, Tom Holland was-

  11. Ayvas Gacha

    Ayvas GachaHace 22 horas

    **they talk about breathing** me:**remebers to breath**.......**stops breathing out of nowhere**

  12. Hi Shrek

    Hi ShrekHace 22 horas

    “i love crying”. fucking same

  13. Abigail Nelson

    Abigail NelsonHace un día

    Noahs voice: 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉

  14. Thelma Pierrel

    Thelma PierrelHace un día

    I’ve cry when I saw Noah cry 😭

  15. aliyah rose

    aliyah roseHace un día

    Noah: hi Grayson” Ethan: no I’m Ethan” Noah ahh hi ethan💀

  16. Luna Moon

    Luna MoonHace un día

    If I was an actor I would just watch the last episode of Stranger Things and I'd be able to cry whenever 😭😭😭

  17. Victoria Roluga

    Victoria RolugaHace un día

    Who else never watches this channel but decided to watch this video because Noah was in it??

  18. Cupcake Queen10

    Cupcake Queen10Hace un día

    I love how Noah is always keeping up with fashion😂❤️ 👇🏽

  19. Marielle Pedie

    Marielle PedieHace un día

    When Noah said he was 14 I was life “💀💀 he’s a baby wtf”

  20. ajulu nyang

    ajulu nyangHace un día

    Ts is too funny

  21. Rebeka Louis

    Rebeka LouisHace un día

    noah: i love crying me: same

  22. Annabelle Cox

    Annabelle CoxHace un día

    At 17:57 Noah: I love crying It sounds so depressing lmao

  23. Adrionna Davis

    Adrionna DavisHace un día

    I can cry whenever but I’m not an actor lol

  24. Melodie Hirst

    Melodie HirstHace un día

    so ethan is out of his comfort zone just filming a video. 😂😂😂

  25. Emma G

    Emma GHace un día

    Ok but ngl thought Noah was actually sad about the pickles and I was like... what, then I was like oh wait

  26. aliya

    aliyaHace un día

    Omg my chorus teacher had us doing the counting warm up And instead of Peter we did mommy made me mash my Eminem’s oh my for our tongue twister

  27. Kylie Cory

    Kylie CoryHace un día

    I wish I could get a lesson with noah

  28. Hailey

    HaileyHace un día

    Do cheer and Emma’s your coach, that would be awesome 😂😂

  29. Hey It's Me GNWND

    Hey It's Me GNWNDHace 2 días

    the more I watch Noah on youtube, the more I love him in person. I used to be a gaten team. but now I'm Noah team. he is such a great actor. OMG

  30. Ariana Ascention

    Ariana AscentionHace 2 días

    “I don’t how how I can get through my life without pickles” 💀

  31. Averrr

    AverrrHace 2 días

    Grayson: *happy about the scene* Ethan: *shook* Noah: “I love crying😀”

  32. Emily Moua

    Emily MouaHace 2 días

    noah: has his panic attack the twins: so like are we doing good... noah: twins: noah: wait what are we doing

  33. DIY Slime Makers

    DIY Slime MakersHace 2 días

    I do that 1 2 3 4 5 in choir

  34. ASquared

    ASquaredHace 2 días

    Ah! He mentioned Tom Holland again!!😍😍

  35. A Trash Can

    A Trash CanHace 3 días

    Noah: I love cRyiNg

  36. Milli P

    Milli PHace 3 días

    I watched stranger things before this and Noah you are honestly so good at making yourself cry

  37. Naya Grahn

    Naya GrahnHace 3 días

    3:02 i love these animations

  38. Mahayla Shanell

    Mahayla ShanellHace 3 días

    *Noah Schnapps 2019*-I LOVE CRYING!!!😄

  39. Ella Jade

    Ella JadeHace 3 días

    No one: No one ever: Noah: I LOvE CryInG

  40. Ella Jade

    Ella JadeHace 3 días

    Grayson- I though I was never going to eat a pickle again Now that’s over I’m so glad that I am Noah- I love crying

  41. Jade Ortiz

    Jade OrtizHace 3 días


  42. Carolyn Walag

    Carolyn WalagHace 3 días

    How did they meet the BEST ACTOR and not yell?? Tell me please. I would literally CRY!! I LOVE STRANGER THINGS!! 😄😄😄😁😁😝😝 HOW DO I MEET THEM TELL ME!!

  43. Honey Bunny

    Honey BunnyHace 3 días

    Noah: I love crying Me: *mood*

  44. Save Andi Mack

    Save Andi MackHace 4 días


  45. Maddie _06

    Maddie _06Hace 4 días

    no one: not even tom holland: noah: i LoVe cRyIng

  46. Emma Hansing

    Emma HansingHace 4 días

    Noah: i LOVE CRYING

  47. XxRuby BluxX

    XxRuby BluxXHace 4 días

    i LoSt mY sOn

  48. JohnThe Champ

    JohnThe ChampHace 4 días

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Noah: *omG I broke my leg*

  49. Dorothy1448

    Dorothy1448Hace 4 días

    You guys are funny, talented and play off each other very well. I have an audition on Monday and came across your channel.

  50. spongebob

    spongebobHace 4 días

    No one: Not even james: Not even noahs voice cracks: Ethan: *cAN yOu PiCK a pECk?*

  51. Maxiii boo

    Maxiii booHace 4 días

    Noah: I love crying me: 😭😭😭

  52. Miag _

    Miag _Hace 4 días

    No one: Noah: i love crying 😂

  53. Gacha_ UwU

    Gacha_ UwUHace 4 días


  54. Malika K.

    Malika K.Hace 4 días

    noah - i love crying me - same

  55. Julianna Gentry

    Julianna GentryHace 4 días

    17:27 - 17:42 I was dying of laughter because Noah’s voice crack!🤣❤️

  56. tierney rose

    tierney roseHace 4 días

    emeralda= emma?

  57. Livia de la Huerga

    Livia de la HuergaHace 5 días

    13:05 " what is wrong with you !???!" ...... flashback: STRANGER THINGS

  58. Jonielys Montero gonzalez

    Jonielys Montero gonzalezHace 5 días

    Ethan: ahhAHGA IIMM sCaREd

  59. Monet Braha

    Monet BrahaHace 5 días

    There not even that cute. But Noah is

  60. SamiiLovee90

    SamiiLovee90Hace 5 días

    I'm 4 mins in and the amount of times they said the word like with Noah is out of this world.

  61. Cherise Viljoen

    Cherise ViljoenHace 5 días

    I love crying ~Noah Schnapp~ 2019

  62. Shiro

    ShiroHace 5 días

    the way he speaks, like melanie martinez isn't it? sorry my english:/

  63. Karina Yvette

    Karina YvetteHace 5 días

    20:04 He's here....... ST3 lol if you don't get this watch season three

  64. Karina Yvette

    Karina YvetteHace 5 días

    17:57 No one: Literally No one: Noah: I LOVE CRYING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Tiera Bouknight

    Tiera BouknightHace 5 días

    “Ok babe please don’t panic on me” - Grayson Dolan 🤣😂

  66. Miranda Sant3

    Miranda Sant3Hace 5 días

    I don't know why but this is my favorite video. ❤😏

  67. x.adrimarie.x

    x.adrimarie.xHace 5 días

    Is anyone watching this after season 3 and freaking out at the scene where Grayson and Noah *THEIR* son?! 😱❤️ hinting at Wills sexuality!? I think so!

  68. riles_roo

    riles_rooHace 5 días

    every time noah cries the twins: *HOW* DO YOU DO THAT

  69. Jess Maice

    Jess MaiceHace 5 días

    Today was my bday my parents say what would you like mind: DOLAN TWINS out loud: idk

  70. Deborah Weavers

    Deborah WeaversHace 5 días

    Will: when will you save me Eleven: yes

  71. Mel Creen

    Mel CreenHace 5 días

    nobody: Noah: i LoVe CrYiNg

  72. TeamUs KTYJohnson

    TeamUs KTYJohnsonHace 5 días

    did anyone else start crying?? where my pros at??

  73. Annalyssa Brown

    Annalyssa BrownHace 5 días

    No one: Noah: I love crying

  74. PositivelyAwkwardMaisy

    PositivelyAwkwardMaisyHace 6 días

    I’m sorry but I’m only here for my bby Noah 😂 uwu

  75. Caitlin Gochuico

    Caitlin GochuicoHace 6 días

    Teach me Noah. Crying scenes are my weakness

  76. Ava Michelle

    Ava MichelleHace 6 días

    no one: literally nobody: actually not a single human: grayson: sHe WaS pUcKeRiNg AlRiGhT?!?!

  77. Kendra Krauter

    Kendra KrauterHace 6 días

    Stranger things my favorite fucking show in the world

  78. L i L a W I T k U M

    L i L a W I T k U MHace 6 días

    this was so cringeyyy ahh

  79. Elena Princinsky

    Elena PrincinskyHace 6 días

    12:45 = Noah being Joyce is season 1

  80. Kate Gilbert

    Kate GilbertHace 6 días

    Noah: I love crying Me: omg me too!!