LAST TO LEAVE SQUARE WINS iPHONE Challenge - Hacker PZ9 vs CWC vs Daniel for 24 Hours in Backyard


  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild ClayHace 6 meses

    We need to WIN Vy's iPhone back! Who do you think can stay in the Square the longest?

  2. Aurelio Andrade

    Aurelio AndradeHace 3 días

    Chad asdfghjkl

  3. ramon hurtadocutico46

    ramon hurtadocutico46Hace 29 días

    Pz9 the loser

  4. Freddie Davis

    Freddie DavisHace un mes


  5. Michael Dolton

    Michael DoltonHace un mes


  6. suglug

    suglugHace un mes

    Halo Fauntleroy

  7. Addy M

    Addy MHace 40 minutos

    Peezy nine is the worst ever

  8. Addy M

    Addy MHace 46 minutos

    Peezy nine‘s real name is Melvin 🤬From Peezy

  9. Adam Ghanem

    Adam GhanemHace un hora

    I thought I was going to be home in a little bit but I have to go get home and get home I will let her know I will get her a house phone is

  10. Adam Ghanem

    Adam GhanemHace un hora


  11. Remonda Basily

    Remonda BasilyHace 3 horas

    Pz9 is lying

  12. Jake Deakin

    Jake DeakinHace 3 horas

    Pz9:I’m out of ammo Daniel:chad watch out he’s aiming at you dude Chad:oh no Me:how can he shoot at chad if he ran out of ammo and he did end have any extra ammo

  13. Jake Deakin

    Jake DeakinHace 3 horas


  14. devonte davenport

    devonte davenportHace 6 horas


  15. Zaniyah Keys

    Zaniyah KeysHace 11 horas


  16. sha Begum

    sha BegumHace 12 horas

    Chad but he might get you out

  17. Loay Falah

    Loay FalahHace 14 horas


  18. Agnes Toby

    Agnes TobyHace 19 horas

    Sambody is in the house

  19. ellianna cox

    ellianna coxHace 21 un hora


  20. Anirud Adhikesaven

    Anirud AdhikesavenHace 21 un hora

    Do not listen

  21. Tymmie Frosh

    Tymmie FroshHace un día

    I think danil

  22. Keith O'Donnell

    Keith O'DonnellHace un día

    Paul and subscribe

  23. Kiall Meehan

    Kiall MeehanHace un día


  24. Ian Ross

    Ian RossHace un día

    Pz9 looks love ny❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

  25. Yoni Morales

    Yoni MoralesHace un día

    don't trust pz9 or else heor else you will delete your ESreporter channel so make sure you and these iPhone back if you're posting a new channel that's fine but make sure you have to win cuz or else your tail tear you apart so don't trust him or else he will delete your ESreporter channel and I don't like it so make sure you don't get likes distracted by him okay name Leah and I'm going to subscribe so make sure you guys win that way I can subscribe so we cleaned we're Jean Melvin Chad wild clay Daniel and I'll give you guys set and ready for you that way you can win the prize so make sure spine and just win every time that way we can defeat project zorgo and you know she's evil list of all Pisa leader is trying to tell you guys apart so be nice love Leah

  26. VIVIT Dex

    VIVIT DexHace un día

    Hello 👋 I am going home and then Hello 👋 iiiiiiog

  27. VIVIT Dex

    VIVIT DexHace un día


  28. CD A

    CD AHace un día


  29. Lia Fletcher

    Lia FletcherHace un día

    I think pz9

  30. Alayah ledyard

    Alayah ledyardHace un día

    I am a big fan

  31. Rob Munro

    Rob MunroHace un día

    Chad is so cool

  32. Neil Abraham

    Neil AbrahamHace un día

    I love. Your vids

  33. Melis Murillo

    Melis MurilloHace un día

    Pz 9 is soooooooo not the best you guys

  34. Sarahjane Pinks

    Sarahjane PinksHace un día

    Le Lov

  35. UtsabRocker Piano, Musical,Art and more!

    UtsabRocker Piano, Musical,Art and more!Hace un día

    Project Zorgo is watching....

  36. Tylah Hohapata

    Tylah HohapataHace un día


  37. Tylah Hohapata

    Tylah HohapataHace un día


  38. Life of Daddy JoJo

    Life of Daddy JoJoHace un día

    I don’t think him 🤬

  39. Eventsbyfran nco

    Eventsbyfran ncoHace un día

    Hey chad

  40. Eleanor Cook

    Eleanor CookHace un día

    I love you guys!!!!

  41. Yesenia Martinez

    Yesenia MartinezHace un día


  42. David Hortelano

    David HortelanoHace un día

    Not truth for pz9 he want vy phone

  43. Whan Boss

    Whan BossHace 2 días


  44. Christmas Pikachu

    Christmas PikachuHace 2 días

    *I saw something in the back round when Daniel was trying to tell about the balence thing*

  45. Nicola Ariel

    Nicola ArielHace 2 días

    pz715 is having a new upgrade and pz9 is actually Melvin

  46. Plush INC.

    Plush INC.Hace 2 días



    THE AMAZING PROHace 2 días

    PZ 9 ???? Chad

  48. Adam dam

    Adam damHace 2 días


  49. Lyla Johnston

    Lyla JohnstonHace 2 días

    No way

  50. joseph aguilar

    joseph aguilarHace 2 días

    Chad and Daniel could’ve put their square together

  51. joseph aguilar

    joseph aguilarHace 2 días

    Chad and Daniel should of make their circle tuhgeter

  52. HappyRusscup

    HappyRusscupHace 2 días


  53. Ali A

    Ali AHace 2 días

    8:35 o_o

  54. Alan Coignard

    Alan CoignardHace 2 días

    Pz 9 is a puck

  55. Walter Ortega

    Walter OrtegaHace 2 días


  56. Noah's Earth

    Noah's EarthHace 2 días

    i love pz9

  57. yannis Zhou

    yannis ZhouHace 2 días

    Chad wild clay you can

  58. afnan farooq

    afnan farooqHace 2 días

    I heat Pz9

  59. ツArab

    ツArabHace 2 días

    15:28 i saw somebody roaming

  60. Mariah Rodriguez

    Mariah RodriguezHace 2 días

    We,re the girls chad

  61. Dante Crockett

    Dante CrockettHace 2 días


  62. Dante Crockett

    Dante CrockettHace 2 días

    chad your cool and the spy ninja

  63. Fabe H

    Fabe HHace 2 días

    Hi Chan and vy

  64. Hamza Ismael Hassan

    Hamza Ismael HassanHace 2 días

    Chad i Think you

  65. R Graham

    R GrahamHace 2 días


  66. Trey Griffin

    Trey GriffinHace 2 días

    Iictyi F him hmm L

  67. Cj Young

    Cj YoungHace 2 días