LAST TO LEAVE SQUARE WINS iPHONE Challenge - Hacker PZ9 vs CWC vs Daniel for 24 Hours in Backyard


  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild ClayHace un mes

    We need to WIN Vy's iPhone back! Who do you think can stay in the Square the longest?

  2. Erin Holland

    Erin HollandHace 9 días


  3. Mia the champ Gilmour

    Mia the champ GilmourHace 10 días

    Chad Wild Clay vy is with pz you might know that please like this and chad can I have a shoutout

  4. Quanasia Webb

    Quanasia WebbHace 17 días

    Chad Wild Clay Hi Amarew

  5. Quanasia Webb

    Quanasia WebbHace 17 días

    Chad Wild Can I get 1 million scribersAmarew can I get 100 can I have a scribers

  6. Mysha Asif

    Mysha AsifHace 23 días

    Chad Wild Clay lover

  7. Jamie Tan

    Jamie TanHace 40 minutos

    I got a tab

  8. Rimantas Latauskas

    Rimantas LatauskasHace 44 minutos

    Tere was a PZ member in your home look at your vie again and you will see a PZ member

  9. Mayne Mann

    Mayne MannHace un hora

    Pz9 is cool

  10. Frederick Home

    Frederick HomeHace un hora

    I love u guys movie so much.I wish I can be u guys😊😉

  11. Quan Zhing Liem

    Quan Zhing LiemHace 2 horas

    Pz9 is justin he have the same hair as justin

  12. Marissa Stokes

    Marissa StokesHace 8 horas

    Why play games with pz9.

  13. Mel Childs

    Mel ChildsHace 8 horas

    Do you wanna Do you wanna get some cash

  14. Gemma Smales

    Gemma SmalesHace 9 horas

    Pz9 is our first and 💩

  15. julianne kim C Abesamis

    julianne kim C AbesamisHace 11 horas

    Remember project zorgo is pooping and farting

  16. Karen Lee

    Karen LeeHace 12 horas

    PZ9 is such a loooooosssseeeer. Loool.Noooooooood.

  17. Marco pina

    Marco pinaHace 12 horas

    Rugnu is hot too

  18. Alma Quijada

    Alma QuijadaHace 12 horas

    Pz9 is jusin

  19. Mystic God Bueti

    Mystic God BuetiHace 13 horas

    I am your biggest fan I'm Isabella can I get shot out to your video

  20. Krys Favela

    Krys FavelaHace 13 horas


  21. Eithyn Shannon

    Eithyn ShannonHace 14 horas

    Guys remember the last to leave the circle it has sponsored this video

  22. I love lol. Dolls it's my life I. have 56

    I love lol. Dolls it's my life I. have 56Hace 15 horas

    Gcifcfucgicuyf fy

  23. The Gonzalez Family

    The Gonzalez FamilyHace 15 horas

    Come on Chad you could do it you could do it

  24. Amida Asanoska

    Amida AsanoskaHace 16 horas

    I Love you gais your the best If you like chad and vy leve a like

  25. Aliyah Smoak

    Aliyah SmoakHace 16 horas

    i ove your spy ninjas

  26. Joel Moody

    Joel MoodyHace 17 horas

    pz9 is melvin you are the best spy ninjas

  27. Pedro Morais

    Pedro MoraisHace 20 horas

    Not you

  28. the bird Romans

    the bird RomansHace 21 un hora

    I hope project zorgor is dead

  29. June Fleming

    June FlemingHace un día

    come on spy ninjas

  30. Nasrin Sharifi

    Nasrin SharifiHace un día

    Chad Myers has been on my team since I am in his own hands on the rest and he has been a lot more than a friend and a friend of mine has a very hard and money friendly attitude and money is the only way he has a job in his new life as pz9 is the only one who has the right attitude to be the best person to go back and forth with me to get his new girlfriend to be with him and you 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄☺️😗😋❤😗😋☺️🦊😭😂😥😭😁❤🦊

  31. Freddy Colon

    Freddy ColonHace un día

    15:20-15:35 someone was in the safe house

  32. Esther Lim

    Esther LimHace un día

    I love you

  33. miya Chen

    miya ChenHace un día

    If you are hungry order food from your phone

  34. San San Chan

    San San ChanHace un día

    Chad you should do a last to leave the pool

  35. Trueinsanity760

    Trueinsanity760Hace un día

    Pz 9 suks


    DEADJUSTICEEX JasonHace un día

    You PZ9 Chad Daniel Ragina will make a great team

  37. Alice W

    Alice WHace un día


  38. Philip Rivera

    Philip RiveraHace un día

    hes lieing

  39. aron fabian

    aron fabianHace un día

    pz9 do not reveal the adress to the safe house

  40. Antionette Rayton

    Antionette RaytonHace un día


  41. JapaneseChereBlusum Happy

    JapaneseChereBlusum HappyHace un día

    I subbed 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  42. Gina Hartwick

    Gina HartwickHace un día

    17:55 did any one see Regina!!

  43. Rapid The gangster

    Rapid The gangsterHace un día

    Not saying that but who is that person behind you in the safe house

  44. Kassy Huen

    Kassy HuenHace un día

    Keep the safe!!

  45. Mary Mbeng

    Mary MbengHace un día

    In smart trike them bye another safe paint it then if thay no it's not real then take the thing there going to put on pz9 and run hope it works

  46. Lazar beam Fortnite

    Lazar beam FortniteHace un día

    Return safe

  47. mani Alvarado

    mani AlvaradoHace un día

    There's a hacker in your house

  48. Alexandre Macedo

    Alexandre MacedoHace un día

    Get roasted pz9

  49. Alexandre Macedo

    Alexandre MacedoHace un día

    Pz9 the best fighter more like pz9 the best pooper

  50. Addisyn Foote

    Addisyn FooteHace un día

    Yeah hey hey did I just to hang up at your plac

  51. Mary Mcdaniels

    Mary McdanielsHace un día

    I love your vids i No vy is a not in your family but shes helping not joining

  52. Wyatt Fogle

    Wyatt FogleHace un día

    at 15:27 thats not a project zorgo memeber its a Spy Ninja i dont know wich one but she/he has long hair

  53. mahin Neelo

    mahin NeeloHace un hora

    Yes she's regina

  54. xxEls Bellsxx

    xxEls BellsxxHace 21 un hora

    It’s regina

  55. Mary Mcdaniels

    Mary McdanielsHace un día

    He lieing

  56. Alex Wang

    Alex WangHace un día

    I subscribed

  57. Nazma Hussain

    Nazma HussainHace un día


  58. Slavko Dimovski

    Slavko DimovskiHace un día

    is pz 9

  59. Franklin Yeaguachi

    Franklin YeaguachiHace un día

    Wot hapen to pz 9

  60. Stuart Martin

    Stuart MartinHace un día


  61. fuggler love killer

    fuggler love killerHace un día

    Yes, Go PZ9 Go PZ9!

  62. Atlanta playz

    Atlanta playzHace un día

    I saw a h aker in the window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😵😵😵😵😵😵😲😲😲😱😱😱😭😭😭

  63. aarti jain

    aarti jainHace 2 días

    15:28 someone was walking inside the house

  64. Amanda Tanti

    Amanda TantiHace 2 días

    I love you Chad you vy and Daniel are my favourite youtubers ❤

  65. Robert Pap

    Robert PapHace 2 días


  66. Gunavathy Ramasamy

    Gunavathy RamasamyHace 2 días

    Are u putting the fortnite song

  67. Harold Gangadeen

    Harold GangadeenHace 2 días

    Leil pz9