Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave - Where The Wild Roses Grow (HQ) (NO Ad)


  1. celeruk

    celerukHace 7 días

    Weld rose it's best song ever O_o


    KATİL NİZAMHace 15 días

    #TÜRKİYE 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  3. Al Iguana

    Al IguanaHace 19 días

    from an album called "Murder Ballads" comment section be like... "wait.... is this a song about murder? sounds like it" lmao

  4. Анна Масна

    Анна МаснаHace 20 días

    2020 рік.

  5. Justin Lloyd

    Justin LloydHace 25 días

    At least he doesn't try and pin the blame on the sheriff like that animal, Richard Marx.

  6. Not Chosen

    Not ChosenHace 27 días

    I love nick cave he has a vibe that just envelopes the heart ,Im a musician and i respect no one ,,butr,,nick cave got my aqttention ,,,,mmmmmmmmm

  7. سعاد جريحي

    سعاد جريحيHace un mes

    مـــين🥰 يــرحب🥰 بـي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايـك🥰ويـراســــلنـــي خـــــاص واشـــترك بقـــناتــــي واتـــساب**00212.620.541.760*💋💋💋

  8. nickel mickel

    nickel mickelHace un mes

    I guess 489 o was HQ in the day 😂

  9. take it easy take it easy

    take it easy take it easyHace un mes

    2019 это классика🥰😍😘

  10. Gacha Cats

    Gacha CatsHace un mes

    I am Ukrainian. I know the translation of the song, my Gog, Where is the logic? He only killed her because he didn't want anyone to like her?🌚🌚🌚

  11. marcin rychlewski

    marcin rychlewskiHace un mes


  12. Алексей Даньшов

    Алексей ДаньшовHace un mes

    Music is beautiful!!!!

  13. Александар Вуковић

    Александар ВуковићHace un mes

    Баш добра песма

  14. Cat Girace

    Cat GiraceHace 2 meses


  15. Mária Ágnes Mihályi

    Mária Ágnes MihályiHace 2 meses

    Ez a dal nem gyilkossågrõl szõl , a szerelem elengedėsėrôl.

  16. Татьяна Ще

    Татьяна ЩеHace 3 meses

    The best clip of 90s. My youth

  17. jessi cesur

    jessi cesurHace 3 meses

    So beauty full Song

  18. Lou Morhain

    Lou MorhainHace 3 meses



    VOVA MYRONENKOHace 4 meses

    Привіт з України, пісня клас👌

  20. Андрей Прожога

    Андрей ПрожогаHace 4 meses

    Да ! Вспомнил молодость ! Лайк !

  21. Helena R

    Helena RHace 2 meses

    ппкс , вспомнила юность

  22. Dusan Radosevic

    Dusan RadosevicHace 4 meses

    Koji je ovo bedak... 🍌 Americanas

  23. Anna Cappi

    Anna CappiHace 4 meses

    Absolute masterpiece

  24. stonytina01 will-not-be-banned

    stonytina01 will-not-be-bannedHace 4 meses

    This song is SO FUCKING METAL!!!!

  25. Лариса Побойкина

    Лариса ПобойкинаHace 5 meses

    Ужасно...За что он её убил?

  26. ethem bőke

    ethem bőkeHace 6 meses


  27. Christina Cerda

    Christina CerdaHace 6 meses

    What the psychopathic murderous hell did I just look at?!

  28. Alex Скачко

    Alex СкачкоHace 7 meses

    Оба непревзойдённые! Маниак и красотка...

  29. Andreea Ilie

    Andreea IlieHace 8 meses

    Loooove it!!!

  30. АнИмЕшНиК

    АнИмЕшНиКHace 9 meses

    Кто от замби чез

  31. Trapsource goddess

    Trapsource goddessHace 9 meses

    Sooo creepy

  32. rayva1

    rayva1Hace 9 meses

    Super creepy song.

  33. constantinescu elena

    constantinescu elenaHace 10 meses

    O realizare de exceptie !

  34. Darkb4light 06

    Darkb4light 06Hace un año

    The story behind the song here:

  35. Darkb4light 06

    Darkb4light 06Hace un año

    AlxHDHG I fixed it

  36. AlxHDHG

    AlxHDHGHace un año

    Non working link

  37. cutie pie

    cutie pieHace un año

    Brittyy44 told this urban legand

  38. Надежда Здорова

    Надежда ЗдороваHace un año

    когда-то услышала эту песню и не могла найти, кто поёт. Сегодня услышала по радио , записала время и нашла. Супер!

  39. Ben Llama

    Ben LlamaHace un año

    Blocked in Zimbabwe

  40. Bryant Monzon

    Bryant MonzonHace un año

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    CARLOS ROBERTO CAMARGOS camargosHace un año

    *Música triste... esquisita. Mas, tem um amor nela, não é?*

  42. Anavrin

    AnavrinHace un año

    I love how at 0:11 her spirit returns after her murder and she is so calm but pissed at the same time. You can see the sadness in her demeanor as she recalls the events leading up to her end as she watches him

  43. Icyclear

    IcyclearHace un año

    She seems more angry about being known as a wild rose.

  44. symmetrical now

    symmetrical nowHace un año

    1:31 I alwaya like that part of song i dont know why i just like that music ...not text just music

  45. Ersin Gjigolli

    Ersin GjigolliHace un año

    this is an albanian urban legend

  46. Kleiner Engel

    Kleiner EngelHace un año

    They call me the wild rose But my name was Elisa Day Why they call me it I do not know For my name was Elisa Day From the first day I saw her I knew she was the one She stared in my eyes and smiled For her lips were the color of the roses That grew down the river, all bloody and wild When he knocked on my door and entered the room My trembling subsided in his sure embrace He would be my first man, and with a careful hand He wiped at the tears that ran down my face They call me the wild rose But my name was Elisa Day Why they call me that I do not know? For my name was Elisa day On the second day I brought her a flower She was more beautiful than any woman I've seen I said, "Do you know, where the wild roses grow So sweet and scarlet and free?" On the second day he came with a single red rose He said "Give me your loss and your sorrow?" I nodded my head, as I lay on the bed If I show you the roses will you follow alone They call me the wild rose But my name was Elisa Day Why they call me that I do not know For my name was Elisa Day On the third day he took me to the river He showed me the roses and we kissed And the last thing I heard was a muttered word As he knelt above me with a rock in his fist On the last day I took her where the wild roses grow She lay on the bank, the wind light as a thief And I kissed her goodbye, said "All beauty must die" And I knelt down and planted a rose between her teeth They call me the wild rose But my name is Elisa Day Why they call me it I do not know For my name is Elisa Day My name was Elisa Day For my name was Elisa Day

  47. kaitlyn Amira

    kaitlyn AmiraHace un año

    There's just something about Nick caves voice that gives off this vibe like you should be careful of him but he could also be charming. I don't know I feel like if you came across all creepy and sinister right away it would not make sense, but the way he originally sounds so charming and then it gets darker and darker as the song goes on… I love it! This is Art. Real honest work of musical art, not like the crap coming out nowadays.

  48. stonytina01 will-not-be-banned

    stonytina01 will-not-be-bannedHace 4 meses

    That entire album is art. Creepy and sinister art.

  49. Emma

    EmmaHace un año

    These are the songs that make a person insane

  50. Kimigiro Romero

    Kimigiro RomeroHace un año

    @Ersin Gjigolli could you tell me the legend?

  51. Ersin Gjigolli

    Ersin GjigolliHace un año

    this is an albanian urban legend

  52. Jamie Rose F

    Jamie Rose FHace un año

    My late Mom loved this do I.

  53. Cerise Jaxel

    Cerise JaxelHace un año

    I'm here because the first video had a blocked comment section.

  54. august riddle

    august riddleHace 7 meses


  55. INFPSeduction

    INFPSeductionHace un año

    Yay...more adverts for satanism, cannibalism, murdered and cloned celebrities. How exciting. More song and album titles by Nick Cave: Murder Ballads, Tender Prey, the First born is dead, Lead Belly, Death is not the End, Your Funeral My Trial, Ghosts of the Civil Dead, Abattoir Blues...Enjoy! NOT.

  56. SantaFe Riser

    SantaFe RiserHace un año

    sounds like a song from serial killer.

  57. Despoina Sofi

    Despoina SofiHace 24 días

    @Ersin Gjigolli what legend???

  58. Zahrije Krasniqi

    Zahrije KrasniqiHace 4 meses

    @Ersin Gjigolli cila legjende te lutem?

  59. stonytina01 will-not-be-banned

    stonytina01 will-not-be-bannedHace 4 meses

    You should hear the album. Death and despair in every song.

  60. Icyclear

    IcyclearHace un año

    Even if it is based on the legend, who is to say for sure he wasn't a serial killer?

  61. Ersin Gjigolli

    Ersin GjigolliHace un año

    it is an albanian urban legend

  62. I Jeszcze Wstecz Trochę

    I Jeszcze Wstecz TrochęHace un año

    1995 miałem 6 lat gdy ta piosenka utkwila mi w pamięci i od tamtej pory w duszy m i gra

  63. DAndAl70rus lkj007

    DAndAl70rus lkj007Hace un año

    Просто НЕЧТО, шедевр!

  64. Emmy Chemmy

    Emmy ChemmyHace un año

    Ok 1. Did you see that snake 2. 1:55 the look on his face

  65. Rebeka Burai

    Rebeka BuraiHace 2 años

    Oh, how I adore it

  66. Biggi_2006

    Biggi_2006Hace 2 años

    Лучшая баллада Ника Кейва

  67. maor malik

    maor malikHace 2 años

    They call me The Wild Rose But my name was Eliza Day Why they call me it I do not know For my name was Eliza Day

  68. Pat Toko

    Pat TokoHace 2 años

    The singing budgee her self.

  69. Christine Wolf

    Christine WolfHace 3 años

    Das ist ein geiler Song!!!! Schön mit dem Video! Schön zum Träumen!!!!

  70. Franzii

    FranziiHace 3 años

    Christine Wolf Aber auch ein Gänsehautsong, vorallem wenn songt: All beauty must die😟

  71. Psychotic Platypus

    Psychotic PlatypusHace 4 años

    Nope. Nope. Nope. I first heard this song as a cover from Kamelot. It's an amazing song, for sure. But there's not comparison to Khan.

  72. hi hi !

    hi hi !Hace 4 años

    Anyone else think this may be based off of "Hamlet" by Shakespeare? It's a lot like the story of Ophelia. I dunno but I love that play.

  73. Solace Sparkles

    Solace SparklesHace 4 meses

    @Darkb4light 06 None of the above. The album Murder Ballads is written with just that in mind, and Nick Caves said he wrote it with Kylie Minogue in mind.

  74. Darkb4light 06

    Darkb4light 06Hace un año

    hi hi ! But Ophelia committed suicide? This is murder...

  75. Darkb4light 06

    Darkb4light 06Hace un año

    Kat Illustration Someone else said it was an Albanian urban legend. Lol Which is it?

  76. Kat Illustration

    Kat IllustrationHace 2 años

    It's based on an irish urban legend, the ghost of Elisa Day. She was murdered by her boyfriend by the river, and some people see her ghost walking with blood all over her head, holding a single wild rose. But the drowned maiden do remind me of Ophelia.

  77. epasale

    epasaleHace 4 años

    this is the most psychopathic song in the world.!

  78. Al Iguana

    Al IguanaHace 19 días

    The Curse Of Millhaven would disagree :p

  79. Алексей Даньшов

    Алексей ДаньшовHace 21 un día

    Камень. Лизе

  80. Ersin Gjigolli

    Ersin GjigolliHace 4 meses

    @Enjoy the life Just search for albanians urban legends and u will find this in a top 10 vidios

  81. Enjoy the life

    Enjoy the lifeHace 4 meses

    @Ersin Gjigolli what's the name of that urban legend

  82. Dzidra Luksevica

    Dzidra LuksevicaHace un año

    There is also The Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree

  83. ssinit punyaratabandhu

    ssinit punyaratabandhuHace 6 años

    fall in love .....all

  84. ssinit punyaratabandhu

    ssinit punyaratabandhuHace 6 años

    i fall in love this..

  85. Anna Salieva

    Anna SalievaHace 7 años