"King of the GIANT Net" Challenge!!


  1. is Bryan flying or dying

    is Bryan flying or dyingHace 5 días

    You can hear Bryan in the background

  2. Joshua Campos

    Joshua CamposHace 7 días

    9:56 "Spend some of that good earned money on some of our garbage" 😂

  3. Sabrina Gaitan

    Sabrina GaitanHace 8 días

    Joey you are amazing 💙♥️🤍

  4. skiddz stone

    skiddz stoneHace 13 días

    they said Bryan was on vacation but i heard his laugh 4:42

  5. Edwin Dixon

    Edwin DixonHace 17 días

    The voice in the back round sounds like Bryan

  6. Alan Rivera

    Alan RiveraHace 19 días

    It’s funny how Bobby is the shortest but has definitely the deepest voice

  7. Tomura Shigaraki

    Tomura ShigarakiHace 19 días

    Girls at sleepovers: omg he’s like so cute The boys sleeping over: 5:44

  8. Anna Munger

    Anna MungerHace 24 días

    We’re did you get the net

  9. Grim Popo

    Grim PopoHace 29 días

    I wish I could do this that is awsome

  10. Patrick Martin

    Patrick MartinHace un mes

    At 8:09 dust watch

  11. Shreks swamp stories

    Shreks swamp storiesHace un mes

    The one time the thumbnail is not fake

  12. Kaidren Eberhart

    Kaidren EberhartHace un mes

    Bobby: what’s up you guys this is the- Ad: FURBOW OH FURBOW I MUST GET AWAY

  13. Gabriel Saphira

    Gabriel SaphiraHace un mes

    3:55 I think Jeff stole j freds spinning technique.

  14. SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/

    SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/Hace un mes

    GO JEFF 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Cubicle Lemur

    Cubicle LemurHace un mes

    I'm a lemur.

  16. Jason Nicol

    Jason NicolHace un mes

    jeff"ill give you a 5 second head start" starts moving right after he says that

  17. bounty331

    bounty331Hace un mes

    5:49 Bobby gets pay back

  18. Michael Cruz

    Michael CruzHace un mes

    When your done with the challenge 4:41

  19. Yasmin Maow

    Yasmin MaowHace un mes

    This video was published on my birthday

  20. Nadia Benlarbi

    Nadia BenlarbiHace un mes

    5:40 wtf

  21. Nadia Benlarbi

    Nadia BenlarbiHace un mes

    3:50 wtf

  22. Marianne Regina

    Marianne ReginaHace un mes


  23. Kenneth Simon

    Kenneth SimonHace un mes

    Us suck

  24. ZombifiedBuizel

    ZombifiedBuizelHace un mes

    I kept confusing Jeff and J-Fred. They look the same in those masks

  25. Luthium

    LuthiumHace un mes

    Honestly I really wanna try this it looks really fun

  26. NPB5

    NPB5Hace un mes

    9:24 WTF😱

  27. Jonathan Contreras

    Jonathan ContrerasHace un mes

    You say Brian is in a vacation to fisett is parents but on the teady bear round he is the one that said 3 2 1

  28. ImMsGoat YT

    ImMsGoat YTHace un mes

    Joey:I'm so tie falls down😂


    EVAN ROCKHace un mes

    What happened to the punishment?

  30. Runner Leaf

    Runner LeafHace un mes

    2:14 whats this music called?

  31. hola soy manuel pool

    hola soy manuel poolHace un mes


  32. Richard Samonte

    Richard SamonteHace un mes

    5:45 is no one going to talk about that bobby touched ummm..... Jeff's no no spot......LOOK CLOSELY


    EVAN ROCKHace un mes


  34. empress anora

    empress anoraHace un mes

    You guys forgot to mention that one of the DANGIE BROS WHERE THERE the one in the video is jeff

  35. BlueTopazBeast

    BlueTopazBeastHace un mes

    4:22 what is he doing why is he going for the other colors.🤣🤣

  36. crazy joe

    crazy joeHace 2 meses

    Bobby got blue forst

  37. SixRaven Eight

    SixRaven EightHace 2 meses

    Bobby's got a love bite on his neck.

  38. zhenzhen wu

    zhenzhen wuHace 2 meses

    Jeff wins!

  39. Joe Llens

    Joe LlensHace 2 meses

    You so cool joey

  40. Jake Harvey

    Jake HarveyHace 2 meses

    4:20 lmao 😂

  41. Ava Collins

    Ava CollinsHace 2 meses

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  42. Wolf_Pup_Love

    Wolf_Pup_LoveHace 2 meses

    joey’s little “i ti(r)ed” was so cute 🥺

  43. J.C Gaming

    J.C GamingHace 2 meses

    Bobby: is ur family important then team edge Me:yes

  44. Barry Allen

    Barry AllenHace 2 meses

    Bobby is my fav

  45. Victoriagymnastics Queen

    Victoriagymnastics QueenHace 2 meses

    When the Teddy bear ripped😂

  46. Zachary Carpenter

    Zachary CarpenterHace 2 meses

    Amazing vid Team Edge.

  47. Gabrielle Huggins

    Gabrielle HugginsHace 2 meses

    I think Joey will win the challenge 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  48. Justin De Jager

    Justin De JagerHace 2 meses

    Of course he dasend lisin

  49. Cosmic Dennis

    Cosmic DennisHace 2 meses

    Rip teddy bear

  50. Lily Freya

    Lily FreyaHace 2 meses

    One like is one prayer for the teddy bear ;,(

  51. Heath Slattery

    Heath SlatteryHace 2 meses

    So funny

  52. _Orange-Sunshine_

    _Orange-Sunshine_Hace 3 meses

    They should do tag on this but the "it" is blindfolded

  53. Pizza Boy

    Pizza BoyHace 3 meses

    When J -Fred fell off the net I laughed so hard like if you did the same

  54. Just Do It

    Just Do ItHace 3 meses


  55. AAA Mangle

    AAA MangleHace 3 meses


  56. AAA Mangle

    AAA MangleHace 3 meses

    Do you get it?

  57. PrincessHonk Gaming

    PrincessHonk GamingHace 3 meses

    Red blue YELLOW

  58. TheTurtle YT

    TheTurtle YTHace 3 meses

    I kissed you, like to undo, cause I’m ugly :(

  59. owenbananabutts hall

    owenbananabutts hallHace 3 meses

    Pour little teddy bear 😭🐻

  60. ConcededGold

    ConcededGoldHace 3 meses

    This reminds me of the Super Mario World castles with those net looking things the koopa troopas would be on

  61. Allie Cobb

    Allie CobbHace 3 meses

    Rip teddy bear

  62. Cherokee Rivera Sutton

    Cherokee Rivera SuttonHace 3 meses

    Anyone else recognize the hickey on Bobby’s neck at 2:05