"King of the GIANT Net" Challenge!!


  1. Sarah Palacios

    Sarah PalaciosHace 2 horas

    3:05 Joey broke his ankle 🤣🤣

  2. Allison Obert

    Allison ObertHace un día

    I was watching and when joeg said he broke his ankle i laughed, im sittinv on mg couch in a cast, with my broken ankle

  3. Missa Espino

    Missa EspinoHace 3 días

    go to City Park

  4. Keshia Oglesby

    Keshia OglesbyHace 4 días


  5. Jannelle Rodriguez

    Jannelle RodriguezHace 4 días

    1:14 0.25 speed BOBBY GOT IT FIRST

  6. Rafa Dedi

    Rafa DediHace 4 días

    Poor bear

  7. David Truong-Quan

    David Truong-QuanHace 5 días


  8. Raven Oca

    Raven OcaHace 6 días

    This was really funny

  9. Puz _Zle

    Puz _ZleHace 6 días

    8:04 I cracked up when Joey fell I couldnt stop laughing and when the teddy bear ripped

  10. Banana Rama

    Banana RamaHace 6 días

    What happened to the punishment idea

  11. Taylor Blanks

    Taylor BlanksHace 6 días

    The only reason why this video sucks is because Jeff is in it 👎🏾

  12. Fire Nova

    Fire NovaHace 10 días

    8:23 j-fred spit on the camera

  13. Jeshua YT

    Jeshua YTHace 11 días

    Sorry! But thx for uploading this on my birthday

  14. Henry Clan

    Henry ClanHace 12 días

    8:56 I laughed so hard it hurt when they tore the bear in half and I don't know why 😂

  15. Reema Alotaibi

    Reema AlotaibiHace 12 días

    When Bobby said I got the intestines I died

  16. Reginald Jordan III

    Reginald Jordan IIIHace 12 días

    I was dying laughing when the bear riped

  17. bippitybippity Akers

    bippitybippity AkersHace 13 días

    When you showed your foot joey, i thought you were for real and had a high pain tolerance

  18. xXenoniteXx GT

    xXenoniteXx GTHace 14 días

    3:40 J-Jokes? Je-Jokes? Jekes!

  19. MLG Brony

    MLG BronyHace 14 días

    Man if H2O Delirious watch that he would lose it 8:58 rip teddy bear😹

  20. DigitalCoffee08

    DigitalCoffee08Hace 15 días

    9:00 “I got the intestines!” 🤣

  21. HeyyitzAlyssa

    HeyyitzAlyssaHace 15 días

    I really miss when Matt, Bryan, and Joey were the only ones in videos. It hasn’t been the same since. I’ll always support them but it’s not as fun without the original 3

  22. Ruby McKiernan

    Ruby McKiernanHace 16 días

    Jeff: “Tornado you almost blew me away” 😂😂

  23. XxGoldenxX 2876

    XxGoldenxX 2876Hace 16 días

    Your videos are more edit that content

  24. Dancing_ Unicorn

    Dancing_ UnicornHace 17 días

    R.I.P teddy bear

  25. Christ 310

    Christ 310Hace 17 días

    5:30 “I’m tiryod”

  26. xxkurojixx

    xxkurojixxHace 18 días

    Betty tear

  27. Anahita Dadlani

    Anahita DadlaniHace 18 días

    i kept getting confused between jeff and joey they look so similar sometimes

  28. RumiIsBoss

    RumiIsBossHace 19 días


  29. moussa hijazi

    moussa hijaziHace 19 días

    Yes they are better

  30. Caitlin McConnell

    Caitlin McConnellHace 19 días

    Joeys mind: Mmhm Whats for lunch? What day is it? Bobbys my best friend Whats the punishment going to be? 2:48

  31. Caitlin McConnell

    Caitlin McConnellHace 19 días

    MY ANKEY XD 3:34

  32. Birdcake 3

    Birdcake 3Hace 20 días

    Hi spiders

  33. Olivia Humphrey

    Olivia HumphreyHace 20 días

    when jfred went to yellow instead of red i cracked up 😂😂😂

  34. Defaultie boi

    Defaultie boiHace 20 días

    Rip teddy

  35. Ciera Johnson

    Ciera JohnsonHace 20 días

    Poor teddy bear 2019-2019

  36. Lillian Perrine

    Lillian PerrineHace 20 días

    You guys should do king of the hill with a slip and slide

  37. IrOnIc_Sd

    IrOnIc_SdHace 21 un día

    At 7:05 watch joes smells Jeff’s elbow 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Jax 49

    Jax 49Hace 22 días


  39. Noodle Sticks

    Noodle SticksHace 23 días

    Jeff is the new Matt, mainly because he looks like Joey

  40. Afro World

    Afro WorldHace 24 días

    And the teddy bears family never saw him again

  41. nadine hendry

    nadine hendryHace 24 días

    That was Jeff

  42. Chozzo

    ChozzoHace 25 días

    Jared at 9:54 😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Abbie C

    Abbie CHace 25 días

    be careful Oh god

  44. P. Joshi

    P. JoshiHace 27 días

    So no one’s gonna talk about the spit on the camera from Joey’s mouth?

  45. Rhiannon Lewis

    Rhiannon LewisHace 27 días

    I really miss the prison escape ones ☹️

  46. Javi Don_

    Javi Don_Hace 27 días

    8:57 You monsters

  47. Hybrid Motions

    Hybrid MotionsHace 28 días

    8:56 That just reminded me of Mortal Kombat

  48. Sir Gabriel

    Sir GabrielHace 28 días

    Did anyone get the "The Matrix" joke?

  49. sting ray

    sting rayHace 28 días

    I love team egde

  50. Ali Khafagy

    Ali KhafagyHace 28 días

    Love your video


    CHRISTIANHace 29 días

    3:35 my ankie

  52. Jared Hyde

    Jared HydeHace un mes

    3:24 j-Fred’s strategy almost worked 😂

  53. Layla Ruiz

    Layla RuizHace un mes

    Do more slip and slide

  54. Marcus Mayhem

    Marcus MayhemHace un mes

    I swear that that was Bryan's voice at 4:36.

  55. Joshua Arthur

    Joshua ArthurHace un mes

    Jeff is awesome

  56. rosano rodriguez

    rosano rodriguezHace un mes

    I knew the teddy bear would rip

  57. Motocross Adrenaline

    Motocross AdrenalineHace un mes

    They murderd TED

  58. Sean Fakelastname

    Sean FakelastnameHace un mes

    No one: Bobby: We're gonna be climbing around this net like a b u n c h o f s p i d e r s

  59. Arohaina Aumua

    Arohaina AumuaHace un mes

    When the bear broke, I lost it

  60. Potato Life

    Potato LifeHace un mes

    Joey has a lot of crackhead energy :not trying to be mean: