Kevin Hart Catches a High Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastHace un año

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  2. Green Girl

    Green GirlHace 2 meses

    We neen Dwayne Johnson, Kevin hart and yourself.

  3. Jeezy Mane

    Jeezy ManeHace 2 meses

    First We Feast get tyga to eat hot ones!

  4. Amber Stamps

    Amber StampsHace 6 meses

    Do will smith

  5. Chuck Hickl

    Chuck HicklHace 6 meses

    @Bobbie Fisher Says Bobbie from Mom's basement, on disability because he tripped on some step delivering mail and broke his pride. This guy makes more in a year hosting a ESreporter channel than any one of us will make in 50 years. How about you come up with something original rather than bashing a guy who has found a niche that has attracted the biggest stars?

  6. TheBizzle90

    TheBizzle90Hace 5 horas

    The sound @ 13:44 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Lilly Palizano

    Lilly PalizanoHace un día

    -,- invite me to this

  8. Eric Cordova

    Eric CordovaHace 2 días

    I’m just gonna say this cuz Sean mentioned his name; Brock Lesnar. On one hand it would be cool to see his reactions and hear his stories. But on the other hand, his typical interviews are boring and he’s arrogant. But I’d like to see a man of his size reduced to something much more pathetic, simply because of some hot sauces.

  9. 79centsoutofadollar

    79centsoutofadollarHace 2 días

    Someone should make a compilation of folks saying things like "bring on the hotter ones" and "aw man, this one is easy, where's the challenge?" and making fun at the first few sauces, claiming they want the real, hot, "non-baby" stuff..............and then intercutting it with the sauce tearing their ass up. Like, for example... at 2:30 here, Kevin's like "Let's bring on the hot stuff!". Follow that with an immediate showing of how in pain he later would be. Someone should so do that.

  10. liss Martínez

    liss MartínezHace 2 días

    Tan bello...😘😘😘😍

  11. Adam Hochron

    Adam HochronHace 2 días

    I ❤️ Secret life of pets

  12. Travis&Amber Jenkins

    Travis&Amber JenkinsHace 3 días


  13. Ricardo Lemus

    Ricardo LemusHace 3 días

    yucateco from yucatan like the penninsula

  14. Bean Machine08

    Bean Machine08Hace 3 días

    This is how manny times KH said we out there now. 👇

  15. Norangelis

    NorangelisHace 4 días

    I'm just here for all the people in the background. Their laughter is straight evil yo.

  16. Sahle Shiferaw

    Sahle ShiferawHace 4 días

    How to make History 101: 1. People who make history don't go around asking everyone to help them make history. 2. People who make history don't make it about making history. 3. People who make history (for the good reasons) don't make it about themselves (Come help me make my name great??" I got love for you Hart but I didn't get what you were after??

  17. Rendered Space

    Rendered SpaceHace 5 días

    I will comment on every single video until it happens! I had a dream about this and it needs to happen! Have Nick Offerman on the show! However it needs to be Ron Swanson which is basically Nick offerman's internal spirit animal. could you imagine how amazing it would be talking about being a man, woodworking, government, meats, breakfast foods etc while his glorious mustache laughs off the Heat from the wussy sauce while his dry humor put's Sean in humor tears???

  18. TrekJacob Barton

    TrekJacob BartonHace 5 días

    What 's the point of this show ? Make people eat very hot wings for nothing

  19. Read This

    Read ThisHace 2 días

    They interview people while eating hot wings, how is it confusing?

  20. Nicolle Mathison

    Nicolle MathisonHace 5 días

    I love Sean, he reminds me of caillou ❤️

  21. The Gaming Dude

    The Gaming DudeHace 5 días

    So why is this one also on complex

  22. Gail Joy

    Gail JoyHace 6 días

    All heart did was look out towards the camera! What the hell is that about?

  23. Dan Man

    Dan ManHace 7 días

    Take your sunnies off you ignorant little turd.

  24. RellFrmNorth

    RellFrmNorthHace 7 días


  25. Petha

    PethaHace 7 días

    faze jev gotta be on this show

  26. Sendie •

    Sendie •Hace 8 días

    Kevin’s trying to be funny and trying to impress the sideline rather than doing what he’s there to do and answer questions after you eat hot wings. Sean is getting agitated b/c Kevin’s acting a fool and really he’s not all that funny. There has been funnier people on this show that are NOT comedians and were able to answer the questions without making a fool of themselves.

  27. Spring Hearted Tiger 62

    Spring Hearted Tiger 62Hace 8 días

    “Get me a water, man! See me over here struggling?! Shit!” I always start laughing when I hear that

  28. Sir .Driken

    Sir .DrikenHace 8 días

    He was high lmao

  29. Thomas Whitmore

    Thomas WhitmoreHace 8 días

    Did Kevin show up High?

  30. Enrique Harrison

    Enrique HarrisonHace 9 días

    Ryan Reynolds next please 🙏🙏

  31. fekstar127

    fekstar127Hace 9 días

    blacks and sterotypes LOL

  32. Jery Escamilla

    Jery EscamillaHace 10 días

    Oh my guuu he bald

  33. TheNaeNaeShow

    TheNaeNaeShowHace 10 días

    I always come to this video it’s so funny and great interviewing skills 🙏🏾🙏🏾. I want to meet the host !! ALSO you little snowflakes, the host already said Kevin was amazing and flew them out to do the interview !! Y’all can have multiple seats . You want to pay for everybody?? Oh okay lol.

  34. Bryan Leyva

    Bryan LeyvaHace 10 días

    Get Dan Pena

  35. G. J.

    G. J.Hace 12 días

    Some of the most humble questions for such a disingenuous being.

  36. sand bach

    sand bachHace 13 días

    I love him

  37. Scott Marko

    Scott MarkoHace 13 días

    Easily the worst guest I’ve seen on Hot Ones and that’s coming from a Kevin Hart fan

  38. Craig Longmuir

    Craig LongmuirHace 14 días

    Ignorant Chris Tucker wanna be cunt

  39. Deep Kumar B S

    Deep Kumar B SHace 14 días

    Get well soon Kevin 😐

  40. Sam

    SamHace 15 días


  41. Niyella Clemensia

    Niyella ClemensiaHace 16 días

    Why this mothafucka still taking big bites tha fuck

  42. Eternaldarkness3166

    Eternaldarkness3166Hace 16 días

    totally should do a movie about the strip club and the comedian

  43. Vladimír Pokorný

    Vladimír PokornýHace 17 días

    If you are not blind and still wear sunglasses indoors then you are douche

  44. Marcello D

    Marcello DHace 17 días

    I hope he got that you didn't blew up on him man. Awkward.

  45. Emmy Arellano

    Emmy ArellanoHace 18 días

    "My teeth and shit all hot" hahahahaha!!

  46. blues watchin

    blues watchinHace 18 días

    STFU....hes looking at the 10 ppl whose always standing there.. the shit is funny

  47. Evelyn Reed

    Evelyn ReedHace 18 días

    you ar my favret as snowball panda

  48. Michael Taylor

    Michael TaylorHace 18 días

    "Pull your Dick out!" lol

  49. Jeff Julich

    Jeff JulichHace 19 días

    Why is there a bottle of "Pure Habanero" hot sauce in the thumbnail photo of all the Hot Ones videos, yet I've never been able to find this hot sauce used in an episode? There has to be at least one out there, right? I'd like to see it if there is... Where is it? Please help?

  50. Jossue Cervantes

    Jossue CervantesHace 19 días

    i think his wings fake lmao he act like its hot af when taking a bite then talks cool lmao.

  51. Mr. Opinion

    Mr. OpinionHace 19 días


  52. Dave Johnson

    Dave JohnsonHace 19 días

    I'm crying 😂😂😂

  53. Kacy Mah

    Kacy MahHace 19 días

    Shout out to Sean for shouting out Houston rap tho

  54. Genther 3408

    Genther 3408Hace 19 días


  55. Raenset Tee

    Raenset TeeHace 20 días

    Sorta annoying how his constantly (literally) looking for recognition from his lil crew, after every 'joke' he makes. That aside I do like Kev's stuff 😁

  56. Travis

    TravisHace 20 días

    Spin off show eat the whole wing

  57. Travis

    TravisHace 20 días

    Do not think this is a racist comment...................HOTTA THAN WHAT HIS MAMMY MADE.

  58. Kayla jo

    Kayla joHace 20 días

    “ I feel like a goddamn coke head in this bitch“ hahaha

  59. Jose Cintron

    Jose CintronHace 21 un día

    Joe rogan please

  60. Melissa Smith

    Melissa SmithHace 21 un día

    kevin hart is a pussy!

  61. Charis Itiveh

    Charis ItivehHace 21 un día

    wtf lol

  62. SHA AK47

    SHA AK47Hace 22 días

    they put weed in those things

  63. Nicholas Kristoff

    Nicholas KristoffHace 22 días

    was he drunk for this?

  64. Oh Hey

    Oh HeyHace 22 días

    Kevin Hart’s watch is gorgeous... does anyone know what type it is?

  65. Naporsha Miles

    Naporsha MilesHace 22 días

    Cardi b should be on this show