Kevin Gates "No More" (In Studio) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)


  1. Son of Man UniverSOUL HarMoney

    Son of Man UniverSOUL HarMoneyHace un día

    Metric ton love comin in with the push of a button , brrrrrr to da okrrrrrr, push to talk, forced to walk, Fuc it I’ll walk alone, throwin a dog a bone, young harron bone, yay love is wrong I don’t know how to get it right, I rather get the white, aight

  2. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan GonzalezHace 3 días

    Am I just now hearing this ?

  3. Bruno Mufume

    Bruno MufumeHace 3 días

    Wow wow wow ....Kevin gates e neste momento o Tupac dos tappers boa vibe continua assim!!!

  4. Alice J

    Alice JHace 4 días

    “We all fall in love sometimes “ ❤️

  5. Francina Sanchez-Reddick

    Francina Sanchez-ReddickHace 5 días

    Gates spitting facts...

  6. Lazy Murfy

    Lazy MurfyHace 11 días

    Papa bear gates at it again

  7. James Burns

    James BurnsHace 13 días

    I done poured upp

  8. Omgcoolpl Plays

    Omgcoolpl PlaysHace 14 días

    Aloha you guys wanna know where the tree of life is.?? If you know where hawaii is the 8 hyn island come to kauai the garden island on the north shore of Kauai’ before u reach the end of the north u will com to the double lane bridge turn down that road it says resident only ! That’s the main gate to the 12 gates of heaven I’m the 5 th gate u can’t miss it my hse is green white and u will c a empty ditch line that use to b for our family taro patches we use to have befor this water court situation here in wainiha we need witnesses free water free electric free I’m gonna have faith that someone comes cause I will b blind for a grand purpose I promise aloha nea

  9. Tyrone Baker

    Tyrone BakerHace 21 un día

    this is what youngboy tryna sound like he just not there yet. #BigOleGeneral

  10. Shaun Gotti

    Shaun GottiHace 22 días

    The craziest thing bout this track is he talking bout himself

  11. Childish Temptation •••

    Childish Temptation •••Hace 22 días

    Not on Apple Music?

  12. Debray Burton

    Debray BurtonHace 23 días

    Kevin Gates,,,,,,those Fire Azz Beats And Words he Speaks Just Amazing Artist💥💗🌏😎😎

  13. O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes

    O-H-I-O Go BuckeyesHace 25 días


  14. Ericka Gunter

    Ericka GunterHace 25 días

    Who been with gates since that paper chaser days aye lol

  15. Deanna Green

    Deanna GreenHace 26 días

    Kevin Gates New Rap Song To Me 'NO MORE'. YOU ARE A REAL MC RAPPER BOY I LIKE . 2/2/20

  16. Tonya Fannings

    Tonya FanningsHace 27 días

    I love this song it is out cold song love it

  17. Brad Smith

    Brad SmithHace 29 días

    My favorite rapper

  18. Shihab Jjj

    Shihab JjjHace un mes


  19. Shihab Jjj

    Shihab JjjHace un mes

    Boom boom boom

  20. Crag Hack

    Crag HackHace un mes

    there is no depression... only weak people

  21. Damion Chamberss

    Damion ChamberssHace un mes

    Getting back into the music industry and hearing the dynamics in this beat, I applaud his engineer! iG: @BeatsDaCase #Follow


    BOOYAH A BORN KINGHace un mes

    Where the hell can I get this song! Bruh I’ve been waiting...and waiting! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Can this hit ITunes already💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  23. Wa Wa

    Wa WaHace un mes


  24. Noelle W

    Noelle WHace un mes


  25. RḗNz

    RḗNzHace un mes

    I DONE POURED UP! - Hulk's voice

  26. Jaclyn Dobbs

    Jaclyn DobbsHace un mes

    Goodnight Uncle Kevin

  27. moneymuziek

    moneymuziekHace un mes

    Fuck i need this on spotify

  28. Angel of Death 613

    Angel of Death 613Hace un mes


  29. Keaton Hughston

    Keaton HughstonHace un mes

    Much love bro

  30. Keaton Hughston

    Keaton HughstonHace un mes


  31. Raven Symone

    Raven SymoneHace un mes

    Bae so sexy...i love this man..

  32. Patrick Richardson

    Patrick RichardsonHace un mes

    Yo live in lafayette louisiana I'm drummer Not try to give up on the dream With stacks in my pocket Family Friends Fans Proud of me I'm Patrick Got the beats for low Just got to get me in the studio

  33. Popa Stoppa

    Popa StoppaHace un mes

    I like how he go back to his old tracks & reboot them and make'em sound even hotter

  34. Stephanie Botts

    Stephanie BottsHace un mes

    Check it bag on me

  35. Jacob Lindsey

    Jacob LindseyHace un mes

    Whoever disliked a bitch!!!!

  36. Skylar Banks

    Skylar BanksHace un mes


  37. Brandon Betts

    Brandon BettsHace un mes

    "Got me a load delivered."💪🔥

  38. Ben G

    Ben GHace 2 meses

    Learn to let go of my feelings , got back in the building, and got me a load delivered!💪🏼

  39. iayah studyway

    iayah studywayHace 2 meses

    He fine


    CHRIS GR3ENHace 2 meses


  41. Fanny S. Taylor

    Fanny S. TaylorHace 2 meses

    He went even harder Kevin is very talented I like everything about the song

  42. Emeth Neitor

    Emeth NeitorHace 2 meses

    "Te amo Mexico" we love ya too Gates 🔥💪

  43. Amanda Edwards-Taylor

    Amanda Edwards-TaylorHace 2 meses

    Love you on this but I just wonder do you see me in the middle of all these

  44. Nelson

    NelsonHace 2 meses

    Copycat of no more from Disturbed

  45. Josh Roy

    Josh RoyHace 2 meses

    I tried to show you I loved u ain't gotta show u no love no more I ain't gotta run no more

  46. Beeb Lamouche

    Beeb LamoucheHace 2 meses

    I Tried to show u I Love you, aint gotta show nothing no more, must Want me to run behind you, I Aint doing no Running no More!!! ..... Gates Spits straight Facts, he knws Watsup

  47. Justin Worek

    Justin WorekHace un mes

    “Said that he knew I’d be back because all women are wicked and they only love they self”

  48. Trippy_rubixs

    Trippy_rubixsHace 2 meses

    This beat plug daughter

  49. Trippy_rubixs

    Trippy_rubixsHace 2 meses

    Plug daughter

  50. jDUB1

    jDUB1Hace 2 meses

    *Baby Mama Drama Anthem*

  51. Chris&Q

    Chris&QHace 2 meses

    Super depressed and after talking to all kinds of people this the only thing that picked me up

  52. Chris&Q

    Chris&QHace 17 días

    QueenSaucyHaz 💯

  53. QueenSaucyHaz

    QueenSaucyHazHace 17 días

    Keep your head up! I know what you mean, he helped me massively too.

  54. advice from Raheem and more

    advice from Raheem and moreHace 2 meses

    He the truth

  55. Imakeperceptivemoves 21

    Imakeperceptivemoves 21Hace 2 meses

    "You didnt make me bitter you made me better"👌

  56. Cj Gray

    Cj GrayHace un día

    I swear that shit hit the shit im goin thru with my babymom bro 💯💯💯 shit hit me the whole song

  57. Google Daark

    Google DaarkHace 2 meses

    Where all the mexicans at


    TRE STAYLITHace 2 meses

    Lol this is chief keef old beat.

  59. AJW Jodoin

    AJW JodoinHace 2 meses

    This is a message from Tommy to his wife. Angela Tommy. Is out jail met him today if you're wanting money

  60. Amazing Amy

    Amazing AmyHace 2 meses

    You don't have good taste in women that's why you're hiv positive right now lol good day

  61. Natalie Strickland

    Natalie StricklandHace 2 meses


  62. Antonio Foster

    Antonio FosterHace 2 meses

    This is basically my theme song!

  63. Marcus Mcafee

    Marcus McafeeHace 2 meses

    Gates I’m trying to advertise this song on my social media but I can’t because you won’t release this on one of those steaming apps... work with me big guy!

  64. RipperMagoo 305

    RipperMagoo 305Hace 2 meses

    Not sure, but I’m fairly certain I’m responsible for about a mill of these views 🤷🏻‍♂️

  65. va2ga2009

    va2ga2009Hace un mes

    RipperMagoo 305 I promise. Lol