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Kehlani - Nights Like This (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Official Video]


  1. Solar Heavy

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    I was so inspired by this and the beautiful vocals, I went ahead and made a remix of it :) It's chill, with a mix of genres, and a bassy vibe, feel free to checkout my page after this for my take on this incredible song!

  2. Jacqueline Godinez

    Jacqueline GodinezHace un hora

    kehlani's voice 🥺💖 .

  3. Mallery Swanner

    Mallery SwannerHace un hora

    Its not freaking working give a thumbs up ⬅️hehehe and go on my channel

  4. Renote M.V

    Renote M.VHace 2 horas

    Kehlani 😍😍😍

  5. Positive Vibes

    Positive VibesHace 3 horas

    10k dislikes?? i just wanna talk..

  6. dulmaiz tah

    dulmaiz tahHace 3 horas

    That song reminds me of jojo

  7. Lola Fontana

    Lola FontanaHace 4 horas

    I love that you quoted Shakespeare


    RAVENORHace 6 horas

    bok gibi karrrı gibi şarkılar bunu toplar dinler aq

  9. Vinny Prada

    Vinny PradaHace 6 horas

    I'm not following the story here.

  10. Rotopercutor

    RotopercutorHace 7 horas

    ma depaseste clipul wtf man skr pra PAIPAILESSS VIKINGIIIIIIII

  11. keyy smith

    keyy smithHace 8 horas

    Fav song ever I will forever stan😩😍💯🤷🏽‍♀️👌🏽

  12. Queen Of spades

    Queen Of spadesHace 8 horas

    Illuminati video tho lol

  13. Queen Of spades

    Queen Of spadesHace 8 horas

    Aye I rock with her amazing voice 💯🥂

  14. KoKo Tyminski

    KoKo TyminskiHace 9 horas

    Kehlani 🔥😍😭🙏🏻

  15. Haja Kallon

    Haja KallonHace 10 horas

    O. M. G

  16. JØSIE 11

    JØSIE 11Hace 11 horas

    Snapchat? Like😂

  17. Konika Dhital

    Konika DhitalHace 18 horas

    You r just 🔥🔥🔥🔥love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  18. OnYx DoNT MisS

    OnYx DoNT MisSHace 18 horas

    Ain’t this the same chick that did Kyrie bougus smh thot.

  19. EmoZagaFun

    EmoZagaFunHace 22 horas

    selena gomez bad tatted sister ?

  20. FlyingSquirel

    FlyingSquirelHace 22 horas

    Hi this is my first song from you I subbed and clicked the bell to get notifications I also just wanted tp appreciate this song is beautiful I like it your voice is also beautiful.

  21. Brook's fun life

    Brook's fun lifeHace un día

    I love this song

  22. Mesut Djedaribafi

    Mesut DjedaribafiHace un día

    Ty‘s part is to short

  23. FEED Aikal Tan 1999

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  24. Astarte Astaroth

    Astarte AstarothHace un día

    i totally dislike song.. but i am in love with dark skinned person...

  25. Aaron Benson

    Aaron BensonHace un día

    Great song! New young woman of r&b. Get it!

  26. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

    Jose Ignacio Osorio PonceHace un día


  27. oxygen

    oxygenHace un día

    i be singing this like im heartbroken😂

  28. Ashley Prilaman

    Ashley PrilamanHace un día

    Love your voice

  29. Ashley Prilaman

    Ashley PrilamanHace un día


  30. MingoThePoet

    MingoThePoetHace un día

    She’s got a New school 🏫 old school vibe Very unique voice beautiful 💯🔥Ty Cold to

  31. XpoZedBeatz

    XpoZedBeatzHace un día

    Ty Dolla trash bro lmao

  32. SGTSayz

    SGTSayzHace un día

    wish I could build-a-bish

  33. Tiana Evans

    Tiana EvansHace un día

    Girl that video was intense😍😍


    RAVENNA SOU EUHace un día

    Someone explains the video to me?

  35. Sayel Norbert

    Sayel NorbertHace un día


  36. Kevin is Thornton

    Kevin is ThorntonHace un día

    I like her ,but confused,,,singing to guy are girl??which?choose

  37. Wesam adf

    Wesam adfHace un día

    she's Ariana / Camilla mix

  38. Tyneal Mathews

    Tyneal MathewsHace un día


  39. Sue Grace

    Sue GraceHace un día

    This video blows me away. So deep ans creative. Her voice is amazing and i cant stop watching or listening to it. Love you girl.

  40. Pinky Ndwalane

    Pinky NdwalaneHace un día

    The beat, her voice , the flow. Im done

  41. Hanna Allysya

    Hanna AllysyaHace un día

    I love this song very much!!


    DETROITROBHace un día

    She look so cute with them glasses

  43. Sterling Archer

    Sterling ArcherHace un día

    ewww i ended up here because of outplay, question for hoes out there, do you like this music? should i be playing this when it try to pick one of you up?

  44. gamer 24

    gamer 24Hace un día

    That dodge challenger💯

  45. BlackFoot Beauty

    BlackFoot BeautyHace un día

    Awesome video concept! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  46. Eduarda Duda

    Eduarda DudaHace un día

    Amore 😍

  47. Ro Ro Bailey

    Ro Ro BaileyHace un día

    My favorite song💯

  48. unice sawmhal

    unice sawmhalHace un día

    wow beautiful

  49. Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel PerezHace 2 días

    This wack, Kehlani cheated on uncle drew and wanna talk bout giving up her heart.

  50. Silamara Eduarda

    Silamara EduardaHace 2 días

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍😍🙇😍🙇😍😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙇😍🙆🙆😍🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆 🙆🙆🙆🙆😍🙆😍🙆😍🙆😍🙆😍❤😍🙆😍🙆😍🙆😍❤😍🙆

  51. Joshua Shakir

    Joshua ShakirHace 2 días

    Can somebody tell me what the message in this video was. What was happening?

  52. Joshua Shakir

    Joshua ShakirHace 3 horas

    +BigHairDontCare oof. thanks

  53. BigHairDontCare

    BigHairDontCareHace 6 horas

    Being in a Relationship where u give ur all but they give nothing back and just hurt and play with your emotions.

  54. BigHairDontCare

    BigHairDontCareHace 6 horas

    She took a broken person (the robot) showed her love, her Hope's and dreams showed her what life is about, for that heartless person(robot) to pretend to care all for her personal selfish gain. (She kills kehlani and transfer into her human body)

  55. jonathan winning kelley

    jonathan winning kelleyHace 2 días

    www. worldstonertoys .com approved

  56. Sophia Driver

    Sophia DriverHace 2 días

    So you feel in love with this girl you in that other dude helped design but he was in love with you is what I got from this I love this song so much

  57. Hans Woscht

    Hans WoschtHace 2 días

    Kehlani i wanna 😁😁😁😁 yahhh

  58. Kayla Negron

    Kayla NegronHace 2 días

    Kehlani Cute Ass.

  59. j gee

    j geeHace 2 días

    Kyrie was suppose to marry her

  60. Chico DaUno

    Chico DaUnoHace 2 días

    The Video is dope af. I take away from it as her explaining why some gay women or men . still have relationships with heterosexuals . the robot was her being gay , & when she put her hand on her heart, she was able to see that she was missing out on the possibilities of having a family & growing old with someone & the opposite when she felt the heart of robot who was her just being alone . Which may also explains why shes currently pregnant right now . Not say that she isnt bi or gay whatever the correct term is, but she wanted to experience having a child on her own with out adopting & still having a family option or setting for herself & the bby if she wants it . Not my intent to offend anyone . Just what i got from it . Peace & Love to 1 & all .

  61. Angeleyes319

    Angeleyes319Hace 2 días

    This for the first girl I ever fell in love with. Shit still hurts but life moves on

  62. mia Smith

    mia SmithHace 2 días

    I love this song

  63. iasmuffin Edits

    iasmuffin EditsHace 2 días

    everyone comes for Justin but i came for Kehlani

  64. Chanel B

    Chanel BHace 9 horas

    Where Justin at

  65. Stella Frank

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  66. Ardane Oates

    Ardane OatesHace un día

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  67. Ardane Oates

    Ardane OatesHace un día

    Aunt and I will be there in about an hour and a few weeks ago and it was a great day for the office on Monday night and it is a few weeks ago and it was a great day and I have a great day and I have a few weeks ago and it was a great day and I have a few weeks ago I was a

  68. Thiago Nascimento

    Thiago NascimentoHace 2 días

    racist video _|_

  69. Jordan Marvin

    Jordan MarvinHace 2 días

    This reminds me of Detroit become human

  70. Ryan Abramo

    Ryan AbramoHace 2 días

    Ohhh you are

  71. FORz_LeE12

    FORz_LeE12Hace 2 días

    3:50 Ty Dolla Sign: What did you do to me? Kehlani: I LOOKED AT YOU! Ty Dolla Sign: HALP ME PLEASE! SOMEONE HALP ME! IM DYING!

  72. tashell almond

    tashell almondHace 2 días

    Love this song🔥💯

  73. Universal Flow University

    Universal Flow UniversityHace 3 días

    If you don't see it, you are blind

  74. Jessica Auguste

    Jessica AugusteHace 3 días

    So, what's the plot on this video? I can't see it clearly.

  75. Nylah Kiara

    Nylah KiaraHace 2 días

    Jessica Auguste i think its the fact that she used her & drained her so much, now kehlani carries that w her.

  76. Jae urlady

    Jae urladyHace 3 días

    Avatar shit gifts beyond this world...😍

  77. Frank Oxen

    Frank OxenHace 3 días

    True art

  78. Tamires Lima

    Tamires LimaHace 3 días

    My favorite song ... what an amazing singer!!!

  79. Stella Frank

    Stella FrankHace un día


  80. Demechrey Austin Mechi Byrd Wolf Golf EVANS IV

    Demechrey Austin Mechi Byrd Wolf Golf EVANS IVHace 3 días


  81. smol gummy bear

    smol gummy bearHace 3 días


  82. mario florea

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  83. Beatrice BROWN

    Beatrice BROWNHace 3 días

    I don't know what this music video is trying to tell me

  84. Casual Luke

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  85. Aakruti Sharma

    Aakruti SharmaHace 3 días

    This is fire oh lord

  86. Brandon Lebleu

    Brandon LebleuHace 3 días

    Kehlani is so under rated in my opinion. This girl is just amazing!!!!! i love all of her songs but this one is my favorite its all i wanna listen to never gets old !

  87. iiamkyra itzzmeeeduh

    iiamkyra itzzmeeeduhHace 3 días

    This song crazy but i like it

  88. George Beard

    George BeardHace 3 días

    Happy Birthday ARIES brother you my twin ♈♈♈♈♈💪💪💪💪💪🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  89. Chloe Haynes

    Chloe HaynesHace 3 días

    Who else got a Trevor Jackson ad before this song If you reading this try to make this your best day you’ve had in along time adventure a little

  90. joe kim

    joe kimHace 3 días

    Hope that she keeps making music 😭

  91. Mihir Patel

    Mihir PatelHace 3 días

    Bro. I am straight, yet I like this song. What's wrong with me.

  92. Tuxedo Mask Jin

    Tuxedo Mask JinHace un día

    ?? bro you don't have to be gay to like the song lmao

  93. Mihir Patel

    Mihir PatelHace 3 días

    This is addiction.

  94. LB44 Vevo

    LB44 VevoHace 3 días

    Illuminati runnin through her body... WITH MY SMALL DICK ALL UP IN HER GUTS!!! I BEATS THE PUSSY UP UP UP!!

  95. Lady Diana

    Lady DianaHace 4 días does this video mean

  96. aminče kskskskskskks

    aminče kskskskskskksHace 4 días

    This deserves to be the most viewed video on youtube💕🙄 P.S her voice is similliar to Camila Cabello and it's amazing😍

  97. Karen Baker

    Karen BakerHace 4 días

    Banging tune

  98. Rayda Morris

    Rayda MorrisHace 4 días

    Nipsey Hustl brought me here. #RIPTHO.

  99. Samiyah M

    Samiyah MHace 4 días

    I don't think I can ever say 'my fav kehlani song is...' coz they're all just too damn good

  100. Ranny Carvalhoo Ranny

    Ranny Carvalhoo RannyHace 4 días


  101. Victor Bratu

    Victor BratuHace 4 días

    Every engineer will like a girl who can solder😊

  102. mecomiun mcflurry

    mecomiun mcflurryHace 4 días

    Justin Bieber likes this song

  103. XO

    XOHace 4 días


  104. Alexus Rice

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  105. MC Angel Montana

    MC Angel MontanaHace 4 días

    Thinking more or the Alita: Battle Angel storyline from the Manga. Big ups to Kehlani!

  106. Nicole B

    Nicole BHace 4 días

    She is the female version of Justin Bieber’s voice

  107. Bhavana Pandey

    Bhavana PandeyHace 4 días

    anyone here after Haley nd then Justin's share back to back in their insta story....selena where r u ?

  108. Josiah Stock

    Josiah StockHace 4 días

    My Version - *On some nights like this, baby, I can't even think of us. Why? Because I hate you so much.*

  109. Jalyssa Short

    Jalyssa ShortHace 4 días

    moral of the story don't be white kids

  110. Caleb Murphy

    Caleb MurphyHace 4 días

    blaw blaw blaw perfect people, perfect house, perfect bullshit. YAWWWN

  111. Briecheese 622

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