Katy Perry - Small Talk (Lyric Video)


  1. Arianatics fever

    Arianatics feverHace 3 horas

    honestly, this is the best thing since sliced bread

  2. THE ROY

    THE ROYHace 3 horas

    omg who is she 😍

  3. lala lili

    lala liliHace 3 horas

    Meaning is in lyrics itself. 💔

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    Lets go for more

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    Lets go for more

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    The bestt

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  10. Mr Alu

    Mr AluHace 4 horas

    "Orlando Bloom" or maybe Russell

  11. Angie Rae76

    Angie Rae76Hace 4 horas

    Omg....this is the PERFECT SONG for my ex-husband....too bad he's remarried already....after having been with ME for almost 23 yrs....18 of those years MARRIED.....so he acts like he NEVER KNEW ME and whenever I see him to exchange our kids for the weekend or get a text from him about the kids schedule....it's nothing but SMALL TALK just like the song says. It's just WEIRD that you can spend SO MUCH of your LIFE with someone and then ONE DAY it's as though you're meeting them for the FIRST TIME. LIFE in general is just WEIRD and I guess it ALWAYS WILL BE 😦

  12. LeisurelyBacon

    LeisurelyBaconHace 4 horas

    *the best since sliced bread*

  13. Gia Quý Phi

    Gia Quý PhiHace 5 horas

    The happinest break up song ever ! Only Queen Katy Perry did that ! We blessed.

  14. Peach Baby

    Peach BabyHace 5 horas

    Thought this was an Official Video

  15. jencendiary

    jencendiaryHace 5 horas

    Is Katy Perry trying to bring back Adult Easy Listening radio, though?

  16. ПАША БРО

    ПАША БРОHace 5 horas

    Я один здесь русский Подписчик

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    Small talk forever love I love the song who love this song like me, please give them like

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    #81 on billboard come on guys we can do this!!

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  20. Kkutieeddz Roye

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    Katy Perry :- Teenage Dream 👫🍹💯 Katy Perry :- This how we do ✌💑💯 Katy Perry :- Never really over 💑💯 Katy Perry :- Small Talk 💁🚶💯

  21. Gehad Mahmoud

    Gehad MahmoudHace 7 horas

    Great video😍

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  23. D BG

    D BGHace 7 horas

    Second 26, is the same logo than Taylor Swift's album Lover😍

  24. derckless

    dercklessHace 7 horas

    B o r e d Video

  25. Ausi Go

    Ausi GoHace 7 horas

    Where are the 34M subscribers?

  26. Ausi Go

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    There's nowhere your hands haven't been 😑

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  28. Dorothy Tran

    Dorothy TranHace 8 horas

    Every friends with benefits relationship

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  30. Michi Schwarz

    Michi SchwarzHace 8 horas

    When is Katy Perry finally out of her Midlife crises ??

  31. Ricardo Tejero

    Ricardo TejeroHace 8 horas

    Simplemente katy perry

  32. Dorothy Andrade

    Dorothy AndradeHace 9 horas

    El escenario me recuerda mucho a "500 días con ella" Sum...

  33. Chema

    ChemaHace 9 horas

    Katy Perry is the new queen of pop

  34. MTA NYCT Railfanner

    MTA NYCT RailfannerHace 10 horas

    I dislike this song for several reasons

  35. Icy Family

    Icy FamilyHace 10 horas

    The only thing I was interested about is that bread slice I want to KNOW is it good?

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  38. AloVera

    AloVeraHace 11 horas

    Too relatable im uncomfortable

  39. Semeri Siamese

    Semeri SiameseHace 11 horas

    This is the lyric video. Oh. This could of passed as a music video to me.

  40. Shannon Ross-Murray

    Shannon Ross-MurrayHace 11 horas

    Man I was dying to see this couple get back together - I can't believe this is only a lyric video

  41. zeph_y2k

    zeph_y2kHace 11 horas

    why’d yall let small talk flop...

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    goodnight !

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    love :p

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    365 all the time listen !

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    lovers !

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    lecimy 10 milionów i 11 tys kom

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    wsparcie dla naszej katy !

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    damy rade #katycats

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    wspieramy nasza katy

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    do 10 mln zaradobijemy !

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    super !

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    love songs by katy

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    katy is the best

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    nowadays all songs sound the same so

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    Katy 😍😍😍

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    so love u

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    50000000000000000 always......

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    im sad

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    The time

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    Always the same....

  66. Yul Hubbart

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    You got somebody? Did he consent, given your track record of sexually assaulting young men?

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    Small Talk 💖

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    Blah blah blah blah ❤️

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    Br? 🇧🇷

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    Katy ❤️

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  73. Kimberlee

    KimberleeHace 17 horas

    The lyrics are very relatable but damn katy Perry just needs to step it up. Just crap music over and over.

  74. Byanka De Oliveira

    Byanka De OliveiraHace 17 horas

    So relatable

  75. Tuh

    TuhHace 17 horas

    Dang this flopped :(

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  77. AnnaCatVideos _

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    Was this a lyric video??????

  78. josue ramses granados

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    Te amo

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