K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends


  1. Akapok Naja

    Akapok NajaHace un hora

    Rito Music Production Got 10M Sub!!

  2. Joey H.

    Joey H.Hace un hora

    Beat saber anyone?

  3. m manager

    m managerHace 2 horas

    And now we want 2nd single of K/DA😅

  4. Danny Wang

    Danny WangHace 2 horas

    Those fingers are really creepy.

  5. Den Den

    Den DenHace 3 horas

    Окей Риот вы сделали это. До этого трэка я мог из к-поп терпеть только Tren-d "candy boy" . Ну собственно молодцы.

  6. Mega Ree

    Mega ReeHace 3 horas

    Anyone here because they love this song from beat saber?

  7. Rey Messi

    Rey MessiHace 3 horas

    Warrior by imagine dragons of this one

  8. Gian Carlos

    Gian CarlosHace 3 horas


  9. Gian Carlos

    Gian CarlosHace 3 horas


  10. XxPastella_GachaxX

    XxPastella_GachaxXHace 4 horas

    I was listening to the video game version

  11. nicolas moreno

    nicolas morenoHace 4 horas

    197.392.459 views lol

  12. Phung Nguyen

    Phung NguyenHace 4 horas

    Địt mẹ hay vãi lồn =)))

  13. A n a h i 7v7

    A n a h i 7v7Hace 4 horas

    Me pica el ano

  14. A n a h i 7v7

    A n a h i 7v7Hace 4 horas


  15. Kweennallah Mckee

    Kweennallah MckeeHace 4 horas

    My favorite part of the song is 1:20.

  16. Kim Merrill

    Kim MerrillHace 4 horas

    R.I.P. Ahri

  17. 트럼프

    트럼프Hace 4 horas

    케이팝 그룹인데 생긴건 서양인인데

  18. Eduardo Paulo

    Eduardo PauloHace 5 horas


  19. Kelly O’Dea

    Kelly O’DeaHace 5 horas

    Me: I don’t really like K-pop Also me: I love this song and K-pop Also me: *Beats Expert+ on Beat Saber*

  20. Cintia Abreu

    Cintia AbreuHace 5 horas


  21. Nam Phạm

    Nam PhạmHace 5 horas

    việt nam đâu rồi =)) cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạn nào 😁😁😁😁

  22. CodeHurricane Studios

    CodeHurricane StudiosHace 5 horas

    I tought im the only one who hates kpop

  23. YoonSeok2.0 :3

    YoonSeok2.0 :3Hace 5 horas


  24. floating pusheen

    floating pusheenHace 5 horas

    sona dj should be in the mv too

  25. floating pusheen

    floating pusheenHace 5 horas

    uhm kda and sona dj ?

  26. *CYKA* *BLYAT*

    *CYKA* *BLYAT*Hace 6 horas

    The first K-POP song that i like

  27. Gary Busey

    Gary BuseyHace 6 horas

    Lol best part of the song. " im the badest little BLEAH "

  28. ღ Yune • Dark ღ

    ღ Yune • Dark ღHace 6 horas

    Alguém de 2019??? , Eu acho q sim, pq o vídeo foi postado esse ano acho ;-;


    MEXI NATION M.T.ZHace 7 horas


  30. Ocean_Adi

    Ocean_AdiHace 7 horas

    after rewatching I thought of something, in League, K= Kills D= Deaths A=Assists :0 is there a secret prob not xD

  31. Lilly백합

    Lilly백합Hace 8 horas

    Im so confused... Are these real humans?

  32. yeahyeahnatnat

    yeahyeahnatnatHace 6 horas

    this is done by computer drawing Riot has been making these champion videos for quite a while such good quality :D

  33. Anime Watching Dragonborn

    Anime Watching DragonbornHace 8 horas

    Wait... Is that Pewdiepie's brofist on the car at 0:00

  34. Controversial Clytie

    Controversial ClytieHace 6 horas

    its a joke

  35. Zubichi

    ZubichiHace 7 horas

    That's just riot game's logo

  36. Controversial Clytie

    Controversial ClytieHace 7 horas


  37. Luis Taboada

    Luis TaboadaHace 8 horas

    Alright league of legends caught my atention with their songs.

  38. Leonardo Lawisch

    Leonardo LawischHace 8 horas


  39. Daniel T.

    Daniel T.Hace 8 horas

    My favorite part was when they sang

  40. Rokie YT

    Rokie YTHace 9 horas

    i dont even play LOL but this is fire!

  41. Jhoni-oH Gamex

    Jhoni-oH GamexHace 9 horas

    Mepika elculin lol -3-

  42. Dodum Techi

    Dodum TechiHace 9 horas

    1:26 That motion tho

  43. karina carrazan

    karina carrazanHace 9 horas

    I love kda!!!!!!!!!!😚😚😚😚

  44. LaLo Polar

    LaLo PolarHace 10 horas

    El comentario español que buscas

  45. Mask kdsg Djdjxjc

    Mask kdsg DjdjxjcHace 10 horas

    It's sound 100000x better with meglavania

  46. Antisepticeye 2.0

    Antisepticeye 2.0Hace 10 horas

    Me:I hate Kpop K D A: hold our purses (Starts dancing and singing)60 secends later Me( starts dancing and singing)

  47. JRssjtrunksJR epic gamer

    JRssjtrunksJR epic gamerHace 10 horas

    65K dislikes from epic games

  48. Bompy Boo

    Bompy BooHace 10 horas

    Me: K-pop is so weird and bad I don't like it K/DA: *hold my beer*

  49. Hellacoolducky

    HellacoolduckyHace 10 horas

    Who is here because of that one porno

  50. Jisoo the Queen

    Jisoo the QueenHace 11 horas

    We're close keep str22ming to 200m

  51. goldenfreddy014

    goldenfreddy014Hace 11 horas

    Not my type

  52. Maria Eduarda Casemiro Batista

    Maria Eduarda Casemiro BatistaHace 11 horas

    Faz de BTS!!!!

  53. Broly

    BrolyHace 11 horas

    I feel in love with Akali😍

  54. Skynless - Drum Cover

    Skynless - Drum CoverHace 11 horas

    Here because of a Ricardo edit

  55. 야야야오바띠띠야

    야야야오바띠띠야Hace 12 horas

    됐고, 요들버전으로 하나 내라. 티모선픽으로 랭크 초토화되게

  56. sorrowful Satchel

    sorrowful SatchelHace 12 horas

    After seeing clips of this everywhere online, I am immensely disappointed. Although, this is a league of legends commercial, so I guess I should have expected it.

  57. Kim Minnie

    Kim MinnieHace 12 horas

    i love soyeon and miyeon bye 😔

  58. The PERFECT ionist

    The PERFECT ionistHace 12 horas

    This song is too good!!

  59. nop nop

    nop nopHace 12 horas


  60. Paige Dawson

    Paige DawsonHace 12 horas

    *I got a fortnite vibe from this*

  61. ParrotCat

    ParrotCatHace 12 horas

    es increible kda

  62. David de Jesus Diaz Treviño

    David de Jesus Diaz TreviñoHace 12 horas

    Enserio esta mrda tiene mas que rise?

  63. Eli Smirnov

    Eli SmirnovHace 12 horas

    only 65k adequate people...

  64. fausto villagra

    fausto villagraHace 12 horas

    Que animación más buena la pura madre es hermoso de verdad!!!

  65. Hund valparna

    Hund valparnaHace 13 horas

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they did a new song about the prestige skin and then whole video would have a gold theme

  66. Julka K

    Julka KHace 13 horas

    Sooo cool i love this song akali is wery cool

  67. Kingsley Mary

    Kingsley MaryHace 13 horas

    When they going to make a nother song

  68. Бойец Фонда Спидвагона

    Бойец Фонда СпидвагонаHace 13 horas

    Neko-neon-rap-pop song

  69. Сабрина Стругацкая

    Сабрина СтругацкаяHace 13 horas

    is it game or anime? what's name?

  70. Сабрина Стругацкая

    Сабрина СтругацкаяHace 2 horas

    +~Blue-Eyed-Stray-God~ thank you! are you from america?

  71. ~Blue-Eyed-Stray-God~

    ~Blue-Eyed-Stray-God~Hace 12 horas

    They are characters from the game League of Legends

  72. Thewesker750

    Thewesker750Hace 13 horas

    SFM :)

  73. Ninja BlaCK

    Ninja BlaCKHace 13 horas

    *não sei se a presto atenção nessas personagens ou na música ;-;*

  74. Jefferson Sanchez

    Jefferson SanchezHace 14 horas


  75. 최현재

    최현재Hace 15 horas

    이런 노래도 있었군요...

  76. Lélé TN J Yonn

    Lélé TN J YonnHace 15 horas

    Beaucoup de gens vont aimer la kpop ! 😊 J aime trop le son !!! Vive la kpop !!!

  77. Tayfun Beceren

    Tayfun BecerenHace 15 horas

    League of Thots

  78. That doesn’t suit you gacha 3

    That doesn’t suit you gacha 3Hace 15 horas

    Dance in a laundry room

  79. crystalRplaysOZ

    crystalRplaysOZHace 15 horas

    I watched this before One mil :')

  80. Amine

    AmineHace 15 horas

    Technically it's not K-POP

  81. yeahyeahnatnat

    yeahyeahnatnatHace 6 horas

    how is this not Kpop?

  82. Max le

    Max leHace 15 horas

    Beat saber anyone

  83. Vladímir Saenz

    Vladímir SaenzHace 15 horas

    The first and the last K-pop I will hear an love in my live

  84. Rikue Eiyuu

    Rikue EiyuuHace 16 horas


  85. ShanksJr

    ShanksJrHace 16 horas

    I can't stop listening to this since it came out, send help.

  86. Gerechtigkeit Mächtige

    Gerechtigkeit MächtigeHace 16 horas

    계속 듣게 된다..

  87. 갈빙리타

    갈빙리타Hace 16 horas

    1.9m 미쳤누

  88. CYL

    CYLHace 16 horas

    me: i don't like kpop me: *watches this* me: I LOVE IT

  89. LuOkSu

    LuOkSuHace 16 horas


  90. ReaperTale Sans

    ReaperTale SansHace 16 horas

    I like listening to this with it sped up

  91. Shadow Wolfy

    Shadow WolfyHace 16 horas

    Who came here because of beat saber?

  92. Lucky Rawat

    Lucky RawatHace 16 horas

    When 4 game skind became world wide star

  93. Vigress

    VigressHace 16 horas

    I want just a whole video of Akali rapping

  94. LoneWolf CreativeGaming

    LoneWolf CreativeGamingHace 17 horas


  95. Ruski Dog

    Ruski DogHace 17 horas

    more v iews than darude sandstorm

  96. 함반

    함반Hace 17 horas


  97. Thinh Vo

    Thinh VoHace 17 horas

    I quitted my promos for this

  98. Céleste sakamaki kaneki

    Céleste sakamaki kanekiHace 17 horas

    Ahri 😍😍

  99. Jajami Cham

    Jajami ChamHace 17 horas


  100. 러시아

    러시아Hace 17 horas


  101. 강현욱

    강현욱Hace 17 horas


  102. Kitsunekitten24

    Kitsunekitten24Hace 18 horas

    I need to rewatch this... so i can delete the tik tok vids of this in my mind... GOD!! THOSE ARE SO AWFUL

  103. Krazy

    KrazyHace 18 horas

    And I thought smoking and drugs are the most addicting things on earth... (Please send help!)

  104. Dat Dood

    Dat DoodHace 18 horas

    (ft. Ricardo Milos)

  105. contingent exe

    contingent exeHace 18 horas

    youtube is my new MTV

  106. Cyr /udon

    Cyr /udonHace 18 horas


  107. ꧁ღLetíciaღ꧂

    ꧁ღLetíciaღ꧂Hace 18 horas

    i love this music i love all the music from rito (xD) AND OBVIOULSY LOL

  108. Faye -_-

    Faye -_-Hace 18 horas

    미연💕💕💕 소연💕💕💕

  109. AwesomeAzn22

    AwesomeAzn22Hace 18 horas

    The more I listen the more I love it. I used to not vibe with the rapping but I sat down and appreciated the art for what it is. Soyeon truly slays and is one of the best rappers in the Korean industry. Go KDA!