Justin Bieber - Intentions (Official Video (Short Version)) ft. Quavo


  1. thomas kroonenburg

    thomas kroonenburgHace un día

    love you

  2. Kevin

    KevinHace un día

    This song is FIRE bruhh!!

  3. Kran Esc

    Kran EscHace un día


  4. Yarlen Ruiz

    Yarlen RuizHace un día

    Justin and quavo the Best ❤️❤️❤️❤️😋😋❤️❤️

  5. Lisa sasuke

    Lisa sasukeHace un día

    LOVE you Bieber 😍😍😍😚

  6. Arfiansah Ridwan

    Arfiansah RidwanHace un día

    better if u use headphone

  7. ひろふみ

    ひろふみHace un día

    3:07 こいつ好きw

  8. Amanda Jubs

    Amanda JubsHace un día

    Esse clipe é simplismente PERFEITO, a mensagem que ele passa e a música que VICIANTE, eu ameiiiii! Thank u, mozão 😍💜💜💜👑

  9. Ankit Kumar

    Ankit KumarHace un día

    It's sound like waving flag when he says it's my only intention

  10. Marina Rossatto

    Marina RossattoHace un día

    Mais algum brasileiro q também curtiu esse som?❤👍

  11. Rizky saputra

    Rizky saputraHace un día

    Change my mind if this song be a TikTok Song

  12. Sukhdeep Sandhu

    Sukhdeep SandhuHace un día

    Justin perfect you don't no moustache

  13. mandyy Sales

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  14. mandyy Sales

    mandyy SalesHace un día


  15. พรื'อ'หลา'ว ใอ้ ต้า'ว นี้

    พรื'อ'หลา'ว ใอ้ ต้า'ว นี้Hace un día


  16. kami jenkins

    kami jenkinsHace un día

    Awesome song, Justin. I love your intentions.

  17. Mavsyy Reyes

    Mavsyy ReyesHace un día


  18. bh ttv

    bh ttvHace un día

    My 100th time listing to it and still don't get bored of it

  19. Madelaine Correa

    Madelaine CorreaHace un día

    This is love💪♥️

  20. MegaGreatpretender

    MegaGreatpretenderHace un día

    Life is wonderful

  21. Ma. May Buala

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  22. komunikasi Sajak

    komunikasi SajakHace un día


  23. Daniel Sanz

    Daniel SanzHace un día

    Lo amo


    STEVEN EVENSHace un día

    I just can't accept mustache Bieber

  25. Mary_ AcCes

    Mary_ AcCesHace un día

    OMG, soy la unica q habla Spanish? By the way, I love this song!!😍, Just like Justin Bieber


    WIZZ SAGNZOHace un día


  27. Tito Ngatia

    Tito NgatiaHace un día

    Good conscious, Nice intentions

  28. Kirigaya Kazuto

    Kirigaya KazutoHace un día

    Yo, i cant stop listening so if i die, pls turn on the volume even higher ty.

  29. Chantel Love

    Chantel LoveHace un día

    I love this, I cried while watching, seeing people overwhelmed with joy for something or someone to come to their aid. Not that they were looking for anything, but it was unexpected. Justin, wonderful job at shining your light on the adversity most people face every day. As I stated on my previous post, 'we turn the blind eye to people we see everyday, as we travel through our communities. We cant measure an individual's struggle by just looking at them'. Great job shining your light, Justin B. Now imagine if everyone in this world, acting this way to one person, who they don't know personally, one time out of a year. That would be Transformational for all man kind

  30. tappydog11

    tappydog11Hace un día

    Don’t necessarily like Justin but this song is very good. WAYYYY better than yummy!

  31. carolyn Pratt

    carolyn PrattHace un día

    It is much better than Yummy I do not know what possessed you to do that one. HOWEVER Intentions is awesome and it is even more heart warming to see the rich giving back. Well Done should be much more of it.

  32. Lohith Leegone

    Lohith LeegoneHace un día

    I love you all, I post singing videos too, hope you'll like it if you could spare sometime to check it out 😘 love you 😘. It's you people who keep me going.

  33. Lora Altice

    Lora AlticeHace un día

    This is so beautiful 💕

  34. Ar Rehman

    Ar RehmanHace un día

    Love from india Ladakh region

  35. Hyacinthe kamukunzi

    Hyacinthe kamukunziHace un día

    live your dreams pepole

  36. jamesnjiri10@gmail.com twintower

    jamesnjiri10@gmail.com twintowerHace un día

    if u hit the 👍button u will live over 💯years you'll see Justin's grandkids

  37. jamesnjiri10@gmail.com twintower

    jamesnjiri10@gmail.com twintowerHace un día

    hit the like button if you ❤❤ this song .. . God bless! u r beautiful

  38. Laila Chaine

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  39. Laila Chaine

    Laila ChaineHace un día

    New song of Justin Bieber 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 heeeeere +(lyrics )

  40. Vinicius Gustavo

    Vinicius GustavoHace un día

    Never say never,yummy,let me love you,sorry

  41. الامبراطور

    الامبراطورHace un día

    وليتي غير كتخرا اصاط مؤخراً

  42. Big Dog Cody

    Big Dog CodyHace un día

    Quavo is dope, but Ty Dolla Sign on this would be crazy

  43. uNkNoWn HuMaN

    uNkNoWn HuMaNHace un día

    Why tf is this song so good

  44. zhaira milech

    zhaira milechHace un día

    Aseet flow

  45. AMPOUR Celebrating a woman's success

    AMPOUR Celebrating a woman's successHace un día

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  46. Ricardo Lopez

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  47. Marcus Harrison

    Marcus HarrisonHace un día

    It's so nice too see who jb is


    BLACK CLOUDHace un día

    JUSTIN I Love His VOICE MADLY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    DMLEGENDAHace un día


  50. Julian Cardinal

    Julian CardinalHace un día

    I'm sorry for what the world has done to you. You have been so, so strong. Love you Justin.

  51. *Ups Braga*

    *Ups Braga*Hace un día

    Música perfeita

  52. ummekulsum firoz

    ummekulsum firozHace un día

    Im a huge fan of this! esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-gwMa6gpoE9I.html

  53. Mike T

    Mike THace un día

    Dope Ass Song G

  54. Mike T

    Mike THace un día


  55. prettythug2731

    prettythug2731Hace un día

    He’ S Way 2 NiCe ... I WouLd Rather Sum 1 KicK My ASS 2 The 🌙 I DonT geT iT ..? - GeT iT !!

  56. Joshua Fist

    Joshua FistHace un día

    Not a Jb fan but this my fav track 2020!!!



    Good song :)

  58. Miguel Pfister

    Miguel PfisterHace un día

    A melhor do álbum o resto eu não gostei as músicas dele são muito parecidas sempre e as letras também, sem contar que a voz dele não é a das melhores apesar de ter tido uma evolução.

  59. Miguel Pfister

    Miguel PfisterHace un día

    O clipe é igual ao do Drake na música God,s plan, mais ele chamou o Quavo pra dar uma morau já que a parceria já tinha dado serto com dj kalid e outros cantores. Mais a música é boa.

  60. UwU gal tehe

    UwU gal teheHace 2 días

    best song ever