Johnny Carson's Monologue Has Rough Start, But Hilarious Ending 12-14-1988


  1. kakarroto007

    kakarroto007Hace 23 horas

    I loved that everyone enjoyed how well he handled bombing, and he had fun with it. One of the classiest dudes to ever work in the business.

  2. Clyde Barrow

    Clyde BarrowHace 3 días

    When Late Night was really GREAT!

  3. RainNBlood

    RainNBloodHace 4 días

    There was a time that I watched late night (Tonight Show, etc.) shows, but I rarely bother now... especially the past two to three years. The main reason is because every fucking host has to talk about politics... right away! Seriously, love or hate Trump (or any other politician,) get some new material that involes the funny side of America. It's all over the web! So, why not expose that to the viewers? We all hear enough about politics! Also, for the love of God, it would be nice to have better musical guests! Oh, and RIP George Herbert Walker Bush and Johnny, of course!

  4. Steve williams

    Steve williamsHace 4 días

    I am one of those guys that watched him from time to time when he was on but didn't think he was that fantastic..... In recent years,I have changed by viewpoint greatly. He was the greatest of all talk show host, sorry I didn't recognise those years ago .

  5. Lee Johnson

    Lee JohnsonHace 5 días


  6. Eric Blair

    Eric BlairHace 6 días

    Johnny didn't seem all that great at the time, even if he was better than anyone else. It was only after he retired that it became obvious that being funny every night is really really hard.

  7. TheBrowncoat2112

    TheBrowncoat2112Hace 6 días

    “Faxing Santa their Christmas list...” the joke seems so quaint these days. Imagine if Johnny had lived to see Amazon...

  8. A Voice From the Deep Underground

    A Voice From the Deep UndergroundHace 7 días

    At around 6:15 Johnny talks about Reagan’s “iron triangle” forgets what he was talking about for a second....mentions the “thousand points of light” and Eisenhower’s final address where he warned us about the “military industrial complex”

  9. label1877

    label1877Hace 9 días

    This is back when celebrities were too smart to talk politics and alienate half their audience. I quit watching this show once Leno left for good.

  10. taj

    tajHace 10 días

    Johnny "bombing" was always the funniest part of the monologue.

  11. Trev Mac

    Trev MacHace 10 días

    *is there a revolver in the house?* 😊😀😃😂

  12. Bob Saturday

    Bob SaturdayHace 10 días

    you can see why Johnny was so big for so long

  13. Sean-X McDonough

    Sean-X McDonoughHace 12 días

    Johnny C STILL is better than the rest....

  14. Mark Mogavero

    Mark MogaveroHace 14 días

    Textbook example on how to bomb, and still be funny....

  15. aztlan mora

    aztlan moraHace 15 días

    What did the audience member say when Johnny asked for the dogs name???

  16. BEN the cringe ASKREN

    BEN the cringe ASKRENHace 16 días

    When late night didnt need fake laughter

  17. The Prodigal

    The ProdigalHace 18 días

    Laughed so hard I wet myself!

  18. Bill OfRights

    Bill OfRightsHace 21 un día

    He listed to port, you know.

  19. Phil Wright

    Phil WrightHace 21 un día

    Johnny was the best..but Letterman was damn good

  20. TallCoolDrink

    TallCoolDrinkHace 23 días

    He fired his writer after the show.

  21. Terry Lee

    Terry LeeHace 23 días

    It was great when comedians were funny.

  22. Bill Brower

    Bill BrowerHace 29 días


  23. Michael p

    Michael pHace un mes



    ROBERT CRAIGHace un mes


  25. sullivan2339

    sullivan2339Hace un mes

    7:08 on---paramedics ad-lib- Ha!

  26. Gleep Wurp

    Gleep WurpHace un mes

    Did they edit the audience 'Barbara' shout out for the dvd release?

  27. ros1tony

    ros1tonyHace un mes

    1,000 points of light was an illuminati reference.... council of 13

  28. joseph pajak

    joseph pajakHace un mes

    That’s for sure.

  29. eJacob Cornelius

    eJacob CorneliusHace un mes

    He really knew how to bomb in style.

  30. anton1949

    anton1949Hace un mes

    His best monologs were when he bombed on a joke, and bounced back.

  31. Brooke Vincent

    Brooke VincentHace un mes


  32. Brooke Vincent

    Brooke VincentHace un mes

    I ment everything

  33. Brooke Vincent

    Brooke VincentHace un mes


  34. Brooke Vincent

    Brooke VincentHace un mes


  35. Brooke Vincent

    Brooke VincentHace un mes

    Your an asshole

  36. Brooke Vincent

    Brooke VincentHace un mes

    I hate you you’re ugly and fat

  37. Brooke Vincent

    Brooke VincentHace un mes

    You suck

  38. Wilhelm Geisler

    Wilhelm GeislerHace un mes


  39. Bruce Forrest

    Bruce ForrestHace un mes

    iron triangle.... apropos for today

  40. B Laws

    B LawsHace un mes

    Too bad they couldn’t retire the late night format when the only real star said goodbye.

  41. neotargetone

    neotargetoneHace un mes

    For those who couldn't make out the name of the Presidents dog..."What's the name of the presidents dog?", asks Johnny. Some guy in the audience said..."Barbara". It's spoken right before a woman says "Rex".

  42. Angus McFife

    Angus McFifeHace un mes

    You couldn't do the Yassar Arafat wearing a monogrammed towel joke today. Mainly because he's dead.

  43. David Agronsky

    David AgronskyHace un mes

    Jonhnny Carson was and is the one and only . They just don't make them like they used to .

  44. Richard Vollet

    Richard VolletHace un mes

    Great show on xfinity tv . Love jc. 1988 wow. I was 46.

  45. Kevin L Wiltfong

    Kevin L WiltfongHace un mes

    Back in the days when NBC was a credible network with actual entertainment.

  46. Jefferson Mc Cigrit

    Jefferson Mc CigritHace un mes

    When I die,I'm going to watch all Carson reruns with Johnny beside me

  47. Junior Mudd

    Junior MuddHace un mes

    carson was the best... unflappable

  48. Lou Thomas

    Lou ThomasHace un mes

    He was class vs the trash today

  49. sdb4884

    sdb4884Hace un mes

    4:36 Barbara!

  50. Cesar Rego

    Cesar RegoHace un mes

    Bring. Back reruns of Johnny Carson on ESreporter. I will subscribe

  51. Abcde

    AbcdeHace un mes

    Back when grown-up's did late night TV and talked about something other than Trump.

  52. Krod

    KrodHace un mes

    Class. Period.

  53. Raziel De Melo

    Raziel De MeloHace un mes

    Comments are disabled for this video.

  54. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonHace un mes

    Nothing much to add to the glowing comments below. Carson was the absolute best and the late night hosts on now should resign in shame. Craig Ferguson was the last decent one.

  55. George McKeon

    George McKeonHace un mes

    Johnny was the KING. He literally carried an entire network on his back. All the late night posers today couldn’t shine his shoes. RIP Johnny.

  56. William Eudy

    William EudyHace un mes

    He was in a fowl mood that night.

  57. Arguing With Stupid People

    Arguing With Stupid PeopleHace un mes

    The worse his jokes bombed, the funnier he became.

  58. D Bon

    D BonHace un mes

    No. I'd say the geometric figure should be the black hole of health and human services which is twice that of the DoD.

  59. Tapajara

    TapajaraHace un mes

    A "Kiwi" is a bird that is native to New Zealand. What most people call a "Kiwi" is actually Chinese Gooseberry and is native to China.

  60. mark1952able

    mark1952ableHace un mes

    McMahon: What a laugh~

  61. Wayne Guy

    Wayne GuyHace un mes

    The best late night show ever, watched Johnny whenever I could. I like Art Fern and Carol Wayne.

  62. out there

    out thereHace un mes

    I remember back in the day watching Johnny with my Dad and we would laugh and laugh if he goofed a joke which was rare Ed's laugh would make up for it. Ed's laugh was funny in its self lol

  63. Mike Gore

    Mike GoreHace 2 meses

    Right mongo

  64. Scott Robbins

    Scott RobbinsHace 2 meses

    Fallon and Kimmel oh, what a couple of ass wipes compared to this guy Johnny. All they do is Bash conservatives, pathetic

  65. Pat Dixon

    Pat DixonHace 2 meses

    Hes drunk af!

  66. Bill Beliakoff

    Bill BeliakoffHace 2 meses

    Nobody can recover from a bad joke like him. A pause, a sly grin and a poke at himself is usually all it took.

  67. I spamsalot

    I spamsalotHace 2 meses

    Love Johnny Carson but very much regret taking people like you at your word. No hilarious ending.

  68. Tom Sites

    Tom SitesHace 2 meses

    Still the best and it isn't even close

  69. Bob Sullivan

    Bob SullivanHace 2 meses

    You could never get away with the joke at 0:06:02 these days!

  70. Jason Wayne

    Jason WayneHace 2 meses

    Carson's beauty was his ability to make you laugh at things even when you didn't know what they were. Born in 1965 when 1975 rolled around My Dad allowed me to watch Johnny's monologue as long as I woke up with a good attitude and on time for school the next day. Talking about Yasser Arafat wearing a Turban that was monogram from a hotel made me Crack up because He and Ed chuckling about it was priceless. Even though at the time I had no idea about Lost Luggage, Hotels having monogrammed towels, or the significance of a Turban for an Arab, Yet somehow Johnny made it funny to me. RIP Johnny Carson, The World could sure use you now.

  71. inlinx

    inlinxHace 2 meses

    He's so talented that he was able to turn a bombed monologue into funny success.

  72. Chris Heckert

    Chris HeckertHace 2 meses

    The guy in the audience is killing it & Johnny is bombing. The fact he gave it up to that guy only made it better. I laughed so hard at this. I miss 11:30pm with my grandmother right before my grandfather would get home from work. We would watch Carson every night.

  73. Michael Linner

    Michael LinnerHace 2 meses

    I can't get enough of watching the King of Late-night! This must have been around '89 I'm guessing. It's funny because Bush's remembered for "A thousand points of light" to this day and no one has ever heard of the Iron Triangle.

  74. Ron Long

    Ron LongHace 2 meses

    There will never be another Johnny .....

  75. Verzatile Brown

    Verzatile BrownHace 2 meses

    I want a kiwi in my Reebok's this Christmas lol

  76. rng8891

    rng8891Hace 2 meses

    Oh man, back when "It's a Wonderful Life" WAS on 65 times in the 10 days before Christmas.......

  77. da Bob

    da BobHace 2 meses

    Johnny Carson was like everyone's pre-bedtime friend who we all loved. Silly and sometimes "dying" like this, but still managed to put smiles on millions of faces every night..

  78. Jimbo 0117

    Jimbo 0117Hace 2 meses

    His jokes were landing - he was getting laughs. I guess he was just frustrated that he wasn't getting as many laughs as he wanted. Almost seems like he was bored, but at this point he had been this show continually for 24 years. Like Letterman he was on about ten years longer than he should have been.

  79. NQR5

    NQR5Hace 2 meses

    Fucking libtards ran tv even back when this dinosaur roamed the earth.

  80. SlimJim

    SlimJimHace un mes

    Yea not like you conserva twits, you G D people are so damn pathetic, do the world a favor will you, DROP DEAD.

  81. Mark Bignell

    Mark BignellHace 2 meses

    You can't make jokes about blaming the deficit on The Pentagon on late night TV now.

  82. califinn

    califinnHace 2 meses

    Late Night was better when it was run by stand up comics who could think on their feet and knew how to work a crowd!

  83. Luis Martin

    Luis MartinHace 2 meses

    TV died after Johnny Carson passed away...

  84. guitta Dabe

    guitta DabeHace 2 meses

    Actually, he finished as badly as he started.

  85. Robert Zumadreams

    Robert ZumadreamsHace 2 meses

    Johnny, you always will be King!

  86. 5610winston

    5610winstonHace 2 meses

    When is NBC going to re-up his contract? Time for him to stop driving the wooden Buick, calling from the horizontal phone booth, and pushing up Miss Daisy! C'mon, Carson! We need you!

  87. 5610winston

    5610winstonHace 2 meses

    Steve Allen, Jack Paar, and Johnny Carson, in that order, were the best hosts of The Tonight Show. Any of the guest-hosts from the Carson era were better than the best who have taken the chair since then.

  88. Lois Defelici

    Lois DefeliciHace 2 meses

    Pure genious

  89. Phil G

    Phil GHace 2 meses

    0:26 penis penis

  90. Slugg0matic

    Slugg0maticHace 2 meses

    After almost 25 years since retirement Carson is still the Godfather of talk shows.. Current late night hosts aren't good enough to be a guest on his show.

  91. Jack Burton

    Jack BurtonHace 2 meses

    He high asf❄❄❄

  92. hippa2dahoppa2

    hippa2dahoppa2Hace 2 meses

    1988 when you were still allowed to make fun of pitbulls without a facebook group posting your entire life to be destroyed

  93. Bob STEWART

    Bob STEWARTHace 2 meses

    This is back when late night talk shows were funny.

  94. Molly D

    Molly DHace 2 meses

    Damn, as somebody born in 1961 I wonder where all the time has went.

  95. UberYooTuber

    UberYooTuberHace 2 meses

    God, I miss Johnny. Fallon, Colbert and Kimmel are SO freaking LAME. Only Craig Ferguson on the CBS Late, Late Show had some of Carson's charm and wit, but he's no longer on the air. Late night TV is now a total wasteland.

  96. Po1itica11yNcorrect

    Po1itica11yNcorrectHace 2 meses

    The master

  97. deBebbler

    deBebblerHace 2 meses

    Now I realize why I loved TCWCQ so much. I grew up watching Johnny bomb every night.

  98. Mark Healey

    Mark HealeyHace 2 meses

    There was only one band better than Doc's band. That band was the Buddy Rich Big Band.

  99. Alexander Arnold

    Alexander ArnoldHace 2 meses

    Johnny Carson is a stage name and is a clone.

  100. Scoddygoat

    ScoddygoatHace 2 meses

    The best part of Carson bombing was the "Last nights crowd..." jokes the next night.

  101. Fat Albert

    Fat AlbertHace 2 meses

    Remember when late night talk show hosts were actually funny?