Joe Rogan Experience #1337 - Dan Crenshaw


  1. Aurtisan Miner

    Aurtisan MinerHace 3 horas

    2:09:18. Why am I laughing so hard at that coffee giving people yellow lips??

  2. toplobster

    toplobsterHace 7 horas

    I can't believe Joe got Big Boss on the pod

  3. Dreadabelle

    DreadabelleHace 9 horas

    Man, Joe got that antagonist from the walking dead on? that's so cool!

  4. MonsterpieceCroix

    MonsterpieceCroixHace 19 horas

    I don't trust Popeye at all.. lol I respect his opinion though, if you just go off of how well spoken he is, you will miss some fucked up shit he has been saying. I can see why he will disagree with someone like Tulsi or even Bernie, or Yang, or even Warren.

  5. Samuel Lockhart

    Samuel LockhartHace un día

    Hearing this as someone who doesn't live in the US I wonder what will happen first. The annihilation of America from an outside power or the annihilation of America from within.

  6. The Gent

    The GentHace un día

    FACTCHECK: 54:32 The oldest document (referring to document pertaining to civil liberties that is still in use today) The Magna Carta (1215 ce) Vs US Constitution (1787 ce). Hmm. American hubris is real.

  7. Weasel Fartood

    Weasel FartoodHace un día

    Dude looks like snake from metal gear solid

  8. Weasel Fartood

    Weasel FartoodHace un día

    This guy needs to run for a higher office he also looks like snake from metal gear solid pretty ba

  9. beez neez

    beez neezHace un día

    Joe: I always tell people take jujitsu. You will be safe. Also Joe: anyways that guy snapped that other guys neck with jujitsu.

  10. Bob Robertson

    Bob RobertsonHace un día

    Imagine full-on raping a baby. That would be hot

  11. Andrew Ellis

    Andrew EllisHace 2 días

    Joe and the dangeling Chad! lol!

  12. Neal Duran

    Neal DuranHace 2 días

    Solar power works at night, but the battery power is the hard part, and safe disposal of the battery.

  13. madison ham

    madison hamHace 2 días

    18:48 just a bookmark for myself. Carry on

  14. runs with sharpobjects

    runs with sharpobjectsHace 2 días

    SNL is a stain on the sheets from what it used to be.

  15. Travis Neville

    Travis NevilleHace 2 días

    “Human beings desire competition. Especially men. And when they shy away from it, they usually become secretly, quietly angry. And they harbor resentment and bitterness, and they never understand the feeling of losing and getting better. The feeling of failing and improving.” Brilliant.

  16. Davi Fernandes

    Davi FernandesHace 2 días

    this super-villain makes a lot of sense!

  17. GM

    GMHace 2 días


  18. Reality Vanguard

    Reality VanguardHace 2 días

    6 months being in congress: Talks about how Bernie Sanders, who's been in politics longer than Dan has been alive, doesn't know how congress actually works. Okay then.

  19. Jonathan Skabla

    Jonathan SkablaHace 2 días

    There is a definitely a deceptive bubble of people that really interact with posts on social media vs those that just enjoy it

  20. Knoh Boddie

    Knoh BoddieHace 2 días

    This is a frelling MAGICAL plant. It's molecules Literally LINK with neurons in our BRAINS. & Joe, again dude, generalizations are killing you. I am a Schizophrenic & I use herb for Medicine. It effects everybody differently. Period.

  21. TheFuddy19

    TheFuddy19Hace 2 días

    This podcast is leet

  22. SLR

    SLRHace 2 días

    This mf looks like Solid Snake

  23. James Richardson

    James RichardsonHace 3 días

    Hey joe Dan doesnt deserve to getmade fun of for a war injury

  24. Aaron Gonzalez

    Aaron GonzalezHace 3 días

    I know I am a little late to this discussion, but I would like to add that I like the republic idea because what happens if you're living in a state/city that you do not politically enjoy you can move.

  25. Open Door Games

    Open Door GamesHace 3 días

    It's patheticly EASY to vote. What a nothing problem. If someone can't go vote they aren't even trying and have effectively given up their voice.

  26. CanvasWings588

    CanvasWings588Hace 3 días

    When it comes to social media, the government just needs to enforce the laws we already have. Give companies like Twitter and Facebook a hard deadline. By that date, those sites have to decide, once and for all, whether they're a platform or a publisher. Then, hold them to that legal standard.

  27. CanvasWings588

    CanvasWings588Hace un día

    @Dale Frewaldt I don't think it's possible for any large social media company to be a publisher. They most likely wouldn't survive the flood of defamation and TI lawsuits from users, but maybe that's the government's plan. Either way, companies like Facebook would be forced to face their own contradictions in court. Their biggest argument as to why they can't be held liable for their users' content is that there's no possible way to monitor everything their users post, which would force them to admit they aren't capable of being publishers. It's going to be an absolute shitshow in the courtroom no matter what. The law is always at least a decade behind the internet. In this case, the CDA is from the mid-90s. Although, in my opinion, even though it's currently being abused to hell and back, Section 230 needs to stay. Smaller websites would be crushed without it.

  28. Dale Frewaldt

    Dale FrewaldtHace 2 días

    Government: "Are you a platform or a publisher?" Social Media: "We are a service." In defense of these companies, the Government has been pushing them really hard on this. And it's not just pushing them to define themselves as publishers, but pushing back at the content that defines them as a platform. The Government is trying to intervene to force Facebook et. al into becoming publishers by fighting for "fairness of opinion" or fact checking. The Government wants these companies to be defined as publishers because they would lose the immunities granted to online platforms by the Communications Decency Act.

  29. Technolocic

    TechnolocicHace 3 días

    What a leet episode

  30. J Castro

    J CastroHace 3 días

    Is it just me or does Dan sound a little bit like Buzzlightyear

  31. Metro Realty

    Metro RealtyHace 3 días

    Banking is not hack-proof.


    EYECREDHace 4 días

    I'd wish to import this guy into the romanian politics...It feels like we've got a kinder garden not a damn government.

  33. Big ol Small

    Big ol SmallHace 4 días


  34. jeff hall

    jeff hallHace 4 días

    No! That is NOT Solid Snake! Stop impersonating him!

  35. callitlikeiseeit hahaha

    callitlikeiseeit hahahaHace 4 días

    Get rid of PBM'S!

  36. alec schwartz

    alec schwartzHace 4 días

    “These people are over there planning another 9/11. It’s what they do.” Hmmmmmm,,, u ever wonder why they do that??? Look at why osama bin laden said he did 9/11 it was because they didn’t want American troops on their soil. Well if you look at what the American and British forces did for decades in the region it is pretty clear why this idea gained steam among a large number of people.

  37. MonsterpieceCroix

    MonsterpieceCroixHace 19 horas

    Exactly my point, but I think Joe didnt want to push the arguement, that guy is convinced of his bullshit, it makes no sense getting in a back and forth, because most likely Popeye over here has a point to a certain extent.

  38. alec schwartz

    alec schwartzHace un día

    Carter Glass I am curious if u also believe my comment was bullshit??

  39. Carter Glass

    Carter GlassHace 2 días

    Dale Frewaldt hey dumb fuck, he said we actually helped him out, then attacked us for the ideological reasons. People like you are why there is fake information. Get it straight before you spew bullshit

  40. Dale Frewaldt

    Dale FrewaldtHace 2 días

    Yeah, his argument is pretty dumb, and apologist. "We didn't do anything wrong. They just hated us for our Western ideologies." If it was Western Society that Bin Laden hated, why the US, and not any one of the dozens of European countries that would be an easier target? The fact is, al-Qaeda, by Bin Laden's own admission, he took action against the US because of our regional occupation and intervention, at the cost of Muslim stability.

  41. TheThrashyOne

    TheThrashyOneHace 4 días

    Not seeing why so many dislikes or why all the shitty Twitter comments from libtard fuckwits about how "I'm glad this Nazi lost an eye", this dude actually seems pretty damn chill, well reasoned and someone who a center-left individual such as myself would even be willing to cast a vote for, assuming I lived in the district he's representing. Has the Overton window really shifted so far left that we're meant to believe _this_ guy is some kind of far-right demon?

  42. Ken Overman Sr

    Ken Overman SrHace 4 días

    The New John McCain

  43. Albion Parrot

    Albion ParrotHace 5 días

    Strong young congressman... moving from FL to NC right now, might start thinking about TX as my next home. #DanCrenshaw. Haven’t smoked pot in 20+ years, for the obvious employment related issues. I don’t really drink, 3 or 4 drinks a month. Looking back at my experience with both, I’d have to say that marijuana it a lot safer than alcohol. If pot or edibles were available to me, I would be more likely to use cannabis than alcohol. Do some checking

  44. Armando Rodriguez

    Armando RodriguezHace 5 días

    I don’t agree with his views on the military interventions. But I do think that we will never be able to stay away from the Middle East conflicts. Is the cancer of our destiny as a nation.

  45. benisacommonname

    benisacommonnameHace 5 días

    I understand where Crenshaw is coming from, but how does putting pressure on a state prevent another 9/11? They can put people on planes at any time; they can inspire Americans to board planes and do their business at any time. Explain how having troops abroad benefits anything except oil valuation. Explain how it helps anyone but the Al Saud family.

  46. Greg Leathers

    Greg LeathersHace 5 días

    3 year olds don’t even understand the game. Why make it competitive that early?

  47. Ed Kokosko

    Ed KokoskoHace 5 días

    Dan Crenshaw, the man. Always blaming America. Yep. Just cut off all aid. See how many more people hate us. Me and you have a peaceful life because we are over seas. Or we can bury our heads in the sand and see how that goes.

  48. Joel Ferguson

    Joel FergusonHace 5 días

    This guy prolly has a CIA tramp stamp.

  49. Rinji jake

    Rinji jakeHace 6 días

    Important life lesson People will hate you for simply existing

  50. Boz Boz

    Boz BozHace 6 días

    F÷ck this anti constitutionalist.

  51. seth leighton

    seth leightonHace 6 días

    The start of jihad is that when we pushed Iraq out in the 90s bin Laden wanted to do it for kawait and Saudis both laughed and said no well take the USA cause there stronger and that was when he said we shouldn't be involved with this starting it off...that's the route!!

  52. Pamela Brooks

    Pamela BrooksHace 6 días

    Great interview. I really learned a lot. Congressman Crenshaw is awesome. We need a bunch of him in California. Joe, thank you for your wide variety of subject matter.

  53. Foet Lucky

    Foet LuckyHace 7 días

    Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who screamed at his phone mentally . This dude is the biggest shill on the left or right idc if he says he’s right this dude is full of shit

  54. Overlord Tito

    Overlord TitoHace 7 días

    Dan Crenshaw is literally the only politician that I like. He is reasonable and slows down conversations and holds people accountable for their words. Loved the video of him with a group that was making sensationalist absolute statements and he started asking them to provide specific examples and they weren’t able to support their statements. I wish there were more politicians on both sides like him. Maybe then we could have intelligent dialogue ruled by facts not feelings.

  55. pitchfork peasant

    pitchfork peasantHace 7 días

    Ask a cop. Most cops are aware of counterfeit prescription pills

  56. pitchfork peasant

    pitchfork peasantHace 7 días

    The opioid “crisis” is illicit fentanyl, COUNTERFEIT prescription pills, and heroin. Oxycontin used to be the most counterfeited prescription pill. Now its oxycodone. This stuff has been on DEA website and other govt alphabet agencies for almost 15 years. And how does this stuff get here? What border

  57. William Kiene

    William KieneHace 7 días

    We have been at war with Islam for 1,400 years and it will never stop because it is a religious war. Islam's goal is to take over the entire world one small piece at a time. Islam has taken over by force 54 of the World's 200 countries, already. The war with Islam is from their book, the Koran. Their book teaches them to kill everyone. Bill Maher also understands the total evil of Islam........Joe Rogan needs to get this right.

  58. rameen alikhani

    rameen alikhaniHace 7 días

    The real life big boss! I knew metal gear was real all the time!

  59. EEE J

    EEE JHace 8 días

    Crenshaw will be president

  60. Michael Martin

    Michael MartinHace 8 días

    These days, the burning of coal is much cleaner than the mining of coal. The coal plants in San Antonio have been among the cleanest facilities in the country, regardless of fuel.

  61. Michael Martin

    Michael MartinHace 8 días

    If you want to get rid of incels, then mandate hot chicks fuck them. At the very least, legalize prostitution. Pent up testosterone can only go bad. If women don't want to be judged by their looks, attire, weight, etc...then hold the same standards for men, get off your ass, and ride a fatty once in a while. Your contributions to society will be noted.

  62. Michael Martin

    Michael MartinHace 8 días

    Yup, I've always said even the democrats in Texas have at least two guns in arm's reach. You have some idiots in the urban centers that are more progressive than pragmatic, but Darwin's law comes into play there.

  63. swietoslaw

    swietoslawHace 8 días

    His talking about middle east is just funny, I wonder if he dont know, or dont want to tell, but US was meddling in the region from early 20 century, and most of the times they fuck people over so sorry Full unconditional support of Israel ;) but people from middle east can have lots of reasons not to like USA

  64. swietoslaw

    swietoslawHace 8 días

    I love how he and americians in general distinguish between, democracy and republic when in rest of the world its just not the same thing. Republic is a form of government. so you can have republic (people) or monarchy (king) And democracy its regime form, so you can have democracy, totalitarianism, autocratic So US is democracy ;)

  65. swietoslaw

    swietoslawHace 4 días

    @Alnilam Sorry but you are so wrong :P first you dont know nothing about how election works in other countries and how its differ in other places. And btw 51% of states also control who is elected ;) And you still dont understand, USA is democracy becasue people vote, and democracy meant exactly that rule of the people, the exact style of electing people have nothing to do with it. IF you are not democracy so, you have king?

  66. swietoslaw

    swietoslawHace 5 días

    @Alnilam But its only your semantics, and I already wrote why (my first post) And sorry you vote for your representatives in what way is not important, so you are democracy ;)

  67. Alexa Jiménez Jiménez

    Alexa Jiménez JiménezHace 8 días

    02:05:10 He mentions a name of some thinker. Can someone tell me who he/she is? I don't understand what he says.

  68. Alexa Jiménez Jiménez

    Alexa Jiménez JiménezHace 8 días

    I just hope he never succeeds with the whole "enforcement of the same US patent law in the countries they have trade agreements with" thing. We are going to start dying by the numbers. He has no idea what he is talking about here. The pharmaceutical companies are getting screwed...dear lord. I can't believe he lived in Colombia. Well, it seems he was a kid when that happened, anyway. And most likely he went to a very fancy, very expensive high school.