JINU - '또또또 (Feat.MINO)' M/V


  1. 高好高

    高好高Hace 11 horas

    Love the way Jinu touch his neck, it's so sexy

  2. pacarnya jinan

    pacarnya jinanHace 13 horas

    Let's reach 10M till JINU'bdayy!! 🌻💙💪fighting IC💙


    HOONY'S WINK •Hace 14 horas

    Feels like I'm alone str3aming this MV

  4. GTV Channel

    GTV ChannelHace 14 horas

    What is happening to innercircles? Wake Up! We need to make this to 10M vi3ws b4 Jinu's Bday!

  5. Coleen Dizon

    Coleen DizonHace 16 horas

    Inseos don't slow down now.

  6. Jules B

    Jules BHace 17 horas

    Call anytime ~~~~Jinuya you’re the cutest ..plus Mino’s presence completes my favorite humans,my happy pill #songkim 💙💜

  7. MiNo YooN

    MiNo YooNHace 18 horas

    Sept 21, 6PM KST : 9,406,228 V!ews for today : 31,726 We have 5 days left to jinu's bday, please str3am harder..we gained less than 50k these day we need more 🙆

  8. GTV Channel

    GTV ChannelHace 14 horas

    We need 100k vi3ws like last week.

  9. 쉬리

    쉬리Hace 19 horas

    정말 잘 부르시네요 감상잘하고 갑니다. 그리고 항상 건강하세요. 곡도 좋고 가사도 좋아요. 감사합니다.👍♥️🍇



    Winner is indeed a WINNER💜

  11. 조채은

    조채은Hace 22 horas


  12. ほのたす

    ほのたすHace 22 horas

    이거 승윤이도 같이 노래해요?

  13. Camila E.

    Camila E.Hace un día

    My song for my crush 😂😭

  14. HobiTae

    HobiTaeHace un día

    Performed this for talent show LOL, everyone loved it! Judges hated it... I lost

  15. Ceiling Cracks

    Ceiling CracksHace 21 un hora

    Well done on you for trying though.

  16. yoon is love

    yoon is loveHace un día

    Keep going ic!

  17. miel sp

    miel spHace un día

    Inseos let's get back..S t r 3 a m harder...💙💙💙💙Jinu yah 🙆🙆🙆

  18. Nur Fitriani

    Nur FitrianiHace un día

    Keep str3aming guys! We can close to 10M♡

  19. Alex-kun UwU

    Alex-kun UwUHace un día

    JINU is the king 😄🌟💫

  20. Alex-kun UwU

    Alex-kun UwUHace un día

    JINU is the king 😄🌟💫

  21. Alex-kun UwU

    Alex-kun UwUHace un día

    JINU is the king 😄🌟💫

  22. juja ka

    juja kaHace un día

    9,385,149 🥺

  23. Mothanah Saadi

    Mothanah SaadiHace un día

    9.382.748 let's go 10.000.000 ~~~~°~~~~

  24. MiNo YooN

    MiNo YooNHace un día

    Sept 20, 6PM KST : 9,374,502 Vlews for today : 35,729

  25. Jules B

    Jules BHace un día

    Can’t wait for him to proudly sing his single “Call Anytime “ during the CROSS TOUR 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟

  26. Rei. Zzzx

    Rei. ZzzxHace un día


  27. Heart Bees

    Heart BeesHace un día


  28. 파란향수

    파란향수Hace un día

    10번 봤다 뭔가 꽂혀서 ㅋ

  29. Irene Flo

    Irene FloHace 2 días

    More than a month passed, but still love this song

  30. Kamonwan Dechjit

    Kamonwan DechjitHace 2 días

    jinu oppa loving you too much so much very much Right Now

  31. Jules B

    Jules BHace 2 días

    Can’t be more PROUDER OF OUR BEAUTIFUL PRINCE....not only he have very soulful and unique voice but our JINU have a huge GENEROUS HEART 💜 ....VERY UNSELFISH HUMAN BEING...

  32. Ah_Yeah Elf-Incle

    Ah_Yeah Elf-IncleHace 2 días

    10M v13ws for #JINU 's Birthday y'all! We can do it!!!! #CallAnytime

  33. Jungkook Bts

    Jungkook BtsHace 2 días

    My love, live, bias, all❤😍😘😘😘💋💋💋

  34. juja ka

    juja kaHace 2 días

    9,351,569 💪🏻

  35. reen

    reenHace 2 días

    yes stop sleeping on my babies and their talented selves ❤

  36. toh bot

    toh botHace 2 días

    왜 아폴로 오노 씨발새끼가 노래부르고 지랄이냐?

  37. V.I.P x Blink

    V.I.P x BlinkHace 2 días

    Let's go for 10M..we can do it.

  38. MiNo YooN

    MiNo YooNHace 2 días

    Sept 19, 6PM KST : 9,338,773 Vlews gains today : 37,807 Oh no, we gains less than 50k today..we need more at least 150-160k in one day to reach 10M in just 6 days more..let's str3am harder ICs 🔥💪

  39. Sahutsawat Kumyod

    Sahutsawat KumyodHace 2 días

    Jinu wow

  40. DoramasAsia

    DoramasAsiaHace 3 días


  41. DoramasAsia

    DoramasAsiaHace 3 días


  42. Geraldine HB

    Geraldine HBHace 3 días

    Jinu esta canción es irresistible,

  43. Malena Seven

    Malena SevenHace 3 días

    Este dúo me fascina!!!!

  44. jyuni swaeg

    jyuni swaegHace 3 días

    I feel like my friends made this song about me because I never reply to their messages on time 😰

  45. jyuni swaeg

    jyuni swaegHace 3 días

    This song is so damn cute ❤️❤️❤️ The lyrics are just dssnskwj >_

  46. juja ka

    juja kaHace 3 días

    9,313,984 🤔 hope to see 10M view before jinu’s birthday but we just increase ~40K per day 🥺


    YG•TBL•YGX STANHace 3 días

    His face says it all. Now calling...

  48. 손미진

    손미진Hace 3 días

    9307709) 1000만을 향해 달리고 있네.오늘은 칼퇴하고 톼근길 버스안에서 듣는중~!낼은 휴무.앗싸.신남~~~

  49. MiNo YooN

    MiNo YooNHace 3 días

    Sept 18, 6PM KST : 9,300,966 Views after 4 days since reached 9M is 300k v!ews 👏👏 it's been 4 days i didn't update every 24 hours views like i always do before..so sorry for being busy 🙆😂🙏

  50. Aninda ayudia

    Aninda ayudiaHace 2 días

    Its okey, thank you for updating the view

  51. Yên Yên

    Yên YênHace 3 días

    I love you

  52. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki KenHace 4 días

    This song is when you're in love with a 'dry texter'

  53. Jules B

    Jules BHace 4 días

    9M -going 10M for you our Beautiful Prince.....a humble and quiet but most Generous human...so proud of you 💙

  54. White Flower

    White FlowerHace 4 días

    Inseo s t r e a m, we can do this.

  55. White Flower

    White FlowerHace 4 días

    10M for Jinu birthday gift

  56. noona2u k

    noona2u kHace 4 días

    10M for Jinwoo's birthday gift ^∆^ neol johahae 🦌♥️noona bkk

  57. Aninda ayudia

    Aninda ayudiaHace 4 días

    IC lets stream this precious boy he deserve 10m view on his birthday

  58. Flove Min

    Flove MinHace 4 días

    Lo amo, todas las mñns me pongo a escuchar esta canción xd 😘😍

  59. juja ka

    juja kaHace 4 días


  60. Grace Lynn

    Grace LynnHace 4 días

    call anytime call anytime

  61. Inseocity Ratmi

    Inseocity RatmiHace 4 días

    Can we get 10M before Jinu's Birthday?




  63. Lien Cao

    Lien CaoHace un día

    We can. About 600000 more, not bad.

  64. Monse :v

    Monse :vHace 2 días

    No se:"v

  65. Cute Bunny

    Cute BunnyHace 4 días

    Let's do it. Even though I'm not a fan. I really really like this song 😍😍😍

  66. 지소

    지소Hace 4 días

    하앍.....마지막 뒤태 치명적이다....

  67. めろことぶき

    めろことぶきHace 4 días

    ✨☎✨9000000再生✨☎✨ おめでとう!!! 目指せMILLION×10🙆