JINU - '또또또 (Feat.MINO)' M/V


  1. juja ka

    juja kaHace 2 horas

    Miss him

  2. Enhkee 1234

    Enhkee 1234Hace 13 horas

    jinu fighting

  3. Anna Beltran

    Anna BeltranHace un día

    A whole meal in one MV

  4. babyvixx

    babyvixxHace un día

    bellissimo fantastico l’unico che conta

  5. Hera Hera

    Hera HeraHace un día

    Those who hit that dislike button must have a hard time watching youtube with their screen upside down.

  6. ぬわんぬわん

    ぬわんぬわんHace 2 días

    He is so so so so so so cute and beautiful!!!!!😆❤

  7. 루🌻

    루🌻Hace 3 días

    anyone 2020 feb?

  8. Nguyễn Yến

    Nguyễn YếnHace 4 días

    miss u so much T.T

  9. Rofi Mahidah

    Rofi MahidahHace 4 días

    Miss Jinu

  10. S E K A I D R E A M E R

    S E K A I D R E A M E RHace 4 días

    Gosh no matter how many times I watched it, I never get tired of these faces.

  11. 练如寰

    练如寰Hace 5 días

    i love u JINU

  12. Sesa Stuff

    Sesa StuffHace 5 días


  13. Sesa Stuff

    Sesa StuffHace 5 días


  14. ro salva

    ro salvaHace 6 días

    i love you bebeeetoo

  15. ro salva

    ro salvaHace 6 días

    Te Amo!!!!

  16. ro salva

    ro salvaHace 6 días

    junuuuu come to argentina!!!

  17. Naisylla Nurmayanti

    Naisylla NurmayantiHace 6 días

    Bang Jinu bang Mino coba sms ama telfon nya sama aye niscaya langsung di bales langsung di angkatt

  18. Ella plays

    Ella playsHace 7 días

    Omg jiou

  19. Ella plays

    Ella playsHace 7 días


  20. Kloy jariya

    Kloy jariyaHace 8 días


  21. 高好高

    高好高Hace 8 días

    Though this song is not unique neither a masterpiece , but it's really fit JINU ! And no one can do the dance better than him ! He's not only handsome , also has a great personality. Look forward to his next solo, even it will be years later.

  22. Angga Dian Rafly

    Angga Dian RaflyHace 8 días

    The basslines is so amazing 😭😭😭

  23. Angga Dian Rafly

    Angga Dian RaflyHace 8 días

    Seungyoon as backing vocal? Hahaha 😂😁

  24. Angga Dian Rafly

    Angga Dian RaflyHace 8 días

    Sound the bass is amazing!

  25. Kim Ngân

    Kim NgânHace 10 días

    Hay lắm luôn á anh yêu ơi !!!! Về Việt Nam nữa đi, em mua phở cho anh ăn :)))))

  26. 주주

    주주Hace 10 días

    다시봐도 다시들어도 좋다♡ 지누♡

  27. mary handi

    mary handiHace 11 días

    Still One of my favorite songs😍💙I like to listen to it everyday~~~💙

  28. Ngoc Nguyen

    Ngoc NguyenHace 11 días

    Jinuuuuu yahhhhhh

  29. Junkiyy

    JunkiyyHace 11 días

    *How to describe JINU* Most beautiful man alive in this planet

  30. Hasmyra Nul

    Hasmyra NulHace 12 días

    1:15 🥰

  31. Hasmyra Nul

    Hasmyra NulHace 12 días

    i will miss you

  32. 小飞猪

    小飞猪Hace 12 días


  33. Isabella Millonius

    Isabella MilloniusHace 12 días

    Mino: “Haha” seems too stiff “Ha” seems flakey, so “Haha” it is But made a typo because I sent it in a rush (Oh no) What are you doing? Must be busy This is so damm relatable. Like I feel this song so badly....

  34. Mion Shi IC

    Mion Shi ICHace 12 días

    I love him 😭😭

  35. Wina Sakinah

    Wina SakinahHace 13 días

    He's so pretty '-'

  36. bb bb

    bb bbHace 13 días


  37. 서지수

    서지수Hace 14 días

    또 또 또

  38. Asfar Tasnim

    Asfar TasnimHace 14 días

    Why so less views still? 😡 I feel mad now.

  39. n.cl.y

    n.cl.yHace 14 días

    ı'll pick your calling 💜💜

  40. n.cl.y

    n.cl.yHace 14 días

    you are so handsome please be an actor 💜💜

  41. n.cl.y

    n.cl.yHace 14 días

    you are baby ❤️❤️

  42. Anh Đỗ

    Anh ĐỗHace 15 días

    Mino and Jinwoo look like they're character of Boy's love story=)))))

  43. Highlight is 'so Beast' _

    Highlight is 'so Beast' _Hace 15 días

    Bruh ive been obsessed with them lately. Why are they so good? 😩

  44. Smile Always

    Smile AlwaysHace 16 días

    So soothing i love it!

  45. White Flower

    White FlowerHace 16 días

    Kim Jinwoo💙

  46. celeste alva cusi

    celeste alva cusiHace 17 días

    *King JinWoo*

  47. celeste alva cusi

    celeste alva cusiHace 17 días

    Stan winner porque porque son arte puro ya te digo yo

  48. farras izzati

    farras izzatiHace 17 días

    aaa cakep pisan

  49. 빈조수

    빈조수Hace 17 días

    존나잘생겼어 씨바ㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹ알!!!!!!!사랑해

  50. Inner_square mags

    Inner_square magsHace 17 días

    This song is really underrated

  51. Ema Ema

    Ema EmaHace 17 días

    Damn he's very beautifull

  52. 이채민

    이채민Hace 18 días


  53. Putri Dwi

    Putri DwiHace 19 días


  54. Frisky Butterfly

    Frisky ButterflyHace 19 días

    Call anytime🎶🎶🎶 Introverts like me: No🙅no🙅no🙅 😅✌

  55. Kim Lisa

    Kim LisaHace 21 un día

    eu te amo muito meu amor, sua música é a coisa mais maravilhosa desse mundo, eu sinto tanto orgulho de ti, você é meu mundinho, sempre estarei ao seu lado te apoiando! 💕 BRAZIL LOVES WINNER! 🇧🇷

  56. lee haute

    lee hauteHace 21 un día

    I miss you jinu 🤧

  57. 김레이

    김레이Hace 21 un día

    김진우 보고싶어😭

  58. Ameliah Kamaruzaman

    Ameliah KamaruzamanHace 21 un día

    showed this song to my friend and she fell for it right away. Jinu's vocal is so soothing

  59. jinu tiamo

    jinu tiamoHace 22 días


  60. KimJongin's Wife

    KimJongin's WifeHace 23 días

    Why is he so pretty?