Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman moved to tears at surprise HOF announcement | FOX NFL


  1. FOX Sports

    FOX SportsHace 7 días

    What was your favorite moment during this emotional announcement?

  2. Brian Gilstrap

    Brian GilstrapHace 3 días

    Troy not close.

  3. Dwight Love

    Dwight LoveHace 4 días

    Fox Sports In some cases players getting into the NFL HALL OF FAME is just as important as the Super Bowl.

  4. Danny R

    Danny RHace 4 días

    I like the part where he couldn’t talk😁

  5. R40 Photos & Media Group

    R40 Photos & Media GroupHace 4 días

    The entire thing

  6. 2000music

    2000musicHace 4 días

    Troy Aikmans reaction

  7. JD H

    JD HHace 30 minutos

    So happy for him! Great coach!

  8. Bryan Coats

    Bryan CoatsHace 2 horas

    Glad JJ got voted in. Still would be nice to see Tom Flores inducted

  9. Kenneth Mantay

    Kenneth MantayHace 3 horas

    i watched this live and was crushed by Troy Aikman's response...that says more about Coach's legacy that he is so loved!

  10. Randy Farnsworth

    Randy FarnsworthHace 7 horas

    Game is much more then business to the guys who make up NFL

  11. L. M

    L. MHace 8 horas

    FOX Sports HOF podcast show!

  12. Chief Ryback

    Chief RybackHace 10 horas

    Who else won a College National Championship & a Superbowl? Was Switzer one of them? That is an amazing accomplishment. .

  13. Java Fizz

    Java FizzHace 11 horas

    Rooted against him every game he coached. And yet it's clear he deserves it. After all it's just a game. Congrats.

  14. Dan Farrar

    Dan FarrarHace 18 horas

    I wish Rick would not have patted him on the back so as to say "Hey look who's coming to talk to you". Kind of ruined the total surprise!

  15. Arnold Strong Numero Uno

    Arnold Strong Numero UnoHace 21 un hora

    Where’s Joe Paterno?

  16. Elliott Blair

    Elliott BlairHace 21 un hora

    This is how wwe should do it.

  17. Donald Martin

    Donald MartinHace 23 horas

    Great news for Jimmy Johnson

  18. moebees

    moebeesHace un día

    Such a special bunch of sociopaths.

  19. John Bushell Jr.

    John Bushell Jr.Hace un día

    866 dislikes by jerkoffs.

  20. Joseph DiDonna

    Joseph DiDonnaHace un día

    Great, Great Moment!

  21. Jh Klems

    Jh KlemsHace un día

    that was great

  22. Dianna Cartwright

    Dianna CartwrightHace un día

    ❤️❤️❤️ Respect

  23. Troy Power

    Troy PowerHace un día

    Much deserved!! Congratulations Coach!!

  24. larrywize 5

    larrywize 5Hace un día

    I love the fact that now that Jimmy is in the Hall he will always overshadow Jerry in Canton. Lol

  25. Pale Zombie

    Pale ZombieHace un día

    Troy standing there like he doesn’t remember what day it is. 🤪Mr. CTE is loopy...

  26. Hu Kares

    Hu KaresHace un día

    Troy Aikman has the manliest cry on planet earth.

  27. The First Witness

    The First WitnessHace un día

    Thank you Jimmy...

  28. PJ Rose

    PJ RoseHace un día

    The Cowboys back then simply awesome! Emmitt Smith my all time favorite player!

  29. Michael Moyer

    Michael MoyerHace un día

    JJ is a greatpick!!!!

  30. onewithmyself

    onewithmyselfHace un día

    Notice at 1:48 what this man says. In his most fragile and emotional state he says "when you put in the kinda work WE have..." in the moment where he speaks most what's on his mind due to raw emotional overload you see his true colors. And it's all class

  31. Joshua Bland

    Joshua BlandHace un día

    He should have been in .!!!

  32. Max Stone

    Max StoneHace un día

    What a great coach. When I saw Bill Cowher announced before JJ I was shocked. Not a Cowboy fan but JJ is all that!

  33. frank bonini

    frank boniniHace un día

    He SHOULD Have Won a Super Bowl in Miami as a F You to Jerry

  34. frank bonini

    frank boniniHace un día

    @Mr. Hitman True. Just A Thought

  35. Mr. Hitman

    Mr. HitmanHace un día

    frank bonini However it should be remembered life has been doing it for Jimmy, three playoff wins since 1997.

  36. Ooo Ooo

    Ooo OooHace un día

    Congratulations Coach 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥂

  37. Sonny Shade

    Sonny ShadeHace un día

    Jimmy congrats! You deserve it! HOF 2020

  38. ajninogardtsal

    ajninogardtsalHace un día

    What's up with the former falcons dude on here wasn't he cbs?

  39. Joy Joy

    Joy JoyHace un día

    Congratulations Jimmy Johnson, LONG overdue. Congratulations

  40. anhgx ept

    anhgx eptHace un día

    Troy @ 1:05 1:34 and 2:52


    SEY HEY KIDDHace un día

    This is gold...the excitement of it all left JJ without words bu t he managed to pull through. He was truly happy and this was special to him. Congrats Cowboy!

  42. Jeff Ortberg

    Jeff OrtbergHace un día

    Life long cowboys fan. U deserve it Jimmy

  43. West Walk

    West WalkHace un día

    Congratulations Coach!!! Well deserved and about time

  44. Adam Nugent

    Adam NugentHace un día

    wow. i have always like this guy. what a moment for him.

  45. Laverna Runnels

    Laverna RunnelsHace un día

    My favorite Coach J.Johnson and my favorite QB T.Aikman..Congrats to you Sir. *DC4LIFE*

  46. Jason Chang

    Jason ChangHace un día

    From a 49er fan to a coach of a team that gave us royal fits. Those games weren't games, those were wars as I wouldn't have it any other way as I enjoyed those games. Congratulations Coach Johnson, well done. It's not just about the destination, it's the journey.

  47. Anthony Vespe

    Anthony VespeHace un día

    Troy's silence was the loudest for sure

  48. greenave

    greenaveHace un día

    This like my 10th time watching this and not even a Cowboys fan lol

  49. Kelsie Williams

    Kelsie WilliamsHace un día


  50. Curtis Miller

    Curtis MillerHace un día


  51. I AM KAZIE

    I AM KAZIEHace un día

    I'm a die hard BEARS FAN but since my BEARS haven't done anything since 85/86 the Cowboys of the early 90s were fun to watch Troy Aikman,Emmitt Smith, Daryl Johnston, Michael Irvin the defense these guys were good and fun to watch congrats JJ

  52. aimb4ushoot dbl.g

    aimb4ushoot dbl.gHace un día

    I thought jimmy was already inducted . The nfl waited til 2020 to do this. . Unbelievable. .. don't get me wrong great to see him going to be inducted in the hall of fame.but 2020... come on NFL.

  53. Michael Draper

    Michael DraperHace un día

    Terry B: WHOA! YEAH! That was it for me! Haha.

  54. Legend Troy

    Legend TroyHace un día

    Remember when Bill and Jimmy were in The Waterboy.

  55. Raquib25

    Raquib25Hace un día

    Congrats Jimmy 👏🏿 looooonggg overdue

  56. KennyT

    KennyTHace un día

    To the 860 people who hit thumbs down..🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻you..Hater’s..HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS...

  57. Chris Whooley

    Chris WhooleyHace un día

    How was he not in the Hall of Fame the whole time?

  58. Joel Craig

    Joel CraigHace un día

    That's a tearjerker

  59. Free Mason Blood Sacrifice

    Free Mason Blood SacrificeHace 2 días

    He gave up his family and everything in life for football.

  60. Ecks Hail

    Ecks HailHace 2 días

    My eyes sweating. just mind ya bidness

  61. Cecil Dison

    Cecil DisonHace 2 días

    The greatest football team in history when he was coach Dallas cowboys. Even better than the Steelers under Terry Bradshaw

  62. Peter Van Mondfrans

    Peter Van MondfransHace 2 días

    Congratulations, Coach! You were the greatest! How 'bout JJ???!!!

  63. styx53ocean

    styx53oceanHace 2 días

    Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman are both class acts. Congrats, Coach!

  64. Te'Kar Malone

    Te'Kar MaloneHace 2 días

    How bout dem Cowboys!!!!!!

  65. Greg York

    Greg YorkHace 2 días

    Its so cool to watch this. During this time i was a huge cowboy fan . I live in Dallas tx. After what Jerry did i quit being a fan. Notice that jerry cant steal Jimmy's thunder. Love it lol

  66. tannercollins9863

    tannercollins9863Hace 2 días

    I'm a 9ers fan but...this is nice.

  67. DawnPeez

    DawnPeezHace 2 días

    Respect and well-deserved, Coach Johnson... From a lifelong 49er fan. Salute!