JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 (2017) Ending + Series Timeline Explained


  1. BMW M3

    BMW M3Hace 6 horas

    The 3rd sucks ass

  2. hina kobayashi

    hina kobayashiHace 2 días

    this film was a disappointment compared to its predecessors which is ironic. the creature looks even cheaper than the older ones.

  3. tobias boon

    tobias boonHace 2 días

    Crepeer vs bill cosby

  4. TitanFIGHTERS

    TitanFIGHTERSHace 2 días

    When I was a kid I thought the creeper was a more fucked up freddy Kruger

  5. louyht7

    louyht7Hace 3 días

    First I believe Jeepers Creepers is an extraterrestrial alien. He is the last of his specie who fought against the Predators

  6. Ethan Querin

    Ethan QuerinHace 3 días

    Why are we trying to kill him? Someone needs to give this engineering wizard a job!

  7. KhingOfSwordz 43

    KhingOfSwordz 43Hace 4 días

    I always wondered what is actually a Jeeper? Is he a demon ? Is he a Djin ? Or a prehistoric half human have alien hybrid ? Whatever he is i like the Jeeper......

  8. Ty Caines

    Ty CainesHace 4 días

    they really should have told the audience the creeper's audience

  9. Cerberus

    CerberusHace 4 días

    It was so bad :(((( it was favorite movie now it’s trash

  10. Oblivion_5468 TTV

    Oblivion_5468 TTVHace 5 días

    Jeepers creepers is black thanos lol

  11. chilly billy

    chilly billyHace 5 días

    No where to go with the storyline.

  12. Huummus Man

    Huummus ManHace 5 días

    At least you ain’t nockin mules mad respect ✊

  13. Ball of grime

    Ball of grimeHace 5 días

    I'd be more interested if Trish's character was a man since men can do action better than women.

  14. Drey Stlouis

    Drey StlouisHace 7 días

    Fun Fact: The guy who made this movie is a pedo an that’s the only reason it took so long and actually I’m pretty sure it was only in theatres for like a week for that exact reason an I’m also pretty sure he was locked up right after finishing this this movie was fucking trash and did anybody else notice the monster is called the creeper an that the greasy producer goof that made this is known to be a pedo? Lol 💀💀🤦‍♂️

  15. Babylungs

    BabylungsHace 7 días

    7:20 LMAO. Just lmaoooo.

  16. Babylungs

    BabylungsHace 7 días

    I enjoyed Jeepers Creepers 1 so much due to how scary and different it was. It's a shame how it went downhill after that.

  17. gaddes scott

    gaddes scottHace 7 días

    i refuse to watch a movie made by a child molester

  18. logan wolf

    logan wolfHace 8 días

    Well we know that he is a CHEVY fan!!😊

  19. just someone

    just someoneHace 9 días

    am i only one who thinks that the end of number 3 looks like the starting of number 2 were the bus is on the rd with the student

  20. Byler Barton

    Byler BartonHace 9 días

    My god the CG is so bad ew

  21. Boo Lol

    Boo LolHace 9 días

    These guy is a fucking scp in fact

  22. Arjun. Vs.

    Arjun. Vs.Hace 9 días

    I haven't even watched any of these movies, but 😂 here iam... watching this guy explaining the movie

  23. evan Reed

    evan ReedHace 11 días

    The creeper became really OP in 3. In 1 and 2 he was strong not superman.

  24. クリスタルきみこ

    クリスタルきみこHace 12 días

    I loved the original as a child.

  25. Kristin Randall

    Kristin RandallHace 12 días

    So the latest rumor is that the Creeper is ..... a fairy. That’s one effed up Sookie Stackhouse!

  26. Nicholas Johnston

    Nicholas JohnstonHace 12 días

    I watched Jeepers Creepers 2 a long time then ago I think. I just remember the bat thing attacking a school bus and it scared the crap out of me at like midnight. I was like 8

  27. M Ma

    M MaHace 13 días

    I cant blame that kid for running away

  28. Master Gaming

    Master GamingHace 13 días

    To beat a creeper , be a keeper

  29. Xavier Blackler

    Xavier BlacklerHace 15 días

    There is a way to stop the creeper. At the end of 2 it should instead of being hung up on the wall or whatever, it should have been incased in concrete buried under ground, then it would never be able to come nack 😂 why did no one think of this

  30. Iyanaa Jones

    Iyanaa JonesHace 16 días

    Why tf I think that was thanos

  31. Phoenix Rayne

    Phoenix RayneHace 18 días

    I liked the way it went back to the things we learned about in the first movie... thought it would be 23 years later but it was just another story in the story of the first two.

  32. ToylandChairman666

    ToylandChairman666Hace 18 días

    JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 was okay, but doesn't add anything new, and was essentially a pointless movie. The second film is still my personal favorite, in spite of the petty, sometimes homophobic bickering of some of the high school athletes.

  33. D. Anthony Franco

    D. Anthony FrancoHace 18 días

    Buddy = Bitch

  34. Bryan Estrada

    Bryan EstradaHace 19 días

    The reason the third movie sucked ass is beacause they had a major budget cut and had to rewrite the script because of it. The studio was willing to give a hefty budget because they saw the success of the first two films but was backed into a corner and almost had to cancel the entire production because some people didnt want Salva to make a movie.

  35. Etarnalazure

    EtarnalazureHace 19 días

    Speaking as a person not having seen any of the movies myself... This series seems both silly and stupid...

  36. Mitchie Casner Compositions

    Mitchie Casner CompositionsHace 19 días

    I refused to pay to see this because the director is an alleged child molester. I'm glad I got to watch it here.

  37. Stryder

    StryderHace 19 días

    Bullets bouncing back from the truck Deflecting a bullet from an axe Holy fuck this is trash

  38. M ern

    M ernHace 19 días

    I think it should be dismembered...that might work no arms...legs or eyes wings etc even if it lives it can't do anything..than i would send a sample to have it anazyled somewhere... My real problem is the logic of the people who found out the origins on it..Wouldn't you share that knowledge with everyone???? Just in case you got killed?

  39. That guy Dragon

    That guy DragonHace 19 días

    These movies sound like an IT ripoff but I haven’t done my research so...

  40. Lexo Cee

    Lexo CeeHace 19 días

    Why didn't they just burn him to ash after part 2?

  41. Raggedy Man

    Raggedy ManHace 20 días

    Stupid movie. I didn't make it to the end.... 🙄


    ALF CARJACKS THE CLOWNHace 21 un día

    So is the creeper a pedo like the director?

  43. Neostead 2000

    Neostead 2000Hace 21 un día

    Supporting a pedo...

  44. Declan C

    Declan CHace 21 un día

    They should have only done one of these movies, that shit freaked me out and still holds up pretty well. 2 and 3 were just shit.

  45. BlenderMadness

    BlenderMadnessHace 22 días

    Give us a full breakdown please

  46. John Thomas

    John ThomasHace 22 días

    A haircut works wonders fyi. Coming from a guy who thought long hair made me look better

  47. Kirill Gazarov

    Kirill GazarovHace 23 días

    Subscribe to PewDiePie and mr beast

  48. Djrulez 191

    Djrulez 191Hace 12 días

    Kirill Gazarov shit the fucc up

  49. KapitalKTV

    KapitalKTVHace 24 días

    The truck was more scary than the creeper in this movie.

  50. Sirine

    SirineHace 24 días

    They ruined it!

  51. lyricist/destroyer queensboro

    lyricist/destroyer queensboroHace 25 días

    Tricked vehicle, cool weapons... I think the creeper is a evil version of batman

  52. ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָ

    ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָHace 25 días

    IT DESTROYED THE FRANCHISE! The first was excellent. The second was so-so but it had the creepy Creeper vibe going on. The third was shot by a crew from the 80s with 80s tech and storytelling.

  53. lac92576

    lac92576Hace 26 días

    Should have left it at just the first movie

  54. Gary Dobbs

    Gary DobbsHace 27 días

    The grandma looks the the old witch in pumpkin head. What you want Ed Harley?😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Gary Dobbs

    Gary DobbsHace 27 días

    Oh and the super group that is suppose to stop the creeper got whacked just as fast as the kids in the second. Wow what a super police force huh? And the methhead creepy grandma was Stuuuuuuuppppppiddddd!!!!!!!!

  56. Gary Dobbs

    Gary DobbsHace 27 días

    3 sucked ass. The effects were awful. The story was awful. There's some big thing with the hand but they don't tell you what. The only cool thing was when the kid jumped the dirt bike and the creeper grabbed him in the air. That was cool.

  57. ahrayahba Yasharalah

    ahrayahba YasharalahHace 27 días

    What about the different skull in the truck

  58. ahrayahba Yasharalah

    ahrayahba YasharalahHace 27 días

  59. ZebrahK

    ZebrahKHace 28 días

    CGI in that movie pissed me off. Everybody was waiting for JC3 and it looks like rushed crap. I love 1 and 2, but I hate 3.

  60. Johnny johns

    Johnny johnsHace 28 días

    Trish aged badly

  61. Jason Bourn

    Jason BournHace un mes

    Yo I really liked this movie word. Probably because I don't even remember watching the other ones


    YRN GAMINGHace un mes

    I hope. Hes afraid of black ppl cus shit i aint afraid of him he a bitch

  63. Juan Flowers

    Juan FlowersHace un mes

    When they touched his hand all they can see is all the times he fapped

  64. Cory Cas

    Cory CasHace un mes

    Why don't they just cremate the creeper

  65. Tess Niemy

    Tess NiemyHace un mes

    It sucked when I saw it. I was disappointed because it was a while before the 3rd one came out. And it blew ass. I want there to be a Creepers 4. Just better writers.

  66. Carisma Bryant

    Carisma BryantHace un mes

    15:20 that has already happened. It was said in the third movie that the guy watched the creeper come down and kill his father

  67. Osama tin Laden

    Osama tin LadenHace un mes

    8:57 what would you do if your girl flew into the sky NOTHING BITCH WE CAN NOT FLY

  68. rob ribant

    rob ribantHace un mes

    They did this movie for very little money and it shows. This is why they made a mask for the actor to put on vs a daily makeup regiment and it shows. There will be no more JC unless Rob Zombie or someone like him steps up to save the whole damn thing.

  69. Jade

    JadeHace un mes

    Your explanations are so satisfying

  70. Roblox Phoenix Connection

    Roblox Phoenix ConnectionHace un mes

    Nope the bus is different look at the front lights

  71. Shadowcub69

    Shadowcub69Hace un mes

    Should have just named it something else other than 3.

  72. tena2sweet

    tena2sweetHace un mes

    Here is a questioned why don't they put his remains in a cremator during the 23 years he's inactive?

  73. Terry Bradley

    Terry BradleyHace un mes

    3 was pretty good but had a lot of left turns in it

  74. Primus Moss

    Primus MossHace un mes

    Now they're charging for it? Was free

  75. Nicklas VEVA

    Nicklas VEVAHace un mes

    Where is the creeper? And why does it never blow up?

  76. Bunker Sieben

    Bunker SiebenHace un mes

    Sad that the producer was a paedophile.


    The PROTOTYPEHace un mes

    Man, Minecraft updates are getting wack.

  78. Terry Rhuebottom

    Terry RhuebottomHace un mes

    Long awaited movie directed by a convicted Child Molester.

  79. Vosloff

    VosloffHace un mes

    Wait! There was a 3rd movie? Why didn't I know about it.

  80. Lrodd GOTDASAUCE

    Lrodd GOTDASAUCEHace un mes

    The real question is where did he get those peepers?🤨

  81. Lrodd GOTDASAUCE

    Lrodd GOTDASAUCEHace un mes

    Mushroom Head Ik it’s a joke

  82. Mushroom Head

    Mushroom HeadHace un mes

    Watch the first film. He took that boy's eyes!

  83. Arizona

    ArizonaHace un mes

    The origins will more than likely be revealed in the next one, when they will more than likely finally kill it.

  84. Terrell paperchasin

    Terrell paperchasinHace un mes

    That movie was ass

  85. Michael Caboose

    Michael CabooseHace un mes

    "And you can easily throw them on the grill this way" comedy gold

  86. Infinite Naos

    Infinite NaosHace un mes

    I see that the creeper could be magical or embeds magic into the items he owns.

  87. UltraMegalyEpic_ _

    UltraMegalyEpic_ _Hace un mes

    Wait.... How did the son bury the hand, if he’s the same person that the Creeper took at the beginning of the movie (that cut the creepers hand off to begin with)....???? 🤔

  88. TheRobbyVerse

    TheRobbyVerseHace un mes

    He prob did it before going to prom

  89. ImperialFish

    ImperialFishHace un mes

    You do an excellent job at explaining very dumb things as if they were the most enthralling events in the world, while still making it clear your real opinion on them. Have you considered being a politician?

  90. Shelli Blossom

    Shelli BlossomHace un mes

    i thought jreeper creeper was one of those 'horror movies' that really a joke moive

  91. Franco Bradshaw

    Franco BradshawHace un mes

    They really made the “touch something on the creeper and you know it’s background info” into waste 😂😂😂😂

  92. Franco Bradshaw

    Franco BradshawHace un mes

    They should have just did a remake .... The creeper always looks human with a mask on. Having these between 1&2..... Well, that’s just dumb.

  93. GroundedDog

    GroundedDogHace un mes

    it took me a while to realise it wasn't a minecraft movie

  94. Brandon Cleland

    Brandon ClelandHace un mes

    I think it's better than 2. The high schoolers annoyed me

  95. Darren junior

    Darren juniorHace un mes

    No one’s gonna talk about how the director is a convicted pedophile? No? Ok.

  96. shelby clark

    shelby clarkHace un mes

    This movie shouldn't have been made. It was a complete waste of time, it provided nothing new and did not help further the story.

  97. keeganshigh

    keeganshighHace 2 meses

    This movie is a joke. Looks like it was made by first year film students with no talent.

  98. Jason Duncan

    Jason DuncanHace un mes

    Care to show us what you got?

  99. Sandra Hates Franklin

    Sandra Hates FranklinHace 2 meses

    Big creeper moments coming soon in Minecraft for Xbox 360

  100. Jesse Neutron

    Jesse NeutronHace 2 meses

    Am i the only person who thinks syfy movies are beyond retarded? This movie is stupid all the wrong turns except for the first one are stupid the sharknado movies are soooo retarded every shark movie Fuck syfy!!!!!!

  101. calvin gantt

    calvin ganttHace 2 meses

    all this we learned watching the movie .should have known . all these so called enlightened videos just wind up stating the obvious . things you can see for yourself ! and what is it with these guys hollerin the whole time ? do guys think we cant hear or something ?

  102. checkoutmyballz

    checkoutmyballzHace 2 meses

    I’m curios to know what would happen if they threw the creeper into a wood chipper after it goes to sleep.

  103. Cody Raynor

    Cody RaynorHace 2 meses

    You gotta work on your intros man they suck, to long, there kinda dumb just do the video we clicked on we don't wanna see your not funny comedy skits just EXPLAIN the story bro. Good explains thou

  104. John Paul

    John PaulHace 2 meses

    The story have such a convoluted timeline and plot hooks that are left unexplored it almost makes it too ridiculous to watch. Why make a plot hook about the creature needing to destroy its old body parts so people don't learn about it if it doesn't matter when they learn about it because they still get killed. Seems like lazy writing to me. I really like the 1st movie but then the story starts to stretch and become crazy from there. The creature is nigh indestructible and so was its vehicle which seems to be intelligent enough to attack people on its own. But yet it's not intelligent enough to not use its own traps against its own creature that it's connected to .

  105. jason anderson

    jason andersonHace 2 meses

    Didn't like it

  106. matalvis

    matalvisHace 2 meses

    Wait, there was a number 3? The fuck? How did I miss this!!!?!?!?!?!?!