JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 (2017) Ending + Series Timeline Explained


  1. shelby clark

    shelby clarkHace 6 horas

    This movie shouldn't have been made. It was a complete waste of time, it provided nothing new and did not help further the story.

  2. keeganshigh

    keeganshighHace 2 días

    This movie is a joke. Looks like it was made by first year film students with no talent.

  3. Sandra Hates Franklin

    Sandra Hates FranklinHace 5 días

    Big creeper moments coming soon in Minecraft for Xbox 360

  4. Jesse Neutron

    Jesse NeutronHace 5 días

    Am i the only person who thinks syfy movies are beyond retarded? This movie is stupid all the wrong turns except for the first one are stupid the sharknado movies are soooo retarded every shark movie Fuck syfy!!!!!!

  5. calvin gantt

    calvin ganttHace 6 días

    all this we learned watching the movie .should have known . all these so called enlightened videos just wind up stating the obvious . things you can see for yourself ! and what is it with these guys hollerin the whole time ? do guys think we cant hear or something ?

  6. checkoutmyballz

    checkoutmyballzHace 7 días

    I’m curios to know what would happen if they threw the creeper into a wood chipper after it goes to sleep.

  7. Cody Raynor

    Cody RaynorHace 9 días

    You gotta work on your intros man they suck, to long, there kinda dumb just do the video we clicked on we don't wanna see your not funny comedy skits just EXPLAIN the story bro. Good explains thou

  8. John Paul

    John PaulHace 9 días

    The story have such a convoluted timeline and plot hooks that are left unexplored it almost makes it too ridiculous to watch. Why make a plot hook about the creature needing to destroy its old body parts so people don't learn about it if it doesn't matter when they learn about it because they still get killed. Seems like lazy writing to me. I really like the 1st movie but then the story starts to stretch and become crazy from there. The creature is nigh indestructible and so was its vehicle which seems to be intelligent enough to attack people on its own. But yet it's not intelligent enough to not use its own traps against its own creature that it's connected to .

  9. jason anderson

    jason andersonHace 10 días

    Didn't like it

  10. matalvis

    matalvisHace 11 días

    Wait, there was a number 3? The fuck? How did I miss this!!!?!?!?!?!?!

  11. Thisisnotmyusername

    ThisisnotmyusernameHace 13 días

    Pretty sure the fact the director (who is a convicted pedophile) killed the movie budget.

  12. Hooch Smeeth

    Hooch SmeethHace 14 días

    This makes me so scared. I wish i didn't watch it.

  13. Needassistance

    NeedassistanceHace 15 días

    This movie was a steaming dumpster fire... the 1st one was good 2nd meh 3rd was like swimming in a cess pool

  14. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt ThunderHace 15 días

    she gonna die simple as that

  15. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt ThunderHace 16 días

    she gonna die simple as that

  16. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt ThunderHace 16 días

    she gonna die simple as that

  17. Fullmetal Media

    Fullmetal MediaHace 17 días

    So the creeper is a wizard with an omnipotent truck and he is also apparently Thor with his ax...... this is just lazy and sad.

  18. Henry Williams

    Henry WilliamsHace 19 días

    The film is bull shit they know what the creeper is but we have to find out in the next movie

  19. R0XOC-

    R0XOC-Hace 19 días

    Oorrr Reboot the series 😎


    TUFFMAN FCHace 20 días

    “I hate how the Creeper’s truck is basically the bat mobile.” -Cody Leach I agreeeee!!!

  21. IamMrNobodY

    IamMrNobodYHace 22 días

    *Thanos in thumbnail?*

  22. abo hashm

    abo hashmHace 22 días

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that this beast appears in the grave, which is the bad deeds of man

  23. poopmannelson1

    poopmannelson1Hace 22 días

    The creeper is such a charismatic movie monster. Seems like Freddy Krueger was a big inspiration for the original filmmakers. So charming but at the same time, not to be fucked with, and you certainly wouldn’t want to run into them. He’s should be more popular than he is.

  24. y u n i o

    y u n i oHace 23 días

    Knowing about how disappointed this movie was I'm not going to what it at all and stay with just the 1 & 2 as the only ones existing lol bro I grew with this movies I can't remember how many times I've watched it and I can't ruin that by watching this si thanks for the explanation it totally resumes the movie :3

  25. YuniS

    YuniSHace 25 días

    You should breakdown JC like you did IT

  26. Virgo

    VirgoHace 26 días

    This was by far the worse Jeepers Creeper movie and shouldn't be mentioned. We don't mention this movie after the 1st 2 this one is its own movie. This actually ruined the franchise so i will never count this movie. This is just a copyrighted movie that should be arrested. Horrible horrible mess of a movie. I am not hating on the video bro you are always a blessing to watch but this movie is so bad. i mean garbage is worth more then this movie.

  27. Maurice Nixon

    Maurice NixonHace 26 días

    I liked the trilogy

  28. amber rees

    amber reesHace 28 días

    The Creeper's truck would a great addition to any potential future Twisted Metal games.

  29. Polo The Writer

    Polo The WriterHace 29 días

    Jeepers Creepers 3 fuckin' sucks

  30. coreyon davis

    coreyon davisHace 29 días

    yea, the undertaker hat and trench coat got me being called jeepers creepers, but you gotta admit, he looks badass

  31. blizzard shock

    blizzard shockHace un mes

    Found flex you should do a explained video on Emily rose

  32. blizzard shock

    blizzard shockHace un mes

    Thank you for this video and flex you are awesome

  33. Marcos Armendia

    Marcos ArmendiaHace un mes

    This movie is freaking horrible. The first 2 aren't master pieces either but are much better. It looks like a B-movie. Terrible.

  34. x7mood_7x Gaming

    x7mood_7x GamingHace un mes

    Can't wait for Deadmeat to cover this!!!

  35. Brian Taylor

    Brian TaylorHace un mes

    I see your 'Mr. Show' DVDs. That makes at least two of us. And good grief!! The CG in this movie looks horrible!!


    WEEABOO JONESHace un mes

    This movie does not need to exist and it just plain blows.

  37. Kixgy

    KixgyHace un mes

    It would be cool to see the rest of these I really link this monster for some reason like a main character or danger like King Kong .

  38. Keisha Billingsley

    Keisha BillingsleyHace un mes


  39. Mike Rotch

    Mike RotchHace un mes

    AS AS

  40. Prophet Legacy

    Prophet LegacyHace un mes

    Why does this look like a Sy Fy quality movie 🧐

  41. HexagonBright

    HexagonBrightHace un mes

    I think Trish is smart enough to speak to Taggert & the old lady before they die, she does have 23 years to prepare for the Creeper.


    STONEY BURKHace un mes

    Wtf??Why did it take so long what are they doing in Hellywood???.

  43. Angela Bernal

    Angela BernalHace un mes

    This is what happen when you left school -

  44. Michael Tod

    Michael TodHace un mes

    You know you're acting like buddy could have done anything in the first place what do you expect him to do square up with the creeper

  45. Dan Customer

    Dan CustomerHace un mes

    So anyways all Jeepers Creepers movies or made by a child molester that's backed Francis Ford Coppola look it up !

  46. The weird kid who people Think is mute

    The weird kid who people Think is muteHace un mes

    My teachers friend from highschool is actually in Jeepers Creepers 2 and is one of the first students to die.

  47. diviengi

    diviengiHace un mes

    Lets just pretend this garbage was never made.

  48. Loco Busters

    Loco BustersHace un mes

    Too many years for no reason this is ass

  49. tcg's with Josh

    tcg's with JoshHace un mes

    7:26 yeet!

  50. tcg's with Josh

    tcg's with JoshHace un mes

    Can you do the Netflix movie emelie

  51. Dylan Joyce

    Dylan JoyceHace un mes

    Ayyo wus good

  52. Kings Of Leon

    Kings Of LeonHace un mes

    I like the first and second. But not really the third

  53. theylied1776

    theylied1776Hace un mes

    The creature won't have to Escape. If you noticed at the end of Jeepers Creepers part 2, Taggart allows people to come to his farm to take pictures of the Creeper. The writers will simply employ the common 80s trope of a group of drunk teenagers going out the farm after Dark and stealing the carcass on the night of the anniversary it's supposed to come back to life.

  54. Thomas Garcia

    Thomas GarciaHace 11 días

    I swear to God if this is true I'll fucking lose it.

  55. theylied1776

    theylied1776Hace un mes

    Wait, I'm still trying to grasp the fact that the Creeper is also a Master Mechanic and Electronical Engineer to keep that fucking truck running for that many damn decades.

  56. Bloxaur

    BloxaurHace un mes

    So Jeepers Creepers 3 is a Sprequel. Got it

  57. Trey C

    Trey CHace un mes

    This movie made me realize why horror movies are always inside or at night. Daytime makes everything much less scary. The monster looks more like something from an SNL skit than a actual terrifying monster

  58. Zecory 3

    Zecory 3Hace un mes

    The whole timeline is b******* you think Annabelle's The Conjuring and The Nun timelines were fucked up

  59. Niotic Gaming

    Niotic GamingHace un mes

    11:17 i really thought he was going to say "that's a lotta damage!"

  60. diana M

    diana MHace un mes

    Do the uninvited please!

  61. Amr Dihyamaan

    Amr DihyamaanHace un mes

    You madorchod children of iblees the demon (current humans) just bcz of ur sins, jealousy, tyranny, injustice, oppression, mischiefs, evilness, harmfulness behaviour will give raise to not just Jeepers Keepers but many more disasters upon ur nations

  62. Stephen Duong

    Stephen DuongHace un mes

    11:21 that axe is the worst prop I have ever seen in any movie.

  63. Zafer Üstüner

    Zafer ÜstünerHace un mes

    count me a +1


    NIK DA GREEKHace un mes

    LMAO You all act like you had high expectations for this film, I thought the first was GREAT and Justin long was amazing but Jeepers creepers 2 was AWFUL

  65. BuhbuhJay Champagne

    BuhbuhJay ChampagneHace un mes

    JC3 wasn’t bad. Way too much CGI and unrealistic traps/weapons at his disposal. I actually liked not knowing what was seen from holding the Creeper’s hand. Adds to the mystic. 3/5

  66. YourBoyRoar

    YourBoyRoarHace un mes

    I had no idea the creeper had so many weapons, I must have not paid attention watching the first one or something 😱

  67. Kenny Namikaze

    Kenny NamikazeHace un mes

    Why am I sitting here waiting for a kill count? Wrong channel Kenny...

  68. Sparta Rage Kick

    Sparta Rage KickHace un mes

    Damn....nvr knew the directors past history till reading comments....& sure half of hollywood have secrets n there closet aswell....its what happens when one is super rich & famous....& think they can get away w/anything....& dont have a moral compass...

  69. George cannon

    George cannonHace un mes

    Jeepers Creepers 3 sucked

  70. Rashad Jamar

    Rashad JamarHace un mes

    (Spoiler Alert for another movie) The ending was a direct takeaway of Final Destination 5. I guess it was a cool way to tie it in but ultimately doesn't save the movie

  71. PlatinumXYGB

    PlatinumXYGBHace un mes

    Jeepers creepers 2 should have been 3 and 3 should have been 2

  72. anir sanders

    anir sandersHace un mes

    Keep in mind the director is a rapist that raped a 12 yr old actor and never really got punished. So watch the next the film illegally so the director won't make money. I found all 3 films online in HD. Since its all low budget it won't be difficult to find 4 when it comes out.

  73. Cooking Sauce

    Cooking SauceHace un mes

    This movie was horrible maybe one of the worst horror movies I've seen.

  74. tristen pernell

    tristen pernellHace un mes

    I think I've seen jeepers creepers 2 because I remember people kids dieing on a bus in a field

  75. Sarah Shwartze

    Sarah ShwartzeHace un mes

    He's an alien right is the bat looking thing on the back if the head

  76. Emma Davenport

    Emma DavenportHace un mes

    "the creeper took adi. OH NOO" why am i laughing so hard at THIS

  77. EX7Sonic

    EX7SonicHace un mes

    "Hey it's been years since the last movie, should we make a third movie that continues the story?" "Nah, let's make a movie that takes place between the first two movies, does nothing to move the plot along until the very end to tease a fourth movie." "Genius."

  78. Glenn Hoddle

    Glenn HoddleHace un mes

    *The idiots who made this POS should never be allowed to make another movie again. Ever. 'Nuff said.*

  79. Jennifer Mommy

    Jennifer MommyHace un mes

    Most ppl don't know that the original movie was written and directed by a convicted pedophile.....I kid you not.

  80. KG Gaming

    KG GamingHace un mes

    Sooooo will jeepers creepers 4 come out in 23 more years

  81. Lantz Watts

    Lantz WattsHace un mes


  82. Sexual Taco

    Sexual TacoHace un mes

    Ok but why is he so thicc

  83. Green Klover Gaming

    Green Klover GamingHace 2 meses

    The vfx in this movie are so bad it's hard to watch

  84. tumelo-jonathan Makatola

    tumelo-jonathan MakatolaHace 2 meses

    As for "Nice shot Creepie" your killing me

  85. Cortez Winebrenner

    Cortez WinebrennerHace 2 meses

    So that's were they got finger wag from fortnite ohhhhhhhhh makes sence

  86. Ashley Cooper

    Ashley CooperHace 2 meses

    I need to watch the first two again. It's been YEARS lol I can't wait for the next one though! These movies are great🙌🏻

  87. coles james

    coles jamesHace 2 meses

    good job nice vid

  88. Jackie Santos

    Jackie SantosHace 2 meses

    I guess we have to wait Jeeper Creeper 4 yep 23 years I guess just like Pennywise

  89. AmasonCreations

    AmasonCreationsHace 2 meses

    This movie was a joke

  90. Alphonso Frett

    Alphonso FrettHace 2 meses

    What about the farmers?

  91. No Face

    No FaceHace 2 meses

    7:51 “A painful crash course lesson in the history of the creature” LOL

  92. Persephone Black

    Persephone BlackHace 2 meses

    I was pissed about this movie. It felt like it just rushed through whatever story they were trying to tell. It's really annoying that they never showed what the people saw. They never really gave any real answers about the origin of the creeper. We all know what his motivation is but I want to know the WHY. They also made the creeper seem a little careless compared to how he was in the first two movies. Lastly, the other characters were meh. I wasn't really invested in them.

  93. Ray Blackburn

    Ray BlackburnHace 2 meses

    Jeepers Creepers would see me and say, Fuck!!! I thought I was ugly I don't want nothing from you! Have a nice day, then fly off LOL

  94. Dick Borbon

    Dick BorbonHace 2 meses

    How about Wesley snipes (blade) Vs Creeper?

  95. The Duke

    The DukeHace 2 meses

    I was thinking that maybe Meg could tell Addi about the Creepers origins and then Addi could tell Trish in the 4th movie something to think about

  96. Dakuu75

    Dakuu75Hace 2 meses

    Seems like a good way to not be the Creeper's victim is to just overcome your fear with anything else... anger seems viable, jsut think "Man you just killed that girl and/or dude I had a crush on, they liked D&D'n anime'n everything. You bat-winged mother-fucker~!" then just hold onto that grudge and try not to die or get spooked.

  97. Kaizen Mckenzie

    Kaizen MckenzieHace 2 meses

    There won't be a 4 it was so bad

  98. Robert Torricer

    Robert TorricerHace 2 meses

    We gonna ignore the fact the rifle looks like a bb gun

  99. Kaia Who?

    Kaia Who?Hace 2 meses

    But Buddy couldn’t have been on the bus - he would be able to tell the other students what it was, or he would say something like, “I’ve seen this thing before!” I think he either stayed behind for some reason or left in a car or something

  100. Zach goswell

    Zach goswellHace 2 meses


  101. IZZy FUNDy_band

    IZZy FUNDy_bandHace 2 meses

    I’m still mad they didn’t call it jeepers creepers threepers