James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. Jeroen Onbekend

    Jeroen OnbekendHace 3 horas

    Looking this after having only seen some of the latest episodes of hot ones, makes me see Sean Evans here as the young non-muscular/non-bearded captain america

  2. Grant Houchens

    Grant HouchensHace 13 horas

    Peter Wong sucks

  3. Bineet Chakma

    Bineet ChakmaHace 23 horas

    Those chicken wings are actually from Pollos Hermanos.

  4. Ludwig Fan

    Ludwig FanHace un día

    "I guess I got what I deserved. Kept you waiting here too long my love."

  5. A A

    A AHace un día

    Do one with Brad Pitt and another with Jennifer Aniston

  6. Dylanduhz

    DylanduhzHace 2 días

    Sean looks so young here

  7. youtube employees suck

    youtube employees suckHace 5 días

    Watch em'..hahaha.. tricky bastard😂🤣

  8. Krazie Phantom

    Krazie PhantomHace 6 días

    Anybody find it rather suspicious that Bryan knows everything that happened to a man that disappeared?😂

  9. Momen Eltaib

    Momen EltaibHace 6 días

    Best line ever ( u don't have to if u don't want to )

  10. J Crt

    J CrtHace 7 días

    Bryan Cranston is one cool mf

  11. Harry193

    Harry193Hace 7 días

    Crantson killed that guy 100%

  12. zaydossful

    zaydossfulHace 8 días

    Sean uses his gestures a lot more controlled now, his whole demeanor is very controlled and reserved in the newer episodes and i think it works to his advantage. Crazy to see how far his come

  13. Wayne Waimotu

    Wayne WaimotuHace 9 días

    They have bad chemistry

  14. Vaskedama

    VaskedamaHace 10 días

    I like franco's hair style.


    GAMMING CHANNELHace 10 días

    Aaron paul and bryan cranston pleease !

  16. Mike Musto

    Mike MustoHace 11 días

    Keanu Reeves please!

  17. RoseLikeTheFlower

    RoseLikeTheFlowerHace 11 días

    :\ I thought James Franco was gonna be atleast ALIL entertaining.

  18. Ace

    AceHace 12 días


  19. Ace

    AceHace 12 días

    How the hell you get them two together but not JAY AND SILENT BOB #WEWANTJAYANDSILENTBOB

  20. wilderreaper gaming

    wilderreaper gamingHace 14 días

    Now you need to do Aaron paul

  21. Salvador Garcia

    Salvador GarciaHace 15 días

    8:10 this guy literally is good. He is my second favorite on the show lol made me spit out my chocalate milk lol

  22. Salvador Garcia

    Salvador GarciaHace 15 días

    Respect for the guy who said chile the right way... chile is a spanish word. They made it sound weird in english accent but everyone is use to it already no big deal just wonder how its really called in english... would you guys call them types of jalepenos? Because i know a jalepeno is a name for a chile itself and not all of them but what do you call them? All of them? Spanish word for all of them is chile but for english it must be peppers if im correct? Thing is i thought a pepper was a pepper by itself also so im not really sure... lol

  23. genevieve harper

    genevieve harperHace 15 días

    Awesome ❤️💜

  24. Katelyn Hopster

    Katelyn HopsterHace 15 días

    Whoever James date was from the drive thru is the luckiest bitch ever

  25. Burstify

    BurstifyHace 13 días

    It was probably your Mom

  26. Dieuson Octave

    Dieuson OctaveHace 15 días

    Franco probably just tired maybe a little depressed

  27. Lau Vasquez

    Lau VasquezHace 16 días

    Bryan is such a cool man. Honestly I would die if I ever met him.

  28. PassTheCemeteryGates

    PassTheCemeteryGatesHace 17 días

    2:10 James Franco is a molestor lol

  29. Paula D.

    Paula D.Hace 17 días

    Don't know if you'll get this, but a youtuber name BLoveslife is always eating hot wings. It would be awesome if you could get her. seriously

  30. •

    Hace 17 días

    08:10 The best actor in the world!

  31. CannabisPHD

    CannabisPHDHace 17 días

    4:11 Shia LaFranco

  32. Koolaid launcher

    Koolaid launcherHace 18 días

    You should get the 85 south show on here

  33. Duran David Duran

    Duran David DuranHace 18 días


  34. Tony Starks

    Tony StarksHace 18 días

    James Franco makes the perfect joker

  35. Brian Tellez

    Brian TellezHace 19 días

    Franco should bring Skylark back on trump and Alec Baldwin should play Trump!

  36. Brian Tellez

    Brian TellezHace 19 días

    Idk if back in 2016 they didn't do 10 sauces but If they did I feel like they didn't do ten and only five cause of Franco...

  37. Dustiny 20

    Dustiny 20Hace 19 días

    550k aint shit

  38. 19th November

    19th NovemberHace 19 días

    but you gotta wonder if bryan cranstons acting career is just a front for him being a serial killer getting his money from "breaking bad still"

  39. Kenny Marshall

    Kenny MarshallHace 19 días

    Franco is an annoying tool. I feel sorry for Sean having to talk to some of these complete clams.

  40. steven mundo

    steven mundoHace 19 días

    Get Ryan Reynolds pls

  41. tommy cane115

    tommy cane115Hace 20 días

    james franci is a jew. they rude about everything

  42. tommy cane115

    tommy cane115Hace 20 días

    that movie embarrassed the fuck out you cranston... fuckin jews got you

  43. Arcane

    ArcaneHace 20 días

    If only they could get Bryan on his own, would be more interesting and in depth than a clear movie plug interview

  44. Siyolo Makasi

    Siyolo MakasiHace 20 días

    Where is Da Bomb,?? I'll request @dababy

  45. dharmapunk777

    dharmapunk777Hace 20 días

    poor Sean. Fishing for complements towards the end and they didn't take it. Little did they know then, that he would become one of the greatest interviews of all time. Thanks for sticking with it buddy.

  46. Erica Allen

    Erica AllenHace 21 un día

    Lets get Hoodie Allen on hereee


    SHADYNASTYHace 21 un día

    That's interesting, James referred to Disaster Artist as "The Masterpiece".

  48. Alien Network

    Alien NetworkHace 21 un día

    not really feeling franco in this one but my boy bryan !! mr white always on point !

  49. jaayyy_ 27

    jaayyy_ 27Hace 21 un día

    One thing is forsure never be ashamed of your facial you work with what you got.

  50. roger shimshim

    roger shimshimHace 21 un día

    You should get Angry Joe for the show

  51. Metro Foxx

    Metro FoxxHace 21 un día

    Ya my balls got soft wet dead skin nigga I could shed but I been growing it for a min, shit prolly taste like fermented gangsta nut saeck

  52. Metro Foxx

    Metro FoxxHace 21 un día

    Calling me placenta representa by the homboys eat the ball wet soft dead skin nigga

  53. Metro Foxx

    Metro FoxxHace 21 un día

    Minced placenta tastes like spaghetti sauce but way more low-key irony and like bloody n shit you feel me like not spaghetti at all, fuck mybaby mama

  54. Metro Foxx

    Metro FoxxHace 21 un día

    Pin the anal plug in the bitches ashal hehehehe flog

  55. Metro Foxx

    Metro FoxxHace 21 un día

    Tick tock the cock is the clock bitch!!!! It's time for a time tell ahahahahahahahhaahha

  56. Raquel Hughes

    Raquel HughesHace 22 días

    Ugh James fuck me upppp

  57. Hanibaltherogue

    HanibaltherogueHace 22 días

    2019 and now they have like 2 million skoville souces there...

  58. Jake Eubank

    Jake EubankHace 22 días

    Get jon bernthal on here

  59. It's Gaby's Life

    It's Gaby's LifeHace 22 días

    The energy between these three is just bizarre

  60. G E L A T O

    G E L A T OHace 22 días

    Holy damn. Its been 2 years

  61. Autumn Horton

    Autumn HortonHace 22 días

    fuck i love bryan