Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin. Epic Rap Battles of History


  1. QueenPineapples

    QueenPineapplesHace un hora

    steve. always steve.

  2. Jack Baker

    Jack BakerHace un hora

    Sam Fisher vs Solid Snake

  3. Dr0p _b34r_09

    Dr0p _b34r_09Hace 7 horas

    Steve Irwin won that with ease. Fak u old man 😂

  4. Everything Awesome

    Everything AwesomeHace 9 horas

    Parks and Rec vs. The Office. Leslie vs Michael Ben vs. Jim Ron vs. Stanley Tom vs. Kelly Phillis vs. Donna April vs. Pam Andy vs. Andy

  5. Tristan Savage

    Tristan SavageHace 13 horas


  6. Sergent 1555

    Sergent 1555Hace 18 horas

    Judge judy vs jenine piro

  7. Daniël Blok

    Daniël BlokHace 19 horas

    Old top gear VS new top gear

  8. bolastube

    bolastubeHace 19 horas

    Winchester vs Witcher

  9. Lizard Whale

    Lizard WhaleHace 20 horas

    Laura Croft vs Nathan Drake

  10. Andrew Saffle

    Andrew SaffleHace 20 horas

    I'm going from croc to Jacque Hunter... And Steve erwin wins... The only Crocs you could handle is slip on shoes... Geesz Steve give him a chance

  11. Aurtha Nesbit

    Aurtha NesbitHace 20 horas

    The Crocodile Hunters was one my favorite show during my early childhood.

  12. The Gaming Giant

    The Gaming GiantHace un día


  13. The Gaming Giant

    The Gaming GiantHace un día

    Steve irwinnnnnnn

  14. mat sh

    mat shHace un día

    Robin Williams vs Charlie Chaplin Robin Williams vs Charlie Chaplin! *Robin Williams vs Charlie Chaplin!!!*

  15. Darth Knightwing Phoenix

    Darth Knightwing PhoenixHace un día

    Steve Irwins!

  16. Mavairo

    MavairoHace un día

    Never thought I'd see Steve Irwin burn someone alive. Well damn.

  17. The Red Cloud

    The Red CloudHace un día

    "what a place to go, you'd need a submarine for a blow that low" that's it, irwin won

  18. Liam Topping

    Liam ToppingHace un día

    Me and my friend, Alex have made a shrine for you guys, we put food and water in there every Wednesday, and the animals love it

  19. Wonder Toyboy

    Wonder ToyboyHace 2 días

    Wtf this one is so good

  20. hemieMONSTER

    hemieMONSTERHace 2 días

    I just wanted one crikey cunt mate

  21. As Pooped By Anakin Skywalker

    As Pooped By Anakin SkywalkerHace 2 días

    Rey vs Captain Marvel

  22. RipHarambe

    RipHarambeHace 2 días

    Queen Elizabeth II vs Nicki Minaj

  23. Ja'Seir Evans

    Ja'Seir EvansHace 2 días

    Anybody else here in the year 2119?

  24. MazingFlayer

    MazingFlayerHace 2 días

    One of the sickest battles of all time! Flow, punchlines, and even freaking accents - everything together makes it really enjoyable!

  25. Jeph Savaglio

    Jeph SavaglioHace 2 días

    Yoooo!!!! Irwin murdered him!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Rare Suwako

    Rare SuwakoHace 2 días

    *PETA wants to know your location*

  27. J O

    J OHace 2 días


  28. BrittBratt18

    BrittBratt18Hace 2 días

    Steve Irwin automatically wins cause i grew up watching him and miss him

  29. Megan K Scott

    Megan K ScottHace 2 días

    I had to pause for a proper lol after "embrace your French nature and quietly surrender"

  30. Xever Montez [Dreary Doll]

    Xever Montez [Dreary Doll]Hace 3 días

    Steve Irwin: “embrace your French nature and quietly surrender” Jacques Cousteau: *tries to leave* Steve Irwin: “wait, come back I’m not done!”

  31. Ovni

    OvniHace 3 días

    Holy crap. I have watched this a bunch of times and I *just* noticed that Steve Irwin opens with a Men At Work reference: "You better run, you better take cover" ...I guess he does come from a land down under.

  32. David Durant

    David DurantHace 2 días

    Man, I totally missed that. ERB has things you only spot on rewatches - sometimes *years* later.

  33. Shannon Warner

    Shannon WarnerHace 3 días

    That wasn't battle, that was a curbstomp. And Irwin was putting the boots to Cousteau!

  34. ShawnBlaque

    ShawnBlaqueHace 3 días

    "Embrace your French nature and quietly surrender" lmao there is no comeback from that just go home and at a croissant you got fucked

  35. louis bell

    louis bellHace 3 días

    Can we please talk about how good Peter is at acting older people? He gets the movement and tact perfectly.

  36. Nathan Sanchez

    Nathan SanchezHace 3 días

    Hold the Dee I'm crocodile done with you Now that was clever

  37. Kyle Parker

    Kyle ParkerHace 3 días

    Steve Irwin clearly won

  38. joann josee

    joann joseeHace 3 días


  39. Eric Whitney

    Eric WhitneyHace 4 días

    Steve Irwin is do hilarious I’d love to see another Australian matchup!

  40. Gareth Alford

    Gareth AlfordHace 4 días

    Steve Irwin wins flawless victory

  41. Some Guy

    Some GuyHace 5 días

    Were those animals real?

  42. Redlarkk

    RedlarkkHace 3 días

    Only the snake was real

  43. AnOverratedMon

    AnOverratedMonHace 4 días

    No they were cgi

  44. Tactical Spice

    Tactical SpiceHace 5 días

    @ all Americans; THIS is how you do an Australian accent, none of that “Chuck a shrimp on the barbie” shit We don’t even call them shrimp wtf🤣

  45. The Space Of Ades

    The Space Of AdesHace 2 días

    That's usually only said if someone's trying to do a stereotypical Australian impression.

  46. Michael Rriscoll

    Michael RriscollHace 5 días

    Steve Erwin should take on every animal show host.... jack hannah ect....

  47. King Stormcrown

    King StormcrownHace 5 días

    Adam Sandler Vs Jim Carrey or Arthur Morgan Vs Billy The Kid

  48. Erik Waterson

    Erik WatersonHace 5 días

    Come on guys, you didn't even bring up the fact that Jacques Cousteau is literally only famous now for a cartoon he had nothing to do with

  49. That One Dude

    That One DudeHace 5 días

    Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones !!!

  50. Red Slope

    Red SlopeHace 5 días

    Careful fellas' PETA might try and join the battle

  51. reaperisdeath angleislife

    reaperisdeath angleislifeHace 5 días

    When ur mom see ur brother eating at 3:30 am Mom: oy oy oy

  52. michael g

    michael gHace 5 días

    Your vids are very educational and suburbly produced. When the subjects become kind to each other, I'll start playing them for my students in my class.

  53. michael g

    michael gHace 5 días

    As much as I love your amazing productions, it's kind of hard to watch characteres who in real life, probably admired and inspired each other, sing disresectful and hurtful rhymes at each other. Have you considered dooing a series of "mutual respect" themed videos. We have taught a generation of kids that it's OK to verbally abuse artist because they are "different."

  54. MrReevez

    MrReevezHace 5 días

    @michael g based on the rapidity, length and "muh big brain" language in your response I can only assume my friendly poke at you was taken far more personal than it should have been. you should really grow some thicker skin, and the word is spelled "esteem" not "esteeme", had you not been in such a hurry to land a riposte to an attack that never came you might of noticed.

  55. michael g

    michael gHace 5 días

    @MrReevez I'm pretty sure I do. It is a mutually agreed upon exchange of insults between small brained wipers of others peoples bottoms plagued by excessive low self esteeme who's only validation of their own self worth is derived by pointing out the various and sundry foilbles of others "sung/sanged" over an electronicaly produced "rap track." And I hope your horse had a nice time also.

  56. MrReevez

    MrReevezHace 5 días

    you clearly don't understand what a "rap battle" is do you? :p

  57. Theodor Hansen

    Theodor HansenHace 5 días

    Dora the explorer vs Christopher Colombus would be truly EPIC.

  58. Soma Suhai

    Soma SuhaiHace 5 días

    The Beatles VS The Rolling Stones?

  59. Clayton Dutch

    Clayton DutchHace 6 días

    Steve Irwin in the fair winner

  60. Azed

    AzedHace 6 días

    Wow. “You’re a subdued sub dude”

  61. c money

    c moneyHace 6 días

    Indiana Jones vs Lara Croft

  62. Quinn Crossley

    Quinn CrossleyHace 6 días

    Outback Mistake house lol

  63. Dakota Thompson

    Dakota ThompsonHace 7 días

    Steve Irwin, mate, hands down.

  64. Cat Lady

    Cat LadyHace 7 días

    I feel like this needed Dr. Jane Goodall and Jack Hana to really be an Epic battle between famous wildlife conservationists. It's an easy choice to have Steve Irwin picked, but Jane Goodall and Jack Hana did so much substantial work prior to his time that its unfair to leave them out. Still liked the video though.

  65. Broken-Phobia

    Broken-PhobiaHace 7 días

    Can anyone explain the Joey in a pouch line? 😂😂

  66. Gunsandrosalina Padtwo

    Gunsandrosalina PadtwoHace 7 días

    Crikey your such a boring guy you could make a whole show about the ocean dry...we have a winner

  67. Shannon Suckling

    Shannon SucklingHace 7 días

    I like how it quotes a land down under at 0:41