Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin. Epic Rap Battles of History


  1. Rafael Seraphim

    Rafael SeraphimHace 30 minutos

    Pennywise vs Joker

  2. Standoo Powaah

    Standoo PowaahHace 44 minutos

    0:45 best part

  3. Mruthyunjayann Ramakrishnan

    Mruthyunjayann RamakrishnanHace un hora

    John Wick vs Agent 47

  4. dimitrius sergivius

    dimitrius sergiviusHace un hora

    i think Steve Irwin won

  5. Hale Rhodes

    Hale RhodesHace un hora

    Do fredrick Wilhelm the 2nd and Napoleon

  6. Raven Ngo

    Raven NgoHace un hora

    Pennywise vs The Joker then interrupted by the saw guy

  7. Saiyan Sweet

    Saiyan SweetHace un hora

    I know people wont like this, but we deserve and need an Alien V Preditor. They would shred each other.

  8. Row Blanka

    Row BlankaHace 2 horas

    so the new erb will feature mother theresa

  9. jjsvizard75

    jjsvizard75Hace 2 horas

    Marvel vs dc. Bring back batman superman wolverine and hulk

  10. Zlyssa Venetis

    Zlyssa VenetisHace 3 horas

    "Now embrace your French nature and quietly surrender" Its not the most savage but damn that was funny

  11. Roy Helmi

    Roy HelmiHace 3 horas

    John Marston vs Arthur Morgan The battle of RDR main characters

  12. Alex Gorlechen

    Alex GorlechenHace 3 horas

    Like if they should do Russell Westbrook vs Kevin Durant

  13. Pawan Waldia

    Pawan WaldiaHace 3 horas

    Harry Potter vs Goku ... Next 1

  14. Gabriel Taouk comedy series

    Gabriel Taouk comedy seriesHace 3 horas

    I vote for Steve Irwin because first of all hes Australian like me and mate second of all his raps were like me eating a McDonald's wraps bouy!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Marys rchfbtdf4xh6 Grace Badidoy

    Marys rchfbtdf4xh6 Grace BadidoyHace 5 horas

    3 little pigs vs The big bad wolf

  16. Braden White

    Braden WhiteHace 2 horas

    Marys rchfbtdf4xh6 Grace Badidoy yes

  17. Nikoss777

    Nikoss777Hace 6 horas

    You can tell that the Steve Irwin is American.

  18. SnowballWar

    SnowballWarHace 6 horas

    Ben Shapiro vs Ocasio Cortez

  19. Amy Kahler

    Amy KahlerHace 6 horas

    Conan vs Hercules!

  20. Zeus

    ZeusHace 6 horas

    I'm just here patiently awaiting the next battle lol

  21. Jack Napier

    Jack NapierHace 6 horas

    If you guys hurry you can do John Wayne Gacy vs. The Joker

  22. Jordan Wignall

    Jordan WignallHace 6 horas

    Dr Phil vs Steve Harvey

  23. Tyler Saykao

    Tyler SaykaoHace 6 horas

    Low key wanted jane goodall hop in a drop some bars tho

  24. Amy Kahler

    Amy KahlerHace 6 horas

    Heres a couple of thoughts for battles. Wheres waldo vs carmin san deigo. Indiana jones vs lara croft with dora the explorer intruding. Or maybe indiana jones vs hans solo with short round and chewy in the back.

  25. Amy Kahler

    Amy KahlerHace 6 horas

    Legolas vs dayrl of walking dead

  26. Amy Kahler

    Amy KahlerHace 6 horas

    Joker vs the clown from it. Paul bunnion vs ash from evil dead

  27. Amy Kahler

    Amy KahlerHace 6 horas

    3 musketeers vs 3 stooges with shem and dartan-whats his face

  28. Matt Lufcy

    Matt LufcyHace 6 horas

    Man... we've got to be overdue for the next one... checking three times a day

  29. Crimson Lance

    Crimson LanceHace 7 horas

    Ratchet and clank vs jak and daxter

  30. HaZoTrix

    HaZoTrixHace 7 horas

    We still need a battle vs DR PHIL and STEVE HARVEY! 🤣

  31. Anis Tutorials

    Anis TutorialsHace 9 horas

    John Cofe vs any miracle performer of your choice

  32. Landon Williams

    Landon WilliamsHace 9 horas

    You should do oboma vs osoma bin laden

  33. Luffymon88

    Luffymon88Hace 10 horas

    Stone cold Steve Austin vs Steve burns from blues clues

  34. Latrell Dollinger

    Latrell DollingerHace 10 horas

    No offense to Peter’s awesome portrayal of Jacques Cousteau but Lloyd’s Steve Irwin literally obliterated Cousteau with almost every verse. Masterful writing guys just Masterful

  35. Tyleraptor 65mya

    Tyleraptor 65myaHace 10 horas

    Pennywise vs Pennywise

  36. Caleb Salinas

    Caleb SalinasHace 10 horas

    R.L Stine vs J.K Rowling (Jack Black cameo)

  37. Matthew Taylor

    Matthew TaylorHace 10 horas

    MGK: Nobody buys jumpsuits, my clothing line's Young And Reckless. But when it comes to you, man I eat MNMs for breakfast. EMINEM: You eat MNMs for breakfast? You need to change your diet. You worked at Chipoltle in Ohio, had almost 700 people dying.

  38. Matthew Taylor

    Matthew TaylorHace 11 horas

    (Epic Loyd as EMINEM vs Nice Peter as MGK): Wikipedia states that mgk worked at Chipotle in Ohio...guess where the food poisoning incident happened? OHIO. I bet mgk was responsible for the outbreak. Use that against him. I'll try to provide as many lyrics as possible. Also, have Tekashi 6ix9ine interrupt for like 5 seconds, and he can't rhyme or keep up with beat.

  39. Ashley Worden

    Ashley WordenHace 11 horas

    Who won? My man Steve!

  40. Alexis• Marie•

    Alexis• Marie•Hace 11 horas

    Old vs new Pennywise Lin-Manuel Miranda vs Andrew Lloyd Webber

  41. ThreefireOn 001

    ThreefireOn 001Hace 11 horas

    Rick sanchez vs doctor who!!!!!!!!

  42. justin lutz

    justin lutzHace 11 horas

    Oh do lu bu, china, vs benadick arrnod

  43. John Barr

    John BarrHace 11 horas

    Try horrid Henry vs Dennis the menace

  44. Toni Estes

    Toni EstesHace 12 horas

    John marston vs Arthur Morgan

  45. Ox Films

    Ox FilmsHace 12 horas

    George Washington or Benjamin Franklin vs Gandhi. Tip, you could use the hundreds or thousand Rupees, or the fact that Gandhi couldn’t keep India together.

  46. Meghan Mashey

    Meghan MasheyHace 12 horas

    Elton John vs. Billy Joel

  47. Adam Lalonde

    Adam LalondeHace 12 horas

    Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator) vs John Rambo

  48. Vince Offer

    Vince OfferHace 12 horas

    Do Vladimir Lenin vs Fidel Castro the successful revolutionaries. Or Ho Chi Minh vs Mao Zedong vs Kim Il-Sung. or all of them in the same battle.

  49. Landó Orlando

    Landó OrlandoHace 12 horas

    Dr. Phil vs Maury

  50. DD Igno

    DD IgnoHace 12 horas

    The Golden Girls vs The Spice Girls

  51. DD Igno

    DD IgnoHace 12 horas

    Battle of the Dark Lords : Lord Voldemort VS Lord Sidious, that would be epic Interrupted by Dark Lord Sauron who destroys them both!!

  52. DD Igno

    DD IgnoHace 12 horas

    Jason Momoa vs Roman Reigns

  53. Mighty Penis

    Mighty PenisHace 12 horas

    can you do alien vs predator?

  54. DD Igno

    DD IgnoHace 12 horas

    He-Man vs Flash Gordon

  55. DD Igno

    DD IgnoHace 12 horas

    John Wick vs Jason Bourne vs Agent 47 vs Liam Neeson and Sylvester Stallone

  56. DD Igno

    DD IgnoHace 13 horas

    Friends vs The Office and interrupted by Seinfeld

  57. fred flinstone

    fred flinstoneHace 13 horas

    Looks like erb has a marked decrease in viewers. Probably will be no season 7.

  58. HectorDetector14

    HectorDetector14Hace 13 horas

    Can you do George Washington vs Donald trump

  59. Nick Zukowski

    Nick ZukowskiHace 13 horas

    Ripley vs Dutch aka Alien vs Predator

  60. Mr. Lemon Juice

    Mr. Lemon JuiceHace 13 horas

    Tim Burton vs R.L. Stein

  61. Coaster Chall

    Coaster ChallHace 13 horas

    Battle of the England Football greats: (Modern v Classic) Harry Kane Vs Bobby Moore

  62. fred flinstone

    fred flinstoneHace 13 horas

    Are you referring to soccer?

  63. Jacob Sander

    Jacob SanderHace 14 horas

    Do Alexander Hamilton vr’s Thomas Jefferson

  64. PersianTiger

    PersianTigerHace 14 horas

    Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer vs Serena Williams, basically like an all-out tennis death match

  65. level

    levelHace 14 horas

    Mr.Bean vs Charlie Chaplin ERB everyone will love yet no on asked for!