It is the first day of university


  1. zeynep yılmaz

    zeynep yılmazHace 7 horas

    Please put turkish subtitle on your videos 💞

  2. Yo it’s Parissa

    Yo it’s ParissaHace un día

    Hahaha. I asked my dad for Nike Air Force Nike’s 1s.

  3. Kiera

    KieraHace un día

    So calm your meatless titties-joanna 2019

  4. Sabrina Haslam

    Sabrina HaslamHace un día

    those noodles look like grass bahhaaha

  5. lisa bp

    lisa bpHace 2 días

    No one: Joana:CALM DOWN

  6. Autumn Smith

    Autumn SmithHace 2 días

    Actually September 4 is not the worst day for me, it’s my bday that day oof

  7. haikat jameel

    haikat jameelHace 6 días

    Any one else confuse why she’s putting grass in a cup? I dunno why but it reminds of making mud pies Me: 1/2 cup of grass and water Me in 2020: wth was wrong with me

  8. Yasmin I. Alamin

    Yasmin I. AlaminHace 7 días

    That intro is everything and so relatable

  9. Alexis’s cosplay Corner

    Alexis’s cosplay CornerHace 8 días

    Joana please adopt me

  10. Milenne Alejandra Caro

    Milenne Alejandra CaroHace 10 días

    heyyyyyyyyy! Where did the spanish subtitles go?:(((

  11. Hiyori Chan

    Hiyori ChanHace 11 días

    Man, Joana or anyone else that is on physics college, what are your plans for the future? I plan on going to physics but I don't really know what to do

  12. Senniah Mason

    Senniah MasonHace 12 días

    she said .... 1st period 😐

  13. Diya k

    Diya kHace 12 días

    yes joana you give me some bad girl vibes in this outfit maybe this is just me haha

  14. happy biliba

    happy bilibaHace 12 días

    I love these pink sunglasses! Can you please name the brand?! ❤

  15. Eli Frank

    Eli FrankHace 13 días

    so she s in a polytechnical(engineering) school?

  16. Denden Villanueva

    Denden VillanuevaHace 13 días

    We're all fcking growing, cant believe you're already a college student. Goodluck and survive!

  17. Beau

    BeauHace 16 días

    joana can finally use her agenda now

  18. FaceOfBoredom

    FaceOfBoredomHace 16 días

    "Where does the line get blurred between boot and celery? The crunch isn't the same" I'm deceased

  19. Kim Jisoo

    Kim JisooHace 16 días

    The one and only Aritizia Iconic

  20. Gachadsn World

    Gachadsn WorldHace 17 días


  21. Fantasy Phoenix

    Fantasy PhoenixHace 17 días

    8:23 I knew it the pigeon apocalypse has begun

  22. SugarSweetSofia

    SugarSweetSofiaHace 17 días

    We *NEED* more Joana hauls!!!

  23. Chels Dominguez

    Chels DominguezHace 18 días

    Hey atleast it's 2020 you can use your notebook now

  24. spidey x

    spidey xHace 19 días

    Why do you look like a hip Kim Possible at the beginning

  25. Rogério Pimenta

    Rogério PimentaHace 19 días

    It is funny how she says she is a victim of capitalism, but as a fisicist she will earn no money to spend. Hahaha hilarious !

  26. Cifa

    CifaHace 19 días

    A friendly reminder that she can use her agenda now.

  27. Gege A

    Gege AHace 19 días

    Amo como siempre actúa como loca cuando la graban xd

  28. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow DashHace 18 días

    Jajaja x dos

  29. Almas Fiza Shaikh

    Almas Fiza ShaikhHace 21 un día

    You can use the 2020 agenda now.

  30. Adrian Santizo

    Adrian SantizoHace 21 un día

    I think she is Asexual

  31. Ellery Rillaine

    Ellery RillaineHace 22 días

    Started uni this year too, hope Jenny Cravitz and I graduate together.

  32. CraftedGadgetMC

    CraftedGadgetMCHace 22 días

    Holy shit I didn't know we were the same age. But damn you look mature.

  33. Katie Mo

    Katie MoHace 22 días

    why she has so many dislikes?! can someone explain WHY!?

  34. sebastian holstesn

    sebastian holstesnHace 23 días

    I major in social studies and feel exactly the same way about your major, as you do mine ;)

  35. mari

    mariHace 24 días

    *dAMT iT sAmaNThA*

  36. Phoenix Races

    Phoenix RacesHace 24 días

    i can teach you how to play tennis...use to tour (i was terrible though. one of my vids has me practicing with a friend)

  37. Phoenix Races

    Phoenix RacesHace 24 días

    if you know what i mean... ;)

  38. pyt._Izzy

    pyt._IzzyHace 25 días

    Did she just say "calm ur meatless tidies"?

  39. Sugoi ツ Deku

    Sugoi ツ DekuHace 26 días

    But yellow is pretty :(

  40. Elizabeth Carlson

    Elizabeth CarlsonHace 26 días

    The amount if Ravenclaw energy from her is honestly impressive.

  41. Mar Am

    Mar AmHace 27 días

    The toilet, did you break it's neck -John Cena 2k19

  42. Shaylee’s Universe

    Shaylee’s UniverseHace 27 días

    All her courses are my least favorite subjects But I do like back to school shopping

  43. Nicky

    NickyHace 28 días

    She reminds me of emma chamberlain when she started youtube and I couldn’t stop watching her

  44. 고춧가루TV Gochugaru

    고춧가루TV GochugaruHace 28 días


  45. Nataly Diaz-Jimenez

    Nataly Diaz-JimenezHace 29 días

    She published this video 5 days after my bday😂😂

  46. Rosella Clark

    Rosella ClarkHace 29 días

    8:18- they are leather having a pigeon colt lol

  47. erin the egg

    erin the eggHace un mes

    who else read the description as joanna shouting

  48. aGreekLover JACEK

    aGreekLover JACEKHace un mes

    FUCC watching this is making me angry

  49. marcus freddy

    marcus freddyHace un mes


  50. happy little accident

    happy little accidentHace 29 días

    marcus freddy oop calm down child she doesn’t want us to know where she goes to school for safety reasons. why do u even wanna know lmao

  51. vitória sara

    vitória saraHace un mes

    mas como eu vim parar aqui???

  52. HBDiniz _10

    HBDiniz _10Hace un mes

    8:20 _b i r b s_

  53. dreamylizard

    dreamylizardHace un mes

    11:04 *y e s*

  54. rosi ledesma

    rosi ledesmaHace un mes

    as a literature student I feel attacked

  55. Laz4rz

    Laz4rzHace un mes

    We literally started the same course

  56. Henry Tran

    Henry TranHace un mes

    I like how I’m bing watching joana at midnight. Anyone else doing that?

  57. guess_who

    guess_whoHace un mes

    University is free in Denmark and you'll get paid for being there :)

  58. guess_who

    guess_whoHace un mes

    @souala amira Cool

  59. souala amira

    souala amiraHace un mes

    Same in algeria

  60. kali

    kaliHace un mes

    não tem legenda em pt 💔

  61. aSiaN dRaWer

    aSiaN dRaWerHace un mes

    I’m a big girl now:)

  62. Ben Talley

    Ben TalleyHace un mes

    Are the same girl from girlfriend reviews (should your bf play)

  63. Gilbert Beilschmidt

    Gilbert BeilschmidtHace un mes


  64. Doves AreBetterThanUs

    Doves AreBetterThanUsHace un mes

    what about the toilet? Did you break its neck? We need to know Joana.