It is the first day of university


  1. Jessica Carabante

    Jessica CarabanteHace 11 horas

    I hate how you force your humor like it's so stupid

  2. Mad Die

    Mad DieHace 11 horas

    I love you - Jesus

  3. MadelineAmy

    MadelineAmyHace 11 horas

    LOOK ON AMAZON OR CHEGG FOR CHEAPER TEXTBOOKS YOU CAN RENT (if you want to of course). But seriously, BIG money saver for a broke college student. Just a tip :)

  4. Honey. dewz

    Honey. dewzHace 11 horas

    You sound like Sadie from Steven universe

  5. Lemon birch

    Lemon birchHace 11 horas

    I hate when people cut the video every time they finish a sentence

  6. Hannah Parker

    Hannah ParkerHace 12 horas

    why are you so funny and clever its not even fair

  7. Bea_ Valdez

    Bea_ ValdezHace 12 horas

    Great job!

  8. MinJoo Kim

    MinJoo KimHace 12 horas

    You are a full time college student 0.o good luck

  9. Andrew Nguyen

    Andrew NguyenHace 12 horas

    Hey joana, where did you get your glasses?

  10. TheValkian

    TheValkianHace 12 horas

    It's like that quiet girl in the classroom, but turns out she lives a double life working for the Police, and trying to find gang that target college kids getting high on meth.

  11. adam gourid

    adam gouridHace 12 horas

    She’s a good student for real

  12. India Bolton

    India BoltonHace 12 horas

    might have found my new favorite youtuber

  13. theatre audrey

    theatre audreyHace 12 horas

    if I'm being honest your classes sound like my personal hell

  14. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissHace 12 horas

    Monsters university must be thrilled to have you, John Celery Congrats !!! I am a junior. I am in Shrek hall, the elitest of the elitest.

  15. IIMuniculaII

    IIMuniculaIIHace 12 horas

    Apple piss.

  16. Sean McLaughlin

    Sean McLaughlinHace 12 horas

    Root -1 loves math I legit love that joke thank you so much

  17. Paige Elise

    Paige EliseHace 12 horas

    "No longer am i a pesky high school student...I am officially a victim of capitalism." -Joana Ceddia 2019 "I left my sanity back in like, third grade so if somebody's found it, please mail it back to me.." -Joana Ceddia 2019 i kind of want both of these to be my senior quote.....

  18. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissHace 12 horas


  19. Azeria Arnic

    Azeria ArnicHace 13 horas

    you should do a skincare routine and a whats in your swim bag

  20. Gracey Johnson

    Gracey JohnsonHace 13 horas

    Tartarus is not in hell its in the underworld two different places two different beliefs

  21. Yeah Whatever

    Yeah WhateverHace 13 horas

    Can we all appreciate the fact that although joana has gain MAJOR popularity and still hasn’t changed at all (unlike other ESreporterrs haha), I honestly love her so much

  22. Kakashi1738

    Kakashi1738Hace 13 horas

    Bruh where can I get the new update for my grad 😂

  23. Snow Wolf

    Snow WolfHace 13 horas

    Student 2.0, you wish

  24. jula

    julaHace 13 horas

    Joana talks like a wattpad writer and I'm living for it

  25. ee P

    ee PHace 13 horas

    What's with all the dislikes?

  26. Zack

    ZackHace 13 horas

    In our school, we go to school 6:40 a.m. and the class starts 7:00 a.m. 😢

  27. Antwan Whitlock

    Antwan WhitlockHace 13 horas

    Anyone else wearing air force 1's while watching this video?? No? Just me? ok......

  28. Karinne Hiyama

    Karinne HiyamaHace 13 horas


  29. noobmaster 6969

    noobmaster 6969Hace 13 horas

    If this is what college does to you then I'm gonna sink to darkness.

  30. melanie kesler

    melanie keslerHace 14 horas

    i LOVE muji pens

  31. pookie _

    pookie _Hace 14 horas

    5:50 bruh her n I p S

  32. Phoebe O’Connell

    Phoebe O’ConnellHace 14 horas

    4:49 Joanna: pulls out sea of monsters Me: *SCREAMS in fangirl*

  33. Yuna Chan!

    Yuna Chan!Hace 14 horas


  34. JDL Caswell

    JDL CaswellHace 14 horas


  35. TVpop

    TVpopHace 14 horas that YORK UNIVERSITY??? I GO THERE WHAT

  36. julia brummell

    julia brummellHace 14 horas

    her hair is not the move but love her anyways

  37. uluvhere !

    uluvhere !Hace 15 horas

    Now you can complain about the massive amount of debt you chose to put yourself in and blame everyone ( i.e. capitalism) else for you poor financial decisions.

  38. waluigi

    waluigiHace 15 horas

    the way she grabs and puts the spaghetti into the measuring cup makes me so uncomfortable

  39. The Magnificent WICKED

    The Magnificent WICKEDHace 15 horas

    Back to school *SHPOOPING* is the best thing ever. -John Cena 2019

  40. winwxn

    winwxnHace 15 horas

    good for you studying physics. i'm currently taking my required physics and have already had almost two mental breakdowns and it's only been two weeks :,)

  41. Mellygirl 101

    Mellygirl 101Hace 15 horas

    3:12 *yeets cheese* Me:

  42. stephanie

    stephanieHace 15 horas

    10:34 i have the same agenda but smaller

  43. Blake McConnell

    Blake McConnellHace 15 horas

    Why dont you drive?

  44. phoenix ironside

    phoenix ironsideHace 15 horas

    Love your videos

  45. Corinne But with a K

    Corinne But with a KHace 15 horas

    My dud I just figured it out I’m gonna be you for Halloween I’ll get the microphone and do the palm tree hair I have ur glasses and and every door I will say DID YOU WASH THE CAT EVERY CORNER OF IT

  46. John

    JohnHace 15 horas

    Lots of try hard hipsters cook in leather jackets 🤔

  47. Cryptid Cutie

    Cryptid CutieHace 15 horas

    good luck my guy. ur still gonna have to take english :// unless canadian college is different that american college.

  48. wm ahay

    wm ahayHace 15 horas

    Thank you for cheering me up today

  49. naruhina & sasusaku forever and always

    naruhina & sasusaku forever and alwaysHace 15 horas

    *"Also be careful of Peter pan. he screams."* noted.

  50. Esme Memories

    Esme MemoriesHace 16 horas

    “To begin you’re going to burn a steak, it really brings out the favor of animal suffering.” OMGSKSKDK 😂😂😂💀💀


    SUNNEY DAZEHace 16 horas

    When she prefers science and math over English and history 🤪

  52. Sofia Maciejewski

    Sofia MaciejewskiHace 16 horas

    Yasssss she was reading Percy Jackson!!!!!!!

  53. Jason Gomez

    Jason GomezHace 16 horas

    Just use a iPad for notes

  54. yeet

    yeetHace 16 horas

    CHEESE *throws cheese*

  55. Hamish Mcbain

    Hamish McbainHace 16 horas

    Why I’m joining the army, no more classes after this last year

  56. zer0Bot

    zer0BotHace 16 horas

    Those courses wow, calculus alone is a lot. Hope you don't get an aneurysm, good luck :)

  57. Christina hale

    Christina haleHace 16 horas

    This’ll be me next year

  58. NamiiCho

    NamiiChoHace 16 horas

    Congrats on adulting joana 🤣🤣

  59. zakiah tukes

    zakiah tukesHace 16 horas

    Oh you’re American

  60. Tiee24 AJ

    Tiee24 AJHace 16 horas

    Joana: *"calm your meatless titties"* Professors: *"she knows her shit"*

  61. jacob

    jacobHace 16 horas

    she needs bangs.