IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer [HD]


  1. Jasonic

    JasonicHace 12 horas

    I like the first part and idont know about this

  2. Drew Gold

    Drew GoldHace 13 horas

    Why couldn’t the scores from the trailers ever be in the movies. Disappointing to hear epic superhero music and Disney calming music after seeing dead bodies. IT DOESNT WORK ANDY. BENJAMIN WALLFISCH

  3. Sherwood CS

    Sherwood CSHace 18 horas


  4. Sherwood CS

    Sherwood CSHace 18 horas

    woah wasted my time, and cgi looks like pure shite

  5. Sad Cowboy hours

    Sad Cowboy hoursHace 19 horas

    Did they use CGI on the kids for them to not appear that they aged?

  6. tuanan12345

    tuanan12345Hace 20 horas

    What happened to the Jewish kid?



    1:19 nice Snapchat filter there penny wise

  8. The Uprising

    The UprisingHace un día

    What a load of rubbish, a rip off of the "Dream Catcher and Jeepers Creepers" Story lines placed together to create an identical combination of both stories in one movie. Alien virus comes to Earth, only appears every 27 years, a group of friends are having telepathic thoughts and later in life regroup to kill the alien. Meanwhile the Alien takes the form of a monster and attacks people and lives in a hole. blah blah blah. And Hollywood wonder why people refuse to pay for this rehashed crap. How about some new story lines, instead of the same 10 stories you have in your library. Pathetic... I have a lifetime supply of material. Stuff none of you have ever thought of, never. I have a story that will not only make Warner Bros billions of dollars but will also change humanity forever, in a good way, a way that is needed... Call me, I am the "MARSAPE"

  9. Mr. Frog

    Mr. FrogHace un día

    I think I feel something solid in my underwear.....

  10. cynf

    cynfHace 2 días

    Ben’s glow up tho 🔥

  11. Dominiq Mondonedo

    Dominiq MondonedoHace 4 días

    I just finished the movie, and i can’t sleep cause i’m still curious of what’s behind that scary door


    JUJU BEANSHace 5 días

    2:08 the best 👏👏🥳

  13. DJGamingSmash

    DJGamingSmashHace 5 días

    2:14 Where was this in the movie?

  14. Brian Lennox-Smith

    Brian Lennox-SmithHace 6 días

    Looks great

  15. Madison Birch

    Madison BirchHace 6 días

    I still enjoyed the sequel but this trailer definitely hyped me up big time. They definitely missed out on a big Reddie moment and it wasn’t as exciting as the first but still enjoyed it. Trailer still hypes me up though and I wish we got the It: Chapter 2 that this promised. Bill definitely deserves a major award for his Pennywise portrayal!

  16. Daniel

    DanielHace 7 días

    Wow! I love This Movie!

  17. xXGacha_GamerXx

    xXGacha_GamerXxHace 8 días

    I still dont see why people are afraid of clowns. I know like a billion of you will dislike this but I dont care. They just arent spooky. I mean I saw a video after this that popped up but it didnt play and it was titled "Top 10 Scariest Scenes From IT Chapter 2" and the thumbnail was Pennywise's face all twisted up and I was like, that isnt scary, thats hilarious!!!

  18. Zelly

    ZellyHace un día

    @xXGacha_GamerXx really? I didn't know that. Are you sure? I disliked on other video befores and I seen them pop up as well as others. Maybe it depends on conditions, video genre, restrictions, channel owner etc I don't know

  19. xXGacha_GamerXx

    xXGacha_GamerXxHace un día

    @Zelly did you know that if someone dislikes a comment, their dislike doesnt show and only likes show? I know bc ive disliked comments before and it didnt pop up

  20. Zelly

    ZellyHace un día

    Nobody disliked your comment so relax.

  21. Julia Medina

    Julia MedinaHace 9 días

    Es cierto pennywise, dientes falsos

  22. Scott Smith

    Scott SmithHace 9 días

    From the poor acting, to the bad CGI, to the use of the word "fuck" in every other sentence, this lackluster sequel to IT is a total letdown. What a shame!

  23. Zelly

    ZellyHace un día

    I know. They overused the F word too much. Its degrades the movie. What a letdown

  24. OyunSarmalı- Gürkan

    OyunSarmalı- GürkanHace 9 días

    I Thınl movie Very Good

  25. Landon Ricketts

    Landon RickettsHace 9 días

    Pennywise’s forehead is bigger than my future

  26. Katrina Chester

    Katrina ChesterHace 9 días

    We sweared if you ever come back we come back to

  27. Katrina Chester

    Katrina ChesterHace 9 días

    Hey pennywise there is new losers

  28. Adnan Sepultura

    Adnan SepulturaHace 10 días

    stupid retars movie

  29. Themackman

    ThemackmanHace 10 días

    I watched this trailer so many times I don’t even remember watching the film

  30. No wankers allowed

    No wankers allowedHace 10 días

    I was told how great the remake was.. I was dissapointed to be honest didn't even watch the whole thing.

  31. Super Media Tv

    Super Media TvHace 11 días

    I want 3 hours of my life back !!!

  32. Necessary Evil

    Necessary EvilHace 11 días

    Interdimensional evil: killed by mean words

  33. Skipper Mcoy

    Skipper McoyHace 11 días

    CEO of clown college

  34. Fabrício Souza

    Fabrício SouzaHace 11 días

    Duskwood pq me trouxe aqui em

  35. Potter News

    Potter NewsHace 11 días

    Eddie: *crossword puzzle* Crossword: "pen***is*" Eddie: *Laughs* Crossword: "Pennywise" Eddie: *scared*

  36. tntcreeperindo YT

    tntcreeperindo YTHace 12 días

    Pennywise:I've Missed You! Me:Yes, Actually *No!*

  37. Miss GG

    Miss GGHace 13 días

    0:16 and 0:33 song?

  38. Sean Benton

    Sean BentonHace 12 días

    Trailer song

  39. Glyn Taylor

    Glyn TaylorHace 13 días

    I've just watched the movie and have to come here and say, it was the worst movie of all time. It was a comedy that wasn't even funny

  40. Pravin Ramana

    Pravin RamanaHace 14 días


  41. Dirk Hausmaninger

    Dirk HausmaningerHace 15 días

    more sentimental and funny...than real artistic horror...still, nice to watch without expecations on the sundaycouch.

  42. Chris Pollock

    Chris PollockHace 16 días

    Where are the ninja turtles when you need then

  43. muzzamil iftikhar

    muzzamil iftikharHace 16 días


  44. Sean Benton

    Sean BentonHace 12 días

    Films aren’t easy to make tho

  45. Lil_G Adwan

    Lil_G AdwanHace 16 días

    why did I get the urge to watch this right before I sleep... guess im not sleeping today!!

  46. Qwap Gwap

    Qwap GwapHace 17 días

    What a lacklusting movie. The progression is slow asf, the characters don't feel real, the plot progression is unbearable and unnecessarily long, the humor is trash and juvenile, and the whole premise of "evil" in this movie is underwhelming. Just about the only good thing in this movie are the scares and graphics. So yea yall, I recommend watching its scare compilation on youtube, that'll compile the 3 hour movie into 10 minutes of essence.

  47. GalaxyToast Gacha

    GalaxyToast GachaHace 17 días

    It chapter one:YOU’LL FLOAT TO YOU’LL FLOAT TO It chapter two: you lied and I died YOU LIED AND I DIED

  48. putra patriot

    putra patriotHace 21 un día

    Back in here after ERB

  49. X Gody

    X GodyHace 21 un día

    Favourite movie from 2019 along side joker

  50. Cierra Moody

    Cierra MoodyHace 21 un día

    What happened to the other guy that was with him

  51. Makaila Todoroki

    Makaila TodorokiHace 22 días

    Peneywise licks window

  52. Chloe Price

    Chloe PriceHace 22 días

    Older Beverly had enormous breasts

  53. Ins Mioshitash

    Ins MioshitashHace 23 días

    Duskwood brought me here even though I already watched this movie

  54. bad time

    bad timeHace 16 días

    Jessy is suspect

  55. gingercream

    gingercreamHace 24 días

    If there was chapter 3 it would be the kids before the loser club

  56. Büşra Öztoprak

    Büşra ÖztoprakHace 24 días

    İzlemeden altima seçtim fragmanda

  57. Angelina 16

    Angelina 16Hace 24 días

    I freakin LOVEEE both IT movies!!❤️🎈

  58. Scary Mclairy

    Scary MclairyHace 25 días

    *If it ever comes back, we’ll come back too* Ah hell naw, I ain’t coming back

  59. wei lum wu

    wei lum wuHace 25 días

    damn , better than the first movie and hello to the new it

  60. Alexis Swift

    Alexis SwiftHace 26 días

    What if they made an it ch3 since no one one can prove hottie died what if he grew up an A-wall and finally showed up with the others and I realize it sounds off but think about it...I would love to see it 3 if it was possible.. Lengthwise could officially die in the 3rd ig 🤷

  61. white pride

    white prideHace 27 días

    2017 is the year of the horror reboot movies

  62. Chelsea xoxo

    Chelsea xoxoHace 27 días

    I'm just here to see Bill Hader

  63. Kreatywna nazwa

    Kreatywna nazwaHace 28 días

    Cool but 1 is so much better

  64. bitch ass

    bitch assHace 28 días

    i kinda miss young loser club

  65. Atrocity

    AtrocityHace 28 días

    has anybody ever thought that IT feeds on children for their fucking adrenochrome?!? Why else would he scare the ever living fuck out of them especially prolonging their torture

  66. Nina Elizabeth

    Nina ElizabethHace 29 días

    we just gonna ignore the top comment ?

  67. Jovy Mansuelo

    Jovy MansueloHace 29 días

    where is stanley